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Lisa Schroder and Kat Hamilton

We lift the lid on all of the things that go on inside an artist studio. From growing as an artist. Improving your art practice, the ups and the downs of creative life. As well as crafting a strong creative business that you can thrive in.

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In this week’s episode @kathamiltonart and @Lisamajdesigns host the last podcast episode for the year. What a crazy year it has been and we are so excited to announce that we have now reached over 2500 downloads.In this weeks episode we talk about the importance of taking a break from your business, but also still giving your creativity a chance to thrive as well. We talk about how and what art supplies we take on holidays. Yes we do take our art supplies on holidays with us…. And how we approach art when we are not in ‘work mode.’We talk about managing social media over the Christmas break as well as juggling family being at home. Lisa talks about managing ecommerce sales around family time during the holidays as well as how to involve your kids in the creative play.We talk about stepping back and letting your creative heart play but also how to spend time filling up your inspiration, wether that is getting back to nature or watch and looking at other artists work.We also talk about how we would approach the holidays if we were working full time in the corporate world and we have an opportunity to paint, how we would go about this and how to think about creating several pieces of art.If you haven’t subscribed to our podcast yet on iTunes or Spotify, then this is week to do it. That means that when we come back with season 2 of the podcast, you will get notifications when our new episodes come out.Make sure you follow us on instagram @Mycrazyartistlife

Nov 30

32 min 58 sec

In this episode Kat and Lisa talk about the importance of developing your own unique style.With thousands of artists competing for attention, it's important that your work stands out and can recognised by your audience. Wether it is the way in which you represent a figure or face, or if it is a specific mark or colour palette that you use. We talk about the process of getting inspiration from other peoples work and how to push your boundaries, experimenting with new styles and techniques.We talk about the difference between sticking to a single theme or can you evolve or even work across different styles and genres. We also bust down the myth that you can throw some paint around for 6 weeks and nail your style for life. Finding your unique style is an ongoing process and will often take years to work out.Don't forget to follow us on instagram @Mycrazyartistlife or hit subscribe so that you can get notifications every week when new episodes come out.

Nov 23

28 min 24 sec

In this weeks podcast @kathamiltonart interviews Brisbane contemporary artist @sarahhickeyart.You are going to absolutely love hearing the story of how Sarah’s art career got started which includes fine art school, working in a bakery (of course) and sending time in a residency in Sicily, Italy.Sarah shares her love of the creative process, her inspiration in colour and patterns and how both of the these converged into a beautiful range of designer kimonos.You will hear how her love of childish exploration and play became the catalyst for discovering her very colourful and unique style. Sarah’s unique process of building and layering images using collage, mixed media, stencils and spray paint goes into her bold and colourful works.Sarah is a strong advocate for artist’s “finding your unique voice”, “loving your mark” and “being proud of the work that you produce”You can see the passion that Sarah has for colour, pattern, culture, mythology and the Goddess shines through as expressions of herself in her painting.We know that you are going to get supremely inspired in today’s podcast to find your own beautiful adventure in art.Make sure you check out @sarahhickeyartDon’t forget to follow us on instagram @mycrazyartistlife.


Nov 16

54 min 14 sec

In this weeks episode Kat Hamilton interviews very talented Gold Coast based fine art photographer Kellie North. Kellie has a very beautiful journey into the fine art photography space starting as a humble travel photographer. She learned her ‘craft’ as a wedding and food photographer, but it wasn’t until she discovered the world of fine art photography that she finally started hitting her strides and finding her passion in fine art photography.We hear about the unique way that Kellie hikes in the bush and uses herself as the model in all of her photographs. She shares some very funny stories about the unique and creative way that she sets up her shots and then gives us a glimpse into what goes into the extensive photoshop work afterwards.Kellie shares how being on Art Lovers Australia gave her the incredible opportunity of having her work on displayed The Block.She shares not only how that came about and but also how it really gave her a new exposure into new fans and collectors. We go on to discuss, media exposure, traveling with family and juggling life, business and art.Kellie’s philosophy is that “There is room for everybody. Back yourself and just start”We know you are going love this episode.Don’t forget to subscribe so that you can get notifications when we bring out a new episode every week.


Nov 9

34 min 22 sec

Did you know that the weeks leading up to Christmas are the biggest selling period for artist's with over 40% of their income coming in, in just a few short weeks.In this weeks episode Kat and Lisa talk through how you can get your art business prepared so that you don't miss a single sale.We discuss, when to start preparing for Christmas, what social media and marketing plans you should have in place ahead of time, how you can craft an offer that is super exciting for you customer. We talk about different ways that you can bring new and fresh product to market, that suits those specifically shopping for gifts, as well as how to work in with Black Friday, Boxing Day sales and all of those crazy shipping cut off dates.Don't forget to come and find us on instagram @Mycrazyartistlife

Nov 2

39 min 51 sec

In this weeks episode we interview local Brisbane abstract artist Adele Bevacqua. Adele's paints predominantly in oil and on large canvases, her style is textural, colourful and full of raw emotion that brings it's own beauty and story to a room. In this episode Adele shares the story of how she started painting after many years of studying and working in the fashion industry. She shares how her art journey was a long process of learning and experimenting with her technique to get the look that she saw in her head, to appear on the canvas. We talk about how unique everyone's journey is and that you can't compare yourself to others. You really do have to walk your own journey.Adele works full time and has two little children so we talk about how she juggles her very busy world and finds time to paint. How being organised and efficient means that Adele can plan, paint and photograph her work in a short period of time.Coming from a marketing background Adele share how she uses social media and has developed her own 'voice' with her followers.Her philosophy of "putting herself out there" has shaped how she approaches galleries and studio's for representation and has been one of the biggest strategies in defining a market for herself in the art world.I know you will get so many little gems of goodness in the conversation with Adele.Make sure you go and check out all of her beautiful work on instagram @adelebevacquaartAlo don't forget to come and find us at @Mycrazyartistlife

Oct 26

28 min 46 sec

If you are a fan of some of the classical masters of the art world. (think  Renior, Monet, Rembrant, Cezzane and Van Gough) you will love this conversation with Lisa and Kat. They visited the GOMA's exhibition of the MET Gallery "European Masters Collection" while it was showing here in Brisbane, Australia recently. As usual this episode is FULL of all the funny moments that came about during our visit. You will laugh about or experience lining up in the queue as well as some of the best moments in our visit.We discuss what it felt like to see our favourite artists work in real life as opposed to books and magazines, and also how the level of detail, skill and intricate detail give us an incredible amount of inspiration. We talk about some of the traditional techniques that were used many centuries ago as well as how the conservators, carefully handled the work to bring it all the way from New York to Australia. We saw how the styles of paintings were greatly influenced by religion, rulers and life, and how there was a transition from ultra detailed paintings of the early 1500-1600's  through to almost abstract impressionist styles of the 1800's.We talk about the importance and value in art as we discovered that the Rembrant painting was valued at $40million as well as the role of female artists in the 1800's compared with the role that they play now.Make sure you come and follow us on instagram @Mycrazyartistlife.

Oct 20

37 min 37 sec

In this episode of ‘My crazy artist life’ Lisa interviews Brisbane artist Tina Dinte. Tina has a unique style which is bright and full of colour. You will love hearing about how Tina started her art career. How she took a leap and through trial and error developed her own very unique style. Tina built much of her business on attending regular markets and building trust within a local community. We unpack her successes and failures in her years of selling at the markets as well as some of the other income streams she has built into her business.We talk about balancing the need to make money and being creative, developing your individual style and how to price you paintings. Tina gives us a look at how she goes above and beyond to provide excellent customer service to a potential buyer. We talk a lot about believing in yourself as an artist and how to back yourself against criticism when starting out. There is so much gold to be found in this episode. Make sure you find Tina on her instagram account @tinadinte_artist, also make sure you follow us on @mycrazyartistlife.We love to hear your feedback.

Oct 12

34 min 10 sec

Using Instagram is such a huge part of growing your business and reaching new audiences. October is the month when art challenges really kick into high gear on many social media platforms. Many of the art challenges have thousands of participants from around the world and some even have had millions of people joining in over the years. In this episode Kat and Lisa talk about the origins of October art challenges, how they have changed over time and how and why you should have a go at participating in an art challenge.Don't forget to come and find us on instagram @mycrazyartistlife.

Oct 5

30 min 16 sec

If you need some inspiration to get your art career into gear and up to the next level, we have got the essential holiday reading list here for you. Who loves a good "get your brain into the right gear book" Oh yeah!! bring it!!Lisa talks about some of the best business, marketing and life books which have impacted her and helped her form her business mindset for growth over the years. Lisa also talks about how important mindset is for dreaming those super big goals. Letting yourself believe that some of your big dreams are actually possible when you can see it clearly and plan towards it.Lisa also talks about what steps you can take right now in getting your business ready for 2022 especially when so many businesses are either shut down or effected by COVID-19.Make sure you come and find us on instagram @Mycrazyartistlife

Sep 28

19 min 11 sec

This weeks episode is a wonderful guest interview with artist Sarah Abbott. Sarah is a botanical and street scape acrylic artist whose work is full of colour and authenticity. You will love hearing about Sarah's bumpy journey into the art world. After a discouraging and short lived start at art school,  Sarah eventually found her own way into the art world by taking a risk and picking up the paint brush many years later.Inspired by the local native flora in WA and the street scenes of Perth, Sarah was able to launch her art business by finding her audience on instagram and bluethumb.With a whole heap of hard work, late nights and passion she has established herself in the art world and has built the beginnings of a strong art business.You will also love how Sarah has built her business to work around her young family and to reflect her deep values and passion for the environment.You can find Sarah on instagram @Sarahabbottart.

Sep 21

32 min 53 sec

It doesn't matter how well planned out your business is, interruptions happen. Some interruptions you can plan ahead for, others are part of a health journey that you didn't expect.Following on from episode 16 Kat and Lisa talk about some great tips and tricks for preparing your art business for interruptions, wether they are planned or not. We cover injury, illness, surgery or even taking time out of your art business to have babies. We cover some great tips to hopefully see you through the bumpy time and get your business ready for stronger days ahead.Make sure you come find us on instagram @Mycrazyartistlife

Sep 14

25 min 42 sec

Do you feel like you have been spinning your wheels, busy doing the stuff of business but not actually getting anywhere. Welcome to the club! Most artists get lost in the woods of the daily grind and they fail to really put into place a strategy for growth. Without a plan, they stay at the same place and fail to move their business to the next level.In this weeks episode it is super practical and will teach you some step by step tips on planning out your goals and dreaming for the art business that you would like to run. You will need a notepad and a pen as there is heaps of actionable steps to follow through on.Don't forget to come and find us on instagram @mycrazyartistlife and ask us your question about setting your business goals.

Sep 7

27 min 42 sec

Have you ever wondered if you should enter a piece into an art prize? Will your painting get to finalists and is it even worth the effort to enter? You will love this conversation between Kat Hamilton and Lisa Schroder. You will learn what to expect from art prizes, How to choose which art prizes to enter and what are some of the hidden costs and logistical challenges.Don't forget to subscribe so that you get notifications on our weekly episodes. Also follow us on social media. You can find us on instagram @mycrazyartistlife.

Aug 31

36 min 9 sec

Have you ever wondered if having a market stall can be a part of your income stream strategy as an Artist? In today's episode Kat Hamilton and Lisa Schroder are going to unpack for you all of the things that you need to know about how to plan for a market, what to expect from a market and how to choose the right market for you?Don't forget to come and find us on instagram @mycrazyartistlife and ask us your question about setting up a market.

Aug 24

35 min 8 sec

How can you have an artist podcast without a super fun talk about all things Art Supplies.Every artist has experienced the day when they walk into the shop to buy 'just one' thing and then they walk out with totally random collection of art supplies that usually find a permanent home in the cupboard.You will love today's episode as Lisa and Kat talk about how they choose, budget and buy thier favourite art supplies.Don't forget to jump over to instagram and follow us at @Mycrazyartistlife and leave us a story of your funniest random art purchase.

Aug 17

33 min 57 sec

Have you ever wondered if ETSY is a viable option for additional income to your creative business? With years worth of selling experience, this week Lisa Schroder is detailing how to tun an etsy shop into a great little income stream. 

Aug 10

30 min 33 sec

In this fantastic episode Kat Hamilton shares her secrets with how to show up in online art communities. Kat teaches you not only what to look for in a productive art community but also what is possible when it comes to building genuine connection and find incredible opportunities that you might otherwise miss.

Aug 3

22 min 54 sec

In this episode we talk about how creativity is something that needs to be nurtured and can often be killed by negativity, self doubt, criticism, and stress. We look at some great ways to manage your creativity and how to protect your creativity from the things that would limit your potential.You can follow us on instagram @mycrazyartistlife or you can find our host's @Lisamajdesigns and @Kathamiltonart

Jul 27

27 min 50 sec

In this episode we have some great tips for how to improve your art practice by regular creative play. We talk about this things that help to boost creativity, how to focus your creativity and how your regular practice impacts your final artworks.

Jul 20

22 min 32 sec

Join us as we discuss the realities of having an art business. We talk about all of the 'other' things that take up our time on a daily basis such as photography, social media, marketing, accounting and managing online platforms, Welcome to a super honest look at what goes on behind the paint brush in a normal artist studio.

Jul 13

27 min 57 sec

Have you ever wondered if art and family mix? In today's episode we have a great laugh and a very honest chat about the challenges of being an artist and having little children underfoot. If you are in this position, you will find this episode a refreshing look at what life is really like as an artist.

Jul 6

23 min 18 sec

In this weeks episode Lisa talks about setting healthy boundaries with your clients. When you are running a creative business on your own, putting healthy boundaries around your work practices can help guard against burn out and fatigue.This can apply to both working with commissions as well as working on a paid per job basis, for example, surface design or illustration. Lisa shares some of her well founded knowledge and hard learnt lessons in this area. hopefully you will come away with some great and practical tools to setting healthy boundaries with your customers

Jun 29

25 min 42 sec

In this episode Kat & Lisa ask the question in "how do you know your art is worth selling?"There are some excellent ways for emerging artists to get relevant feedback as well as see how their paintings fit within the art world. We also share some super funny stories about artwork which we didn't think was our best work and then it ended up selling.

Jun 22

21 min 51 sec

For centuries, being an artist has been seen as “Not a real career” as a "hobby" or a career that only a very few well connected artists can make a living from. When you announce to your friends and family that you want to become an artist and make it a successful career there can be a stigma that is often a little intimidating.Many of the early century artist died as poor starving artists. This is no longer the case. In today’s discussion Lisa and Kat have a very transparent and thoughtful conversation as to why this might be and also we have a look at the important part that social media has played in giving artist's the platform to become successful self representing artists. The art scene has changed rapidly over the last few years and we show you what is possible in today's artist market.

Jun 15

29 min

I think every artist starts out working on the kitchen table. Myself included.Not everyone has the luxury of a room that can be converted into an art studio. Most artists have to figure out how to add their canvases and paints in and around the home and mostly the dinner table.It can be a real challenge, but it is not impossible.In today’s episode Lisa and Kat discuss some great and very funny ways that you can navigate the season of painting when you don’t have a dedicated art space. We talk about finding the right spot in your home.How to overcome the challenge of setting up and packing down.Thinking outside of the box when it comes to materials and how to use them.We hope you enjoy and episode and find it helpful in your artist practice.

Jun 8

30 min 34 sec

Welcome to the very first episode of of “My crazy artist life” podcast.If you could see me now you would know that I am absolutely BUZZING with energy in my little studio. This episode has been weeks in the making and there has been such a big effort (And learning curve) in getting this one ready for you.This was such a fun episode to record. I get to introduce you to my very good friend and co-host Kat Hamilton and we get to delve into a little bit of our stories.You will hear about how we started our careers as artists and what the earliest part of our creative journeys looked like.

Jun 2

28 min 8 sec

The very start of any artist career can be both terrifying and intimidating. You are stepping out into a whole new world and for the first time you ask yourself. "Can I do this?" "Am I an artist?"I know exactly what it feels like because just a few short years ago this was me. Approaching the paper for the first time with a full mix of excitement and fear.Yet, there was a side of my creativity that came alive. It had been neglected for so long and very soon my life was set on a new path of working as a full time artist and entrepreneur.

Jun 2

2 min 5 sec

In today’s episode we talk about “setting up your art studio” for the first time. Having a well set up art studio at home is a very important part of the creative process. For example if you do not have a table big enough you are going struggle working your art supplies and your substrate. What about lighting and mood. We also talk about easels and setting up an art studio on a budget.Join Lisa and Kat as we talk about this things that we have learned that are important to a great home art studio.Find us on social media. @Lisamajdesigns and @kathamiltonart 

Jun 1

26 min 24 sec