I Should Probably Change

Bryony Wells

How do we follow Jesus in all the ‘normal’ bits of life? Join me as I make steps towards intentional living - one change at a time.

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The word ‘calling’ can feel like a confusing one, what is calling, how do I know when I’m living in my calling and what does it mean if I feel like I’ve missed out on it? In this episode we are going to dig into the world of calling and try and wrestle with these questions. Come and join us! - you can follow Bryony on Instagram @bryony_wells

Jul 13

19 min 5 sec

Ever felt like you are standing in the wrong queue in life? Waiting for a long hoped for dream while watching others scoot through the self service aisle? I know I have! This week I’m chatting all things jealousy, comparison and finding contentment in the wait. - you can follow Bryony on Instagram @bryony_wells

Jul 6

14 min 13 sec

What is Minimalism - a lifestyle fad or is there something deeper going on? Does minimalism have a place in the life of a disciple of Jesus? Let’s take a look! - you can follow Bryony on Instagram @bryony_wells

Jun 30

22 min 19 sec

Do you have the sneaking suspicion that your phone use is creeping up and stopping you living the kind of life you hope for? Come and join me as I share my struggles in this area and look to the Bible for some ways to think about how we can live a more undistracted life. Find me @bryony_wells over on Instagram.

Jun 22

21 min 4 sec

Join me as we explore why some of the messaging around ‘quiet times’ and reading your Bible can be unhelpful. We’ll think through why we should even bother with the Bible and what practical things we can do to make reading the Bible an exciting, life-giving part of our lives. Find me @bryony_wells over on instragram.

Dec 2020

22 min 36 sec

In this episode we’re going to explore the idea of Sabbath and the riches that can be found from taking a day a week to ‘cease’. Find me @bryony_wells over on Instagram.

Nov 2020

20 min 46 sec

Join me as I chat about the difference starting a morning routine has made to my life. Find me @bryony_wells over on Instagram.

Nov 2020

23 min

Today I go right back to where it all started, with the question ‘how do my choices oppress others’...ouch! Join me as we look at what the Bible has to say about living a life that seeks to be sustainable and ethically driven. Find me @bryony_wells over on Instagram.

Nov 2020

16 min 37 sec

In today’s podcast we explore questions like ‘why even bother with change?’, ‘what about grace?’ and ‘Jesus doesn’t NEED me to change, right?’. We’ll unpack what it looks like for a disciple of Jesus to pursue change in practical, tangible ways. Find me @bryony_wells over on Instagram.

Nov 2020

11 min 20 sec

I’ve started a podcast...join me as I try to explain why! Find me @bryony_wells over on Instagram.

Nov 2020

8 min 38 sec