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Restless Native is hosted by Brad Luttrell, the Co-Founder of the GoWild app. We’re finding interesting stories and people in conservation, fitness, music, food, hunting, humanity, fishing, entrepreneurship and the environment. While the topics always vary, these people have one thing in common: They’re ever restless. Never comfortable. They’re Restless Natives.

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Nov 19

3 min 37 sec

I lift a glass to each of you. It's been a helluva ride. To stay connected:Find me on GoWildWatch my content on YouTubeSpecial thanks to Donovan Sears for all of his support of the years. See you down the Trail.

Aug 10

1 hr 4 min

Today’s show is salty. Especially salty. Because today we have one of the Salt Strong brothers on to talk about going niche. It’s all going to make sense soon, and I’ll let Joe explain exactly what he’s built, but I wanted to have Joe on because what he’s done is really impressive. So many people have dreams of jumping into the hunting or fishing industry, but don’t know how. Joe and his brother were well established in their careers, but they decided to walk away from it. We’re going to talk about how they made the jump, their upbringing, why they don’t work with advertisers, how they built a paid community of thousands of people, creating content, and more. Joe’s a great dude, and they are a tremendous resource for information. If you’re into what Joe’s talking about, check them out.Salt Strong website

Jul 20

49 min 57 sec

Today, we have another outdoor entrepreneur on the show, and she’s going to highlight just what it’s taken to get her company off the ground. Murielle Gaither is the founder and CEO of Venku. I’m going to leave it to her to talk about what Venku is, but let’s just say she’s building a way for people to engage with the outdoors, and what I like most about Murielle’s company is that it involves lowering the barrier. I’ve talked so much about this over the years of hosting this podcast. I don’t think we need more ways to find expert level information. I think we need more people finding ways to get people involved in fishing and especially hunting for the first time. As they find their passion, they’ll become experts over

Jul 6

49 min 2 sec

I have the first comedian I’ve ever had on Restless Native. He also happens to be a fly fisherman, wildlife biologist, and an educator. Eeland Stribling is a really great guy. I kept seeing this guy pop up in various content from brands, and someone on my team recommended him for my other show, Gearbox Talk. We did that, and I asked him to sit down for this show as well just to unveil a little bit about his journey into the space.We talk about his comedy, fishing and his grandfather, who actually has been a really important role model for Eeland. I think this show is a fun change of pace, and yet another I’m proud to add to the long lineup of fascinating guests for Restless Native. Watch Eeland on Gearbox Talk

Jun 15

53 min 1 sec

I spent a few days out in Montana with Bergara and CVA's parent company, BPI Outdoors with team GoWild's Jacob Knight. We got to shoot a ton of guns (hey, free ammo!) and see some innovations from both manufacturers. We're in new territory in a post-pandemic world. These types of events may become more of the norm after 2020. We'll talk about that with Damon. Be sure to check out the new products:BergaraCVARestless Native is Brought to You By GoWildJoin the best community for outdoor enthusiasts. Download here.

Jun 2

38 min 53 sec

I’m a sucker for a good entrepreneurial story. Toss in trying to build a company in the outdoor space?Now I’m hooked. Today’s guest is someone I met through the industry when he was first getting his company off the ground. Standing in a loud honky tonk dive bar in Nashville Tennessee, he outlined his plans to build something that would allow people to trade outdoor experiences. It sounded kinda crazy. Which in Startupland, is how you know you’re on the right path. Slade Johnston is the founder of Trips4Trade. Today, he’s going to tell us not only what it is, but the moments and milestones he’s had along the way, the hardest part of his journey, an entrepreneur he looks up to and why he’s so passionate about R3.Trip4Trade

May 18

53 min 47 sec

Memorial Day is coming, which will officially kick off summer for most Americans. Millions of people will spend their summer camping and hiking. But today’s guest sees a gap in one audience. Earl B. Hunter, Jr. founded Black Folks Camp Too to focus on opening up the outdoors to more people, specifically, the black community. I saw a news story about Earl and his mission last summer, and he was kind enough to respond to my cold inquiry about his mission.He was recently a guest on my other show, Gearbox Talk, to talk about hiking gear. And on this episode, we’re going to talk about the challenges Earl saw, and how he’s conquering those challenges with Black Folks Camp Too.Website:

May 4

51 min 31 sec

Sometimes I feel oversaturated with news about hunter numbers. They’re up, they’re down. And then back up again. Now Outdoor Life says we have no clue what they are. Whatever they are or aren’t, I think we need to do better. Even if hunting spiked last year, we have to realize there is some bubble happening here. Of course people hunted more last year, it was one of the only things you could do. How many times have I said that we were losing hunters to youth sports? And Netflix? Well youth sports were shut down last year, and there’s only so many rounds of your favorite show you can watch before you have to move or become part of the couch. There are some really interesting plays happening in the outdoor space. You have people like AJ De Rosa, Nic De Castro, Slade Johnston, Murielle Gaither, Adam Gifford, and my team at GoWild so many others, who are making strong tech plays to get more people outside. I hope that together, we’re building a strong enough community to avoid losing hunters when this bubble bursts. And just like the ammo and gun shortage, it will burst. We’ll either be prepared for it, and have handled it well. Or it’ll be 2016 over again, when the demand for guns slumped, a time the gun industry calls the Trump Slump due to it coming along with Trump’s win of the election, and then firearms companies started getting their butts handed to them. Today's guest is another guy who deserves to be among that list of people I mentioned. It’s Mahting Putellis, the founder of Hunt to Eat. He’s going to talk about hunter recruitment and retention today. And what he and his team are doing to help more people get outside.

Apr 20

50 min 52 sec

Jack Carr was a Navy SEAL for twenty years. He’s led assault and sniper teams through places like Afghanistan and Iraq.And he’s the New York Times best selling author of Savage Son, along with The Terminal List and True Believer. In this interview:His military experiencePreviews of the book, which drops April 13How Jack separates himself from his main characterThe new TV series coming out about Jack’s book seriesI hate picking a favorite, but this might just be my favorite Restless Native ever. I am such a big fan of Jack. He’s one of the most down to earth people I have ever met. And no matter how many times you’ve heard him before, or if you’re totally new to him, I think you’ll find this show fascinating.Jack Carr's Website

Apr 6

1 hr 3 min

Most of you probably know The Hunting Public, but do you know their story? Do you know why they decided to found their business? Do you really understand what they’re trying to do?I’ve really come to respect these guys, because I have first hand seen how they’re running not only their content, but their business. They’re not pay to play, swapping sponsors out nonstop and grossly creating sponsored kills. They are themselves all the time. That’s something to admire. We’re going to talk about all of that and talk about how Aaron feels about the culture of hunting. If you haven’t seen it, Aaron was recently on my other show, Gearbox Talk, too. Don’t miss that one. This podcast is brought to you by GoWild.

Mar 23

35 min 56 sec

Check out the First Gen Hunter podcastRestless Native is brought to you by GoWild. Don't miss our new hat, the Thunder Chicken. Presale only. Limited run.

Mar 16

1 hr 38 min

Do hunters have an access issue?  This simple question will throw people into fits. Some are hardcore public lands. Some don’t care. Today I have the founder of LandTrust on the show. We’re going to discuss public lands and the future of private. Nic De Castro has a very interesting take on the future of conservation through private access. We’ll also talk about LandTrust’s unique model. They’re growing rapidly right now, and Nic is a very sharp entrepreneur who has a strong vision for where his company needs to be. LandTrust and use NWTF10 to save 10% and we'll donate a portion of our proceeds to the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Mar 9

1 hr

The hook and bullet industry has been and is still living through some of the wildest times we’ve known. So today, I’ve got the head of one of the industry’s leading media organizations on the show to talk about it.Thomas MacAulay is going to highlight why you can’t find ammo, why it’s harder than you think to just “make more guns” and he’s going to talk about how his organization, the Professional Outdoor Media Association, is dealing with the pressure of a year that killed conventions and trade shows as we know it. Thomas has designed and is hosting what will be the firearms industry’s first show back amid the turmoil that has been the coronavirus. We’ll outline details on that at the end. Restless Native is Brought to you by GoWildJoin today. POMA websiteShooting Sport Showcase:

Feb 23

53 min 30 sec

Today’s guest is one you’ve probably heard from many times over. But as always, I focused on asking a different set of questions and digging deep. This Restless Native is with the one and only, Remi Warren. You’ve heard Remi talk about stalking, hunting, archery and much more. But today we’re talking about community, societal expectations, hunting as a right, and how to avoid censorship. Remi is a TV show host, writer, photographer, videographer and just one of the best content creators in the hunting industry. I wanted to hear about his journey, where he started, and he delivers some fantastic advice on how to build your own portfolio and highlights how he just fought his way into the industry with brute force. It’s a great interview.Restless Native is brought to you by GoWildGearJunkie named GoWild the best social app for hunters. See why—join today.

Feb 9

45 min 31 sec

However well you think you know firearms or history, or firearms history, today’s guest has you beat. I mean, probably. Today I have Logan Metesh on the show, and he has a degree in, is trained in, and makes his living in history. No, not like, he used to. That’s what he does for a living—talk about history. He found a way to tie his passion for American history back to the firearms industry, and today we’re talking about just how he did that, some amazing pieces he has seen, and how he is likely one of the only people to know what it was like to sit in the seat where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. Wow. We also have some discussion around American’s seeming inability to have discussion. I ask Logan the big question of, is history doomed to repeat itself?Stick around for the answer. High Caliber History WebsiteHigh Caliber History Podcast

Jan 26

53 min 1 sec

Today on the podcast is a great guy and the founder of Modern Carnivore. Mark Norquist is a hunter and angler who believes the path to education is through food. Mark has worked in marketing and media for more than 20 years. He has a lifelong passion for outdoor pursuits including hunting, fishing, foraging and more.Mark will also be appearing on my other show, Gearbox Talk, where we talk all about Darkhouse Fishing. Make sure you subscribe to GoWild’s YouTube channel so you don’t miss it. Modern Carnivore

Jan 13

34 min 5 sec

Laura Zerra commanded attention and built a strong fan following on her multiple tours through the Discovery Channel show, Naked and Afraid. Now if you haven’t seen this show, you might think it’s not for real survivalist. And you, good, sir or madam, would be wrong. Laura Zerra is legit. Her journey to become a survivalist is very interesting. She’s the polar opposite of a prepper. Let’s get that straight right now. Laura is the anti prepper, in many ways. Preppers need their things. They hoard, and much of their plans require their equipment. You could literally drive Laura off into a desert with no water or food, and my money would be on her vs. the vultures. This episode is sponsored by HuntStandUse code GoWild to get your discount at the HuntStand website.

Dec 2020

58 min 21 sec

This show is going to leave you hanging, because we’re talking about saddle hunting. Greg Godfrey founded Tethrd for one reason. We’re going to dive into that reason and the story behind it today. You all know I LOVE talking to founders. I love hearing the background. And man, I love whitetail hunting. Before we dive into this interview, please take a moment to leave a review on the show or to share it with a friend. I don’t really care which one, but I do ask that you help share the love. If you’re really  into this interview with Greg, check out my other show, Gearbox Talk, where I break down Parker McDonald’s Tethrd setup. It’s on the GoWild YouTube channel. 

Dec 2020

49 min 43 sec

I went down to Texas and found somebody who’s not afraid to speak his mind. OK, some of you are probably thinking that’s a lot of Texans. I agree. Texas is an amazing place. If I were to leave the great state of Kentucky for a place of residence, Texas would be high among my list for consideration. One of Texas’ best known radio hosts is on Restless Native today, and we are not pulling punches. We’re talking about if social media is good for hunting, discussing this messed up year and talking about creating content while staying true to yourself. Enjoy this episode with Cable Smith from the Lone Star Outdoor Show.

Nov 2020

47 min 3 sec

Today I have arguably one of the biggest names to ever guest the Restless Native mic.Tim Kennedy joins the show in honor of Veteran’s Day. The Green Beret serves with the Special Forces Group, has been a sniper, sniper instructor, combatives instructor and was deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom among other deployments. Tim also had a 15 year MMA career. Today, among a few other companies, he owns Sheep Dog Response, which teaches tactical training. And relevant to some of you, he’s been a frequent guest of Joe Rogan. We get in the weeds quick. I'm asking tough questions, such as are we as American civilians getting soft? We talk about this wild year. We get Tim’s take on civil unrest in our country. And we’ll talk about the war on our lifestyle as outdoorsmen and firearms enthusiasts. It’s a great discussion and a very informed one. Tim is a very well read, cultured, and well traveled person. I think you’ll really enjoy this conversation. Tim Kennedy on Healthy Hunter

Nov 2020

49 min 4 sec

I’m so pumped on deer season that it’s taking over this podcast. Today, we’re chatting with Lindsay Thomas with QDMA. I’ve known him for years now, and am honestly disappointed it’s taken me this long to get him onto Restless Native. I learned a good amount about QDMA, that’s the Quality Deer Management Association, as well as whitetail behavior. Lindsay also talks about his journey in the outdoor industry, and name drops a few of his outdoor writers these days.

Oct 2020

1 hr 7 min

If you’ve never heard my Halloween episodes with Dark Waters, you certainly think I have been sipping the pumpkin spiced ciders a bit too hard, but I’m as sober as a saint. Because in the presence of Dogman, you pray for sainthood. Today, paranormal storyteller Dark Waters will tell tales of dogman and how this wicked beast has come to be known as a groundskeeper of bad intentions. We’ll hear about the difference between dogman and werewolves, and tales of skinwalkers and sasquatch, too. This is not your average Restless Native. It’s better. Scarier. And that’s every bit my intention. Dark Waters WebsiteDogman Cams

Oct 2020

1 hr 34 min

It may surprise some of you to know that I grapple with social media’s impact on society, as well as the individual. When we first started building GoWild, I read books on the psychology of building a product that was sticky, as the industry calls it. I researched how to make an addictive product. That’s what the Silicon Valley road map for building an app said to do. But as I’ve come to see the impacts of the big players on society, I’ve realized and publicly acknowledged I don’t want to build the next time suck in your life. I’ve always maintained that, but it’s been even more of a focus for me over this year. If you’re an active member on GoWild, you may have noticed some differences in how we’re handling some of those typically addictive aspects of social media. We’re building in notifications that encourage you to help answer questions of people, we’re sharing trophies, which are generally really important moments in your friends’ lives. We’re empowering newbies and veterans alike to be able to tap into a community’s expertise instead of relying on marketing speak from manufacturers. We’re focused on delivering value. If that means you use GoWild once a week to get a question answered or share a highlight, instead of spending 15 minutes a day on the platform, that’s great. The more I’ve watched what’s happening on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the more I want to distance ourselves from traditional social media. Last week, I deleted my Instagram app, and already I can see my time on my phone going down. I’m going to share my caption for that last post.

Oct 2020

2 hr 18 min

Today we’re talking content. And what it takes to get censored, not just on GoWild, but on other platforms. Everyone talks about censorship, or claims to be censored, but today, we’re going to use real life examples of content and see how they would stack up against the major platforms. This show was requested by a member of our community, Richard Connor, who wants to know how GoWild’s content policies work and what we’re looking for. Most of these large networks have their terms of service, which refers to their community guidelines. It can be really difficult to sort through these guidelines, because networks like Facebook have dozens of pages you have to sort through. It’s actually kind of hard to even find the section you’d want to see if content is allowed or not. Disclaimer: We are not attorneys. GoWild Terms & Conditions

Sep 2020

52 min 4 sec

Today we’re to talk to a guy who knows what it’s like to lose everything and start over.Anthony Ferro has a crazy story on how he built the Fetching Feathers Kennel. I can’t really even shed any insights into how crazy the beginning of this story is without giving it away.Let’s just say he had to start over. Totally over. This podcast is about Anthony’s background and his passion for running his kennel. If you enjoy this chat, I hope you’ll check out my other show with him on Gearbox Talk where he goes through some of his secrets to running a good kennel, and keeping his dogs safe. It’s an awesome show as well.Restless Native is brought to you by GoWild.

Sep 2020

52 min 42 sec

Today’s guest is a storyteller.He’s evolved. He’s thoughtful, philosophical even. Which is why he’s perfect for Restless Native. Jonathan Metcalf was recently on my other show Gearbox Talk to discuss his approach to public land elk hunting. Today though we get into his process of content creation, how he grew what he’s doing and at the end of the show, we’ll tackle the story of Funky Kong, his beast of a bull he took last year. on Cody Rich's showJoin GoWildRestless Native is brought to you by GoWild, a hunting app for hunters by hunters. Download today.

Aug 2020

1 hr 6 min

What is our purpose at GoWild?What's the future of GoWild? For Restless Native? Our Gearbox Talk show?This week I give an update on where things sit, what we've been working on and I have an ask of you. I'll actually tell you an origin story of the first cofounder I chatted with about GoWild and what the original signup screen said on GoWild. Tickets to TWRA Raffle Native is brought to you by GoWildDownload GoWild today. Join a community of hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Aug 2020

1 hr 21 min

I recently joined my buddy Riley Arnold to talk about GoWild. We talk about a little bit of everything... And finally got to GoWild at the end. Thanks for having me on Riley! Please give his show a subscribe if you liked this one.

Aug 2020

1 hr 18 min

Starting a podcast is hard. Really hard. It's not just the audio quality, or even the guests. There are a lot of things that go into making a show successful. Arica Johnson and Brayden Ware are on GoWild's marketing team and they joined Restless Native to discuss how to start a podcast and successful YouTube channel. They unveil some of their secrets and discoveries along the way, and you'll get to know them a little more, too. See our new show here: to TWRA Raffle Restless Native is brought to you by GoWildDownload GoWild today. Join a community of shooters, hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Jul 2020

52 min 20 sec

BJ Campbell is a part of Open Source Defense, a gun rights organization. BJ talks about firearms buyers and trends. There are so many angles that are impacting gun sales, and being outdoors. BJ has some really interesting thoughts on news cycles, too. He dissects how these news organizations are hooked on the clicks. It’s their only way to survive, and it drives FOMO—that is, fear of missing out on traffic, which is directly attached to their revenue. More from Open Source Defense: Tickets to TWRA Raffle Restless Native is brought to you by GoWild Download GoWild today. Join a community of shooters, hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Jul 2020

1 hr 40 min

On this show, we have one of the best songwriters to have emerged in quite some time.  And, he’s a bowhunter, passionate angler and good ol’ mountain man from the hills of West Virginia. Wesley Godwin is the real deal. I’ve been a passionate fan of his since March of 2019. His album Seneca was among my heaviest of rotations last year, and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him in concert a few times now.Today, we talk a bit about his music, and he shares several hunting and fishing tales. We also talk about this strange world we’re living in, and get his take on it. It’s a really humbled conversation. Charles will wrap up today’s show with a few songs. As my buddy and fellow musician Dave Shoemaker once said, Charles Wesley Godwin’s voice is pure velvety perfection.Restless Native is brought to you by GoWildDownload GoWild today. Join a community of shooters, hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. by Alexis FayeShow NotesCharles on SpotifyWebsiteInstagram

Jun 2020

1 hr 34 min

The first Restless Native came with one promise: I'm going to tell you a story. We’ve now tipped the century mark, and I'm looking back on my favorite episodes, what I've learned, and where the show is going. AND, we drop a BIG announcement. Seriously, you’re going to want to hear (and SEE) this one. Buckle up. We’re just getting started, and episode 100 proves it. Restless Native is Brought to You by GoWildGoWild is a social commerce platform for outdoor enthusiasts. Join in on the discussion today. Download GoWild today.

Jun 2020

31 min 8 sec

“Our minds just get away from us. That’s how we have to operate in this world. This is the first time I’ve felt like I’ve been in my body since I was a kid, as far as my mind being here, now. High school, it was where to go to college. Then a job. Now, I’m not planning for anything.”— Nick Jamerson, SongwriterNicholas Jamerson made quite the ripple with his band, Sundy Best. He’s played shows for tens of thousands of people, charted on Billboard, been on CMT, and played with legends. Yet he is one of the most humble people you’ll meet. You’re going to enjoy this conversation. It’s a breath of fresh air amid the toxicity and arguing going on today. think Nick is doing his best work yet today. He recently released a new album, The Wild Frontier, and joined me to talk about it. He lives a very remote life, far from the city. We talk about how that’s helped amid these strange times. Keep listening until the end of the show. I share some thoughts on today’s current events, as well as drop a huge teaser for the upcoming Restless Native podcast episode 100. Good Ol’ FellaWebsiteFacebookInstagram The Wild Frontier, SpotifyRestless Native is Brought to You By GoWildGoWild is the best app for outdoor enthusiasts. You can connect with folks around hiking, fishing, cooking, music, hunting and more. Download it today.

Jun 2020

1 hr 20 min

"Wild game has flavor. Once you eat it, everything else is so bland. That's why I fell in love with wild game. When you buy meat at a grocery store, there are no surprises. There are always surprises with wild game. From a chef's perspective that's so much fun, but people look at it like that's a negative."— Danielle PrewettHave you ever stopped to think about your food as a story?You probably have. Because you’re a Restless Native listener and we like to dive deep. Well, today’s guest does, too. She’s gone from a non-hunter, which, please don’t take that as anti-hunter. She’s gone from a non-hunter to someone whose entire diet is made up of wild game. I got to know her when she was Danielle, with Wild and Whole. You may now know her as Danielle from MeatEater. Danielle has been on quite the journey as a food writer and chef. In this interview, you’ll hear her talk about how she got started hunting, her journey as a chef, and she gives some great cooking advice. We even talk about how to make use of some of those freezer burned pieces of meat you might be pulling out of the freezer this time of year. Instagram - Wild & WholeWild and WholeDanielle on MeatEaterRestless Native is Brought to You by GoWildDownload GoWild today to explore and share your love of wild game.

Jun 2020

1 hr 7 min

"The bottom line here, and this is what Open Source Defense focuses on, is we cannot be an unpopular minority. Take those two things together and look at history at unpopular minorities, and it's not pretty. Right now, hunters and shooters are becoming unpopular minorities."— Chuck RossiI don’t really think I know many people like today’s guest. He’s a bit of a unicorn among people I know. Honestly I imagine he’s kind of a unicorn in many of his own circles. Chuck Rossi is a firearms expert and shooter, who used to work at Facebook. Not only that, but he was in during the early days of Facebook, just four short years after it launched. this interviewIt’s crazy how social media has evolved since then. Mark Zuckerburg had no idea what he was creating with that platform. No one did, him or the investors who dumped millions in to make it happen. But last year, Facebook did about seventy billion dollars in revenue. While it’s a great entrepreneurial success story, it’s not necessarily played out so kind for a few industries. Firearms is one of those. There are all kinds of conspiracies on what goes on behind the scenes of these algorithms. And no one really knows. Actually, some people know. And today’s guest is one of them. Show Notes:BJ's Medium LinkOpen Source Defense WebsiteThe Prepared WebsiteRestless Native is brought to you by GoWildDownload GoWild today. Join a community of shooters, hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts.

May 2020

1 hr 10 min

"There are bees that kill the murder hornet, and they surround them and burn them alive." — Chris GleimAlright, we're unscripted. We're in uncharted waters. this interviewRestless Native has recorded its first video podcast. And honestly, it went OK. We need to work on the audio (Chris ironically sounds great, I will work on my audio). But, we have big news. Listen in to hear about how life in the pandemic has gone, what Chris and Brad have been up to, and to hear about GoWild 6.0.If you haven't downloaded GoWild yet, what are you doing?

May 2020

47 min 58 sec

“When we get a bird, that’s when I’m going to decide. Am I really a hunter? Or am I a nature photographer?”– Chris GleimThis show’s a little different. I documented my co-founder’s first hunting experience. You’ll hear the excitement in his voice pre-hunt, the self doubt and curiosity of what it will be like to take an anima’s life, and the overall the highs and lows hunters deal with. It’s an honest, first-hand account of what it is like to try hunting for the first time.Chris Gleim is the Chief Development Officer at GoWild. He’s an avid hiker and outdoors enthusiast. And now, he’s a hunter.Since working on GoWild, he had gotten more and more interested in hunting culture, and decided he wanted to go himself. So we decided to make it happen this turkey season and document the experience.I wanted to do this to encourage all of you to take someone hunting for the first time. As I type these show notes, I’m coming out of the R3 Symposium (Recruitment, Retainment, and Reactivation), which was held in Lincoln, Nebraska. I’ve spent three days listening to some of the most experienced people in the hunting industry brainstorm how they can solve the problem to stop the decline in hunters.Here’s the thing: If all of you, and all of your friends, and all of their friends can start to take someone hunting for the first time every year, we can curb this ourselves. We don’t need the industry to figure it out—we can be the answer.Remember, we’re stronger together.

Apr 2020

1 hr 42 min

"The first year we came out, we bought as much inventory as we could in a short amount of time. We were handwriting on white boxes with black sharpie all of the data on the shells. We were getting the word out on social media. And we spent weeks building up this inventory for launch. And when we launched, our online store was wiped out in 16 minutes."— Nick Charney Today’s guest started off packaging shotgun shells into plain white boxes with the labels written on the box. We’re going to talk through what it takes to go from that, to doubling your revenue in a single year. Nick Charney is an engineer and shotshell ballistics expert. He is currently on active duty with the United States Air Force and he is the co-founder of Apex Ammunition.I was drawn to his story because A) I’m a cofounder of an outdoor company myself. And B) it’s turkey season, so naturally I’m thinking about shotgun loads. Restless Native is brought to you by GoWildDownload GoWild today

Apr 2020

50 min 9 sec

“If you count my equipment, I got hit by 81 ball bearings. In my body, I had 50-something holes. It’s like getting shot with a giant shotgun. I woke up face down. My bell was rung. I felt like I was under water. I got myself propped up onto my right elbow. I could tell something was wrong with my hand but couldn’t move it.”— Braxton McCoy What do suicide bombers, hyenas, horse training and Maxim magazines falling from the sky have in common? They’re all a part of Braxton McCoy's journey. This podcast is kind of insane. I’m honored to share this story, really. Braxton McCoy brought an incredible story, more so than I even thought possible. This podcast is about forced perspective. It will ground you in reality. And one of those realities, is that suffering is part of life. I was admittedly caught off guard at one point in this podcast. The gravity of Braxton’s situation back in 2006 honestly made me feel guilty. Which, in his wisdom, Braxton flied to show me why my guilt should really be gratitude. Show NotesInstagramLink to bookCode: Native 

Apr 2020

1 hr 48 min

"People have a preconceived notion about things. I prefer Foraging to 'Scavenging' but for some people that conjures an image of eating dirty things like road kill. You say you're a hunter, and it evokes an image of the 'manly man.' You're looking for a prize, or a trophy. That's what I'm doing. Hunting mushrooms is exciting."— Alan Bergo, Foraging ChefIn some ways, I might have called today’s guest a mad scientist. But he’s been very clear, he’s not at all a scientist. But I will stand by the fact that he’s odd. I have discussed cooking venison dozens of times on my show, but never have we talked about cooking venison breast—seriously. And never have we discussed the ins and outs of eating goat or leaching liver or whole carcass quite like this. And it’s truly marvelous, in its fantastical oddity. While we do cover all of that, we dive very deep into the surprising world of mushrooms. I have never talked to anyone about eating mushrooms and other wild findings in the same way Alan and I do. The guy is absolutely obsessed with not only finding them, but finding them at the absolute peak time of year. Show Note LinksAlan’s Website, Forger ChefMushroom Identifier Instagram Untamed Mushrooms100 Edible Mushrooms Mushroomexpert.comNeck roast recipe YouTube

Apr 2020

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"The black bear population in New Jersey is exploding. Years and years of not hunting them contributed to the fact they established a foothold in northwestern New Jersey that has become the thickest in North America. 80% survive to adulthood. It's a unique habitat for these bears. And people think suburbia is not a great habitat for bears, but they need food, water and shelter. Dumpsters provide all of those things for black bears in New Jersey."— Cody McLaughlinNew Jersey's black bear population is the densest in North America. But in 2017, the last year public lands were open and one of the highest harvest years on record, more than twice as many bear cubs were born as were killed in the hunt that year. More than 80% of New Jersey's black bear cubs survive to adulthood. And the breeding rate for black bears in NJ is more than twice that of other areas, with litters averaging 4-5 cubs. Cody McLaughlin is with the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance, which is taking a lawsuit against the current governor. It's an interesting topic for sure and I think it'll be some of y'all's favorite as of late. Website TwitterInstagram

Mar 2020

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"Shoshone Rose is an off the rails, fictional murder ballad. It's a tale I totally invented. It's a character I invented. A woman of Shoshone decent. She's lighter skinned. Set in the late 1800s. And she goes around in these camps of American forces. She dresses in a way that you can't tell who she is. She speaks English and passes as white or mixed. And she kills the guard, and goes and murders the general in this camp."— Emily Scott Robinson, describing her powerful ballad Shoshone Rose Emily Scott Robinson is a singer songwriter who travels the country in her RV. She crafts some incredible music and narratives, including Shoshone Rose, which she describes above. Typically my show features people from the hunting and fishing industry, but for this one, I found someone in the music industry, living an outdoors lifestyle. I love Emily’s music. She is such a great songwriter. And when I found out she lived in a freaking RV and rambled the country, I really wanted to have her join my show and talk about that.She’s a total breath of fresh air. No, not just because today we literally are wondering if each breath of air will be the one that infects us. Emily is just special. I think her interview highlights that well, but if you check out her songs, you’ll see what I’m talking about. I wish Emily well in these strange times. I keep thinking of what’s going on, and the only thing that’s really resonated with me is Joe Rogan’s description of modern times. “We live in a movie.”Emily Scott Robinson Website TwitterInstagramSpotify

Mar 2020

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“I look for diamonds in the rough, guys who aren’t well known, but have success. Your local heroes, so to speak. The more I’ve done this over the years, a guy who is a really good elk hunter isn’t necessarily a good elk hunter in Oregon even though they kick butt in Idaho. I look for region guys who have a lot of success, because they’re doing something a little different. The more tools you can add to your tool box, you have that much better of a chance at succeeding.” — John Stallone Where do you find the diamonds in the rough? Hint: You have to get your hands dirty.Today we have an interesting outdoor media creator for the show. John Stallone has worked as the host of Days in the Wild TV, he works with Days in the Wild Outfitters, he’s been a media director for the hunting channel, and he’s well known for being the host of Interviews with the Masters podcast. This guy is connected, which is why it’s interesting to me that he focuses on not talking to people who are in that well known network. He’s got some interesting opinions on the evolution of outdoor media. And I enjoy John’s take on the importance of getting kids and new hunters outside.

Mar 2020

57 min 29 sec

"I want to create something that's introductory to the sport, but also something the seasoned veteran can appreciate. If someone can pick up a magazine about a celebrity, and trip onto a story about fishing or hunting, all of the sudden I may have converted someone to a hunter. This industry has some declining numbers. We're here to talk to different demographics and get people outdoors."— John Radzwilla, Editor-in-Chief Hook & Barrel MagazineJohn is the Editor in Chief of Hook & Barrel Magazine. He and his wife founded the publication in Texas, and focus on hunting, fishing, the outdoors lifestyle and trends, and overall outdoor culture. Their articles are a bit more lighthearted and uplifting, which I think is important important right now. It’s so easy to feel like an outcast in hunting and fishing right now, with social media negativity and mass media criticism of our lifestyle. John is curating a narrative that revolves around food, drink, fitness, music, travel and adventure. It’s fun, easy-to-digest content. And they typically highlight a celebrity’s story in the outdoors, such as Danica Patrick, Willie Robertson, Tito Ortiz, Jeff Foxworthy or Lee Brice. Hook & BarrelInstagram Facebook

Feb 2020

1 hr 8 min

Welcome to a bonus episode of Restless Native. We’re in Nashville, talking with folks about the show and turkey hunting.

Feb 2020

11 min 5 sec

Welcome to a bonus episode of Restless Native. We’re in Nashville, talking with folks about the show and turkey hunting… And, I’m trying to get people to give me their best turkey call. Enjoy!

Feb 2020

20 min 6 sec

Welcome to a bonus episode of Restless Native. We're in Nashville, talking with folks about the show and turkey hunting... And, I'm trying to get people to give me their best turkey call. Enjoy!

Feb 2020

20 min 14 sec

“There was a point where I was over it. I was on a hamster wheel. I didn’t have any money. I had a breaking point where I wanted to move back home. But it was also that point that I ended up signing my first publishing deal.”— Jordan DavisToday’s podcast is star status. No, he’s not a rockstar podcaster or five star outfitter. He’s a country music star. Jordan Davis has been recognized by Billboard, Rolling Stone, CMT, Pandora, SiriusXM and many more as one of the up and coming stars in country music. Originally from Louisiana, Jordan pursued a degree in environmental sciences, and is a passionate hunter. Today he lives in Nashville, where he moves years ago to try and make it big as a country songwriter. With hundreds of millions of streams online, Jordan has made quite the splash. He has back-to-back platinum certified hits. And he recently won Best New Country Artist with iHeart Radio’s Music Awards. He was ACM’s New Male Artist of the year, and has a ton more accolades I could read off, but I think we’ve established that he’s crushing country music radio right now. OSearchJordan Davis

Feb 2020

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“I want to help these small companies. I want to help them build their brand, and build their story and be successful. They’re spending money in areas that’s not fruitful. I started talking to these men and women that make these things, and this whole new world opened up to me. And it was no longer my grandfather making fishing baits. It was people in Arkansas making duck calls or someone in California making lanyards. So I thought I wanted to make this for myself. But I discovered a new culture of people, and heard what they really need.”— Adam Gifford, Founder of TackleHack Today's guest will tell you how he started his company. It involved being told you couldn’t, exploring the depths of the unknown, and running up a lot of credit card bills. Starting a company is hard. Adam Gifford, my guest, calls it a roller coaster. Which sounds trite, but I’ve personally been through highs no drug replicates, and I’ve been in the trough of sorrow, as it’s known among founders. People are always going to tell you that you can't do something. When you realize that there is not a single adult in this world who has the ability to control your destiny besides you, you can rapidly evolve your career. Adam Gifford motivates the hell out of me. This interview or chat starts off heavy on the business side of things, and we work our way through Adam’s passion for the community and the individual people his company is helping. Adam has faced many of the same challenges I have. He’s building a tech company in the midwest. He sounds different. He has to deal with the garbage perception that people in the outdoors aren’t advanced. But he has persisted on and that’s why I think he has a great shot at success. TackleHackSponsored by Houston Safari Club FoundationRestless Native is brought to you by Houston Safari Club Foundation. This organization is a great supporter of hunters and conservation.Last year I got the chance to attend Houston Safari Club Foundation’s Worldwide Hunting Expo & Convention, and I honestly had the time of my life. This family-friendly event celebrates wildlife, wild places and the hunting lifestyle we all love. Thousands of visitors and exhibitors come from all over the WORLD for a three day exposition. One thing that will surprise some of you is the entertainment. Fellow Eagles fans will love this one: Don Felder, renowned as a former lead guitarist of The Eagles, is the entertainment on Friday. Saturday features comedian Tom Papa.One thing I want to mention is what a great opportunity this is to find big game hunts. Obviously the floor is loaded with great outfitters, and another opportunity to score great hunts are the banquets. When you buy a hunt at the banquet, you’re helping raise money for conservation by donating to Houston Safari Club Foundation. Actually, every step of the way raises money for conservation. Your tickets to the event, banquets and donations fulfill Houston Safari Club Foundation’s mission of preserving the sport of hunting through education, conservation and the promotion of our hunting heritage.The show is January 24 through the 26th in Houston Texas. Learn more at Thank you to Houston Safari Club Foundation for all you do, and for sponsoring GoWild and Restless Native

Jan 2020

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