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Born in Albany, NY, Dr. Gayle Carson, like many of us, has experienced endless moves and had many career adventures and hiccups along the way. One thing Gayle knew at a young age- she was born to coach entrepreneurs.Possessing that “silver lining mentality” has allowed her to build a company from 0 to 7 offices, travel globally as an international speaker, coach and consultant and produce over two dozen books, CD and DVD programs and work with over 1000 clients in 50 different industries.Coaching and speaking across the world, Dr. Gayle always heard:“How do you stay so positive?” “Where does that inner-spunk come from?” Did they say SPUNK? Well, she knew she wasn’t a spring chicken and having an opinion can make people reach for the BROAD word. So why not put this whole thing together and represent in a POSITIVE way, three words that are typically NEGATIVE?The Spunky Old Broad (SOB) was born. Dr. Gayle wanted to possess a distinct way of referring to that fire in her belly that just seems to keep her going!The past 77 years weren’t child’s play however. Surviving three bouts of breast cancer and over 16 surgeries, experiencing the death of her husband and her oldest son was not easy to say the least. Throughout all the cancer, she kept working even during radiation, chemo as Dr. Gayle believes we are all survivors in one form or another.

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