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Steve chats with the producer who discovered Lionsgate's "Midnight In The Switchgrass" on VPF.

Aug 6

59 min 19 sec

Steve chats with Alan Horsnail about his upcoming Bruce Willis film "Midnight in the Switchgrass," which was pitched via VPF.

Dec 2020

1 hr 5 min

Steve chats with writer/directors Jeff Chan & Andrew Rhymer about their careers and new feature, "Plus One."

Jun 2020

42 min 54 sec

Steve chats with Writer/Director Vaughn Stein about his new movie “Terminal.”

Apr 2020

50 min 38 sec

Steve chats with Will Plyler about producing, development, Indie filmmaking & his website, DoneDealPro.

May 2019

1 hr 3 min

Writer/Director Piotr Szkopiak chats with Steve about his new film “The Last Witness.”

Jul 2018

52 min 42 sec

TV scribe Tom Hyndman chats about breaking into TV.

Apr 2018

53 min 5 sec

Actor Chris Browning discusses his career.

Jan 2018

56 min

Steve chats with filmmakers Zack Andrews & Bobby Roe about their horror series "The Houses October Built."

Oct 2017

31 min 56 sec

Steve chats with Australian director Alethea Jones about her career & new movie, "Fun Mom Dinner."

Aug 2017

48 min 49 sec

Steve chats with writer-on-the-verge Kelly Campbell about her move from acting to writing & the value of improv.

Apr 2017

1 hr 1 min

Steve chats with Craig James, the founder of the International Screenwriters Association.

Feb 2017

54 min 30 sec

Writer & Comic Ken Pringle discusses comedy & the value of stand-up.

Sep 2016

45 min 6 sec

Writer & pitching consultant Laura Brennan talks about breaking in to the biz.

Jun 2016

1 hr 6 min

Steve interviews famous multi-hyphenate Ken Pisani.

Apr 2016

51 min 19 sec

Steve chats with famed author of "The Hero's Journey," Christopher Vogler.

Mar 2016

47 min 6 sec

Steve chats with screenwriting guru Chris Soth about low-budget productions & much more.

Nov 2015

44 min 14 sec

Steve chats with TV scribe Aaron Fullerton about breaking into the Biz & dealing with agents.

Oct 2015

55 min 9 sec

David & Steve talk with actor/comedian Will Vought about working for Bill Clinton & moving from stand-up to acting.

Oct 2015

39 min 34 sec

Steve chats with indie filmmaker Will Dove about his feature "No Soliciting" and his move to LA.

Aug 2015

44 min 37 sec

David & Steve chat with producer Perry Katz, the former head of Marketing for Universal Pictures.

Jun 2015

41 min 35 sec

David & Steve chat with Harry Hamlin about his career & his new film coming out in June, "The Fourth Noble Truth."

May 2015

39 min 28 sec

David & Steve chat with Jason Brubaker from filmmakingstuff.com about writing, filmmaking & distribution.

Apr 2015

41 min 34 sec

David & Allira talk with former screenwriter turned psychotherapist Ira Israel about mindfulness, yoga & working in Paris with famous director Luc Besson.

Apr 2015

37 min 13 sec

Steve & Allira Jaques chat with popular website Stage32 founder Richard Botto about getting into Hollywood.

Mar 2015

37 min 58 sec

David & Steve chat with Blacklist founder Franklin Leonard about the history of his company, its mission & Blacklist success stories.

Mar 2015

34 min 35 sec

David & Steve talk with Gary T. McDonald, the writer/director of "The Fourth Noble Truth," which is coming to theaters June 5.

Feb 2015

41 min 54 sec

David & Steve chat with Rosser Goodman about directing, screenwriting & Indie films.

Feb 2015

24 min 58 sec

David & Steve talk to Longitude Entertainment's Steve Longi about producing, philosophy & getting started.

Feb 2015

44 min

Steve talks shop with Management 101’s Frederick Levy (“Frailty,” “Sins of our Youth”).

Feb 2015

37 min 55 sec

David & Steve talk to the screenwriting team of John Weidner & Ken Lamplugh about their success on Virtual Pitch Fest & the Indie film world.

Jan 2015

41 min 40 sec

David & Steve chat with writing coach Lee Jessup about current realities for screenwriters & her new online screenwriting community.

Jan 2015

51 min 15 sec

David & Steve talk with John Rhodes, the popular co-founder of ScreenCraft.org

Jan 2015

37 min 47 sec

David & Steve chat with Grindstone Entertainment's Stan Wertlieb.

Dec 2014

54 min 19 sec

David & Steve chat with KCRW's film curator Matt Holzman about 2014's best movies & the state of Indie Film.

Dec 2014

53 min 47 sec

David & Steve chat with Rain Management’s John Tomko about the feature & TV biz from a lit manager’s perspective.

Nov 2014

40 min 7 sec

David & Steve chat with filmmaker Stevie Long ("Starsky & Hutch") about his past & present projects.

Nov 2014

43 min 36 sec

David & co-host Steve Trautmann chat with prolific TV series writer, teacher & author Bill Taub ("Hill Street Blues”).

Nov 2014

48 min 52 sec

David chats with major actress/filmmaker Amber Benson of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" fame.

Nov 2014

37 min 48 sec

David chats with producer/actor Howard Rosenman (“The Family Man,” “Milk” & “Father of the Bride”).

Oct 2014

31 min 58 sec

David chats with screenwriter & famous script doc Chris Soth, creator of “The Mini-Movie Method."

Oct 2014

42 min 45 sec

David talks to screenwriting Professor Eric Edson, BFA's Nikki Stier, Lit Manager Myke Friscia & execs from Davis & Chatrone LLC.

Oct 2014

43 min 59 sec

David chats with famous script consultant Jen Grisanti & several execs at the recent Story Expo in LA!

Oct 2014

39 min 40 sec

David Kohner Zuckerman interviews screenwriting career coach Lee Jessup and various.

Oct 2014

42 min 18 sec

At the recent Story Expo in LA, David talks to famous author/script guru Linda Seger & execs from Branded Entertainment, Logo/MTVN & more!

Sep 2014

38 min 40 sec

Host David Kohner Zuckerman talks with producer Julia Verdin about her credits. Raindance LA & working with writers.

Sep 2014

38 min 58 sec

Host David Kohner Zuckerman chats with Academy Award winning producer Ed Saxon ("Silence of the Lambs," "Adaptation" & ""Philadelphia").

Sep 2014

43 min 48 sec