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Your one-stop-shop for all things confidence, this is the show that inspires personal momentum in every aspect of health, business and life so that you can literally conquer life with confidence and courage. Blackwell is the original Confidence Coach in the field of personal development and will help you finish what you start.

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The pain from past rejection keeps many of us from our fullest potential in life, both personally and professionally, but it doesn't have to when you learn how to reframe rejection. You deserve better than to expect to get hurt, to expect things not to work out or to expect disappointment. This podcast coaching session will inspire you with the tools for rejection reframing so you can start being more brave with your life. Get the full show notes at

Nov 23

41 min 37 sec

Body confidence is a thought process that anyone can learn to strengthen, and these confidence strategies for your body image will help. Learn 10 strategic things you can do to improve your body image and 5 life-giving, confidence-evoking affirmations to help you learn to love the body you are in right now. Get the full show notes at  

Nov 16

48 min 48 sec

Just because you have always thought one way in the past doesn't mean you have to always think that way in the future. This episode of coaching explores what you believe about yourself, how to drop limiting or negative beliefs, and how to pick helpful, life-giving and positive beliefs to start believing. You can learn to believe new things about yourself and this coaching is your first step. Get the full show notes at

Nov 9

36 min 5 sec

Knowing that you have a purpose, and knowing yours, will make your life come alive. It gives meaning to the mundane and puts fire in the places you want to wake up in your heart. Purpose is the drive of confidence that we all crave, but most people feel lost in this area. This episode will coach you on how to believe that you matter in the world, and then how to start showing up in a way that makes a difference. Get the full show notes at

Nov 2

40 min 30 sec

You become who you think you are, so the thoughts you think about yourself and about your life are critically important. But what if you feel out of control in your thoughts? What if you struggle with anxiety, overwhelm and the thoughts you think more than most people? This episode will empower you on the exact methods you can use to think better thoughts, even if you've never mastered this skillset before. Get the full show notes at

Oct 26

42 min 5 sec

Loneliness is pervasively felt, yet when lonely, we convince ourselves that we are the only ones who feel so alone. If you've ever felt alone, misunderstood, disconnected or like you don't fit in socially, this podcast coaching is for you. If you don't feel like you belong, yet find yourself craving connection and community with others, this is for you. Learn how to have confidence and be yourself, even when feeling in a funk socially with this episode. Get the full show notes at

Oct 19

41 min 6 sec

Affirmations can transform the way you think about yourself and your life. They are one of the most powerful thought-habits we can have to tap into next-level excellence, and even though most people know this, most people don't do affirmations effectively or consistently. Learn how to write your own affirmations and how to create an affirmation practice that actually works, and that you keep doing. Get the full show notes at

Oct 12

43 min 37 sec

Conflict and communication problems can cause tremendous insecurity and disconnect in even the best of relationships. Learn how to do conflict with confidence, how to fight fair, and communicate with courage from relationship expert Marie Anderson.  Get the full show notes at

Oct 5

56 min 19 sec

We live in a chaotic world filled with conflicting opinions everywhere you turn. In a world that is more connected than ever, we are more divided, more lonely, more isolated and more conflicted internally on standing strong in our own opinions, even when they are unpopular or simply opposed by those closest to us. This podcast goes into depth on how to stay confident in yourself, in your relationships and in your hope for the future when the evidence you have in front of you is that division is pressing and discouragement is around every turn. Get the full show notes at

Sep 28

36 min 9 sec

Wanting people to like us is a part of being human, but sometimes a misplaced desire, or ineffective ability to connect with others creates inner insecurity. Get coached on the 3 basics on how to make people like you more, starting with first learning how to like yourself. When you master your focus on these 3 basics, you'll be more able to stop caring what people think and to have more social confidence when meeting new people and wanting them to like you. Get the full show notes at

Sep 21

38 min 2 sec

Life is filled with uncertainty and tons of unknowns, so learning how to stay confident in unpredictability is key to living with unshakeable confidence. Get a sneak peek into a chapter of my newest book, Straighten Your Crown, and how I have learned to embrace the unpredictability of life with an adventurous, open and light spirit, and how you can too. Get the full show notes at

Sep 14

44 min 55 sec

Assertive confidence will open doors in life you didn't know were accessible to you. But how do you learn how to be the type of assertive that will be well received instead of the type of assertive that comes off pushy, demanding or bossy? You'll find out exactly how to do just that in this episode of The Confidence Podcast. Get the full show notes at

Sep 7

37 min 34 sec

A better rested you is a better you. We all love sleep, but what if sleep is hard for you, or life circumstances are keeping you up at night, tossing and turning with anxiety and overthinking?  Your relationship with your thoughts at night is within your control, and this is good news for anyone who wants more hours or more restful sleep. A well slept you is more emotionally and mentally sharp, and will show up in your life with more confidence and courage. Get the full show notes at

Aug 31

37 min 9 sec

Overwhelm, whether it's in your personal life or your professional life, can derail your confidence, drown you in self-doubt and leave you feeling flailing for hope and purpose. In this coaching, you'll learn what to do when there's no end in sight. You'll learn how to stay filled with faith, how to have peace in your confidence, and how to think the right thoughts that will fill you with power and perseverance. Get the full show notes at

Aug 17

39 min 18 sec

You "know better" to care so much what other people think about you, but you're still feeling stuck in the people-pleasing, perfectionistic, desire-to-be-liked thought loop? This podcast episode is for you! Get the full show notes at

Aug 10

39 min 46 sec

Believing that change is possible in your life, or that you can actually create a life that you love takes emotional and mental courage. Too often we short sell ourselves, our potential and our impact in this world because we aren't daring to think big enough. This podcast episode will help you understand the deeper reasons why you are holding yourself back, and, more importantly, how to start thinking differently. Get the full show notes at

Aug 3

31 min 32 sec

Not doing what you say you want to do is one of the most frustrating patterns that is easy to fall into and will perpetuate low self-esteem and stagnancy. Be kind to yourself though! This isn't an issue of lacking discipline, laziness or not caring - it's a belief issue, and in this episode of The Confidence Podcast you'll learn exactly what you can do to break the cycle. It's time to be a person of absolute self-integrity who always keeps their promises to themselves. Get the full show notes at

Jul 27

42 min 6 sec

You're not alone in feeling insecure about how you engage and interact with others physically. But there's no reason to stay stuck in this avoidance of or minimization of physical intimacy. No matter your background with others or with yourself, you can learn how to safely and comfortably connect with yourself and others with confidence in a physical way. Get the full show notes at

Jul 20

35 min 45 sec

Black and white thinking, or all or nothing thinking, is a thought strategy often used by highly driven people that actually stunts progress, deteriorates happiness and limits potential. If you have ever described yourself as an "all or nothing" person or as a "black and white" thinker, this podcast coaching is for you. It will help you with the steps to take on how to get out of the black and white thinking loop and how to have more mental flexibility and self-kindness in the process. Get the full show notes at

Jul 13

36 min 57 sec

Beating yourself up, or indulging in the emotion of feeling awful about yourself, when you're not where you want to be isn't effective. It's not a helpful thought pattern, and yet, we find ourselves in places of despair. Despair drives us to desperation, depression and disillusionment. It morphs our ability to see where we are, how well we are actually doing, and intimidates us on how far we have to yet go. This podcast episode covers how to break the cycle of self-criticism so that you can start feeling encouraged, hopeful and like you like who you are again. Get the full show notes at

Jul 6

38 min 32 sec

Overthinking, or the inability to stop thinking so much, can make you mentally and emotionally exhausted, not to mention, it sabotages your self-confidence in the process. The act of overthinking, replaying conversations in your head, or second-guessing yourself, is a subconscious expression of doubt and lack of self-trust in your own actions, interactions and decision making. You don't have to stay stuck in this pattern of thinking. In this podcast episode you'll learn the best advice to stop overthinking and manage your mind with confidence, calmness and certainty. Get the full show notes at

Jun 29

38 min 30 sec

Everyone experiences social awkwardness; it's what you do when you're experiencing it that determines whether or not it will mess with your confidence and with how you come off to others. This podcast episode will coach you to a place of confidence for the next time you find yourself in a socially awkward situation, wishing that you could stick your foot in your mouth, or just generally wishing you were cooler when in social situations. You are not alone, and these tips and this confidence coaching will help. Get the full show notes at

Jun 22

40 min 58 sec

How you think about your work directly impacts the confidence with which you show up for it. The more career confidence you have, the more opportunities you will create. The reality is that most of us feel stuck, dissatisfied or overwhelmed with work and end up not showing up as our best selves. Your work takes of 1/3 of your life, the level of confidence you have in it has a profound effect on the confidence you carry into other areas of your life. This episode will boost your career confidence, whatever type of career you have. Get the full show notes at

Jun 15

29 min 8 sec

The need to find yourself, to figure yourself out, to learn to love yourself and how to figure out who you are is part of the journey of being a human committed to self-improvement and positive personal development. This video will teach you how to find yourself again when you feel lost, how to find yourself and redefine yourself after a relationship and how to become the person you want to be in the process. You'll learn 3 simple ways to rediscover who you are, how to know who you are, how to like yourself and how losing yourself will actually help you really find yourself. Get the full show notes at

Jun 8

40 min 8 sec

If you have ever worried about backsliding in life, things not working out or that the good things in your life are too good to be true, this podcast episode is for you. In it you'll learn the how to talk back to your "what if's" and how to stay positive about being able to design your life, trust God's goodness and look at life as an adventure to be explored. Get the full show notes at

Jun 1

40 min 17 sec

Healing your confidence after abuse or trauma is something not often talked about, but widely needed. If you have experienced abuse or trauma, and your confidence can be rebuilt. Reestablishing a new self-concept, healthy boundaries and new thoughts about yourself and about those you can or cannot trust in your life will take time, but will change your life for the better. This episode shares some effective tools that will help you in the process. Get the full show notes at

May 25

52 min 20 sec

Positive aging and pro-age confidence is an important element of self-confidence that everyone should work on, no matter what age they are. Aging is an inevitable part of the journey of life, but it doesn't have to be negative, as so much of culture and society tries to convince us that it is. This podcast episode explores the relationship between your thoughts about aging and actually aging with more confidence and beauty, and how to start liking yourself right now at the age that you are. Get the full show notes at

May 18

33 min 22 sec

The practice of journaling, when done correctly, can change your life. Most people journal haphazardly or sporadically, and therefore don't get the mental breakthroughs and life-change that is possible. If you've ever struggled with knowing what to journal, how to do it, where to start or just feel burnt out on inspiration, this podcast episode with 100 journaling prompts for your self-esteem and confidence is for you. Get the full show notes at  

May 11

36 min 16 sec

Turning a negative thought into a positive is a simple process, when repeated and practiced often, can become natural and mentally accessible for anyone who puts in the effort. Just because you think a thought doesn't mean you have to continue to think it. This podcast episode will teach you how to successfully and confidently manage your mindset, move around your thoughts and start making your brain a place of positive power instead of negative weakness. Get the full show notes at

May 4

48 min 6 sec

Overthinking is worse for you than you think it is because it creates problems that aren't even there and keeps you stuck in place when you could be moving forward. If you have ever struggled with overthinking, whether it's ruminating on your past or worrying about your future, this podcast episode is for you and will give you 8 very practical ways to change your patterns. Get the full show notes at  

Apr 27

34 min 37 sec

The belief that you're not good enough, not doing enough, or not ready enough is an internal weight that can keep you chained, held back and constantly questioning yourself. You don't have to stay in this belief pattern, even if it's been the narrative of your whole life. Learn the mindset of feeling "good enough" and how to stay encouraged, even when the going gets tough in this confidence podcast. Get the full show notes at

Apr 20

34 min 58 sec

The fear of disappointment can keep you playing it safe and staying small on the sidelines of life. You may think you're protecting yourself or being realistic, but really all you are doing is guaranteeing that your life as a whole will be less than you were created for, and that's disappointing. Disappointment is part of being human, and when you learn how to feel through your disappointments, they end up being tools to deepen your confidence, hone your drive and leverage what really matters the most. Get the full show notes at

Apr 13

38 min 12 sec

Friendships matter, but in a pandemic and post-pandemic world, we are more disconnected than ever. If you've ever wondered how many friends you should have, how to have better friendships or how to create life-long friends with confidence, then this coaching podcast is for you. Get the full show notes at

Apr 6

48 min 37 sec

Learning how not to care too much about what people think is possible, when you learn how to master your mindset and train your thoughts. This podcast episode will teach you how to detach from people's opinions of you, how to be free from all of the "what if's" that keep us looped into playing small with our lives, and the side effects of being a people pleaser or simply trying to be liked by everyone. Get the full show notes at

Mar 30

39 min 22 sec

Do you want to change a habit that is keeping you stuck? This podcast episode is for you. In it, you'll learn why you have had a hard time breaking the habit and how to approach habit change with more confidence, and success. It all starts with getting honest about the habits you need to change, then setting new standards of realistic expectations for yourself, and then mastering the self-talk that will subconsciously get you to show up more consistently for yourself. These changes will make you proud of yourself, and will help you change the quality of your habits and life. Get the full show notes at

Mar 23

44 min 51 sec

It's quite possible that you're making your life, and your confidence growth, harder on yourself than it needs to be. Did you know that sleep can help your confidence? Not just a little boost either, it can make it skyrocket. This podcast episode with confidence expert Trish Blackwell will help you see the power of sleep from a new perspective, and give you practical ways to prioritize sleep effectively in your already busy schedule. Get the full show notes at

Mar 16

42 min 52 sec

Real confidence is built from the inside out, not the outside in.  When your confidence comes only from affirmation from others instead of affirmation from within yourself, your self-esteem will be shaky. Confidence built from the inside out is steady, and you can strengthen your deep confidence by learning how to be your own validation voice. This podcast episode will give you 10 ways to start being your own cheerleader, and how to actually believe yourself in the process. Get the full show notes at

Mar 9

42 min 1 sec

How you talk to yourself determines so much about how you feel about yourself and how you feel about your life. In this podcast you'll learn how talk back to yourself when negative, how to take ownership of your thoughts and also how to talk back confidently to negative people in your life. Get the full show notes at

Mar 2

37 min 44 sec

Most people do not see themselves for who they really are. Instead, they see through a lens of unworthiness, flawed thinking, dysmorphia and perfectionistic ideation. I struggled with seeing myself too, and to help you start to see yourself for how amazing you are. In the show I'll share with you what I did to start changing, the kinds of prayers I prayed to God in the process and how to start the process of seeing yourself differently as well.   If I can change how I see myself, I know you can too. The first place to start changing is by listening to the podcast episode --- >

Feb 23

37 min 24 sec

If you have a good life but want to make it a great life, this episode is for you. Most people settle for good enough, for getting through the week, for bland, beige lives that are mostly unfulfilling, not just for them, but for the world around them. You were created for more. God created you to desire abundance, to walk in greatness and to use the measure of talents and gifts He has given you to make the world around you better. Buckle up for a conversation filled with tough love and inspiration to help you make a good life a great life. Get the full show notes at

Jan 29

38 min 7 sec

You know what to do, so why aren't you doing it? If you've ever been stuck in this cycle of being motivated to change, but not being able to get started or sustain new habits, you are not alone. This is a common struggle and there are a 3 things that are probably keeping you stuck. This episode will help you break the cycle of frustration. Get the full show notes at  

Jan 29

34 min 6 sec

You are exactly where you need to be, even if it's not quite exactly where you want to be. Learning how to let go of feeling like you're falling behind in life, can change how quickly you accelerate and grow into where you want to go. You are not stuck and you are not behind. This podcast coaching session will help you reframe how you think about where you are in life, in your career, in your health, in your finances and in your relationships. Get ready to feel encouraged and powerfully patient in the process of growing where you want to go. It's time to stop beating yourself up; it's time to encourage yourself with your inner self-talk. Get the full show notes at

Jan 23

35 min 16 sec

Hardship and suffering are unavoidable in life, but how do you walk through them with faith, confidence and unwavering hope? Special guest and extraordinarily inspiring human being, Tony Nunez shares powerful insight through his experience as a young man with ALS. Husband, father of three young girls and youth pastor, Tony 's passion for people and his ability to see the good in life no matter what will change how you see your own hardships and suffering. Get the full show notes at

Jan 10

1 hr

You can learn how to never second guess yourself again when you learn how to manage the whirlwind of thoughts that swirl through your mind on a daily basis. In this episode of The Confidence podcast, we're talking about Mind Drama, Second-Guessing Yourself and Self-Coaching yourself out of the second-guessing spiral. You can get the full show notes at

Jan 6

42 min 59 sec

Do you find it hard to show up for yourself? Do you tired of never following through? Why is it that some people can follow through on what they say they want and some people can't? This podcast episode is going to dive into helping you understand why you never follow through and how to fix it. Get the full show notes at

Jan 4

41 min 18 sec

What will "they" say is often part of the internal self-talk that can keep you sidelined from your dreams. This podcast episode explores who "they" are and how to get their voices to quiet down and even go to "mute" so that you can get on with your life and go do big things. It's time to stop caring so much about what "they" think and this podcast pep-talk will super-fuel you to take massive action and to go be audaciously bold. Get the full show notes at

Dec 2020

36 min 43 sec

Imposter Syndrome is an expression of insecurity in which we are so preoccupied by what people think of us that we feel like frauds doing what we are doing. Imposter syndrome consumes you with self-doubt, overthinking and feelings of being unqualified. Often people who struggle with this put a tremendous amount of pressure on themselves and are always looking for external affirmation or qualifications to provide internal validation. This episode explores the Imposter Syndrome internal voice and teaches you how to start evicting it from your self-talk. Get the full show notes at 

Dec 2020

39 min 48 sec