From the Heart of a Renegade

Kelsey Eigler, Vincent Vanohm

This podcast is an intimate experience, normalizing the messy, wild human experience as change-makers of the world. For the heart centred rebel who craves deep connection, transparent conversation and real talk about transformation. We have the Heart of Renegades - trailblazers of thyself. If you haven't felt like you fit in, it's because you're not meant to. Come stand out with us. Hosts Kelsey Eigler and Vincent Vanohm (Vanessa Groshong) share the real, raw and vulnerable experiences of everything from trauma and triumph to transformation and beyond.

All of us have lived through trauma and heartache. Every single one of us has known what it feels like to not fit in. And yet, deep in your bones, you know you're here for a bigger purpose. This podcast is for you. To empower and energize and inspire you to live your truth, in your own renegade style.

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Wanna get turned on!? Okay. But first...Are you ready to give a voice to the desires you’ve been denying or in avoidance of? There’s a beautiful life of synchronicity, energy, peace, and joy ready to delight you - and if you’re ready to receive it, we’re going there in this episode! Kelsey shares her top 3 habits that have instigated a wild energetic activation that’s available to ALL of us. She also dives into how our challenges, wounds, and struggles make us more valuable as human beings. There is purpose in our pain; our greatest adversities become our greatest assets.And she talks about how acknowledging her sexuality and repressed sexual desires reactivated the energetic flow and synchronicities in her world.This episode is fun and inspiring - from her renegade heart to yours, it’s time we start living in the activation of JOY instead of bypassing it. It’s time.

Sep 8

32 min

We’ve got a lil’ solo session with Kelsey today, where she dives into the story about how her camera got stolen by a crackhead. Crazy, right? But what else is new with this crazy renegade?  Kelsey dives into how this specific moment in her life (that happened 10 years ago) has affected her current relationships with people--making her keep them at arm’s length and even doubting whether they want HER or just want SOMETHING from her.   And, ironically, a certain someone phoned Kelsey right when she was about to dive into the meat of this episode...This special unexpected guest is actually someone who was affected by the trauma Kelsey’s been carrying. Talk about impeccable timing!?  Do you think that was a coincidence or was the universe trying to communicate something?  Either way, this episode is surely something worth listening to. From betrayals and overgiving to trust and genuine generosity in relationships; get to know Kelsey’s growth and celebrations, and, maybe, you’ll experience more in your life as well.   3 Part Masterclass: S.I.T. Practitioner Training:

Aug 25

39 min 31 sec

In this episode, Kelsey stays up past her bedtime and peels back the curtain on what it ACTUALLY costs to run a 6 figure company. Everyone knows this renegade as a radically transparent leader who doesn’t hold back on struggles, emotions, thoughts and triggers...But what about BUSINESS? If you’re a budding entrepreneur, a practitioner who’s looking to expand into online courses, or a change-maker looking to build an online empire…In this episode, Kelsey breaks down how important it is to let go of control and how wearing too many hats will wear your lil’ neck out (and your inspiration) … She shares how much letting go of control actually costs.She shares ALL the softwares EHA uses to operate.. And breaks down some important ass things most coaching programs DON’T tell you about running an online company. And, ultimately, our perspective of how much it ACTUALLY costs to run a 6 fig business. Of course, none of this is “the rule”, and we have a LOT to learn when it comes to being smart  with money, hiring a team, and running a business. Hopefully you find this interesting and helpful on your journey to 6 figures and beyond :) Head to for our affiliate links and some of the tools we use in our company! Remember to email your proof of Kajabi purchase through our affiliate link to and she will grant you access to Write like a Renegade

Aug 12

44 min 46 sec

We’ve lived our lives craving for something, for an elating and expansive feeling, and we get that when we’re happy or content, essentially, when we’re at peace.  Now, given the euphoric feeling of being at peace, you’d want to protect that, right? To live a life free from toxicity and disturbance, but in the human realm you can’t exactly escape the toxicity, or can you?  In today’s episode, the transcendent Jace Bidwell shares her journey to protecting her peace and how she’s reoriented herself to be this self-sustaining battery, no longer feeding off of toxic channels to fuel her energy.  So if you wanna know more about shifting the way you lead your life, come and join us as Jace shares how she’s gone from selling houses to now being this cleansed powerhouse igniting awareness for others and sparking change for the planet!   To get in contact with Jace, message @jacebidwell on Instagram! 

Aug 11

57 min 12 sec

Fireside chats with Kelsey and V continue, this time under a full moon. Settle in around the fire for an intimate conversation about creating beyond codependency in a highly connected relationship. (Stick around until the end to be serenaded with a little ditty of theirs that you need to get stuck in your head…) Kelsey and V have been together for 7 years. They are deeply committed to each other, and they’ve been asking some scary questions lately in an attempt to get at the heart of their connection with themselves and each other. Codependency in relationships, we’ve all heard of it, and it gets a bad wrap sometimes. It gets judged and put down as a fault, or unhealthy that because codependency is too narrowly defined? If you are in a co-creative, committed relationship, and you’re growing together, what is so wrong with having some codependency? Of course, as with any relationship, there are insecurities, attachments, and reaching new levels of depth and intimacy beyond codependency can be quite challenging...especially when you find yourself asking scary questions like, What if I don’t need you? What if you don't need me? What if we don’t need each other after all? WHO AM I WITHOUT YOU? WHO ARE YOU WITHOUT ME? Scary questions? Yup. But what if the point was to have experiences independently in order to come together and share them afterward? How much more could you love your partner if you fell more in love with yourself? They explore this in terms of their own relationship journey, and share intimate details about their experience as a couple that even THEY didn’t know about each other.


Jul 30

58 min 36 sec

Kelsey and Vincent chat with Ashley Valliere (creator of Re-Knowing) about relationships, healing deep emotional wounds, working out, and grocery lists. Peppered with belly laughs, useful metaphors for your healing journey, and other insights, this episode will inspire you to keep moving through the s#&% storm. So. The s#&% storm. What is it?  It can feel like full body vibrations, shaking, big emotions, and uncomfortable sensations. It's over analyzing, feeling small, and unworthy.   Do you give yourself s#&% when you’re in the s#&% storm? Are your expectations about healing, your “coulda, shoulda, wouldas” in your way?  How are you part of your own problem? (Yup. Accountability can suck, but sitting it can help you discover how you are participating in your suffering or trauma continuing?)  Pain tempts us to numb out, ignore, or shut down, BUT you gotta feel it to heal it.  It takes serious effort, diligence, patience, grace, and a willingness to SIT IN IT. It takes effort and soul stamina to travel through the discomfort and pain. The pain of healing is not a crisis, the pain is proof that you are moving through it and healing it. Marinate in it...relax into it and get excited about the transformation you are undergoing.  So how do you heal beyond the S#&% storm? With faith and trust that if you sit in it, feel it, take accountability for your role in it and keep moving forward.  Ask yourself “what is possible on the other side of this s#&% storm?” Show Links & Shout Outs Aubrey Marcus podcast Re-Knowing Program From the Heart of a Renegade Episodes Episode #13 - Transformational Healing with Psychedelics Episode #14 - Emotional Bypassing (and radically changing humanity)

Jul 14

1 hr 3 min

Real talk about transformation is exactly what this episode is all about. Enjoy the crackle of the fire alongside Kelsey Eigler and Vincent VanOhm as they dive into how 2021 is going so far. They discuss social media detoxing, and how removing FB and IG from their phones has created more presence, creativity, joy and happiness. They speak candidly (and admittedly ambiguously) about having Cancer in the business. They reflect on how problems are resistance bands for the soul, and some of the personal demons they’ve had to overcome… You’ll feel like you’re sitting around the fire with 2 pals, and likely be provoked to have some beautiful reflections of your own. Questions to consider: What was your intention for 2021 and how’s that going? What is your intention/what are you calling in for the second half of 2021?

Jun 30

1 hr 8 min

This episode is a special one, featuring the Mum and Mama in-law of your favourite Renegades. V cracks Mama Kae Eigler (AKA: Mama K or Mama Bear) wide open in this heart wrenching and inspiring conversation about a single mothers perspective raising a rebellious (at times, out of control) teen.  Mama K shares all the deets from watching her child’s first moment learning gratitude and appreciation, to watching Kelsey be arrested for the first time, resulting in expulsion from every Edmonton Public School, to Kelsey's drug-induced hospitalization, allllll the way to becoming an inspirational leader.  Mama K speaks of how she, herself, was a renegade parent, raising her kids against popular norms by allowing them to have their own journey without judgement and control. By seeking alternative channels and spiritual based practices, she found safety in knowing that even the expulsion from school, the drug dealing, and the drug overdose wouldn’t stop her daughter from finding the way to shake the foundation of the people around her in a positive way.  She vulnerably speaks of the worst moment of her life and how she had to deliver earth shattering news to her daughter, afraid it would throw her on a path of destruction.  Grab that Kleenex box! When Kae speaks of the pride and freedom she experienced in her journey of healing with her daughter, you will be wiping away the tears just like V and Mama Kae were in the episode!

Jun 16

50 min 13 sec

Genius coach, international writer, speaker, activist, serial entrepreneur, and founder of The Intuitive Business School, Anna Tsui sits down with Kelsey to discuss grace, anger, social justice, racialized violence against the Asian community, and honouring traditional healing modalities. Kelsey and Anna’s discussion flows with deep wisdom and moves through heart centred intentions, unexpected connections, willingness to express love, the new paradigm of activism, fear, inner censorship, people pleasing paralysis, and stepping into our power and being ourselves.  It’s a deep dive and a badass conversation.  Anna also offers some insight on this powerful question (a question that our healing community might want to lean into and get more curious about):  How do we, as healers, actually and tangibly, honour the traditional roots of our healing modalities and medicines so that we can carry it forward?  Things are complex and tense out there. Horrendous violence keeps happening. People keep standing up against it. Shifts are happening in many realms.  Within all of this complexity, there can be a fear of saying the wrong things. This fear can become like a paralysis of not knowing what to say at the risk of offending someone.  The trick may be to come to the place of connection as a way to make a change and take effective action - leaning into our discomfort zone.  When strong messages are shared from a place of love it creates a pull forward, and invitation and calling for people to expand. This is at the core of the new paradigm of activism. Show Links Anna Tsui | Intuitive Business School  Anna's Book | Shadow Magic: Turn your Fear into Fuel and Create a Prosperous Coaching Business Follow Anna on IG | @ms.annatsui Supporting Asian healing from the hate crimes: Fairy Creek Blockade:  XERO Shoes (*affiliate link) - 

May 5

52 min 34 sec

Dr. Carson, energy focused, chiropractor extraordinaire, is changing Kelsey and Vanessa’s lives.  In this episode they follow the energy of Dr. Carson’s career trajectory and how he savagely followed his inner renegade and his heart into alignment - and how he helps others get into alignment too.  Dr. Carson was a student of philosophy, hypnosis, and tai chi - and when he was introduced to chiropractics by a friend, it changed his life overnight. When he began his studies, chiropractics wasn’t yet widely accepted, but his awareness guided him to the path anyway, and his career evolved, alongside chiropractics and energy focused healing modalities. When we are not in alignment our bodies will tell us. We can get stuck in loops of stress, self protection, and not quite able to let it go-ness... and so then we develop things like spinal tension patterns as an indicator of how we’re processing information in our nervous system.  Dr. Carson explores what’s behind physical experiences. He discusses how he cues the brain to tune into the misaligned patterns and how he helps release it in gentle ways, even simple ways, like light tapping on the spine. We all have layers and patterns and formulas for responding to stress and traumas, and it’s about creating awareness about how we relate to these experiences and how we release them, from our mind, body, and soul. Connecting with your innate intelligence is an excellent way to support your body to be able to heal itself.  When your system is out of balance, symptoms will manifest as a way to let you know that things are not ok. Profound healing is all about getting back into your body and learning how to communicate with it, to find balance and a sense of safety. Show Links Dr. Carson | Coast Chiropractic Wellness Centre -

Apr 21

37 min 32 sec

In Episode #22, Kelsey and Vanessa ponder what it means to choose joy and live fulfilling, meaningful lives or doing what they should. We’ve all been told what we SHOULD be doing, heard who we should be, and told all the things we should choose and what success should look like. When you live in SHOULD it impacts your health and your life. When you are trying to fit into the vision of who you should be instead of being who you truly are, it could burn you out, dull your light, and even become soul crushing. Performing the should isn’t sustainable. What if we asked ourselves what we actually want and then choose it? What if we chose our joy over a should? Have you stopped to consider what it might be like if you stripped off all the SHOULDS? Kelsey and Vanessa reminisce on what the global pandemic and the last year has taught them about their definition of success and shedding their shoulds. They dive into some of the personal growth and change they experienced. And how following their joy brought them to the sunshine coast, where life is at a different pace and more aligned with their vision of success.  So. What really lights YOU up? Choose that.   Show Links  Six Figure Words - Content Writing Workshop

Apr 7

35 min 46 sec

Featuring Psychic Medium, Sheetal Story, this Episode takes us all by surprise when Sheetal starts doing a full blown Medium session when Kelsey's dead Dad shows up. When his spirit steps forward, Kelsey is open to receiving his messages and gets some timely information that could change her future, and receives confirmation that she has changed the narrative for her family. Pretty powerful stuff!  Sheetal shares about what it’s like to talk with spirit and see spirit everywhere. She explains about how having experiences with spirit can sometimes feel like anxiety and what her first encounters with spirit were like. Sheetal also discusses... What happens when things are left unsaid?  What is the role of forgiveness in setting people free when they pass?  What is it like when you’re an ‘unmanaged medium’ and realize you can sense spirit?  How does empathy and intuition fit into all of this?   This is definitely an episode to tune into with all your senses.    Show Links & Shout Outs Check our Sheetal's Intuition 101 - Course starts April 8, 2021  Follow her Instagram @SheetalStory


Mar 22

58 min 49 sec

In this episode Kelsey explores what it truly takes to have more money … and blows her own mind in the process. Kelsey shares how a few simple questions have led her to deeper awareness about what it takes to receive money...and she uncovers the self sabotage that was keeping money from finding its way to her. Grab a journal and be ready to reflect on some game changing questions! This could completely change your money story.  Ps. Wanna learn how to Write like a Renegade?  If you're ready to write better content, get noticed, and stack fat cash... Join EHA's Content Writing Workshop 

Feb 4

32 min 14 sec

What are all the ways I’m being a pathetic pile of shit that is stopping me from having more money than God? Yeah. This question was posed to us and it instigated a crazy week of insights and tears rage and all the things. Kelsey and Vanessa use this provocative question to jump start a conversation about receiving. You can’t heal what you don’t feel. Right? Kelsey explains how she had a shift during a walking meeting. Met with the realization that she was living the life she’s been planning! Vanessa explains how things got gravier – yes, that’s spelled correctly! Don’t miss how to receive, even the things that you don’t want, so it serves you. It gets to be easy. This episode is short and powerful in true renegade style.


Jan 20

28 min 26 sec

Join Kelsey and Vanessa as they explore some powerful questions and share reflections on the wild year known as 2020.  Make sure to grab a journal and write down your own reflections!  And, as always, thank you for rocking with us!  It's been a badass year and we couldn't have done it with out you. 

Jan 1

1 hr 2 min

We’ve got a solo episode from Kelsey this week! She’s talking directly to healers who have a heart for helping. She’s taking on the crazy thoughts around how do we help and heal ourselves financially? How do we get paid? Why is this so hard? That’s today’s topic. Kelsey is coming from a new uncomfortable place. For the first time in a while (maybe ever?) she didn’t feel like she had anything to say! She was judging herself for not wanting to say or share anything. Guess what? She realized that she was experiencing the same problem that she wanted to support her client through. Listen for the EUREKA moment Kelsey had and the actions she took once she figured out things weren’t happening TO her it was happening FOR her! Things aren’t always what they seem because we are SO CLOSE we can’t see our way though. Kelsey explains how she got past this herself and how you can as well.   Resources Clearing Loop


Dec 2020

40 min 29 sec

Today Vanessa is doing a solo episode about being alone with yourself and being connected to the world. What does it mean to be alone? Do you have space to meditate or write or think? Do you welcome the solitude? If you are seldom alone how do you find a place for quiet? Do you choose to be alone to avoid feeling and acknowledging your emotions? Vanessa shares how being at peace alone with yourself gives you the ability to be at peace with others as well. This episode will help you see the people in your life in a new perspective. Find out how you can be curious and intrigued by others and welcome space for time on your own.

Dec 2020

18 min 21 sec

Fill in the blank. If I weren’t spiritual I would _________. How nice would it be if you could be yourself, in every moment? Being more aligned with our consciousness means you must be perfect right? No bad days, no frustration, only joy and zen. Every minute of every day. NO. Kelsey and Vanessa have that conversation. The one about being real and human and flawed while being spiritual and enlightened and empowered. You’re going to love how they share in renegade style. What if doing less led to more? What if trying and hustling were the opposite of what you need to do to grow? How can you allow things to unfold if you’re spending every day trying to force them to happen? When does analyzing turn to judgement? What if instead of trying to fix yourself, you let yourself feel what is showing up? What if naming what you feel led to wisdom and complete self-acceptance. Can allowing lead to love? How cool would that be?


Nov 2020

47 min 27 sec

Why do we resist the things and experiences we really want? Here’s how Kelsey and Vanessa define emotional bypassing? Not acknowledging or honoring difficult things or not allowing yourself to feel your feelings. This often shows up when (usually) well-meaning friends blow off your anguish around something important by saying things like “think positive” or “this will pass” or when you ignore you feelings of anger (for example) instead of bringing consciousness to the issue. It’s bypassing the acknowledgement that difficult things happen in life. The personal development gurus have taught that don’t think about the negative or you’ll get more of it. There’s no change, no ability to shift things. You can’t heal what you don’t feel. Hear how Vanessa saw this impact her personally when she shared her cancer diagnosis. It’s eye-opening to hear how she acknowledged what she needed and how it impacted her and others who know her. When is it safe for a warrior to fall apart? What can you do for someone who is dealing with trauma? Kelsey and Vanessa share what’s helpful and what isn’t. How can we be more inclusive? Kelsey shares how she struggled to figure out what felt right and decided that sitting with not knowing and asking questions brought the awareness she needed. She didn’t bypass her discomfort around not knowing. Why are we afraid to acknowledge our emotions or the emotions of others? Kelsey explains her magic-trick to help diffuse triggers and increase awareness. This leads to real understanding, no bypassing aloud. That time when someone told Vanessa she deserved cancer. Yeah, that happened. Find out why this popped up and the way that Vanessa and Kelsey worked through it. What happens when you are centered in who you are? What’s the difference in activism and living your truth? Do you have to be the warrior for your cause or is it okay to just be? What does it mean to be the change you want to see? We hear that mantra all the time but what does it really mean? Kelsey shares she’s found her way and how you can find your own. How can we radically change humanity? Kelsey and Vanessa break down how change happens when we’re willing to feel and acknowledge what’s happening in the moment.      


Oct 2020

55 min 40 sec

In renegade style, Kelsey and Vanessa are taking on a topic that some may see as controversial. In fact, 2 people warned them off the topic. They aren’t here to play it safe though, they are here to share their experiences. They are not doctors. They are not advocating you do use any type of treatment without doing your own research and without the support you need. They are not talking about using recreationally. They are discussing this as part of a healing modality. You’ll hear what is meant by micro-dosing and macro-dosing. Kelsey explains how micro-dosing worked for her and why she used it. After seeing those results, she started doing research around this as a healing method. Both Vanessa and Kelsey detail their personal experiences with a macro-dose in a controlled and supported setting. While life changing for each of them, they also explain some of the aspects that were challenging in the moment. Is this type of healing for you? Take advantage of the documentaries and information that is available. Educate yourself around what is possible. The final message: Live your experiences and really feel what’s happening in the moment. That’s why you’re here. It’s what really matters.  


Oct 2020

1 hr 2 min

If you are new to the podcast, welcome! This is part 3 of 3 and it might make more sense if you check out episode 10 and 11 first. Kelsey and Vanessa are updating us and wow, is the moving story amazing. Major life changes in just a few weeks. Wait until you hear the way things came together. It’s incredible. First, in true renegade style they bust the old-white-dude-marketing meme. When you know what’s right for you, then it all works. No formula needed. The move! Packing, selling stuff and leaving for a 17-hour drive and that’s just the beginning of heading to their new home. A house they leased sight-unseen! Insights from the move: How they trusted what felt right even when it didn’t seem to make sense The benefits of living in a rain forest What relaxing really feels like (this is going to surprise you) How their Empowered Healers logo predicted the future The willingness to take up space and embrace expansiveness Proof that our bodies prefer a specific environment Kisses from the universe Ease doesn’t mean easy. Being open to what’s right takes strength and courage. There will always be challenges and things to work on. Thanks for being with Kelsey and Vanessa on their journey. Next week they’ll be talking about healing with psychedelics. You’ll want to hear how it was part of creating the Empowered Healers Academy.  


Sep 2020

56 min 23 sec

Kelsey and Vanessa are moving. To a house they’ve never seen in person. In a place that’s not familiar! It was all divinely created. What if everything is easy? What if you could let it all come to you? You’ll be along for the insights and changes with the move. Stay tuned for all the possibilities because this is happening!

Sep 2020

1 hr 4 min

What if we listened to our body instead of following a list of good foods or allowed foods? We base decisions on what we crave without getting to the root of why we want it. Today’s packaged food is engineered to make us feel better in the moment, but not nourished. Bringing awareness about how it really tastes and how we feel after we eat is the first step to stop cravings. Kelsey and Vanessa explain how to reframe food, cravings, and restrictions around what you eat. Learn how to embrace consciousness around food and find out how it can open up incredible new possibilities. Resources: Learn Subconscious Imprinting Many Lives Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss M.D.


Aug 2020

57 min 30 sec

Jul 2020

49 min 41 sec

Meet Mel Chatigny — personal trainer, CrossFit coach, Olympic weight lifter, and all-around BADASS.   Mel is a graduate of our November Subconscious Imprinting (S.I.T.) class and in this episode, she talks about how she went from a broke trainer working 45 to 50 hours a week who was skeptical of the 'hippie voodoo woohoo' to opening up not only herself but also her clients to receive more in life through S.I.T.   Learn how this badass grew from WORRIER to WARRIOR and: Healed chronic hip pain affecting her workouts through ONE S.I.T. session Overcame her judgments about money and healing (and hippies! 😉) Changed her mindset from 'the harder I worked, the happier I would be' to 'it doesn't have to be that hard to be happy' Stopped associating her worth as a human through 'winning' and ended up performing even BETTER as an athlete and as a trainer Went from having 'dark motivation' founded on anxiety and fear of failure to 'light motivation' built on love and acceptance Bridged the connection between mind, body, and spirit to achieve balance Started seeing the potential of people in a different way which allows her to help her clients achieve not just abs or 13% body fat but also their true goal — happiness Started receiving more joy, expansion, money, experience, relationships, and connection in life Mel BROKE societies expectations of what a Healer 'should' be or looks like.   Healing isn't something limited to doctors, nurses, psychologists, massage therapists, or acupuncturists. Becoming 'better' as an athlete or trainer isn't only limited to physical growth - but emotional and spiritual growth as well.   If you're a physical trainer, coach, or athlete who wants to go the extra mile and overcome the hidden barriers in the subconscious that's stopping you from reaching your goals then this podcast is for you. And if you're truly aiming for the next level...   Join Mel and Empowered Healers Academy and become a S.I.T. warrior.

Jul 2020

1 hr 12 min

They dive deep into the gritty reality of being limited by UNCONSCIOUS trauma, and what it really takes to have a conscious relationship.   Set up your relationship for success and grow from disconnected to power couple by learning how to: Be savagely honest with your partner Brave through all the shitstorms that come with being in a relationship Go from talking about your partner to talking with your partner Have the really uncomfortable tough conversations you KNOW you should have but keep avoiding Understand mirror work in relationships and how your or your partner's trauma could be affecting your relationship End all the drama, games, mindfuckery, and stupidity from your previous relationships once and for all Stop shutting down and rejecting your partner and start nurturing them and bringing them in Start seeing your partner as they are and not as they do Stop taking things your partner says or does in moments of vulnerability personally and look at what's REALLY going on (Hint: it's in your subconscious) "People don't hurt other people unless they've been hurt in the first place. People don't want to hurt somebody else unless they're trying to protect something within themselves."   Love doesn't have to be hard. Maybe you're just giving up too soon.   If we can just stop trying to make our partners read our minds and instead tell them what's wrong and start asking for what we need, you can save three days of not talking.   How much love are you missing because you're not flexible? You'll love this episode!  

Jun 2020

1 hr 7 min

What are these 4 Phases of the Menstrual Cycle. Kelsey shares with us this informative Forbes article. According to Dr. Gaither, an award-winning multi-best selling author and serial entrepreneur, the menstrual cycle is divided into 4 phases. Do you feel like you have the highest energy? Then, you are probably in Phase 1. This is the Follicular Phase. This is the time where women are most productive. This begins from the start of your period and lasts up to 14 days. It is during Phase 2, when you are a great communicator. Your verbal skills are heightened and it’s a good time to have important conversations. The Power Phase is Phase 3. It’s time to get things done. This is the longest phase before you get your period (Menstrual Phase 4). During this time, you feel the most pleasure at completing projects. And then, of course, the Menstrual Phase. Phase 4. Where introversion, reflection and contemplation is the main source of creation. Learning and leveraging these 4 Phases could be a GAME changer in your business and productivity. Here's why:  Without the awareness of these cycles, it's almost like we get caught in a rip tide...  The SAME riptide that happens every 28 days yet seems like a shock every time? Yeah, you know the one.  As women living in a patriarchal world, we're forced to fit inside the male cycle - which happens DAILY. This is not sustainable - can someone say BURNOUT? Kelsey and Vanessa also share some HILARIOUS stories about pads, diva cups and beyond.  And congratulations to Bexaaa for leaving a badass review - she won herself a t-shirt!  For your chance to win some swag, leave us a review!    Want support?  The Sexuality Clearing Loop will be incredibly beneficial for dismantling any internal hatred you subconscious have toward being a woman: Grab it here:    Below are some of the sources mentioned in this episode: Forbes Article Link  Alisa Vitti - MyFLO App  Hannah Pads  Diva Cup 

Jun 2020

55 min 48 sec

Money. Nice people don’t talk about money. Or do they? Vanessa and Kelsey are and this podcast is going to change how you think about all things money. Starting with the favorite gem that making money has to be really, really hard. It only has value because it was hard right? There has to be sacrifice before success and achievement. If it’s easy, then it’s not valuable. Lies. All lies. Most of us have shame stories about money or the lack of it. What’s also crazy is the shame that can show up about financial success. Another limiting belief we buy into; there’s only one way to get money. Having our needs met can only come from earning cash to then pay for life necessities. Another big lie is about having money. If you have lots of cash, you must be greedy. If you find a short cut to earning big bucks you are sleazy. Money can’t buy you happiness. You know who says that? People who have money! It’s time to challenge your money beliefs. Because that’s all they are. They are not your truth unless you hold on to them. Fear about money (or not having enough) stops us. It keeps us from seeing options or being open to other possibilities. Vanessa shares how she had a great opportunity, but it only showed up because she was open to possibilities. She also shares the shame she had around needing help. This is universal. Don’t miss the breakthrough. It’s real and powerful. It’s about asking and receiving. What is your story about asking? Do you find it easy to receive? How do you realize your value? We all have a story around what we are worth. That’s all it is. A judgment. A story. How do you change the story? Kelsey shares a big revelation and the pivotal moment when all of this changed for her. If you have a money story that isn’t working for you, be prepared to take notes. So how do you attract more money? That’s the big question isn’t it? This episode has answers. Real life, no BS answers. 30 Day Clearing Meditation Loop

May 2020

1 hr 8 min

  Renegades are you ready for a real conversation about sex, sexuality and living your truth? Vanessa and Kelsey are bringing it. From early childhood, many of us were told how we were supposed to act, and what it meant to be a woman. But what if “traditional” definitions have never felt right? Have you wondered if other people felt that way too? Most of us were not encouraged to express ourselves sexually. Instead, we were shamed or told that we had to fit into the mold that felt comfortable to others. There is seldom a place for curiosity without judgement. What are we afraid to receive when we want to tap into our own sexuality?

May 2020

46 min 22 sec

Is it okay to quit? How about faking it? Is it cool to put on a happy face and pretend that you love what you do even if it’s not completely true? Vanessa and Kelsey are taking on another topic that we usually avoid. Quitting. What does it say about you? Is quitting good or bad? Kelsey explains being okay with quitting is actually something that has served her even though it wasn’t always easy. It’s made her more effective, not less. What happens when you follow your irrational awareness? Do you find it easy to do, or does it have to show up over and over before you pay attention? Hear how Kelsey realized her own truth and why it involved quitting as a way to say no to what wasn’t right so she could say yes to the possibility of what could be. This is going to inspire you to pay attention to your own irrational awareness. Kelsey and Vanessa expose what quitting teaches us: People who aren’t showing up don’t get to judge Why quitting isn’t weakness it’s a sign of absolute courage Knowing your worth is the way you pay for reaching for more How to trust what you feel, how can you know what is right (this is everything!) The lure of finishing to please others feels rational even when it’s not right Trust yourself and trust your awareness even if others don’t get it How can you know when to quit and when to persevere? That’s the question isn’t it? Vanessa shares her story of what could have been. This is for all of us who had a dream denied or wonder about the path not taken. What stopped you? Was it someone else or was it you? Transformation can happen in moments of joy or it can be the result of a healing crises. Quitting doesn’t have to be the end of something it can be the beautiful beginning. The choice comes down to you. Is it time to follow your irrational awareness? Ready to embrace your inner anarchy? This episode is for the renegade who knows for sure that saying yes to your truth, even if it means quitting, will always be the right thing to do. Resources: The Middle Finger Project


May 2020

56 min 50 sec

Kelsey and Vanessa discuss what many are feeling but aren’t saying out loud. In renegade style they take on the unpopular opinion about life after the Big C. Going back to normal. What is that anyway? What if going back to normal doesn’t happen? Nature doesn’t rush and yet everything gets done. Vanessa shares how she needed a global pandemic to wake the f*ck up and slow down! She had to have work (and other “life” stuff) taken away to realize that she wants life to be different. Pivot. The term we’re all hearing. What if that’s just another word for clearly seeing what we want? Kelsey and Vanessa talk brain waves and why slowing down actually changes how your brain works. Find out why being in high-beta brain waves mode was crushing creativity and peace of mind. How crazy is it that something so disruptive is giving us space to look at things with a new view? Kelsey and Vanessa don’t just talk about mind-set. They break down: Finding freedom to admit what’s working and what’s not. Toxic positivity and why putting a happy spin on things is not the answer. What if you asked for help? If you had the space for transformation what would you do? The grief involved in the chaos. Was the coronavirus divinely sent? That’s a renegade idea worth exploring. Thanks for listening to our podcast. We want you to know this is not about selling it’s about growing. We promise we will be real without barriers. These conversations are coming from the soul. Our desire is to truly connect on a deeper level. Because it’s okay to be you and speaking your truth will never be wrong.


May 2020

30 min 33 sec