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Join Matt Davis and Mason Burchette as they talk about the everyday ups and downs on the road to success, how to define success, and giving yourself permission to succeed. The Crush It Podcast is the flagship show of The Crush It Podcast Network.

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Matt wrote a book! So you'll hear us briefly plug that and then dive into some of the motivation behind why he wrote it. You'll also hear us get off on a tangent about the placebo effect which essentially takes up the remainder of the episode. Tune in you won't want to miss it!Pick up Matt's new book, "Make My Day", here: up for our online courses here: more about The Crush It Team here: www.thecrushitteam.comFollow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok @thecrushitteam

Dec 6

27 min 47 sec

Employees are leaving companies in unprecedented numbers. Why? Is it because the government is shelling out money? Or is it because companies are failing to self-assess and make important changes to their culture and the way they treat their team members? Matt and Mason discuss it in the latest episode of The Crush It Podcast!You can learn more about Crush It Consulting at us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok @thecrushitteamProduced by Mason BurchetteAll rights reserved by The Crush It Team, LLC

Nov 16

39 min 9 sec

Mason is joined in this episode by Adam Clark as we dive into a conversation about effectively communicating. We cover communicating in business, in personal life, in marriage, and we do it all over the slow steady hum of Adam's refrigerator. Don't miss it!Follow the Crush It Team on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter @thecrushitteamYou can also find REALLY COOL STUFF at GO!

Nov 10

37 min 55 sec

Join the boys as we sit down and talk fitness! This was a casual conversation that we wanted to share. It includes some updates about our fitness platform as well as some updates on our personal progress! Enjoy!Check out more content, merch, and more at www.thecrushitteam.comFollow us on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter @thecrushitteam

Oct 31

18 min 40 sec

In this episode we're reviewing a video of Grant Cardone giving his opinion on Dave Ramsey during an interview. Mason is a long time Dave Ramsey fan and Matt is a long time fan of Grant Cardone. The differing opinions are sure to be entertaining!See more at www.thecrushitteam.comFollow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok @thecrushitteam

Aug 7

32 min 9 sec

In this episode we are excited to talk with Jasmine Fisher who gives an AMAZING interview full of practical, enforceable tips for moms (and even dads) who are working from home. Follow Jasmine on Instagram @jasminenfisherFollow the Crush It Team on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @thecrushitteamSee even more on

Jul 12

32 min 37 sec

In this relaxed fit episode Matt and Mason reminisce on two years of podcasting, their childhood, how they met, and how unlikely their friendship actually is. Follow us @thecrushitteam on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!Check us out on

Jun 28

32 min 35 sec

Gideon Honeycutt is an entrepreneur with two startup companies. Gideon didn't really have a desire to be an entrepreneur, but wound up in the startup hot seat anyway! We sat down with Gideon and talked about the circumstances that led him there and those first crucial steps to exploring and idea and getting started as an entrepreneur.

Jun 14

37 min 44 sec

We changed our mind about a few things, and you probably should too. And that's okay. Unless you changed your mind about listening to this episode, in which case you should change your mind again.Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok @thecrushitteamCheck us out at

Jun 7

35 min

Safemoon, dogecoin, bitcoin, what the heck is all this stuff?? Well, we don't know. But if you want to hear us blab about it for half an hour anyway, listen to this episode.Follow @thecrushitteam on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok!Merch and more available on

May 29

35 min 3 sec

Buckle up, this one might get a little uncomfortable. We're talking about personal financial responsibility in this episode and how the condition of your bank account reflects the discipline you have in virtually every area of your life!Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok @thecrushitteamLearn more and buy new swag at

May 10

33 min 32 sec

It's time! After almost two years of the Crush It Podcast we are excited to announce two major changes to the Crush It brand. Thank you so much for being a part of the Crush It Community. We love each and every one of you!Learn more at www.thecrushitteam.comFollow us on social media @thecrushitteam

May 2

37 min 53 sec

Hunter Ballew is the Founder and CEO of Cornerstone Construction which was recently acquired in a decamillion dollar deal. He is also the founder of Roofing Community and the organizer of the highly anticapated RoofCon which will be hosted at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL this fall.Hunter served in the United States Marines as a young man and became a firefighter. His entrepreneurial spirit was sparked soon after than and his journey to business success began. You're going to love this story!Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok @thecrushitteamSee more content at:

Apr 26

34 min 25 sec

What's in your dash? That little line on your headstone between the day your were born and the day you die. Some people call it your legacy line. Whatever you call it, we're diving head first into tough conversations about leaving a legacy and what the heck that actually means.Follow us on TikTok: us on us on us on out our YouTube channel: even more Crush It content and merch

Apr 12

29 min 45 sec

We sat down with Alec Jones, Operations Manager at HomeCraft and former banking professional to talk about his success journey and specifically gain some insight behind what it takes to assemble a cohesive team. Follow the Crush It Podcast!Instagram: can also find us on YouTube and TikTok!Check out the newsletter and new merch at!

Apr 5

42 min 55 sec

It's all about sales! We're joined by Durane Byrd who has over twenty years of sales experience in the healthcare industry, photography industry and building materials industry. Durane is giving us practical, digestible information that you can take away and immediately use to up your sales game.

Mar 29

30 min 14 sec

We've got a new sound! We're excited to enhance your listening experience with some new audio equipment. Give us some feedback on how we're doing and what you think! We're also talking about change. Something both of us having experienced quite a bit of over the past 5 years. Join in on the conversation on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Instagram @thecrushitteamCheck out more content and new merch over at

Mar 22

33 min 35 sec

Mason's wife Jordan Noel joins us for a conversation about getting a side hustle started from home. Check out Jordan's work at

Mar 15

36 min 59 sec

We sat down with Stephen and Carey Cochran, Founders and CEO's of Cochran Enterprises and HomeCraft Gutter Protection, an Inc 500 company to talk about embracing failures on the road to success. Subscribe to the podcast!Check out more from us at www.thecrushitteam.comFollow us on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter @thecrushitteamCheck out HomeCraft Gutter protection!

Mar 8

44 min 51 sec

Emily Ward is the General Sales Manager for Entercom's Atlanta market. In this episode she sits down with Matt and Mason to talk about succeeding as not only a young leader but a young female leader. Check out more content and merchandise on www.crushitteam.comWatch the video version of this episode on the Crush It YouTube channelFollow us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter @thecrushitteam

Mar 1

30 min 47 sec

We're taking a quick glance at Mason's new book and diving into a few of the chapter topics. Check out "How to Make Sure You Never Get Promoted" now on Amazon!

Feb 15

16 min 15 sec

We were honored to have Steve and Heather Winfree on this episode and a huge thanks for their willingness to share their story. After suffering from kidney disease for years, Steve's wife, Heather, found out she was a match for a kidney transplant. Hear the incredible story and many other little known details about Steve and Heather in this episode. You can watch the video version of this episode on the Crush It YouTube channel or on our Facebook page.Find all of our content on

Feb 8

1 hr 16 min

In this episode we're joined by our recently announced Director of Fitness, Paul Price. Paul is a former U.S. Marine and purple heart recipient, Owner of Devil Dog Roofing, and a fitness guru.

Jan 26

35 min 8 sec

In this episode we are joined by Dustin Davis, Assistant Pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Hickory, NC. Dustin is a businessman, real estate investor, family man and Bible believing Christian. Jump in to this epic conversation about the balance required to juggle it all!Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok @theCrushItTeamCheck out more at

Jan 18

1 hr 17 min

In this episode we welcome guest Blake Gibson to the podcast to discuss prosperity gospel and prosperity preachers. Blake is the Pastor of Conversion Church in Benton, TN.

Jan 11

46 min 55 sec

In this episode Matt and Mason announce the official mission statement for the Crush It brand and talk about the heart of the Crush It team for 2021 along with some announcements!Check out more content from the Crush It team at

Jan 5

27 min 34 sec

In this episode Matt and Mason are continuing an open Bible conversation about the stigma behind Christians and wealth building. Is it okay for Christians to be wealth? Should God's people pursue worldly success outside of church and the ministry?

Dec 2020

38 min 26 sec

In this episode Matt and Mason have an open Bible conversation about the stigma behind Christians and wealth building. Is it okay for Christians to be wealth? Should God's people pursue worldly success outside of church and the ministry? Subscribe to the podcast at: www.TheCrushItPodcast.comstreaming on all major platforms!Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: @theCrushItTeam

Nov 2020

52 min 13 sec

In this episode Matt and Mason are talking about the importance of guarding your reputation in business and in life and the value of building a personal brand.

Nov 2020

42 min 49 sec

In this episode Matt and Mason are talking through Mason's recent diagnosis and some of the emotions and mindsets that have come along with it.

Oct 2020

44 min 21 sec

Every heard the phrase "Don't judge a book by it's cover"? We think that's dumb. Hop in to this week's goal call to find out why. Subscribe to the podcast!Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Or, don't.

Jul 2020

9 min 20 sec

In this episode we talk with guest Tyler Carroll about the adversity he overcame from his childhood and teenage years and how that shaped him to be on the path to success today. After you hear this story you'll realize how crucial your mindset is to shaping your life. A big shout out to Tyler for sharing his incredible story!Follow us on Facebook!Follow us on Twitter @_dothedoubtCheck out our Instagram & TikTokSubscribe to the YouTube channel

Jul 2020

44 min 43 sec

This week we're taking a quick look at waste. Wasted time, wasted money, stop wasting opportunity!

Jun 2020

8 min 46 sec

This week's goal call is all about time management. How are you spending your time? You can be super busy and still be super ineffective! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @dothedoubtFollow us on Twitter @_dothedoubtCheck us out on YouTube!

Jun 2020

8 min 10 sec

As we look back on the first six months of 2020 we wanted to ask... WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED. The first half is over. Gone forever. What you do with the second half is YOUR choice.

Jun 2020

38 min 16 sec

We've talked a lot about defining success. Here are some action steps that you can take this week to define YOUR success and pull your dreams out of the clouds.

Jun 2020

9 min 55 sec

Introducing Goal Call! Every Monday we'll hop on a quick Goal Call to help set the tone for the week. This is a "relaxed fit" version of our regular podcast episodes that will feature around 10 minutes of practical info to kick off your week. Let us know what you think!

Jun 2020

5 min 28 sec

In this episode we talk about the danger of using misplaced hope as a crutch to fall behind on your goals.

Apr 2020

30 min 38 sec

In this episode we welcome Mark Tipton, Director of Sales at Best Buy Metals, former National Sales Manager at Goldbond, former VP of Sales and world class salesman at McGraw Hill and former educator and football coach. Mark talks about how his perseverance and faith helped him overcome a childhood of adversity to achieve an unprecedented level of success in his career.

Nov 2019

45 min 46 sec

In episode four we talk about the buzz phrase "Be Your Own Boss". What does it really mean to be your own boss? Can anybody do it? SHOULD anybody do it? Listen along with us and let us know your input!

Oct 2019

42 min 44 sec

In this episode Matt and Mason discuss the process of building a circle of influence from the perspective of an introvert and an extrovert.

Oct 2019

26 min 39 sec

In this episode we have a... relatively cordial debate about Multi-Level Marketing. Matt defends his view that MLM is a viable business model filled with opportunity while Mason feels it's not a sustainable business model and may set people up to fail.

Sep 2019

51 min 43 sec

In this episode co-hosts Matt Davis and Mason Burchette introduce you to the Crush It podcast and start a conversation about the importance of positive mindsets.4g5b2bmu

Jul 2019

37 min 53 sec