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Wingin’ It brings real experiences minus the judgment and gurus. Hosted by Health Systems and Healthcare Technology Innovator Athena Cross and Serial Entrepreneur & Venture Capitalist Rashad Howard, each episode features in-depth, retrospective conversations with industry leaders as they recall the trials, tribulations, and days of great despair throughout their professional journeys. Check your Ego at the door and enjoy! Please subscribe, rate, and leave a comment.

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Define Renaissance Man. Hard work? Keen vision? Trotting racehorses for $5 each at 5am? Creating the first-ever HBCU polo team?  Inspired by an equine love and with a tailor's precision, fashion designer, author and entrepreneur Miguel Wilson (Instagram: @miguelwilsoncollection) found a path to self-determination.  He shares how he kept remounting life's saddle after innumerable falls with hosts Rashad Howard and Athena Cross on "Freedom Rider".  Please enjoy another episode of Wingin' It Podcast and subscribe to stay up-to-date with new releases.  

Jun 2020

58 min 27 sec

After achieving your dreams and then some, a quiet man could just bask in his glory.  But when you're compelled to reach back and pay it forward, you begin a new journey: empowering Black people through technology. Join Hosts Rashad Howard (IG: @rashadhoward_com) and Athena Cross (IG: @athena_cross) on Wingin' It Episode 10: Guilt of Blessings with special guest Aaron Saunders (IG: @in3DC), founder and CEO of In3DC.

Apr 2020

59 min 51 sec

Passport Stamped, Now Boarding!  Singled out and let down by corporate America, yet supremely skilled, Claire Soares decided to throw down by starting "Up in the Air Life", curating off-the-yard experiences for Black travelers. Hear how on Wingin' It Episode 9: Landmarking Blackness with hosts Rashad Howard and Athena Cross on Spotify, Google Podcasts, iTunes or Iheartradio.

Oct 2019

55 min 45 sec

From JA to the BK, Rob Marriott (Instagram: @xangorepublic) proves the quest for truth is never ending.  On Episode 8, “Articulating Ghetto Dialectics” Rob Marriott  shares how his journey to find the Source framed the journeys in his life. Listen to Wingin’ It now with our hosts Rashad Howard (Instagram: @rashadhoward_com) and Athena Cross (Instagram: @Athena_cross).


Sep 2019

45 min 58 sec

Jaz-O the Originator is the essence of true hip hop whose lyrical delivery skills are undeniable.  His legend begins with lyrical battles in Marcy Projects and extends to the boardroom, hustling flows into the art of the deal.  Those who know all recognize him as Jay-Z's mentor, but the seeds he planted in Brooklyn have grown into many universes.  He joins Wingin' It hosts Rashad Howard and Athena Cross to give us our first ego check of the Summer and tell us about the many great things Kingz Kounty Music has in store for the world.  


Aug 2019

1 hr 23 min

From CT to the Boogie Down BX, Brandon Frame (@brandonframe) proves the Black Man Can.  From hearing about Morehouse in a side conversation with his best friend's dad to becoming an icon of Black Manhood, his path prepared him to lead a revolution in how Black Boys and Black Men see themselves.  In Episode 6, Brandon shares how his quest to reframe outdated images and useless stereotypes became his reason for waking up each and every day.

Apr 2019

55 min 11 sec

When your family, and friends think you “made it out” and achieved success, how do you reconcile that your bar is set higher for your city, community and yourself? Special guest Christian Johnson joins hosts Athena Cross and Rashad Howard on Wingin' It to discuss how family values, expectations and pressure influenced her drive to strive for a better life like others across town who were thriving.

Jan 2019

59 min 21 sec

From watching her grandmother count coins paying for groceries to lobbying for underserved causes, our guest embodies "Making It with Change."  Join Wingin' It for Episode 3, featuring Tiffany Raspberry (@therealtiffanyraspberry) as she chronicles how this phrase guided her through life's toughest moments.

Dec 2018

1 hr 2 min

On Wingin' It Episode 2: "The Dream Catcher" Athena Cross and Rashad Howard enter the zone with Donte Tanner. Donte's story begins in the Barry Farm Dwellings housing project "east of the river" in Southeast Washington, DC in the height of the crack epidemic, and brings us to just one year ago when he ran for the Virginia House of Delegates for Virginia's 40th District and won -- then lost! Tune in as Donte details the many nightmares he had to endure in the process of catching his dreams, and the artwork it inspired him to wear (literally) on his "sleeves.”


Nov 2018

58 min 47 sec