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The Voice of Wine, Brian Bushlach, explores wine destinations across American and around the world each week on Vintage. Brian's interview style shares the story behind the wines, vines and vintners with you in an approachable setting. Vintage showcases the wines and winemakers.

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We conclude our countdown to the main event as the Big Board auction closes out and we welcome the following vintners:Pat Dukes, Dukes Family VineyardsIan Burch, Archery SummitDavid Millman, Domaine Drouhin OregonMichael Etzel, Beaux FreresHans Van Dale, Dusky Goose

Nov 20

35 min 50 sec

The countdown to Salud's main event continues as our virtual Big Board comes to a close with Salud Cuvee Pinot Noirs in the spotlight. Vintners joining us in this episode include:Bill Sweat, Winderlea Vineyard & WineryBen Casteel, Bethel Heights VineyardKate Ayres, Penner-Ash Wine CellarsClare Carver, Big Table FarmJared Etzel, Domain Roy & fils 

Nov 19

34 min 3 sec

Elk Cove Vineyards reveals a special treat as we celebrate 30 years of health care and support for our vineyards workers thanks to the Salud Auction. In this episode, vintners joining us include:Anna Campbell, Elk Cove VineyardsHeather Perkin, Elk Cove VineyardsGuillaume Large, ResonancePeter Shea, Shea Wine CellarsErnie Pink, Amalie Robert Estate

Nov 18

35 min 21 sec

Celebrating 30 years of support for Oregon's vineyard workers and their families, the Salud Oregon Pinot Noir Auction is one-of-a-kind. In this episode, Brian welcomes vintners to showcase their library Pinot Noir up for grabs at this year's auction. Joining us in this episode:James Frey, Trisaetum WineryRobert Brittan, Brittan VineyardsErik Kramer, Willakenzie VineyardsGina Hennen, Adelsheim VineyardChris Fladwood, Soter VineyardsChris Burrough, Twomey Cellars

Nov 17

37 min 47 sec

This year's event features a virtual Big Board Auction and it's attracting some serious attention as we count down to the main event. In this episode, Brian introduces a different twist to this year's event-  Oregon Chardonnay. Joining us in this episode:Rollin Soles, ROCO WineryGary Horner, Erath WineryCody Wright, Purple Hands WineryDaniel Estrin, Cristom Vineyards

Nov 17

38 min 25 sec

Brian returns to host the Salud Oregon Pinot Noir Auction again this year, as the event celebrates its 30th Anniversary. In the first of a six-part series with Salud Vintners,  Brian welcomes the following vintners to share the impact of Salud, providing healthcare and outreach to vineyard workers thanks to the Salud Mobile Clinic. Guests joining us in this episode include:Anna Maria Ponzi, Ponzi VineyardsKen Austin, Rain Dance VineyardsKate Payne Brown, Stoller Family EstateKatie Santora, Chehalem WineryJim Anderson, Patricia Green Cellars

Nov 16

38 min 42 sec

After a pandemic-induced virtual hiatus in 2020, one of the most popular charity events in the nation is back for a safe, socially-distanced sellout at Seattle's Paramount Theater next week. It's called "Steak-Out" for a reason. These are just any steaks- they're prepared by legendary Seattle Chef John Howie, along with a bodacious baked potato and the fixin's. And this isn't just any event- no snooty nerds allowed, it's like a gathering of extended family back to celebrate summer in memory of Biff Brotherton  while raising money for breakthrough cancer research at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Brad joins Brian in this episode to catch up and preview  another Steak-Out. If you'd like to give, please visit

Aug 13

30 min 8 sec

A half century ago only a handful of people knew how special Oregon's Willamette Valley was for grape growing. Cal Knudsen was among them, and as word got out, Brian Croser made the journey from Australia to see, and taste, for himself.  With his expectations confirmed, Croser teamed up with sparkling wine guru Rollin Soles to start Argyle, with Knudsen fruit as their founding vineyard. To this day, the Argyle-Knudsen partnership lives on in, and in this episode Croser joins Page Knudsen-Cowles and Host Brian Bushlach to reflect on what brought him to Oregon, and what keeps bringing him back.

Aug 11

34 min 41 sec

We've all heard the saying "it all starts in the vineyard". It's a cliche because it's true! When the legends of the Oregon wine industry needed an expert hand on their vineyards, they called Allen Holstein. In this episode, Brian invites Page Knudsen Cowles to co-host another episode as we celebrate Knudsen Vineyards 50th Anniversary with the man who made it all possible in the vineyard.

Aug 10

35 min 19 sec

The Burgundian influence on the Oregon Wine Industry, particularly the Willamette Valley, is inescapable. The Drouhin Family, led by Veronique, planted the French flag in the Dundee Hills in the 1980's and in doing so, legitimized the Oregon industry and fostered a partnership and friendship between the two regions. In this episode, Veronique joins us from Beaune to reflect on the relationships and growth of the industry with Brian and Page Knudsen Cowles.

Aug 9

43 min 15 sec

1971 was a landmark year in Willamette Valley Wine Country- they just didn't know it at the time! Both Knudsen Vineyards and the Sokol Blosser Winery were founded in '71, and a half century later, they're both celebrating their 50th Anniversary. The parallels don't end there- both operations are now run by each family's second generation. In this episode, Brian welcomes back Page Knudsen Cowles to co-host as Alison and Alex Sokol Blosser join us for a fun conversation comparing notes on the past five decades in Oregon Wine Country.

Aug 7

42 min 50 sec

You've probably heard of Argyle Wines thanks to Rollin Soles, who put the winery, and Oregon sparkling wine, on the map. There's a Knudsen connection in the DNA of Argyle, as Cal Knudsen teamed up with Brian Croser to found the Dundee Wine Company, giving birth to Argyle. To this day, Argyle is still sourcing the Knudsen Vineyards fruit for its award winning bubbles. In this episode, Brian invites Page Knudsen Cowles and Rollin Soles to share their journey in a fun and entertaining download.

Aug 5

51 min 7 sec

There are many iconic names associated with the Oregon wine industry, but perhaps none as widely recognized as Dick Erath, who partnered with Cal Knudsen in 1971 to form the iconic Knudsen-Erath label. In this episode, Brian welcomes Page Knudsen Cowles and Dick Erath to revisit the roots of the Willamette Valley and the rolling Dundee Hills, reflecting on the past, present and future of the Oregon wine industry.

Aug 4

35 min 54 sec

The Salud Big Board Auction comes to a close, raising a remarkable $204,600 in just three days of online bidding. Now, we count down to the main virtual event on Saturday evening. In this final Big Board Auction episode, we raise a glass via Zoom for Oregon vineyard workers! In this session, Brian welcomes Clare Carver from Big Table Farm, Mo Ayoub from Ayoub Wines, Domaine Roy's Jared Etzel, Grant Coulter from Flaneur Wines and Jim Anderson from Patricia Green Cellars.  The vintners share an update from their respective wineries, insight on their exclusive Salud cuvees, and how important the health & well being of vineyard workers is to the Oregon wine industry.Please visit to learn more and donate.

Nov 2020

43 min 46 sec

The Salud Big Board Auction continues as we raise a glass virtually and exponentially add to our audience, making an even bigger impact for Oregon vineyard workers! In this episode, Brian welcomes Winderlea's Bill Sweat, Chris Hermann from 00 Wines, Anna Campbell and Heather Perkin from Elk Cove Vineyards, winemaker Bryan Weil representing Rain Dance Vineyards, Domain Drouhin's David Millman, and Michael Fay from Domaine Serene. The vintners share an update from their respective wineries, insight on their exclusive Salud cuvees, and how important the health & well being of vineyard workers is to the Oregon wine industry.Please visit to learn more and donate.

Nov 2020

45 min 31 sec

The Salud Big Board Auction continues as we raise a glass virtually and exponentially add to our audience, making an even bigger impact for Oregon vineyard workers! In this episode, Brian welcomes winemakers Gina Hennen of Adelsheim ,Ben Castell of Bethel Heights, Katie Santora of Chehalem, Pat Dukes & Kelly Kidneigh of Dukes Family Vineyard, Erik Kramer of Willakenzie Estate, and Dusky Goose representative Pamela MacLellan. The vintners share an update from their respective wineries, insight on their exclusive Salud cuvees, and how important the health & well being of vineyard workers is to the Oregon wine industry.Please visit to learn more and donate.

Nov 2020

43 min 51 sec

The Salud Big Board Auction continues as we raise a glass virtually and exponentially add to our audience, making an even bigger impact for Oregon vineyard workers! In this episode, Brian welcomes artist & winemaker James Frey from Trisaetum, Kate Payne-Brown of Stoller Family Estate, Peter Shea of Shea Wine Cellars, Cody Wright of Purple Hands and Twomey's Chris Burrough. The vintners share an update from their respective wineries, insight on their exclusive Salud cuvees, and how important the health & well being of vineyard workers is to the Oregon wine industry.Please visit to learn more and donate.

Nov 2020

47 min 30 sec

The Salud Big Board Auction continues as we raise a glass virtually and exponentially add to our audience, making an even bigger impact for Oregon vineyard workers! In this episode, Brian welcomes Ian Burch from Archery Summit, Beaux Freres second generation Winemaker Mikey Etzel, Oregon Legend Ken Wright, Anthony Van Nice from Solena Estate, and Cristom's Tom Gerrie. The vintners share an update from their respective wineries, insight on their exclusive Salud cuvees, and how important the health & well being of vineyard workers is to the Oregon wine industry.Please visit to learn more and donate.

Nov 2020

53 min 34 sec

We can't be together this year, so let's raise a glass virtually and exponentially add to our audience, making an even bigger impact for Oregon vineyard workers! In this episode, Brian welcomes Amelie Robert Estate's Ernie Pink, Gary Horner from Erath, Eric Hammacher from his namesake winery, Kate Ayres from Penner-Ash, Luisa Ponzi of Ponzi Winery, and Guillaume Large from Resonance. The vintners share an update from their respective wineries, insight on their exclusive Salud cuvees, and how important the health & well being of vineyard workers is to the Oregon wine industry. Please visit to learn more and donate.

Nov 2020

48 min 22 sec

The Island Lifestyle, and the drinks that go with it, can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. A decade in the making, Tommy Bahama brings us the finest craft spirits from it's Coral Cay Distilling. Rum is obviously a prerequisite here, but Coral Cay is also delivering hand crafted bourbon, gin and vodkas. For those on the go, "Tommy Travelers" provide refreshing & handy canned sparkling cocktails. Beer is also on tap later this month. In this episode, Brian welcomes Jeff Soehren & Jamie Crain, the gents who teamed up with Tommy to make this dream a reality.

Sep 2020

31 min 54 sec

You never know what Mother Nature has planned for harvest in the Willamette Valley. This year, a cool spring and early summer impacted the vineyards. Then, just when it appeared fall was ready to arrive, a heatwave hit forcing vintners & vineyard managers to scramble. In this episode, Brian welcomes Winemaker Katie Santora and Vineyard Manager Jason Tosch from Chehalem Winery to provide the latest update from the vineyards and a recent bottling report.

Sep 2020

30 min 46 sec

We return to one of our favorite destinations, the Applegate Valley and Cowhorn Vineyard & Garden. Brian reconnects with Bill Steele, who co-founded the winery with his wife Barbara. They revisit the backstory of this iconic winery and what prompted Bill & Barbara to become the industry leaders in biodynamics. Ultimately, it's all about the Rhone varietals, perfect for this site in Southern Oregon. They are all showing well, all are highly rated, but it's the "drink now" aspect that we appreciate most of all.

Jul 2020

31 min 48 sec

How many times have you dreamed you were at your favorite winery or vineyard? Probably often these days... Unfortunately, your favorite winery or vineyard is hours away, requires a reservation or must limit capacity due to the virus. What if you could experience it pre-COVID? No masks, no crowds, in virtual reality? That's what Stoller Family Estate is doing with their groundbreaking Immersive Experience Center. We explore the experience and get an update on the Oregon industry with Stoller President Gary Mortensen in this episode of Vintage.

Jul 2020

36 min 27 sec

In this interactive, virtual episode Brian welcomes Stoller Family Wine Group VP of Winemaking Melissa Burr and Chehalem Winemaker Katie Santora to share the story of Chemistry, a collaboration between the teams at Stoller & Chehalem. Follow along with us at to browse the lineup from Chemistry, and have these amazing wines at an incredible value delivered right to your front door!

Apr 2020

22 min 40 sec

10 million Americans have filed for unemployment in the past two weeks, the majority of them in the hospitality industry, as the coronavirus sweeps across the nation and brings the economy to its knees. In this time of need, Oregon's Stoller Wine Group is partnering with popular local restaurant The Botanist House and Meals on Wheels to feed restaurant workers in need. In this episode, Stoller Wine Group President Gary Mortensen, The Botanist House Owner & Co-Founder Matt Davidson and Meals on Wheels Chief Development Officer Tony Staser join Brian to share their massive effort to serve those who serve us. 

Apr 2020

28 min 37 sec

This year's Destin Charity Wine Auction moves from its familiar spot on the calendar in late-April to August 21-22. In times like this, it just gives us more to look forward to! Nothing can stop us from counting down to one of America's top wine events, one that many would argue is the most fun. Destin showcases the finest wines, but this event, like no other, is just as much about the chefs & cuisine. In this episode, Brian welcomes rock star Chef Cory Bahr, Owner/Founder of Parish in Monroe, Louisiana. 

Apr 2020

19 min 9 sec

We open our virtual tasting room with a trip to Anacortes to visit with Doug Charles at Compass Wines. Over the past 20 years, Compass Wines has gained a well-deserved reputation as THE expert on Washington State wines and as a worldwide wine sleuth, finding incredible wines and values around the globe. Doug shares his story in the Washington restaurant industry which came of age at the same time as the Washington wine industry.

Mar 2020

40 min 10 sec

Legendary winemaker and Master of Wine Bob Betz founded this iconic winery in 1997 and sold to South African business partners Steve & Bridgit Griessel in 2011. Bob has remained as consulting winemaker, forging a close friendship with the Griessel's. Their goal was not to not only continue Bob's high standards, but to take this already prestigious winery to another level. Brian revisits Betz Family Winery in Woodinville and finds that mission has been accomplished, and then some.

Feb 2020

1 hr 2 min

Founded in 1983 as the third winery in the Walla Walla Valley, L'Ecole No. 41 enters its fifth decade as an American favorite and an international player. As Sara Schneider wrote in Robb Report "L'Ecole... has turned into a world ambassador with Ferguson." Those accolades, the result of claiming Best Bordeaux Blend in the World with the 2011 Estate Ferguson at the prestigious 2014 Decanter World Wine Awards. Owner & Managing Winemaker Marty Clubb joins Brian to share the L'Ecole No. 41 story and the wines that are grabbing headlines.

Feb 2020

42 min 5 sec

We can't think of a better way to pop the cork on our 2020 episodes than to do it on Valentines Day at the American epicenter of Grower Champagne, Fat Cork in Seattle. In this episode, Brian reconnects with Brian Maletis, who along with wife Abby founded Fat Cork a decade ago. Together, they bring the best of the best to America to share with the rest of us!

Feb 2020

30 min 13 sec

Dr. Madaiah Revana found the perfect piece of property in St. Helena and began a journey that led him to establish vineyards & wineries in Oregon and Argentina. In this exclusive interview, Brian travels to Napa to sit down with the Houston cardiologist and learn how his passion for wine produced this trifecta of respected wineries in two hemispheres.

Nov 2019

21 min 33 sec

A Who's Who of Washington's top vintners calls the Walla Walla Valley home. And with the wineries and tasting rooms within a short drive, it makes this region one of the most enjoyable to visit. Just north of the historic Marcus Whitman Hotel, Mike & Lauri Corliss welcome you to experience one of the most magnificent wineries & tasting rooms in America, with the wines to back it up. Brian travels to Walla Walla for a rare interview with Mike Corliss as he reflects on the past, present and future of the region.

Oct 2019

28 min 20 sec

The second generation of Oregon winemakers is now well established. In the Willamette Valley, where their parents migrated 30+ years ago, this group has set a new standard for the industry, raised expectations, perfected a Burgundian-style Chardonnay, and they are now turning their attention to sparkling wines. Jesse Lange is the winemaker, and an industry leader for his generation of smaller, family wineries that thrive in this region. Brian heads to the Dundee Hills to revisit Lange Estate Winery & Vineyards.

Oct 2019

31 min 22 sec

Rollin Soles traveled the world as a young man and chose to make his mark in Oregon. He founded Argyle and proceeded to not only put sparkling wine on the map, he re-wrote the boundaries for bubbles worldwide. Now, Rollin & wife Corby have teamed up at ROCO, where Rollin's showcasing his Pinot Noir, including the "Private Stash". Brian heads to the Willamette Valley to revisit friends and record this post-harvest interview in Oregon Wine Country.

Oct 2019

47 min 25 sec

There is vodka. And then there is Glass Vodka. Artisan craftsman Ian MacNeil has transformed this homogenous, artificially-flavored and mass-produced liquor into a connoisseur spirit that is like nothing you've ever experienced. From the exquisite glass packaging, to the extraordinary, velvet smooth vodka inside it, Ian MacNeil's Glass Vodka is an outstanding outlier. And now, he delivers another refreshing option with Glass Vodka Soda. Brian heads to Seattle's SODO neighborhood to revisit Glass Distillery and catch up with Ian.

Oct 2019

40 min 15 sec

Seattle native Larry Stone grew up with wine in his blood, scientific curiosity, and the warm and approachable personality it takes to entertain guests at America's top restaurants. The 9th Master Sommelier in America and first American to win the prestigious Best International in French Wines Competition in Paris, Larry has returned to his Northwest roots to guide his passion project, Lingua Franca. Brian takes a day trip to Oregon's Eola-Amity Hills to visit with this American wine icon.

Oct 2019

52 min 30 sec

One thing's for sure. Our friends in Destin do it right! The main event in April, the Destin Charity Wine Auction, celebrates its 15th year in 2020. Meantime, the Harvest Wine & Food Festival has quickly grown into a world class event on its own. This three-day event has a different vibe, but its still first class. While the wine dinners are already sold out, there are plenty of entertaining options throughout the weekend of October 24-26. Brian welcomes an all-star lineup to preview the event.

Oct 2019

47 min 39 sec

After a decade together building Avennia into one of Washington's most respected wineries, Marty Taucher and Winemaker Chris Peterson were looking for a new challenge. They literally got in the car one day and went for a drive through Eastern Washington. High atop Red Mountain, they found what they were looking for. Brian revisits Avennia to reflect on the past decade, and what lies ahead for Liminal.

Sep 2019

43 min 34 sec

One of the most respected families in Napa Valley continues to produce spectacular wines. But it's their work through wine, charitable giving, and a commitment to change how mental health issues are perceived, diagnosed and managed that have put the Staglin's center stage for a major announcement. Brian travels to their Rutherford estate to share their very personal story, and their tireless effort over the past 25 years.

Aug 2019

47 min 49 sec

Our first stop in Napa Valley is one of the favorite wine destinations in California. Brian heads north on the Silverado Trail to the eastern slopes of the valley to enjoy Rutherford Hill Winery's flagship Merlot and other elegant wines with GM Bryan Parker.

Jun 2019

29 min 32 sec

Earl & Hilda Jones moved cross-country and chose the rolling hills of Southern Oregon to plant their favorite Spanish varietal Tempranillo. The name Abacela originates from the Latin word Abacelar, which means "to plant a grape vine". In doing so, Earl & Hilda put Tempranillo and Southern Oregon on the map for American wine consumers. In this episode, Brian reconnects with Earl to retrace the history of this iconic Oregon winery.

Jun 2019

25 min 38 sec

Southern Oregon showcases everything the state has to offer, and nobody's doing it better than DANCIN Vineyards. The husband & wife team of Dan & Cindy Marca are not only producing award-winning wines, but providing an experience for their guests on the rolling, north facing hillside just outside historic Jacksonville.

Jun 2019

24 min 25 sec

Maryhill Winery continues to expand its influence on Northwest wine with the opening of it's latest tasting room on the waterfront in Vancouver USA. In this episode, Maryhill's Craig Leuthold also makes a major announcement about a tasting room in the Seattle-area. And while Maryhill covers all major Washington markets, winemaker Richard Batchelor and his wines are hauling in the awards at national wine competitions. In this episode, Brian visits the new Vancouver tasting room and we select a Vintage 2017 interview with Richard Batchelor on-location at Maryhill's Gorge tasting room.

Jun 2019

22 min 45 sec

The stunning scenery of the Columbia River Gorge provides the backdrop for a visit to the only AVA in American shared by two states, Oregon & Washington. On the southern side of the mighty river, the fertile, rolling hills of Hood River are home to Cathedral Ridge, as Brian revisits the winery that's helped put this region on the map.

Jun 2019

27 min 57 sec

The indigenous peoples of this Oregon region called it "Chahelim", or "Valley of Flowers". Today, it's a valley of vineyards, where Harry Pederson-Nedry first planted Pinot Noir in the 1980's. He opened Chehalem Winery in 1990, and grew it into one of Oregon's most popular brands. Business partner Bill Stoller bought Harry out last year, and now it's time for the next generation at Chehalem led by winemaker Katie Santora.

May 2019

25 min

Voted “Best Tasting Room in America” by USA Today, Stoller Family Estate produces award-winning wines in a spectacular setting on the western edge and south facing slopes of the Dundee Hills. Brian’s trip to the estate continues as he revisits this popular property and spends time with Associate Winemaker Kate Payne-Brown.

May 2019

29 min 34 sec

Oregon Wine Month continues throughout May, and Brian returns to the Willamette Valley to learn more about the collaboration between vintners in the Stoller Wine Group. The new label is called, appropriately, "Chemistry", as winemakers from Chehalem & Stoller Family Estate combine forces to produce value wines that bring the best of both to the market.

May 2019

15 min 42 sec

A record-breaking weekend in Destin winds down, but not before Brian visits with "the spy" who fell in love with Napa, Jean Noel Fourmeaux. Chef Cindy Hutson returns to the Destin Charity Wine Auction again this year, sharing her story of food, fishing, and fundraising, and in between events, Brian can be found relaxing at the nearby Tommy Bahama Restaurant in the heart of the action in Destin.

May 2019

35 min 42 sec

The weekend festivities continue at the Destin Charity Wine Auction, and this popular springtime gathering is more than just a wine event. Brian sits down with legendary distiller Bill Samuels, Junior from Maker's Mark, Jacksonville's award-winning Chef Scotty Schwartz, and event organizers who are expecting another record-setting year.

May 2019

31 min 32 sec

On location for the live auction in Destin, Brian reconnects with Eugenia Keegan, Oregon GM for Jackson Family Wines, who is thrilled with the response for Oregon wine on the Gulf Coast. Dr. Madaiah Revana shares his wines from Napa, Oregon and Mendoza, and Shirley Roy brings her rare and highly regarded reds to the party.

May 2019

27 min 22 sec