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Alan Skorski has been a political activist for almost 40 years. He authored 2 books; Pants on Fire: How Al Franken Lies, Smears, and Deceives and Israel Betrayed: How the Democrats, J Street,

and Jewish Left Have Undermined Israel. He has appeared on Fox News, MSNBC, Newsmax, and C-Span.Baila Sebrow is a journalist, inspirational international speaker, and 5TJT columnist who also hosted numerous radio and Cable TV shows, including Insight/Israel. She is the Founder and President of Neshoma Advocates, Inc., servicing children and families at-risk. Baila is also an acclaimed matchmaker and relationship coach, and president of Baila Sebrow Events, LLC. She has been been featured in various publications, including The New York Times.

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In this informative, exciting, fun interview, Moshe offers amazing analysis about the Rittenhouse verdict, the extreme mess known as Kamala Harris, the economy, Build Back Better, and much more. As always, Moshe brings lots of energy and brilliance.

Dec 1

25 min 39 sec

Who could be better to name it after than the man responsible? PLUS: Biden's inflation causes Dollar tree to no longer charge $1. Iran still refuses to allow nuclear inspectors in. And much more. 

Nov 29

31 min 49 sec

Today’s show is a little different than our previous shows. Instead of politics, we have a very special guest, Dr. Marc Straus to talk about his book, One-Legged Mongoose: Secrets, Legacies, and Coming of Age in 1950’s New York. And just in time for Chanukah. When you first start reading this book,  it reads something like ‘The Goldberg’s’ meet ‘The Wonder Years’ Television shows, as the book starts off with Marc recalling about his chain-smoking mother who drives down the Belt Parkway like a speed demon, then, without slowing down, up the ramp off the Van Wyck Expressway, with total disregard that Marc is going to vomit all over himself if she doesn’t pull over quickly. While the book has its funny moments, there are many important lessons that discuss with Dr. Straus today.  From getting into fist fights in public school in West Hempstead, Long Island – and always winning – not many Jews can say that, to transferring to a Yeshiva Day school in Queens – traveling alone on the train with his younger brother, for 4 hours every day. Marc’s story is very unique in that he endured physical abuse at home, and never telling anyone, to helping his immigrant father on Sundays at his textile businesses, survived polio, recovered after being hit by a car – ALL BEFORE THE AGE OF 12- to always looking out for his younger brother and other defenseless victims of childhood bullying.   

Nov 24

35 min 40 sec

Kyle Rittenhouse, who clearly acted in self-defense, has been found not guilty, yet the media is claiming that the reason he was acquitted is because he's white. Some Democrats are still accusing him of being a white supremacist, even though the people he shot were white. PLUS: Kamala Harris' communications director has resigned, as her numbers continue to plunge. Biden has admitted that the stimulus checks he provided helped lead to inflation. And much more. 

Nov 21

33 min 41 sec

Interview with Award-Winning Journalist, Senior Editor-in Chief at the Jewish News Syndicate, Jonathan Tobin, to discuss his recent columns, including on the Biden Administration abandoning Israel on a crucial UN vote on the UNRWA support for the Palestinians, from a column titled: Biden’s neutrality on infrastructure of the war against Israel A U.S. abstention on a resolution supporting the UNRWA refugee agency that fuels Palestinian demands for a “right of return” demonstrates the administration’s misunderstanding of why the conflict continues. We also discussed the recent trip to Israel organized by the far left anti-Israel J Street - bringing Democrat members (only) of Congress to meet with Israeli leaders, while indoctrinating them even more in support of the Palestinian narrative. Congressional members on the trip included Barbara Lee CA-13, Mark Pocan WI-2, and Jamaal Bowman NY-16, all of whom have horrific records on Israel. Jonathan discussed the further lurch left by the ADL who has voiced support for Critical Race Theory, which would lead to further antisemitism from ideological progressives. Lastly, we talked about AIPAC, and whether they can still be relevant as a pro-Israel bipartisan group when bipartisanship is fading away in Washington.  

Nov 18

36 min 31 sec

Dr. Wollschlaeger, who grew up as a Catholic in Bamburg Germany, is the author of “A German Life: Against All Odds - Change is Possible,”which describes his struggle growing up in Germany in the shadow of his Father, a highly-decorated WWII tank commander and Nazi officer. His life took a big turn while watching the television coverage of the Munich Olympics in 1972. He eventually converted to Judaism, emigrated to Israel, and served in the IDF as a Medical Officer. Bernd Wollschlaeger, MD,FAAFP,FASAM is a board-certified family physician in private practice (Aventura, FL). He received his medical education in Germany and Israel and completed his residency training at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, FL.    

Nov 11

24 min 26 sec

Dr. Wollschlaeger, who grew up as a Catholic in Bamburg Germany, is the author of “A German Life: Against All Odds - Change is Possible,”which describes his struggle growing up in Germany in the shadow of his Father, a highly-decorated WWII tank commander and Nazi officer. His life took a big turn while watching the television coverage of the Munich Olympics in 1972. He eventually converted to Judaism, emigrated to Israel, and served in the IDF as a Medical Officer. Bernd Wollschlaeger, MD,FAAFP,FASAM is a board-certified family physician in private practice (Aventura, FL). He received his medical education in Germany and Israel and completed his residency training at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, FL.   

Nov 11

39 min 34 sec

Many people say that “politics is a blood sport.” If you follow the news and politics, you wonder how opposing members of Congress can even stand to be in the same room with each other. It wasn’t always like this. In the 90’s, during the Clinton years, even with all the attacks, both personal and political, Bill Clinton managed to work pretty effectively with Newt Gingrich and the GOP leadership. Back then, there were also a number of Senators on both sides of the aisle who were gentlemanly and actually worked hard for love of country.  Today’s guest is one of these gentlemen - who was - and still remains well respected on both sides of the political aisle.  Senator Joe Lieberman is the author of the new book, “The Centrist Solution: How we Made Government Work and can make it work again.” And after the political earthquake that took place this past Tuesday, the launch of his book couldn’t have been more timely. Senator Lieberman was regarded as the “conscience of the Senate” because of his integrity, ability to work well with Republicans, and was widely regarded as someone whose word was his bond – a rare commodity in Washington these days. The book gives insight into Senator Lieberman’s political accomplishments, revealed his sense of humor, and he shares very important lessons for those seeking office who want to make a difference and get things done!  

Nov 7

25 min 4 sec

We bring you a full election day recap, after the Democrats get pummelled on Election Day--with voters rejecting their socialist policies and reclaiming control of their lives. PLUS: Biden denies report that he is planning to pay illegals who were separated from families $450K, then the White House says that he did not really mean to deny it. (Huh?) Another bombshell indictment in the Durham probe into spygate. And much more.  

Nov 5

33 min 2 sec

PLUS: Biden wants to give millions to illegals. (Can he give them Hunter Biden paintings instead?) ISIS threat in DC and Virginia. Liberal mayors say they want 'law and order'. And much more 

Nov 1

32 min 53 sec

During the last several years, FBI data has shown a massive spike of antisemitic attacks against Jews and Jewish institutions, and that Jews have been the most targeted group in America. We are no longer just victimized by Holocaust-denying neo-Nazis, but are now targeted by the far left, radical Islamists, and the “free Palestine” PLO movement who have spent years trying to delegitimize Israel in the media, on college campuses, academia, and now, the halls of Congress.  Last month in Texas, Gina Peddy, executive director of curriculum and instruction for the Carroll Independent School District, said, “We are in the middle of the political mess … make sure that if you have a book on the Holocaust, that you have one that has opposing or other perspectives.” In 2019, Florida Principal William Latson said he had to be 'politically neutral' about the Holocaust because 'not all of our parents have the same beliefs. In2018, Trayon White Sr., a Washington, D.C., councilman, who is now running for Mayor, suggested on Facebook that rich Jews control the weather. He visited the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and left halfway through the 90-minute tour. Today’s very special guest,  Rabbi Abraham Cooper, from the Simon Wiesenthal Center discussed these very troubling events, and if we in the Jewish community and other men and women of good will are going to wake up and realize that the threats against us are coming from more corners of society than we want to admit. 

Oct 29

58 min 14 sec

THE DEFINITIVE RAP INTERVIEW WITH Peter Baum who has written numerous columns about the falseness of the “Palestinian people” and mythical history,  and is frequently interviewed by The WeekPeter Baum reveals the similarities between the PA/Hamas charters and Nazi ideology.Mr. Baum went into great detail debunking the false narratives advanced by the media and PLO-PA movement for decades, which include terminology such as 'Occupied West Bank,' 'Apartheid,' and 'Genocide.'   During the interview, we discussed the deceptive tactics employed the Left to garner support for the PA agenda, which is not only intended to delegitimize Israel, but for which there are no national interests for the United States. Peter Baum proves unequivocally that there has never been an Arab state called 'Palestine.' We discussed these issues and other related columns on this topic, including the many quotes from Arab leaders, stating unequivocally, that there is no such thing as a “Palestinian Arab,” but that they were invented for the sole political purpose of creating war with Israel.”      

Oct 22

36 min 11 sec

This Interview is Sponsored by, Your on-line store for all products imported from the Shuk in Jerusalem. 15% off your orders through October, with this Link: There’s a saying in politics, “when something doesn’t make sense or look right, Follow the money….and you’ll usually find your answer. In movies, if you want excitement, we think of James Bond or Fauda.  Today’s guest is the James Bond and Fauda of the courtroom. Nitsana Darshan-Leitner is the CEO of the Shurat HaDin Law Center, who follows the money and sues Governments who finance terrorism against Israeli’s and Jews, and banks who launder money for terrorist groups. On their website, you will see some of their achievements: “We have represented hundreds of terror victims in legal actions against terror organizations and their supporters, won billions of dollars in judgments against them, and secured hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation on behalf of the victims.”“Under the motto: 'Bankrupting Terrorism – One Lawsuit at a Time!', we undertake civil actions against Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PLO, The Palestinian Authority, Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, Egypt, North Korea, UBS, and the Lebanese Canadian Bank. The cases, being tried in Israeli, American, Canadian and European jurisdictions, allow the victims of terrorism to fight back.”In her book, titled Harpoon: Inside the Covert War Against Terrorism’s Money Masters, Nitsana gives vivid details about how the Mossad, led by Meir Dagan, were able to trace the funds used to pay terror groups like Hezbollah, and the brilliant execution of these operations.  We discussed their lawsuits against Facebook and Big Tech companies for allowing antisemitic groups and materials to be posted on their platforms, as well as their lawsuit against Unilever and Ben & Jerry's for their attempts to boycott sales to Judea and Samaria. Today, we  discuss these and other major cases taken on by Shurat HaDin. Buy the book:  

Oct 17

36 min 21 sec

According to scientific data, the chances that COVID went from bat to human, without being engineered, are very slim. PLUS: The Taliban refuses to work with Biden to fight terrorgroups. Jen Psaki blames Biden's weak approval numbers on...the unvaccinated?? And much more. 

Oct 11

34 min 51 sec

Interview with the ZOA's Liz Berney, ESQ., National Director of Research and Special Projects, discussing Iron Dome, Antisemitism in the Classroom, The Squad, and the Biden Administration's agenda on Israel, including their desire to open a Consulate in 'East Jerusalem' for the Arabs under the PA. Over the last few weeks, the radicals in Congress tried to pass a $3.5 Trillion billion bill which would devastate the US economy, and at the same time, a number of these progressive extremists attempted to block Iron Dome funding for Israel to replenish their supplies after the 4000 +rockets their friends in Gaza fired into Israel this past May. As if the Squad and PLO-PA supporters in Congress weren’t enough of a concern for Jews and supporters of Israel, there is a new group of “2-state” solution advocates being spearheaded by MI Congressman, Andy Levin, a Jewish Democrat who said that his “friendship” with Rashida Tlaib gives him “hope” there can be a peaceful 2-state solution.   Today’s very special guest, is Liz Berney esq. from the Zionist Organization of America. The ZOA is at the forefront of fighting for Israel and against antisemitism without apology and without exceptions. For years, the ZOA has been targeted by left wing Jewish groups because of their unequivocal support for Israel. The ZOA recently issued a Press release calling for the “removal Jew-Haters from Congressional Committees: AOC, Tlaib, Omar, McCollum, etc. Endangered Jewish (and Arab) Lives Twice This Week.” We will talk about these and other related issues with Liz Berney. 

Oct 8

35 min 51 sec

Kamala seemed to validate the notion that Israel is guilty of ethnic genocide. Now she is trying to mop it up. PLUS: The “Build Back Better” bill should be called 'Bankrupt the Kids'. It is a socialist wish list of wasteful programs that include free child care, free college, child tax credits, climate incentives, Medicare expansion, and more. Yet Joe Manchin and Kirsten sienna may block it. PLUS: Biden’s own military advisors dispute his claim that he was not warned to leave troop in Afghanistan or face disaster. And much more.

Oct 6

41 min 8 sec

Last year, while most shuls had limited and restricted minyanim from Rosh Hashana through Simchas Torah, this year, most shuls were open for business, albeit with some cautionary guidelines. A year ago, we were still in the “mask” and social distancing zone, this year, we sat near each other. Yet, as the doctors will tell you, we are from being out of the woods. Today’s guest, Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt,  is one of the most sought-after experts on Covid and other infectious diseases. Rabbi Dr. Glatt is the Associate Rabbi at the Young Israel of Woodmere, and is the Director of the Medical Halacha Commission of the Rabbinical Alliance of America.  Heis Board certified in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, and is Chairman of Medicine and Chief of Infectious Diseases / Hospital  at Mount Sinai South Nassau, and a full Professor of Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. A spokesperson for the Infectious Diseases Society of America, he previously, was the President & CEO of St. Joseph Hospital; Executive Vice President at Mercy Medical Center; and Associate Dean at NY Medical College. Whenthe promise of a vaccine was first rolled out under the Trump Administration, many in the media, and his many political critics said, “it’s not trustworthy.” Then under the Biden Administration, the messaging became, “follow the science….it saves lives,” and while millions of people across the globe have been vaccinated, there are still many who are reluctant. Leaving out those who believe in world conspiracies, there are others who are very reasonable and intelligent people who have legitimate questions based on sound and documented research. There have been many reports of people becoming violently ill or suffering serious side effects after being vaccinated, possibly from overstimulation of the immune system, known as the Cytokine Storm. There is no one more qualified to answer these difficult questions and concerns, than Rabbi Dr. Glatt. 

Oct 1

31 min 34 sec

As we just finished Aseres Y’mei T’shuva, the 10 Days of Repentance, the period of time when our Rabbi’s and teachers emphasize that it’s a time to better ourselves while asking forgiveness from those we may have harmed over the past year. The CEO of the ADL, Jonathan Greenblatt – who reportedly earns $700,000 a year to do ONE JOB – expose and combat antisemitism, THIS year, took it upon himself to re-define T’shuva. He didn’t ask his fellow Jews for forgiveness, this year he chose to ask for forgiveness from the Muslim community because in 2010, then ADL CEO, Abe Foxman, stood in opposition to building an Islamic Center and Mosque in the shadows of Ground Zero out of sensitivity to the families and victims of 9/11. Today’s guest is the Distinguished University Professor Thane Rosenbaum, who in 2010 wrote a column, titled; Ground Zero Mosque and the Freedom From Pain, where he stood with the Abe Foxman, who while supporting the rights of Muslims to build Mosques, stood with the families of 9/11 who viewed Ground Zero as hallowed ground. During the interview, Professor Rosenbaum discussed the history of the ADL, why it was initially started – to combat antisemitism – but has morphed into a political machine closely aligned with progressive parties and organizations, abdicating it’s original mandate, and leaving Jews in America vulnerable to attacks. Professor Rosenbaum is the Distinguished University Professor at Touro College, Creative Director, Forum on Life, Culture & Society ('FOLCS') Legal Analyst, CBS News Radio, Columnist, Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, Contributor, Newsmax, Legal and Middle East Analyst, Contributing Writer, White Rose Magazine 

Sep 17

39 min 59 sec

Interview with Former British Military Commander, Colonel Richard Kemp, who served in Afghanistan in 2003, then served with the Joint Intelligence Committee, responsible for monitoring events in Afghanistan.   Significant Quotes from the Interview: Re: President Biden; 'Anything that can be done to end his Presidency...' 'It was a Deliberate Failure of Policy' by the US and NATO' 'Without the US, NATO is Nothing' 'There is no more gleeful Country in the World than China'  

Sep 2

34 min 59 sec

Dr. David A. Tenenbaum, Author of Accused of Treason, is a civilian mechanical engineer who works for the Army at the TACOM base in Warren, Michigan. In 1997, he was falsely accused of being an Israeli spy—and having dual loyalty to the State of Israel simply because he is Jewish—by a known anti-Semite and several other anti-Semitic coworkers who referred to Tenenbaum as the “little Jewish spy.” The FBI conducted a full-scale criminal investigation of Tenenbaum and his family. It resulted in an official report to FBI Director Louis Freeh, that there was no evidence Tenenbaum had ever done anything wrong. In fact, Tenenbaum was not even working on classified programs. Instead, he was concentrating on an approved and unclassified program known as the Light Armor Systems Survivability (LASS) to up-armor the Army’s HMMWVs because, following Somalia, it was a known fact that the HMMWVs were death traps. The Tenenbaums’ federal lawsuit for religious discrimination was dismissed after the Army falsely claimed that they “would not be able to disclose the actual reasons or motivations for their actions without revealing state secrets.” Senator Carl Levin ordered the IG-DOD to investigate the Tenenbaum case and determine if the Army was guilty of anti-Semitism. After over two years, the IG-DOD issued a report which confirmed that the US Army was guilty of anti-Semitism. To this day, the Army refuses to make Tenenbaum whole and compensate him for the false accusations against him. Tenenbaum is one of the only persons for whom a favorable Inspector General report has been issued to not be compensated. The government has never been held accountable for their anti-Semitism. Dan Meyer, who investigated this case, is the Managing Partner of Tully Rinckey PLLC’s Washington, D.C. office, has dedicated more than 25 years of service to the field of Federal Employment and National Security law as both a practicing attorney and federal investigator and senior executive. Throughout three Presidential administrations, Dan promoted the federal whistleblowing mission and its related policies and statutes. As the Intelligence Community’s (IC) foremost whistleblowing subject-matter expert from 2013 to 2017, he served as the Executive Director for Intelligence Community Whistleblowing & Source Protection and was instrumental in establishing the IC’s first program of its kind. From 2004 to 2013, Dan served the U.S. Department of Defense Inspector General first as Director of Civilian Reprisal Investigations and then as Director of Whistleblowing and Transparency. In these positions, he investigated or provided oversight to numerous high-profile cases, among them disclosures involving the 9/11 attacks, the abuse of polygraph procedures in counterintelligence cases, the use of the security-clearance decision-making process to reprise and discriminate, and the treatment of soldiers and their remains after injury or death. In the interview, investigator Meyer tells us how we can pressure members of Congress to open an official investigation into this incredible miscarriage of justice. Accused of Treason is a page turner, and will make your blood boil as you read how an Orthodox Jewish man was specifically targeted by antisemitic superiors and co-workers. 

Aug 25

36 min 42 sec

Interview with DR. RICHARD GUNDERMAN, Chancellor’s Professor of Radiology, Pediatrics, Medical Education, Philosophy, Liberal Arts, Philanthropy, and Medical Humanities and Health Studies at Indiana University. A distinguished medical doctor, author, and historian, he has written more than 800 articles and 15 books, his most recent being Contagion: Plagues, Pandemics and Cures from the Black Death to Covid-19 and Beyond. It was roughly a year and a half ago at the very early stages of Covid, when local politicians were telling us that parades will go on and everything is fine. Then as people were starting to get sick, we were told that by the end of the summer, the Virus would dissipate. Then the country basically shut down as there became a rush on toilet paper, masks, and sanitizers. It wasn’t too long afterwards that politics and finger pointing started as to “who was responsible for this.” Since then, the CDC and World Health Organizations started to get a handle on things, giving us guidelines about how to move forward, and for the most part, people complied as most Americans saw this as a “we’re all in this together” life-changing event. But it didn’t take long until some TV doctors got the celebrity bug, messaging got muddled, politicians and the media said they wouldn’t trust anything that took place under a certain President, only to change course and message with, “follow the science,” and “masks save lives.” Today’s guest is NOT a politician or a celebrity but a prominent doctor, Richard Gunderman, who has authored hundreds of articles and whose latest book, Contagion, goes through the history of viruses and plagues, and will educate us about everything we’re doing right, and everything we are doing wrong, and why are the health-care experts constantly changing their messaging - which only leads to more confusion and more mistrust from the American people. During the interview, Dr. Gunderman gave us the answers that cable news doctors did not, and was not afraid to tell us when there are no certain answers to certain questions.  This interview was a breath of fresh air compared to the “experts” forced down our throats everyday with answers and rules that are often given to satisfy agendas, which are not necessarily related to our health or that of the country at large.  

Aug 18

35 min 27 sec

Interview with Matan Vilnai, Former General in the IDF; On the Entebbe rescue, he was the Commander of the Paratroopers Brigade and led the first force that  landed at  the Entebbe airport and the second in command of the entire operation. General Vilnai also served as a member of the Labor Party, as Minister of Science, Culture and sports, Deputy Defense Minister and Minister of Defense of the Home Front. Currently, he has become the president of the first China University in Israel for Business and Economics.  Most people can’t remember what they did last week, let alone 45 years ago. It was July 4, 1976, while most Americans were celebrating Independence Day with fireworks and BBQ’s, the IDF was returning from Entebbe Airport with 102 rescued hostages. For a brief review; On June 27, Palestinian terrorists hijacked a plane that had left Israel, bound for Paris, with a stopover in Athens where the hijackers boarded. After refueling in Libya, the plane flew to Uganda in Africa. Soon after landing in Uganda, the hijackers released the non-Israeli passengers, but held the Israeli’s for the ransom to release 53 Arab terrorists being held in Israel and European prisons. While Israel was considering its options, the terrorists extended their deadline to July 4. This extra time allowed for the IDF to devise a rescue operation titled, Operation Thunderbolt, later renamed Operation Yonathan, after its leader Yoni Netanyahu.   The miracles included that the release of the non-Israeli hostages which allowed the Mossad to interview them to get a precise detail of the hostage takers and airport. The fact that an Israeli architect still had the Entebbe airport blueprints gave the IDF much needed information. That the IDF had to fly 8000 miles in specialized Hercules planes, one of which was 40,000 pounds overweight and almost couldn’t take off due to extreme dry weather. These were just some of the miracles.  Today’s guest is former IDF General, Matan Vilnai,  was one of the heroes who led the IDF to Uganda to tell us about his role in the rescue and what it was like to participate in the greatest hostage rescue in history.

Aug 10

35 min 8 sec

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Yigal Dilmoni, CEO of the Yesha Council in Judea and Samaria in Israel, on the Ben & Jerry's boycott of Israel, and how US Jews and the KOF-K Kosher Agency Should Respond. Since July 19, no story has been more dominant in the Jewish world than the announcement by the Board of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, to boycott the “occupied territories” next year.   In America, the largest Kosher stores immediately terminated all purchases from their Ben and Jerry’s distributors. Non-Kosher stores like Morton’s and Garistedes have reduced their freezer space for this ice cream brand.  State Houses in 35 states, including New York, NJ, IL, TX, OK, and FL,  have threatened to terminate all contracts with Unilever, the parent company of BJ’s ice cream, as well as divest from all their pension funds 

Aug 3

38 min 10 sec

Dan Diker, Fellow at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, issued a paper, titled, The “Apartheid” Poll and the Disinformation Discourse, which delves deeper into who, how, and why these lies against Israel have gained so much traction in America, to the point of becoming mainstreamed. In the last 2 weeks, J Street and their allies released a purposely misleading poll suggesting that 25% of American Jews believe that Israel is an “apartheid state.” During this same period, groups like J Street and other anti-Israel Jewish leftists have come to the defense of Ben & Jerry’s BDS attacks against Israel.   Along with these groups, antisemitic propogandists like Linda Sarsour, Ilhan Omar, and the Squad engage in carefully orchestrated messaging that blood-libels Israel which leads into outright antisemitism and Jew-Hatred. During the interview, Dan discussed the tactics used by Students for Justice in Palestine, an antisemitic group, whose campus activism has set in motion the mainstreaming of academia-inspired antisemitism, targeting Jewish students and professors alike.   There’s an old adage, “The truth will set you free.” That is, unless the lies told about you are so big, so organized, and so well-orchestrated, that the truth doesn’t even matter anymore. The rise of the blood-libel movement against Israel has been growing for decades, but now, has reached an all-time level of lies meant to delegitimize, destabilize, and eventually dismantle the State of Israel.  From the media, to academia, to the Halls of Congress, the slandering of Israel with the most grotesque lies have led to a record level of physical attacks and harassment of Jews on the streets of New York, other large cities with significant Jewish populations, and college campuses throughout North America.  In the last 2 weeks, J Street and their allies released a purposely misleading poll suggesting that 25% of American Jews believe that Israel is an “apartheid state.” During this same period, groups like J Street and other anti-Israel Jewish leftists have come to the defense of Ben & Jerry’s BDS attacks against Israel. 

Jul 30

34 min 14 sec

On Monday July 19, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream issued a Press Release stating they will not renew their contract with the Israeli distributor to sell, to what THEY Call OPT, Occupied Territories. The response from the pro-Israel Jewish world was swift; On social media, Major Kosher supermarkets were notifying customers that Jihad Ben & Jerry’s will no longer be sold in their stores. Morton Williams, a chain of 16 stores in NY said they will reduce their shelf space by 70%, will stop promoting their brand. The Kosher Authority Rabbinical Supervision of Australia has already de-listed the Hamas ice cream brand, and now we await a statement from the KOf-K Kosher certification, the international Kashrus agency, who certifies the PLO ice cream on how they plan to proceed. Alas, some of you are asking, “do you really think this multi-billion-dollar company really cares if they lose the support of a minority of Kosher consumers?” Today’s guest Noted Attorney David Schoen, who served on the defense for President Trump against impeachment, is here to explain the hot legal water these antisemitic, “social justice” warriors may have gotten themselves, Jihad Ben & Jerry’s, and even the corporate owners of this hateful brand, Unilever, into. A number of years ago, 33 states signed onto an anti-BDS bill that forbade their states from doing any business with any company who engages in BDS against Israel proper, or portions of Israel that are considered “in dispute.” Furthermore, this episode has created a Public relations nightmare for Unilever, which you can be sure, they will not soon forget. In the second segment of the show we were honored to have with us, Nassau County councilman Bruce Blakeman, who in a record time, mobilized the Town of Hempstead in Long Island NY, to initiate the anti-BDS legislation -  to ban all contracts between the town and Unilever. 

Jul 22

39 min 1 sec

Interview with Award-winning Journalist, and JNS Senior Editor In Chief , Jonathan Tobin, on his recent column, 'Are Jews really united against Antisemitism?' On Sunday, July 11, there was an organized rally in Washington DC titled, “No Fear” to “raise awareness” about antisemitism. The event, organized by Elisha Weisel, brought together roughly 60 Jewish organizations. Groups from the right to the left like AJC, ADL, ZOA, and Stand With Us, as well as religious to the less religious, were represented. The majority of speakers refused to acknowledge Palestinianist/Free Palestine/and ‘The Squad’ - inspired antisemitism were responsible for the huge spike in antisemitic attacks and vandalism. Like all the other rallies I’d attended, there were maybe 1 or 2 speakers willing to call out the Squad, but only if they could also criticize Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene. I want to give a shout out to Meghan Mccain who spoke, and she did not hold back. What the rally proved to me was that we are a very divided people who can’t even do the bare minimum – that is to REFUSE to name Linda Sarsour, or Squad members as the main instigators of the increased antisemitism. One speaker, David Saperstein, felt he had to say, “I oppose the occupation,” at this event. The Biden Administration’s representative condemned ONLY white supremacist-inspired antisemitism.  

Jul 14

30 min 5 sec

Interview with former New York State Assemblyman and Founder of Americans Against Antisemitism, Dov Hikind, about how Linda Sarsour, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and the Hamas-supporting Squad in Congress use blood libels against Israel to incite violence against Jews in America, and why are Jewish leaders afraid to respond.  We are repeatedly being told that Nazism didn’t start with the gas chambers, it started with “words.” ACTUALLY, Nazism started with an agenda that later became mainstream, all while Europeans and the West remained silent. Today, we have the “free Palestine” terror movement, which includes groups like CAIR, Students for Justice in Palestine, University faculties, academia, and now the halls of Congress, which seek to dehumanize and delegitimize Israel, with the ultimate goal of severing the US/Israel relationship. LIKE in Nazi Germany, the West is silent. THEN, they could say, “we didn’t know.” Today, it’s “anti-Zionism isn’t antisemitism,” or “we can’t rock the political boat,” or we can’t respond harshly to the purveyors of hate if they are female, have a tan complexion, and certainly not if they have Islamic ancestry. Yes, we are talking about Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Sandy Cortez, and Linda Sarsour.Worse. We are witnessing the utter silence and cowardice of Jewish groups who call themselves leaders. Whether it is Jewish groups with multi-million-dollar budgets or Jews elected to congress who either issue timid letters of criticism, or people like Chuck Schumer, who claim, “I am working behind the scenes.”  

Jul 8

36 min 48 sec

Interview with Attorney Kenneth Ryesky on the rise of antisemitic  doctors and other professionals whose social media accounts call for violence against Jews and Israel. Should professional schools institute new vetting committees? Once upon a time, antisemitism was considered taboo like other forms of racism, but we are now in 2021, America has “returned to normalcy” as Joe Biden would put it, and antisemitism is not only on the rise, it is skyrocketing. To make matters worse, it is becoming very normalized thanks to the media, academia, the halls of Congress, and a perverted new movement called “woke-ism,” which together with a very determined and successful alliance with the “free Palestine” and Hamas caucus, have mainstreamed and normalized the most virulent form of Jew-hatred not seen since the 1930’s Europe. Antisemitism is no longer the domain of the David Duke’s of America, but has permeated every aspect of American life. In 2012, a medical student named Lara Kollab publicly stated her intent to inject dangerous drugs into Jewish patients. When this became public in 2018, our guest, Kenneth Ryesky, wrote a column in the Algemeiner titled, Hospitals and Schools Must Ensure That No Medical Professional Ever Uses Their Position to Harm Jews. For every one person like her who gets exposed, there are hundreds who are under the radar. Last week, a Phoenix-based doctor from a Children’s Hospital, named Fidaa Wishah tweeted that “Israel’s end is near.” One of the oldest binding documents in history isthe Hippocratic Oath that is held so sacred by physicians. It is accepted that those idealistic men and women who go into medicine, who swear to dedicate their lives to treat the ill are doing so because they are humanitarians of the highest degree. But, when it comes to a hater of Jews, the oath does not matter.   2 weeks ago in Philadelphia, an Israeli catering-truck business called Moshava Philly was disinvited to a food event organized by the city of brotherly love after allegedly receiving threats of violence if they are allowed to participate. 

Jun 30

35 min 41 sec

Interview with Kingsborough Community College Professor Jeffrey Lax, an Orthodox Jew, who recently resigned from CUNY's Union over a blatant antisemitic resolution accusing Israel of 'apartheid,' and calling for discussions about potential support for BDS. During the interview, Professor Lax cited countless examples of antisemitism within the union, faculty, and hiring practices at the community college. Opening monologue from the interview: On June 18, Professor Jeffrey Lax, resigned from the CUNY’s professor’s union over the passage by an overwhelmingly number of colleagues on an anti-Israel resolution.  In a recent column from The Jewish Press, the opening paragraph reads as follows: 'The 47-year-old Jewish professor of business at Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn, N.Y., was appalled by a recent 83-34 vote by the Professional Staff Congress of CUNY on a June 10 resolution that condemns “the continued subjugation of Palestinians to the state-supported displacement, occupation and use of lethal force by Israel” and also “racism in all its forms including anti-Semitism, and recognizes that criticisms of Israel, a diverse nation-state, are not inherently anti-Semitic.” 

Jun 23

34 min 41 sec

Interview with award-winning journalist and Senior Editor-in-Chief of JNS, Jonathan Tobin, to discuss his recent column in The Federalist, 'If Ilhan Omar Was A Republican She'd Be Another Marjorie Taylor Greene.' Jonathan cited the fear that Jewish Democrats in Congress feel in the face of the incessant antisemitic attacks promulgated by Squad members AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley, who hide behind gender and 'women of color' status to insulate themselves against criticism from Party leaders. Their blood-libeling of Israel has led to direct attacks against Jews in the streets of America. Further, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi accepted Ilhan Omar's 'clarification' where she compared the US and Israel to Hamas, ISIS, and other terrorist organizations. Omar stated, 'I was in no way equating terrorist organizations with democratic countries with well-established judicial systems.' But since Omar DOES NOT recognize Israel as either a democracy or a country with a 'well-established judicial system,' her 'apology' or 'clarification' was a ruse to push aback against Pelosi and her Jewish Democrat critics.  There have been multiple rallies in support of “Fighting antisemitism.” The rallies featured speakers from all backgrounds; Religious leaders, activists, and politicians from both sides of the political aisle.  The one thing they all had in common was their lack of a strong backbone. With all of the attacks against Jews in America and Israel; from academia, student government bodies trying to ram BDS resolutions down universities throats, to media unbalanced reporting on Israel, To Jews getting beat up in the streets of New York and L.A., to Israeli cargo ships being blocked from docking at US ports, to outright blatant attacks against Israel’s very legitimacy from powerful voices inside the United States Congress – Congresswomen focused primarily on Israel, who blood libel Israel in ways that would parallel Josef Goebbels, with accusations of apartheid, genocide, ethnic cleansing, and crimes against humanity – ALL intentional lies to delegitimize Israel and destabilize the US/Israel relationship, not one single speaker at these rallies had the guts to call out these people by name, so I will: Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and Ayanna Pressley – the leaders of the Hamas Caucus, who know that they are lying, but are so forceful in their lies, that leaders of their party, including long-time serving Jewish Democrats, like Chuck Schumer and Jerrold Nadler, are terrified to rebuke them, out of fear of being called sexists and racists, and even worse, the fear of being primaried by another radical progressive. 

Jun 17

29 min 10 sec

Interview With David Weprin running for City Comptroller

Jun 13

33 min 57 sec

Interview with Shahar Azani, a leading pro-Israel activist in the U.S. and a former Israeli diplomat. He is Senior Vice President at JBS, Jewish Broadcasting Services, and was formerly Executive Director for StandWithUs Northeast Region who responded to Trevor Noah via Youtube. Trevor Noah, comedian wanted to make the claim that the side with the higher casualties holds the moral high ground.  

Jun 2

30 min 47 sec

Interview with Noted Attorney and Professor, Thane Rosenbaum, on the rise of violent antisemitism coming to America, and the deafening silence of Jews on the left, particularly from people like Senator Chuck Schumer and Congressman Jerrold Nadler. Thane Rosenbaum is a law professor, and Distinguished University Professor at Touro College where he directs the Forum on Life, Culture & Society, and who writes widely on Jewish-related themes. He is a legal and Middle East analyst, novelist, essayist,  and the author of numerousbooks of fiction and nonfiction, including Saving Free Speech … from Itself; and The Myth of Moral Justice: Why Our Legal System Fails to Do What’s Right.  His columns appear in the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, and has written for the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, L.A. Times, and the Daily Beast, among other publications. He is the Legal Analyst for CBS News Radio and is a Contributor to Newsmax TV.  He hosts The Talk Show at the 92nd Street Y. 

May 26

44 min 52 sec

Interview with Carrie Severino, President of The Judicial Crisis Network, on the Biden Administration's Court Packing agenda. 

May 21

28 min 7 sec

Interview With Former British Commander, Colonel Richard Kemp: 'The IDF Is The Most Moral Army In The World.' Here we are once again, Day 10, as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad are using Gaza’s civilian neighborhoods as launching pads to fire rockets indiscriminately into Israel. And right on cue, we have the reliable media outlets reporting about Israel’s “disproportionate response.” This is the fourth time since Israel withdrew from Gaza that Hamas started a war with Israel that they knew they could never win. But then again, “victory” against Israel was never their aim. Rather, their objectives are to rally the Muslim world, together with the UN and the Governments of the cowardly European nations against Israel. What is different THIS time is that Hamas now has allies in the Halls of Congress starting with Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and a former bartender named Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who several years ago, while being interviewed on PBS’s Firing Line, admitted, “I’m not an expert on geo-politics…” recently Tweeted, “This is happening with the support of the United States.” As she and other radical progressives slammed the Biden Administration. Today, we are honored once again to have one of the most sought-after experts on military conflict and the morality of defensive wars, Former British Military commander, Colonel Richard Kemp. Colonel Kemp’s unequivocal support and advocacy for the state of Israel and the IDF is unparalleled. In a video distributed by Prager University, the Colonel explains why the IDF is the most moral army in the world today.

May 19

40 min 40 sec

Bad Midos May be Useful..

May 14

3 min 38 sec

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Alex Tubis, the real artist behind some of the most dramatic paintings in the Netflix hit series, Shtisel. During the interview, Alex shared how he was selected to 'audition' for the behind-the-scenes role, and the surprise when they selected him for the series. As he was talking, the commonalities between Alex and the Akiva character played by Michael Aloni were clearly defined. He explained the deeper meaning behind the 'fire' in the portrait of Racheli in Season 3, and that he sought the counsel of his teacher, who suggested he brighten the flames in the background. 

May 11

35 min 32 sec

Interview with Curtis Sliwa, Founder of The Guardian Angels and GOP Mayoral Candidate for NYC, 2021. During the interview, Curtis Sliwa talked about the rise of the Guardian Angels; From patrolling the streets and subways of NYC, to becoming the guardians of vulnerable Jewish communities. In the early 90's, following the pogroms of Crown Heights, The Guardian Angels remained steadfast protectors and defenders of the Jewish community. In May of 2021, Curtis Sliwa and the Guardian Angels provided vigilant patrol of Synagogues in Riverdale after days of vandalism and smashed windows perpetrated by a 29 year old antisemite. Curtis discussed his vision as Mayor of NYC by making crime fighting and improving police morale, and increasing crime fighting budgets as the first step towards revitalizing NYC to its glory days.His campaign website is  

May 6

34 min 3 sec

NEW DETAILS EMERGED OVER THE MASS CASUALTIES AT MT. MERON ISRAEL during Interview with Avi Abelow from The Pulse of Israel Podcast, about the largest civilian casualty toll in Israel's history. According to media reports, At least 45 people were crushed to death and more than 150 people hurt, including many in critical condition, after midnight Thursday at a mass gathering to celebrate the Lag B’Omer holiday at Mount Meron, medics said. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the incident “a terrible disaster,” promised a thorough investigation, and said that Sunday would be declared a day of national mourning.  According to Avi Abelow, witnesses reported telling police on the scene, prior to the tragedy, that they had to remove the exit barricades or there could be casualties and injuries, but their warnings and pleadings went unheeded.  Army Radio reported that children were among the dead and injured.  The event is believed to be the worst peacetime tragedy in modern Israeli history, with a death toll higher than the 44 who lost their lives in the 2010 Mount Carmel forest fire.     

May 3

31 min 10 sec

Interview with Itamar Marcus, Founder of Palestinian Media Watch,, an organization that monitors the Palestinian Authority's media, political leaders, and education curriculum. In this interview, we have audio and video directly from the Palestinian Authority that states unequivocally that 'ALL OF ISRAEL IS OCCUPIED PALESTINE,' and that 'Jews allied with Nazi Germany to burn Jews for Profit.' Other direct quotes from the Palestinian Authority include; 'Holocaust was Jews' payment for their Wickedness.' 'The hatred of the Jews is not due to their religion, but rather due to their social role.' Itamar Marcus has met with European and Western Governments around the world to present direct evidence of the Palestinian agenda, and has succeeded in Governments ending financial support for the PA and their UN-sponsored agencies.  

Apr 29

32 min 6 sec

Interview with Yonathan Arif, VP of CRIF, the umbrella group of France's 74 Jewish Organizations, to discuss the French judicial system, which recently ruled that Kobil Treore, a 27 year-old Muslim man, could not be tried for the brutal murder of Sarah Halimi, a 65 year-old Jewish woman, because he was 'high' on marijuana at the time of the savage attack, and could not be held criminally responsible. Yonathan educated us about the current level of antisemitism in France, and that many of their compatriots have joined with the proud Jewish community to condemn and combat anti-Semitism. French President Macron has pushed for a new law that would never again allow the courts to avoid prosecution for criminals of such heinous crimes while  under 'the influence' of drugs 

Apr 22

34 min 47 sec