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Welcome to our Investments & Insights podcast! Join us and our Chief Investment Officer, Russell Moenich, for an inside look at the financial markets and how to preserve your wealth and plan for the future. We cover everything from wealth planning, investments and the financial markets, advice from Certified Financial Advisors (CFP®) and more. Listen and share today!

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Join Sequoia advisor Sara Gans and Chief Growth Officer, Leon LaBrecque as they discuss smart things you can do for your finances while quarantined at home during COVID-19. Learn ways you can protect yourself, your family and your assets as well as save for the future.

May 2020

12 min 10 sec

Join Sequoia's Sequoia's Senior Vice President of Family Wealth, Don Laubacher to learn how to make charity a part of the sale of your business. Wondering if it makes sense to transfer a portion of the business to a charity prior to the sale? Doing so, compared to gifting cash after the sale, could offer excellent opportunities for both donors and charities, but it's a complex process that must be approached with great care. Special Guest: Don Laubacher CFP®, CPA, AEP®.

Jan 2020

9 min 56 sec

Join Sequoia advisor Alex Rupert for this episode on using a Roth IRA as an emergency fund. Alex defines what exactly an emergency fund should be used for, as well as the benefits that a Roth IRA can provide in both retirement savings and an emergency situation where you need additional finances. Special Guest: Alex Rupert.

Dec 2019

8 min 2 sec

Join Sequoia's Leon LaBrecque and Noel Villajuan as they discuss how to create opportunities for you and your family during a recession. We discussed what business owners can do in our last episode, but what bout employees? It doesn't matter if you're a doctor, lawyer or you work on the line. You can plan for a recession and create good out of something negative.

Aug 2019

15 min 2 sec

Join Sequoia's Leon LaBrecque and Noel Villajuan to discuss recession opportunities for entrepreneurs. It sounds like an oxymoron right? Recession? Opportunities? You don't hear the two words together very often, but with the right plan, you can turn the next recession into opportunities for your business.

Aug 2019

17 min 24 sec

Sequoia's Leon LaBrecque and Noel Villajuan discuss the differences in previous recessions, and more importantly, what's different today versus what's been going on in the past.

Aug 2019

8 min 34 sec

Join Sequoia's Leon LaBrecque and Noel Villajuan as they continue their conversation on recessions. The nice thing about recessions is we do know some things happen in advance. There are several things that have always happened in prior recessions including a stock market decline. This happens in almost every case, so we consider the stock market as a preceding indicator or trigger to a coming recession.

Aug 2019

10 min 38 sec

Join Sequoia's Leon LaBrecque and Noel Villajuan to learn about recessions and what they could mean for your future. Let's dive right in to the basics of recessions.

Aug 2019

13 min

I’m Alexis Cavanagh with Sequoia Financial Group, here to talk about the different professional designations you see on those linkedin profiles. As a client it can be overwhelming trying to sift through the seemingly endless and important looking designations, to figure out which ones you’re looking for in an advisor. There’s been a proliferation in recent years thanks in part to online schools that offer certification in an endless list of specialties, so the best place to begin the discussion is with the “old-school” credentials that have been around long enough for most people to recognize. Special Guest: Alexis Cavanagh.

May 2019

7 min 2 sec

In this podcast, Alex Rupert with Sequoia Financial Group, will be discussing “Finance Apps”, also known as “Fintech” and how they can be used to compliment a financial plan. From becoming more educated with finance to utilizing specific applications for specific goals – we will be touching on different aspects in which you can become involved with fintech. We live in a time where we have access to a seemingly infinite amount of information. Technology is changing rapidly and becoming more and more dynamic. Once cumbersome tasks have become more automated. As we live through this time of innovation in finance, we should be asking ourselves what is the best way we can utilize these developments. Special Guest: Alex Rupert.

May 2019

11 min 28 sec

Join Sequoia's Senior Manager of Wealth Planning, Michael Baker for five estate planning basics you should consider. This includes the importance of having a basic estate plan in place and five documents you should consider including in your estate plan. Benjamin Franklin said it best, "Nothing in this world can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” By the end of this episode you will have a better understanding of how to plan for those very certainties! Special Guest: Michael Baker.

May 2019

9 min 46 sec

Although many different labels are used, there are really just three types of financial advisors in the industry: Commission-based, Fee-based and Independent and fee-only. While there are excellent advisors in all three categories, and there is a place for each in this field, it is important for any informed consumer to understand how each is compensated, and how that can impact the advice the advisor delivers. Join Don Laubacher, Sequoia's Senior Vice President of Family Wealth for an depth look at these types of financial advisors. Special Guest: Don Laubacher CFP®, CPA, AEP®.

May 2019

6 min 25 sec

We get asked all the time about the “best timing” and claiming strategies for social security. Most people know they can claim Social Security at 62, or wait as late as age 70. The pros and cons of now vs later are relatively straightforward, the longer you wait, the more you get. Special Guest: Alexis Cavanagh.

Nov 2018

6 min 36 sec

Sequoia's Trevor Chuna and Megan Howell discuss how our latest technology updates are helping us enhance our client experience as a financial services company. Special Guests: Megan Howell and Trevor Chuna, CFP®, AEP®, CTFA, MSFS.

Nov 2018

9 min 10 sec

Serving as trustee can cause anxiety because many individuals do not have much experience with it. Should they be anxious? The answer partly depends on the complexity of the trust and the assets it contains. Regardless, there are duties and potential risks that must be handled appropriately to protect both your trustee and the trust. Special Guest: Don Laubacher CFP®, CPA, AEP®.

Oct 2018

6 min 19 sec

Join Sequoia's wealth planning director, Heather Welsh, as she discusses 10 wealth planning related rules of thumb. You can use these guidelines to serve as a general financial checkup. Special Guest: Heather Welsh, CFP®, MSFS.

Aug 2018

10 min 43 sec

Russell Moenich, Chief Investment Officer, for Sequoia Financial Group discusses a fantastic book recommendation, The Triumph of the Optimist, which is incredibly valuable as a part of the foundation of the investment process at Sequoia.

Aug 2018

8 min 44 sec