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You asked, we answered. Hear from our expert panel on Pensions, retirement and much more. We're also celebrating Movember and doing more for charity, what's your verdict on the moustache efforts of our team?  0:00 Our panel are doing more for moustaches in Movember  2:37 Looking back on what happened in markets this week  4:15 Gregg shares some fanmail - thanks to our loyal viewers  5:16 If you are planning on drawing some money when you are 55, can you "book" the amount before your birthday?  9:07 What is the minimum amount you can have as a monthly income?  11:25 Do I have to stay with the Workplace Pension my employer picked or can I transfer to a True Potential pension?  13:49 What is a comfortable Pension pot to retire on?  21:28 Is it a good or bad idea to switch between funds such as growth to defensive during times of volatility?  22:27 How easy is it to transfer a Cash ISA to a Stocks & Shares ISA?  31:14 What are the advantages of an adviser when investing in an ISA or Pension?  36:20 How much money should you give a child?  43:35 How can I find forgotten Pensions?  47:59 Get in touch with us

Nov 26

49 min

Confused by Cryptocurrency? Baffled by NFTs? The Do More With Your Money panel discuss investment fads and why globally diversified Portfolios could make more sense for your money.  0:00 Investment fads you need to avoid 2:18 What happened in markets this week and how will affect you? 4:03 What's happening with Inflation? 8:58 Shell's Post-Brexit move to the UK 11:10 What is an NFT? 13:03 Why are alternative investments getting attention? 18:38 What was the Squid Coin scam? 21:03 The volatility of cryptocurrency 23:38 How regulated is cryptocurrency? 32:52 How do you value an investment? 35:08 Are day trading apps just a gamble? 38:38 You don't build a house by yourself 40:15 The rise of investment scams 41:23 Why globally diversified investments make sense 44:46 Run Gregg Run

Nov 19

48 min 15 sec

Are you managing your money in the right way? Our expert panel share their thoughts on managing debts, and how to get the most out of your mortgage.  0:00 What happened in markets this week?  1:10 What's happening in markets and how does this affect you?  8:30 The range of debt available  12:15 Managing your incomes and outgoings  14:31 Can debt be useful?  17:49 Use the start of the month to manage your money  21:38 Is there a strategy for dealing with large debt?  28:40 Keep yourself an emergency fund  30:01 Strategies for your mortgage  39:43 Top tip for debts loans and mortgages

Nov 12

48 min 8 sec

The Do More With Your Money panel share with you the secrets to maintaining your wealth in retirement. Will the State Pension always be around? Are you factoring in the costs of care? What will happen to your estate? Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to learn more about investing. 0:00 How to maintain wealth in retirement?  2:16 What happened in markets this week  8:24 How can you get the most out of retirement?  12:30 Saving regularly while still living life to the full  13:37 Will the State Pension still be around when you retire?  14:27 What should you do as you approach retirement?  18:16 Setting goals and using technology to track your retirement  21:10 The cost of care and the expense or retirement  25:16 You don't need to take 25% right away when you retire  20:16 Estate planning and financial advice preparation  35:30 Will there be fireworks for the panel?

Nov 5

39 min 19 sec

What financial horrors do you need to beware? Join our fearsome panel for a fun Halloween special discussing the UK budget, Inflation, credit card spending, managing debts, and much more.  0:00 The horror show at our haunted head office  3:12 What does the UK Autumn Budget mean for you?  6:23 The financial horrors our panel suffered  8:48 The dangers of easy credit and debt  10:57 True Potential Halloween Charity Fundraising  12:13 True Potential Rewards for saving and Cashback  13:49 Inflation is killing cash value - what can you do?  18:05 How the True Potential Portfolios help you escape Inflation  20:09 Will more people look at investing after recent events?  22:45 The magic of Compound Growth  23:36 Property as an investment - good or bad?  25:29 Cryptocurrency's dangerous volatility  27:50 Save early for retirement  31:54 What's the top tip to avoid financial horror?

Oct 29

38 min 34 sec

Our panel of experts take on this month’s Q&A, answering your questions on retirement planning & pensions, and analysing recent market volatility with insight into what has been influencing market movements.    00:00 Introduction  04:09 How do different asset classes perform in periods of high inflation & what does this mean?   09:37 How are our clients dealing with market volatility?  13:49 Is it worth taking the 25% lump sum out of my pension pot and investing it into a Stocks & Shares ISA?    16:51 I have a few pensions from the various jobs I've had over the past 10 years. Is there one place I can go to that shows me the pensions? As I do not have paperwork for some, and have lost track of them. Also, would it be best to amalgamate the pensions?  18:20 I want to open a savings account for my Granddaughter.  Which is the best account to open for her?    20:30 Can you tell me your view on the cryptocurrency marketplace?   24:20 I have a private pension, which I pay into monthly, and I’m self-employed. I have money in different bank accounts, am I better off keeping it in bank accounts or putting more into my pension or keep lots of cash hidden?    29:57 Can I get monthly income from my pension?   33:14 I've used up my ISA and Pension Allowances for this tax year. What or where would you suggest I invest if I have any further cash to invest?   35:05 What is causing volatile markets right now?

Oct 22

45 min 59 sec

This week, the panel dissect the different elements that go into saving towards retirement. They compare Current Expenditure vs Retirement Expenditure, discuss how much is needed to live comfortably in retirement, look at what products could give you the best tax benefits, and so much more.   00:00 How much do our panel think they will need to retire comfortably?   09:55 Current expenditure vs Retirement expenditure   12:42 What financial products can you use to help build your retirement fund?   13:45 What is an Auto-enrolment Workplace Pension?  15:57 For businesses, why choose True Potential for your AE Scheme?  20:42 What Technology can help you with your retirement journey?   22:43 How much should you be saving monthly?   24:42 True Potential Rewards  26:31 The Importance of Goal Setting   27:42 What is the average Pension Pot worth in the UK?  29:59 What to consider when you’re ready to start withdrawing from your Pension  31:14 Will the State Pension be around forever?  36:29 How often do the panel think about their Pension?  39:49 What to do if you have several Pensions from different employers  41:50 How we diversify your investments  42:32 What will our panel do when they get access to their Pension

Oct 15

50 min 33 sec

Our specialist expert panel take on the topic of Cybersecurity this week, highlighting how True Potential protect our clients and their money from digital hackers, as well as offering valuable insights into the steps you can take to prevent a personal cybersecurity attack.   #cybersecurity #onlinesafety #safemoney  00:00 Energy and Gas Shortage Market update  07:54 What happens behind the scene at True Potential?  13:41 What is Cybersecurity?   15:44 How to keep your personal cybersecurity safe  16:54 How do we keep hackers out of our systems?   19:45 Usability VS Security   23:11 What caused Facebook, Instagram and Whataspp to crash?  24:58 How do True Potential compare to the rest of the financial industry?   28:34 The average day working in cybersecurity  29:31 How do cybersecurity breaches impact global markets?  30:59 Cybersecurity mistakes to always avoid   33:11 Things you can do to prevent a cybersecurity attack...  36:11 What motivates hackers?   38:13 How we keep ahead of the hackers

Oct 8

45 min 10 sec

Our expert panel react to the UK's petrol pump panic, with analysis on the shortage of workers and supply chain issues in the economy. Enjoy a fascinating episode, with strong opinions and a common sense approach on the solutions needed.  0:00 Celebrating another True Potential Award  4:43 How have markets been this week?  7:06 Supply chain issues aren't unique to the UK  9:55 Has the petrol crisis affected our panel?  11:59 The impact of the shortage of HGV Drivers and how to solve it  18:43 Why is there a shortage of workers?  24:28 The problem with politics and state intervention  28:50 The problem with the furlough scheme  30:55 Energy suppliers and the need for skin in the game  33:32 The six year birthday of the True Potential Portfolios  43:15 True Potential's three word slogan  44:10 Are we positive about the UK's economic future?  Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please leave a like and don’t forget to subscribe to the True Potential YouTube channel.

Oct 1

53 min 27 sec

Join us for a special Q and A episode where we also celebrate True Potential's recent award wins and explain what's been happening with energy prices, Inflation and Market volatility.  0:00 What does an Investment Management night out look like?  3:23 Celebrating True Potential's big wins at the UK Platform Awards  9:33 What's happening with energy companies and equity markets this week?  12:33 Remembering that Inflation is normal  18:00 My job is coming to an end, when I start a new job what will happen regarding my pension pot?  20:23 Why should I switch my main pension to True Potential?  27:46 I am 16, should I continue to save into my Junior ISA & when do I need to pay into a pension?  30:13 What is the economic outlook for the UK?  31:43 Can I get monthly income from my Pension?  34:24 True Potential has sold a stake to Cinven, what will this mean for True Potential?  41:42 Tell us more about the volatility in China?  47:35 Will my partner have access to full Pension pot?  49:30 Would you recommend Bitcoin?

Sep 24

56 min 3 sec

The True Potential Investment Management team present a special Market Outlook, with analysis on how Inflation and the economic recovery will impact you.  0:00 True Potential's Great North Run fundraising - how did our runners get on?  2:10 What happened in markets this week?  8:00 What did we learn from our calls with our Investment Managers around the globe?  10:27 What is Central Bank policy around Inflation and employment?  13:41 Inflation is a normal part of life, protect your cash by investing  16:13 What's behind UK Inflation? The headlines don't necessarily show the reality  31:56 The speed of recovery through different economies  33:24 What difference will political events make to markets?  35:58 What can we expect for the True Potential Portfolios through the rest of 2021?  38:09 The unique advantages of Diversification at True Potential

Sep 17

44 min 26 sec

Please donate here:  This week's episode is a Great North Run Special, with all of our panellists, plus 7 others from True Potential, taking on the Great North Run 2021 to raise money for The Chronicles Sunshine Fund.    00:00 Why are the panel running the Great North Run?  03:52 Who are the Sunshine Fund, and what do they do? 08:24 The Great North Carpark Run of 2020 10:34 How long will it take our panel to complete the race?  12:00 How much are True Potential hoping to raise for the Sunshine Fund? 14:21 The Mini & Junior Great North Run  15:57 The New Great North Run Route  21:34 What are the panel’s last minute preparation plans? 24:02 Who do the panel want to beat the most?  27:10 Please support the sunshine fund and donate

Sep 10

29 min 47 sec

How can you do more with your money through Cash ISAs and Stocks & Shares ISAs? The panel explain how to think like a successful investor, and also celebrate the 100,000th client in the True Potential Portfolios  0:00 What is an NFT?  4:08 What happened in markets this week?  13:53 What are the benefits of ISAs?  16:14 What’s the best Cash ISA rate?  17:56 Using a Stocks & Shares ISA to beat inflation  20:10 Think about your financial goals when picking between a Cash ISA and Stocks & Shares ISA  22:30 How easy is it to access your money in an ISA?  26:15 Is a Stocks & Shares ISA the correct terminology?  27:50 How to think about an ISA – the democratisation of savings  32:08 Why are people more likely to invest in Cash ISAs?  35:40 Goal based investing explained  41:10 Cash ISA versus Stocks & Shares ISA – is there merit for for both?  42:15 CelebratING the 100,000TH client in the True Potential Portfolios

Sep 3

46 min 36 sec

Our expert panel answer your questions on ISAs, Pensions, Retirement and much more in another fascinating Do More With Your Money episode.  0:00 What happened in markets this week?  6:10 How the high street is changing  8:30 How can I see my contributions?  10:00 Is now a good time for a Stocks & Shares ISA?  18:50 What are the charges around True Potential Investments?  22:34 Is it wise to scale down risk before retirement?  27:10 At the start of the tax year I put my tax free allowance in my ISA and immediately start saving over the next 12 month. Can I transfer this into my ISA at the start of the next tax year?  28:37 I have pensions investments and have already taken my tax free lump sum. I am currently still working so is there any point in still investing in my pension pot?  33:44 I've topped up my pension by £100 a month and was wondering if the £20 tax relief from the government will show as £120?  35:06 When I turn 55 I can take 25% of my pension tax free however, can I take a smaller amount, say 10%? If so, can I then take the other 15% at a later date at any time and in any denomination? Can I also leave it as late as when I'm  65?  36:25 Why are my True Potential Rewards still showing as pending?  39:00 How do I know my pension pot is safe with True Potential?

Aug 27

45 min 44 sec

The panel discuss how investing towards a million-pound investment pot is a possibility for everyone with goal setting and long term investing in globally diversified Portfolios across ISAs and Pensions.  0:00 What's behind market volatility?  6:42 Understanding long term investing  9:23 ISA Millionaires and forming the investing habit  14:33 You have to take responsibility to secure your future  16:22 How much risk should you take?  20:02 Thinking about your goals for short term and long term  21:30 Forming a saving mentality in your mid-twenties  26:02 Investment products to meet your goals  27:42 How global diversified Portfolios work for your goals  31:12 The top tip for regular saving

Aug 20

36 min 28 sec

How can you retire early? Our panel share their expertise on Pensions, inheritance tax, tax relief, utilising technology and digital investing, market volatility and much more. 00:00 Market Update from Chris Leyland   10:51 The importance of holding your nerve during market volatility   12:59 Always start by setting yourself a goal   16:37 How digital investing can help you reach your retirement goals faster  18:27 Harnessing the power of tax relief   20:47 Why you should avoid emotional investing?  22:57 Should you take your 25% tax free lump sum straight away?   28:36 Considering Inheritance tax when planning your retirement   33:37 The risk of withdrawing your Pension and putting it into cash

Aug 13

40 min 35 sec

How can you do more with your money through an ISA or Pension? Our panel discuss the advantages of these investment products and how you can use them to achieve your financial goals.  0:00 What happened in markets this past week?  9:38 The advantages of ISAs and Pensions  14:10 Helping clients and using goals to do more with your money  15:03 Cash ISA versus Stocks & Shares ISA - the problem with cash in the bank  19:47 Workplace Pensions and what they mean for you  23:40 How does our Panel manage their savings?  26:13 How does a goal work in a True Potential ISA or Pension?  29:31 How does a GIA (General Investment Account) fit into this discussion?  36:43 The panel pick the winner of Pension Vs ISA  40:25 Did the panel enjoy the Olympics?

Aug 6

45 min 42 sec

How can you bullet proof your finances in the event of another lockdown or market shock? The Do More With Your Money panel reveal their investment secrets to safeguard your money.  0:00 How are the panel finding freedom since the end of lockdown?  5:15 What happened in markets this week? Big tech delivers strong performance  12:19 Bullet proofing your finances in the event of another lockdown or market shock  15:08 Using technology to set goals  17:25 Have an emergency fund so you don't have to dip into your investment  19:30 You need to protect your savings from Inflation  20:18 How does Investment Management plan for and analyse market shocks?  22:24 How did the panel feel about COVID and other historic market shocks?  29:43 Stay committed to your investment  37:15 Trust the experts to protect you against tax, inflation, and even death

Jul 29

42 min 3 sec

What is it you want to know about saving and investing? Our expert panel explain how you can do more with your money, and True Potential Chairman David Harrison returns to the show for his say on what's happening in markets.  0:00 What have the panel been up as restrictions ease? 4:18 How markets bounced back this week from a volatile start 9:50 What is the benefit in continuing to invest in Pension funds once the Lifetime Allowance has been exceeded? 13:00 What is David Harrison's favourite savings instrument? 18:20 How will my Pension perform compared to inflation in the next year? 26:41 Is it better to consolidate my Pensions into one? 34:54 Is it better to invest monthly or in a lump sum? 37:45 Why David Harrison thinks Morning Markets is great - Subscribe to the True Potential YouTube Channel to never miss out 43:20 Do fund managers continually look at the market and move money around? 49:55 The problem with bitcoin and cryptocurrency 53:12 What will be around longer, a book or a smartphone? 54:39 Should we get used to volatility? Should retirement be delayed?

Jul 23

57 min 58 sec

How can you retire richer? Today's Do More With Your Money podcast explores the ways to invest towards a brighter future.  0:00 The panel's reaction to football not coming home  2:29 How is the COVID rise impacting markets?  6:13 What does rising inflation mean for you?  9:05 What is the impact of Track and Trace isolations on businesses?  11:50 How goal setting can give you a richer retirement  16:53 You have to take responsibility to look after yourself, invest in your Pension  18:37 Time is the best aid for investing  22:30 Using impulseSave to do more with your money  30:22 At what age did our panel start saving?  31:58 What to do if you are approaching retirement  38:55 What is the retirement goals on our panel?  42:15 What are the panel looking forward to on Freedom Day?

Jul 16

46 min 37 sec

How can you manage risk to maximise reward when investing? The panel share their expertise on managing risk, and how our Investment Management team utilise risk in the True Potential Portfolios.  0:00 What's happened in markets this week?  9:37 How to assess risk when investing?  14:30 Matching your risk to a goal  15:30 What does high risk mean from an Investment Management perspective?  19:40 What the last year proved about diversification  21:07 The risk of not being invested  28:10 When should you speak to an adviser about changing your risk?  29:57 Taking emotion out of decision making  35:52 Is football coming home?  Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please leave a like and don’t forget to subscribe to the True Potential YouTube channel.

Jul 9

40 min 40 sec

The Do More With Your Money Podcast panel look at some of the different saving and spending habits we learn and the psychology of saving. Plus, the panel discuss how your spending and saving habits can impact your later life, and what you can do to improve them now.  0:00 The return of recording remotely    1:30 Investment Management update   6:22 Saving VS Spending    7:04 How much should you be saving?    9:12 Set an objective to anchor your goal    10:28 Using technology to save    11:57 The psychology of saving   12:48 The long term goal of retirement   14:14 Can you rely on the state Pension?   15:32 Do longer term and shorter term financial goals require different Investment Strategies?    18:14 How can you diversify your investments to reduce risk?    19:37 The different ways of accessing your Pension    20:56 How to stop Inflation eating your Pension    22:19 Taking control of your finances via technology    24:27 Can you just rely on your Auto-enrolment workplace Pension?   27:24 How does age influence saving and spending habits?     29:55 The importance of educating children about money and saving early   30:35 How can you keep track of multiple auto-enrolment Pensions?   33:40 How can I find my old pensions from previous jobs?    34:30 Making saving a habit   36:16 Spending habits and debt   38:12 How would our panel save 5% more money?  

Jul 2

48 min 9 sec

You asked, we answered! The Do More With Your Money panel discuss ISAs, Pensions, Inflation, Fintech, and how you can do more with your money. 0:00 What happened in markets this past week? 3:36 I reach retiring age next month, am I in a position to draw a lump sum from my pension? 6:44 Investing strategies, how to decide between balanced and aggressive 10:16 Can I add a lump sum of money into my Pension pot? 13:45 Using True Potential technology to do more with your money 18:28 What devices can I use to access my information with True Potential? 23:44 What is the impact of inflation on my investments? 28:26  If I was to cash in my ISA will I have to pay a fee? If I take the 25% lump sum cash tax free from my Pension would a fee be payable? 36:41 What is the reason for recent market volatility? 45:38 How does impulseSave work and what are the advantages? 55:16 Gregg's epic charity run, donate here

Jun 25

58 min 52 sec

How has lockdown changed your finances? The Do More With Your Money panel discuss how the world has changed in the past year and their thoughts on the extension of lockdown.  0:00 The panel react to lockdown being extended  8:00 What happened in markets this week?  10:00 How to protect your money from Inflation   14:40 True Potential in the news for improving savings habits  22:20 Innovation at True Potential  26:00 Lockdown has proved the importance of diversification  30:44 What's the biggest lockdown lesson?  34:35 The change in working habits  45:01 Pick a firm that does more with your money  46:57 Is football coming home to England or Scotland  Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please leave a like and don’t forget to subscribe to the True Potential YouTube channel.

Jun 18

52 min 9 sec

The Do More With Your Money panel discuss inflation and what you can do to make sure your money isn't losing value.  0:00 Inflation and what's happened in markets this past week?   7:35 What does inflation mean to you?   10:30 Money in the bank or cash ISAs is losing value as inflation pushes prices up   18:34 What are the expectations around inflation?   23:08 How can technology help you to beat inflation?   28:58 How the True Potential Portfolios help you to beat inflation   31:50 Investing works for everyone, technology is a leveller   35:17 What's driving inflation? Cars and beef roasts!   38:18 Is football coming home?

Jun 11

41 min 41 sec

The True Potential Investment Management team explain how they make your money do more in the True Potential Investment Portfolios, and discuss how markets continue to strengthen as the economy reopens.  0:00 What happened in markets in May  4:26 How did vaccinations make a difference to the economy?  9:58 How did the True Potential Portfolios perform in May?  16:39 True Potential's success with Advanced Diversification  19:18 Money sitting in the bank doesn't grow  20:11 Inflation as a talking point  21:16 What are PMI numbers?  24:02 Bitcoin is too volatile as an investment  27:01 Confidence in the UK economy  29:30 Will the economy fully unlock on June 21st?

Jun 4

38 min 30 sec

The Do More With Your Money Panel answer your questions on Property, Pensions and cryptocurrency.   0:00 Welcome to our questions and answers in the new studio  0:46 What's been happening in markets this week, a strong week for equity markets  4:03 Thinking of purchasing a buy to let? What's buy to let like as an investment?  8:49 How robust are True Potential's audits of companies invested in? Particularly with regard to ethics, environment, employee terms and conditions , sustainability?  11:06 I have different pensions pots, whats the risk and benefits of combining these?  13:39 I keep seeing bitcoin investments, is it right to still avoid cryptocurrency?  17:45 Does Elon Musk affect the markets? Is there a bubble being created in cryptocurrency?  20:30 How do you feel about turbocharging your pension in your fifties?  25:09 Whats the pros and cons of taking 25% lump sum when you retire?  29:06 How long after your planned retirement date should one engage with a financial adviser  30:49 I'm nearing the Pension Lifetime Allowance, what do I do to make sure I don't pay the 55% tax?  32:24 When are central banks going to be less accommodative? When will interest rate brakes go on and end quantitative easing?  37:05 What's the panel doing this bank holiday weekend and happy birthday to our Chief Executive Daniel Harrison

May 28

40 min 39 sec

Welcome to the new True Potential Studio, in today's Do More With Your Money episode our panel discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the FIRE Movement. The aim is Financial Independence Retire Early, how can you apply this to your money?  0:00 Welcome to our new studio  3:02 What's happened in markets this week?  8:02 A volatile week for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency  17:30 How to save money  21:43 What is the FIRE Movement?  22:51 Saving but also living for today  27:48 Talking and thinking about savings  29:21 Set your investment goals and work towards them with technology  37:00 FIRE is good at making you think about your finance - but is it practical?  38:11 Are people saving more money?  40:12 What's the number one tip for saving and investing?

May 21

46 min 32 sec

How can you do more with your money through property and Pensions? Enjoy a lively discussion on the positives and negatives of investing into property, and how Pensions could help you to retire wealthier.

May 14

47 min 39 sec

On this week's Do More With Your Money podcast, the True Potential Investment Management team explain how they make your money do more.   2:50 What happened in markets this past week?  12:24 How does jobs data in the US affect you the investor in the UK?  16:03 Why the world catches a cold when the US sneezes  18:55 The Investment team's conversations with fund managers across the globe  22:01 What happens when you ImpulseSave? How the Investment Management team invest your money  30:31 The True Potential Portfolios April performance  41:40 Should we worry about Inflation?  50:19 How does it feel to manage billions of pounds?  #investment #investing #markets Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please leave a like and don’t forget to subscribe to the True Potential YouTube channel.

May 7

55 min 12 sec

0:00 What do the panel enjoy the most about Britain?   3:10 Analysis on a strong week for markets, and a positive April for investors   10:49  Why there's no better place to work and live   14:40 Great British humour, the importance of having a laugh   16:26 Running a business in the UK   19:44 A quick tour of True Potential's new head office   21:52 Will local elections have an impact on markets?   26:24 What will a strong SNP performance in the Scottish elections mean?   37:06 Proving the Brexit naysayers wrong   39:32 What Scottish independence could mean for investments   43:47 The Downing Street Wallpaper controversy   46:37 The return of Dominic Cummings   50:01 Boris doesn't have a good team around him   58:10 The panel share their Bank Holiday weekend plans Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please leave a like and don’t forget to subscribe to the True Potential YouTube channel. 

Apr 30

1 hr 7 min

This week’s Q&A Podcast special covers a range of investment queries sent in by you. Our panel offer insight on topics ranging from Cryptocurrencies, gifting property, Pension contributions and investment strategy. 0:00 An investment and global market update from movements of the past week 13:50 We have a holiday home in Ireland, which we would like to gift to our children. Can we do that now and take it out of our estate, avoiding IHT liability? 18:00 Can I Increase my regular pension contributions to have a more affordable pension? 22:05 Do any of the True Potential Pension funds invest in crypto currencies? What are our views on currencies like Bitcoin? Do we think they should be part of a longer-term investment portfolio? 27:00 When I start receiving my state pension, I will exceed my tax allowance because of another draw down pension and one annuity pension. Is there a way of avoiding tax on the excess amount or if I no longer need the income from one of the drawdowns? Should I just stop taking that and allow the fund to grow and take my tax-free lump sum at a later date? 28:58 Does the growth rate I see in my account include the regular contributions I am making? 30:16 A recent article dated 14 April 2021 in the Financial Time bore the headline: Investors brace for a shift‚ as momentum and value collide. It quoted various factors including Value, Momentum, Quality, Volatility and Size as being in play when investors make their decisions. To what extent do these factors influence TPP's investment strategy and style, and in what proportions? 38:10: Are there any tips on how to manage combined pensions so as not to be hit by the lifetime pension allowance as the investment returns on Pensions grow? 40:49: Why has the FTSE not grown at same rate as the Dow Jones index in the last 10-year ratio Dow to FTSE was about double now nearer 5 times value. Part of the issue is currency valuation but has not changed that much. What is the underlying reason? Should we have more in US markets? 47:00 Will St James Park be the best stadium in the EFL Championship next season?

Apr 23

53 min 35 sec

The UK lockdown is over, with this past week seeing the return of freedoms such as retail shopping, outdoor drinking and dining, gyms, barbers and more. The Do More With Your Money panel discussed what the re-opening of the economy means for investors.  0:00 The benefits of subscribing to the True Potential Do More With Your Money YouTube Channel - subscribing is quick, free and easy - Subscribe today  1:40 Optimism in markets and record highs this past week  5:44 Coinbase, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency making headlines despite their inherent volatility  6:58 The FTSE 100 goes over the 7,000 mark as economic recovery continues  7:24 The end of lockdown   8:00 Gregg's expensive trip back to the barbers  10:58 What can history tell us about economic recovery from major events?What's the view on new rules, testing and level of cases?  15:42 The organisational problems within the NHS, "lions led by donkeys"  16:36 The need for reality, look for the facts in the number of COVID cases  17:34 Money being squandered by the NHS and Government, the need for personal responsibility in how we come out of lockdown  19:50 Looking at the data and low case numbers, it is right and safe for lockdown to end  21:02 Eradicating the virus is an impossibility, what level can we live with to allow society and the economy to function?  30:16 Life has never been better - people are better off than any other time in history  31:19 Great Britain is in a strong position  37:23 Australia's lockdown strategy and their problematic position for vaccinations  39:07 The vaccine saved us, private business had the incentive to solve the problem  41:26 The sensationalised headlines on blood clots and vaccines - look at the reality  45:48 The problem with the education system, better education is needed, don't rely on social media and electronic devices  49:41 Form your opinions from facts  51:35 After big drops last year, investors are now better off  Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please leave a like and don’t forget to subscribe to the True Potential YouTube channel.

Apr 16

55 min 16 sec

The Do More With Your Money panel explain how you can give yourself a pay rise based on how you utilise your money. Investment goals and a proactive mindset help to reveal the real value of your salary.  0:00​ What's happening in markets? The US is seeing record highs and there's plenty for investors to be positive about  7:43​ There's increasing optimism as lockdowns end and economic growth gathers pace  9:56​ A pay rise and the value of your money has to be a mindset, you are in control of what your money is worth  12:47​ Look at spending goals and objectives - give yourself a pay rise by investing some of your salary  14:20​ What happens when you get a pay rise? Spending increases with earnings  15:59​ How to get the most out of a pay rise  16:24​ Investing in a Stocks & Shares ISA or Pension based on an objective  18:13​ Tax Relief on Pension contributions is so important for doing more with your money  20:35​ Forming habits with saving and investing accounts rather than spending splurges  24:17​ Look at what you spend and where you spend it  25:28​ Investing just £50 a month can change your life, imagine the possibilities if you swap a spending habit for a saving habit  26:07​ Using the True Potential Investor app for Cashback Rewards  29:03​ Changing your habits and moving your money to new directions  31:24​ The problem with Cash savings - stay disciplined and invest for the long term in an investment Portfolio that offers growth and matches your attitude to risk  38:49​ Insuring the Boiler, but not insuring your financial future  40:43​ What you put aside today will be of great benefit tomorrow  41:49​ Are the panel ready for an outdoor pint and a haircut next week?

Apr 9

53 min 14 sec

Join the True Potential Investment Management team for a special on the strength of markets over lockdown.  0:00 The panel look forward to the reopening of their local pubs as the UK emerges from lockdown over the next month  3:13 What happened in the markets this past week?  8:43 The Suez Canal ship blockage and how it highlighted the importance of global trade and supply chains  11:23 How 'Just In Case' is the new 'Just In Time' for supply chains  13:38 How did the markets perform in March and Q1? Another good month for the True Potential Portfolios  22:07 How are the True Potential Portfolios positioned right now?  26:35 What is Relative Value and how does it work within the True Potential Portfolios?  30:16 The economic recovery from lockdown, how markets bounced back from the low one year ago  33:43 Investors were rewarded for staying invested, 'time in the markets' not 'timing the markets'  40:00 Plenty to be positive and optimistic about - this past year proved that problems always have solutions  44:02 Unlocking and life getting back to normal, what are the economic prospects and the level of pent-up consumer demand?  53:00 What Easter Eggs are the panel hoping to receive?  55:43 Celebrating Chris' exercise progress, just like investing the long term discipline gets results!

Apr 1

58 min 46 sec

Tax year end is upon us, how can you do more with your money? Our expert panel discuss tax allowances, goal setting, ISAs, Pensions, and what you can do before tax year end on April 5th.  0:00 Stephanie Windsor talks about her career as a Chartered Financial Planner and the benefits of working with True Potential's award winning technology  1:32 Jeff Casson, Chief Investment Officer, recaps what we've seen in Markets this past week  7:02 The anniversary of the first lockdown and the market low of March 23rd 2020. Staying invested for the long term and being disciplined around volatility has been the right course for investors  10:54 The advantages of True Potential technology and an antifragile business philosophy  12:08 Tax year end and the importance of using your tax allowances to do more with your money  16:21 True Potential's impulseSave® is the quick and easy way to invest before tax year end  16:49 ISA or Pension? What's the best way to invest and use your tax allowances before tax year end?  20:06 Inflation and the dangers of keeping your money as cash  25:07 Using goals in your investments  31:00 There's a ship blocking the vital Suez Canal trade route, how could this impact markets?  37:12 Tax year end is almost here, use your tax allowances and get financial advice if necessary  Plus, the usual laughs and entertainment, including Steve's boating blunders and garden water cannons. Subscribe to the True Potential YouTube Channel to never miss an episode.

Mar 26

43 min 13 sec

Enjoy the True Potential 2020 Annual Report The True Potential Senior Partners discuss the 2020 True Potential Annual Report. Published this week, the report celebrates a record breaking year for True Potential, which you can learn more about as the Senior Partners give an insight into the business philosophy and winning mentality of True Potential.  0:00 The Senior Partners come together to celebrate True Potential's 14th anniversary and the publication of the latest Annual Report  1:25 What happened in Markets this past week? Mark Henderson provides analysis   6:06 True Potential Portfolios performance in March  6:37 Strength in Numbers: A successful year for True Potential's financial performance  10:09 A little from a lot: David Harrison shares some of True Potential's philosophy, every pound invested matters to us  14:40 Technology has allowed us to democratise savings and helped clients to do more with their money  23:00 What the last year meant for clients invested with True Potential, and a fantastic year for the True Potential Portfolios and Platform  26:20 Diversification works  31:37 True Potential's commitment to charity and community  42:54 True Potential are proud to have kept all staff employed and trained through the last year  45:30 The Annual Report is a positive story throughout, we get on with business  

Mar 19

54 min 22 sec

This month's Q & A special answers your queries on tax year end, and provides analysis on what we're seeing in global markets.  0:00 The benefits of subscribing to the True Potential YouTube Channel - quick, free, and easy, stay up to date with our latest insights and subscribe today!  2:29 True Potential are celebrating recent award wins  4:20 George Bell, Investment Analyst, explains what's been happening in markets this past week. A significant week, with the US economic stimulus passed, and economic growth forecasts revised upwards   13:10 Are you prepared for tax year end?  19:01 How to get the new tax year off to a good start with impulseSave®  20:15 Making the most of your tax allowances  21:30 What should you do with cash in a low interest account? Think about your goals  25:00 Behind the scenes of the True Potential Portfolios  27:27 What can you do as Inflation rises?  38:55 Why Bitcoin and cryptocurrency aren't suitable for your life savings  45:58 Jamie shares a joke, let us know what you think in the comments  Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please leave a like and don’t forget to subscribe to the True Potential YouTube channel.

Mar 12

50 min 44 sec

The Do More With Your Money panel give their reactions to Rishi Sunak’s UK Budget 2021, analysing what it means for markets, investors and economic recovery.  0:00 What's happening globally in markets? There's positive developments in the US as economic recovery continues to gather pace  10:25 A reason to raise a Whiskey in the US, and the return of Donald Trump to the political scene  11:51 The impact of increasing the UK Corporation Tax on businesses, how it affects us all and was this really an effective taxation?  18:40 A discussion on UK debt  23:36 The Budget from True Potential's point of view  28:25 Business is great at True Potential, with a strong start to 2021  30:11 David Harrison wrote the book on Freeports, literally. His reaction to seeing Freeports in the Budget and his analysis on other aspects of the Budget  42:10 David explains what a Freeport is and how Freeports can benefit the economy  48:14 A discussion on investment into the UK  50:51 Using tax allowances in your ISA before tax year end. Don't fall victim to Inflation!  1:01:56 The panel share some thoughts and laughs on the idea of moving the Treasury to Darlington  Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please leave a like and don’t forget to subscribe to the True Potential YouTube channel.

Mar 5

1 hr 19 min

The Do More With Your Money panel share their reactions to Boris Johnson's roadmap out of lockdown, and what a liberated economy could mean for you the investor.  0:00 The end of lockdown is in sight, with the economy gearing up to reopen fully this Spring  1:05 Jeff Casson, True Potential Chief Investment Officer, looks back on the performance of Markets through February, including the rate of change in Bonds  5:05 What does Boris Johnson's roadmap mean from a political perspective?  11:04 Is the end of lockdown too slow or too fast? The panel give their thoughts on the unlocking and vaccine rollout  20:46 Big private companies have been a game changer for us getting out of lockdown - science and technology have leaped forward to overcome bureaucracy  30:42 What's the UK markets reaction to unlocking and vaccinations progress?  35:47 Vaccine passports and the actual percentage of the population getting the vaccine  36:49 As we unlock will markets rise or is this already baked in to markets?  39:25 The panel preview next week's podcast looking at the Budget, and David gives his thoughts on trade and currency

Feb 26

47 min 11 sec

In this week's podcast, our expert panel share their insights into how you can do more with your money through financial planning.  0:00 The panel are joined by Loraine Hunt, she talks about her career in Financial Advice alongside being capped for England and winning FA Cup medals  3:29 Chris Leyland, Director Of Investment Strategy, explains why the outlook for markets is growing more positive  6:28 Cash savings are mounting up in lockdown - what's the best way for savers to do more with their money? Inflation is eroding savings kept in cash  10:06 The Inflation outlook for 2021  12:53 How to financially plan for retirement  15:39 Approaching tax year end, can you do more with your money? Use your tax allowances!  19:09 How important is it to use a financial adviser? The role of a financial adviser is discussed  24:10 Financial planning for business  26:35 Income funds versus Accumulation funds   29:37 Dealing with clients during lockdown

Feb 19

40 min 40 sec

There's a lot to be positive about right now, as across the world we see current challenges being met with record breaking innovations and the seizing of opportunities for progress. In reality, today is the wealthiest, healthiest, opportunity-filled society that has ever existed. The Do More With Your Money panel discussed the case for investor optimism...  0:00 What happened in markets this past week? Record-breaking UK vaccinations are giving the prospect of a strong economic bounce-back, and there's analysis on the US and European recovery. All True Potential Portfolios are up  10:10 Boris' "Roadmap to Recovery" and Rishi Sunak's budget plans  13:22 David Harrison explains the case for optimism and his belief that the future looks as bright as ever  15:03 Is the media tilted towards negative stories? Is the case for optimism being downplayed?  18:03 Brexit bureaucracy exposed - how the EU got it wrong on vaccines  26:02 We are all better off than we've ever been - the cult of wokeism can't stand in the way of this  26:31 The optimism around vaccines led by record breaking science and innovation  29:21 Will there be significant economic growth this year? Innovation will lead the way for investors  33:40 Factually, there's never been a better time to be alive  34:57 David shares his experience of getting the vaccine this past week. The need for speed meant no bureaucracy, leading to a swifter and more efficient healthcare rollout

Feb 12

47 min 9 sec

The True Potential Investment Management team present a special Q & A podcast, updating you on global markets, the Reddit inspired GameStop versus Wall Street saga, lockdowns, politics, cryptocurrencies and much more!   0:00 The panel share a laugh about their experience of home schooling and lockdown life  4:40 Jeff Casson, Chief Investment Officer, provides his analysis on what happened in markets this past week  11:54 Chris Leyland, Director Of Investment Strategy, gives an update on the positive performance of the True Potential Portfolios  13:23 The panel discuss the Bank of England and how the actions of central banks around the world are important to you the investor  24:29 The challenge of Italian politics as Mario Draghi is asked to form a new coalition government - what does this mean for the EU's stability?  30:07 What's happening in the USA? President Joe Biden is quietly getting on with the task at hand  33:19 How has COVID-19 affected Portfolio performance and what's the outlook for 2021?  42:43 Are the True Potential Portfolios inclusive of the big tech companies that have done well in lockdown?  48:28 Will the UK market recover in 2021?  54:30 What's the panels thoughts on the Reddit inspired GameStop versus Wall Street saga? What's the reaction to trading platforms stopping retail investors?  1:03:57 What do the panel think of Cryptocurrency? The dangers of this ultra-volatile investment, would you really trust your Pension in Bitcoin?   1:10:35 Run Gregg Run! How to support our colleague Gregg as he runs the distance of the length of the UK for charity. Donate at Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please leave a like and don’t forget to subscribe to the True Potential YouTube channel.

Feb 5

1 hr 12 min

Are you prepared for your financial future? The Do More With Your Money panel answer your questions on inheritance and later life planning.  0:00 The role of a financial planner and how lockdown has changed adviser interactions with clients  3:40 George Bell, Investment Analyst, on what happened in markets this week, including the fascinating story around Reddit, Gamestop, and Wall Street  13:20 Client questions on later life planning - How can you reduce inheritance tax?  17:52 The Budget is coming up, what could change for your taxes?  25:22 What happens to your money when you die? The importance of a Will explained  31:10 The tax efficiency of gifting money and being around to see your money do more  35:40 The role of Trusts in later life planning  40:00 The cost of care and the need to prepare your finances for the expenses of later life  45:40 The panel end the show with their top fitness tip for lockdown

Jan 29

53 min 8 sec

The Do More With Your Money panel reflect on US President Joe Biden and what his Presidency may mean for you the investor. Following a unique inauguration, and the exit of Donald Trump, what will come next for the USA and global markets?  1:00 Chris Leyland, Director of Investment Strategy, on the growth we've seen in US markets this past week. Plus, the phenomenal growth in China  4:24 There's plenty of reasons for investors to be positive, and the True Potential Portfolios have enjoyed a strong start to 2021  5:30 Trump's departure and Biden's arrival - reflecting on a unique inauguration day  8:16 Trump wasn't the first to call out rigged elections, the Clintons have played that game too - does America need to reform their voting process?  12:44 Biased media and the dangerous precedent of Twitter deciding what can and can't be said  18:05 Biden's economic plans are giving a boost to markets and investors  21:15 Biden's executive orders - are his actions matching his words when he talks about unity?  24:30 Will Biden be a one term President? Is this the return of establishment politics?  27:30 Trump is finished, has he spoiled the opportunity for a new way of politics?  27:59 Trump as a positive force for markets, alongside the danger of his volatile temperament   30:17 Trump's massive following, the challenge for Biden with half the country opposed to him  33:10 The Brexit deal - the panel look back on their December predictions and there's a clear bet winner  33:56 Has David had his vaccine yet?   Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please leave a like and don’t forget to subscribe to the True Potential YouTube channel.

Jan 22

51 min 21 sec

How can you do more with your money in 2021? Our expert panel explain the simple steps you can take to elevate your savings and investments.  0:49 Jeff Casson, Chief Investment Officer, looks back on investment performance over the past week, analysing how economies are coping through lockdowns  8:15 President Trump is off Twitter and why this is good for markets  9:16 Why you should set investment goals for 2021  13:37 The importance of investing early and staying invested - don't be distracted by commercial driven 24/7 news flow  17:06 The transformative benefits of habit setting - why a regular direct debit to your investment could help you reach your goals  18:02 Jeff on goals and long term thinking. Diversification in your Investment Portfolio is key   20:40 What investment account is best suited to you? How to do more with your money through an ISA, Pension or GIA  23:30 Using your tax allowances in 2021 to make your money go further  31:43 Using lockdown savings to increase investment contributions  Enjoy another informative and entertaining episode of the Do More With Your Money podcast! Subscribe to the True Potential YouTube Channel today for more from our Investment Management team

Jan 15

38 min 51 sec

What will 2021 mean for markets and investors? The True Potential Investment Management team present a special edition of the Do More With Your Money podcast, providing analysis on what happened in 2020 and how this sets up 2021. There's plenty to talk about, including Brexit, vaccines, lockdowns, and US politics.  0:00 What did the panel get up to over Christmas and New Year? Chris shares his Christmas dinner feast  4:50 How did the True Potential Portfolios perform in 2020? Analysis on a unique year for investments, with positive returns for True Potential clients  6:24 The panel address the political unrest in Washington DC, how did markets react to the recent news flow?  12:35 Market response to more fiscal stimulus coming through in the US  18:20 Brexit is done. How does this affect the positioning of the True Potential Portfolios?  30:30 Inflation and energy prices, what's going on with oil production?  33:40 What's the role of bond markets in the True Potential Portfolios?  50:00 What's coming up in the next few weeks for markets and investors?  54:13 The importance of vaccinations and the impact on market sentiment  58:55 Weekend lockdown plans and wishing you a happy new year - here's to a positive 2021!  Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please leave a like and don’t forget to subscribe to the True Potential YouTube channel.

Jan 8

1 hr 2 min

We saved the best until last, an extra special edition of the Do More With Your Money podcast, looking back on markets, the world, and True Potential as a business through 2020. It is our biggest ever panel, and our longest ever episode, so sit back and enjoy a fascinating discussion to end this unique year!  0:00 All of the True Potential Senior Partners come together to discuss 2020  2:00 Jeff Casson, Chief Investment Officer, shares the Investment Management Team perspective on 2020 and how the the True Potential Portfolios performed. Diversification and long term strategy have been key.  11:30 The behind the scenes story of Do More With Your Money and Morning Markets  17:00 David Harrison, True Potential Chairman, talks about 2020, and making returns for investors  23:26 The panel look back on their January trip to China, what they learned from their visit and China's role as an economic superpower  29:00 Gregg Lang joins the panel to discuss how True Potential successfully adapted its business during the first lockdown  38:40 True Potential as an antifragile business, and the support we offered to the community through the C19 Business Pledge and Social Mobility Pledge  50:45 How True Potential looked after clients and advisers   56:35 Steve Hutton joins the panel to discuss the role of digital technology in looking after clients, and celebrate True Potential being recognised as an award winning leader in digital technology  01:07 The importance of using your tax allowances  01:13 Jamie Sexton joins the panel to discuss Pensions and how we helped clients and advisers to do more  01:27 Daniel Harrison, True Potential Chief Executive, wraps up another excellent year for True Potential  Subscribe to the True Potential YouTube Channel, we look forward to seeing you in 2021 #DoMore

Dec 2020

1 hr 31 min

The Do More With Your Money panel discuss the latest Brexit delay and ask will the UK and EU manage to agree a trade deal before the end of the year?  1:07 Jeff Casson, Chief Investment Officer, provides an update on markets over the past week and how Brexit has played into news flow and currency markets. In the US, markets have neared all time highs over the past week.  6:45 David Harrison, True Potential Chairman, offers his opinion on where we are at with Brexit. Will we get a trade deal?  9:33 How did Daniel Harrison, True Potential Chief Executive, vote in the Brexit referendum and would he change his mind now?  11:20 Where are Brexit negotiations headed and how did we get here? The panel give their verdict on whether we will get a trade deal.  19:55 How has the COVID-19 Pandemic impacted Brexit?

Dec 2020

35 min 14 sec

Our expert panel answer your questions on markets and investments. It has been another eventful week for investors and global markets, how can you do more with your money at this time?  7:26 George Bell, Investment Analyst, provides the weekly markets update. How is Brexit and politics affecting market sentiment?  17:45 Viewer Questions: Is now a good time to invest? How do dividends work within an investment?  22:15 As a low risk investor, how do I find an investment that's suitable? There's a Portfolio for everybody.  29:45 When taking an income, is there a good time, and how do you know how much to withdraw? How do you handle taking money from your investment?  33:30 If I'm made redundant, what happens to my Pension?  35:40 What should I be looking at on the True Potential app?  41:00 How will the True Potential Investment Management team adapt their investment approach now there's a vaccine?   46:20 How do I access my Workplace Pension when I retire?  47:20 Taking a lump sum at 55?   How many cameos can you spot in Gregg's background? It is another entertaining and fascinating episode of the Do More With Your Money podcast.  Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please leave a like and don’t forget to subscribe to the True Potential YouTube channel.

Dec 2020

54 min 43 sec