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Her CEO Journey: The Business Finance Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs

By Christina Sjahli

Join us each week for a new episode of Her CEO Journey: The Business Finance Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs. My featured guests and I explore the financial and business challenges women face on the entrepreneurial journey to success. You'll hear them talk about the money side of their businesses in ways you've always wanted to know about, but wouldn't dare ask. They openly share their disappointments, failures, successes, and everything in-between as they grew sales ranging from 6 to 9 figures. My guests often admit they weren't that excited to dig into their numbers at first. But once they went through the magic door and saw what was on the other side, there was no going back! Knowing where your business stands financially helps you make critical decisions with confidence. It's simply the best way to be sure you grow a business that fuels the life you want to live. Creating new revenue streams, growing the business, marketing, networking and building your team might seem like a lot more fun, we get that! But as you'll discover, the real transformation in their businesses didn't happen until after they were "forced" by circumstances to take a hard look at what was really going on, from the finance side. Now that they've experienced the power of finance, they want you to know what it can do for you. Let their real-life uncensored stories of triumph and tribulation inspire your own CEO journey on the road ahead.

  1. 1.
    The Journey of Maggie Patterson: Financial benefits to analyze profit at the micro-level12/5/2019
  2. 2.
    The Best Gift for Women Entrepreneurs During the Holiday Season11/29/2019
  3. 3.
    The Journey of Dana Kaye: How to balance a slower growth in business with financial predictability11/28/2019
  4. 4.
    The Journey of Dallas Travers: How to scale down a business with financial predictability11/21/2019
  5. 5.
    Gen-X: What Can You Do When You Have Financial Insomnia11/21/2019
  6. 6.
    4 Simple Tips to Create a Financial Vision Board for Entrepreneurs11/15/2019
  7. 7.
    The Journey of Susan McVea: Why offering free call is not the problem11/14/2019
  8. 8.
    Don't let money and fame be the driving force of your business11/8/2019
  1. 9.
    The Journey of Bonnie Gillespie: From one book to an empire of enoughness11/7/2019
  2. 10.
    The Journey of Jordan Gill: Focus on her strengths to create compelling offers10/31/2019
  3. 11.
    The Journey of Sue Monhait: Her foundation of growth, bring in sales and make money10/24/2019
  4. 12.
    The Journey of Sigrun: Building a profitable 8 figures online business and accelerating gender equality through female entrepreneurship10/17/2019
  5. 13.
    The Journey of Cathy Karabetsos: Building a profitable call center agency to inspire other women to dream big10/10/2019
  6. 14.
    The 3 Financial Pillars To Grow A Sustainable Business10/3/2019
  7. 15.
    The Journey of Wendy Buchanan: Building a pipeline of clients through referrals and scaling through collaboration9/26/2019
  8. 16.
    The Journey of LuAnn Nigara: Let’s talk about recession and how to survive it with financial confidence9/19/2019
  9. 17.
    The Journey of Megan Auman: Cash flow stress kills your creativity and financial confidence. 9/12/2019
  10. 18.
    Financial self-care. Financial clarity. WHAT IS NEXT?9/6/2019
  11. 19.
    The Journey of Tracy Bell: Letting go the number devil inside your mind to gain more financial confidence in your business. 9/5/2019
  12. 20.
    The Journey of Nicola Watson: Don't give up your business dream. Get financial clarity and move forward. 8/29/2019
  13. 21.
    The Journey of Veronica Staudt: Become friend with your UGLY numbers. They won't hurt you. 8/22/2019
  14. 22.
    The Journey of Christine Hansen: Don't increase your price before you understand your financial numbers. 8/15/2019
  15. 23.
    The Journey of Trish Mennell: Financial clarity and growth for a boutique photographer. 8/8/2019
  16. 24.
    The Journey of Vanessa Goh: Focusing on the right clients after a financial clarity moment. 8/1/2019
  17. 25.
    Exercising Financial Self-Care in Your Business7/25/2019
  18. 26.
    The Journey of Andréa Jones7/18/2019
  19. 27.
    The Journey of Claudine Pereira7/11/2019
  20. 28.
    The Journey of Stephanie Stiavetti7/4/2019
  21. 29.
    The Journey of Brit Kolo6/27/2019
  22. 30.
    The Journey of Brittany Bullen6/20/2019
  23. 31.
    The Journey of Jennifer Trask6/12/2019
  24. 32.
    The Journey of Andrea Brooks6/5/2019
  25. 33.
    The Journey of Carol Cox5/30/2019
  26. 34.
    The Journey of Meagan Francis5/23/2019
  27. 35.
    You are not alone in this entrepreneurship journey. Believe in yourself. Be confident. Don't give up.5/16/2019
  28. 36.
    The Journey of Linda Lopeke5/9/2019
  29. 37.
    The Journey of Jacqueline Snyder5/2/2019
  30. 38.
    The Journey of Minna Khounlo-Sithep4/24/2019
  31. 39.
    The Journey of Liz Elting4/17/2019
  32. 40.
    The Journey of Tara McMullin4/11/2019
  33. 41.
    The Journey of Erin Bouchard4/4/2019
  34. 42.
    The Journey of Jenny Schell3/27/2019
  35. 43.
    The Journey of Erin Pheil3/20/2019
  36. 44.
    The Journey of Pamela Dale3/11/2019

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