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James Haeck, Dael Kingsmill, Shawn Merwin and Ben Byrne bring you the latest tabletop hobby news, discussions on roleplaying game design, ideas for players and GMs, and share their passion for tabletop roleplaying games and the community!

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Welcome to Episode #01 of The Eldritch Lorecast, where we dissect the news in the tabletop RPG industry and discussing our findings! This week it's the arrival of Grim Hollow: The Player's Guide to Kickstarter backers, the Quest-o-Nomicon and designing adaptable adventures, changes coming in Mordenkainen's Monsters of the Multiverse, and our hopes and dreams for Dungeons & Dragons 5.5e. Topics: 00:02:24 - Grim Hollow: The Player's Guide 00:16:35 - The Quest-o-Nomicon and adaptable adventures 00:34:20 - D&D Celebration 2021 and Mordenkainen's Monsters of the Multiverse 00:51:27 - Dungeons & Dragons 5.5e

Oct 6

1 hr 2 min

Episode #02 of The Eldritch Lorecast explores Fizban's Treasury of Dragons and what we're excited to see in the new book! We also discuss the new Unearthed Arcana: Travelers of the Multiverse while pretending to know all about Spelljammers, explore how to make choosing racial traits far more customizable and dynamic, suggest variant roleplay tools such as prompt cards and relationship mapping, and start an international dispute over inches and centimetres. Topics: 00:00:30 - Describe yourself as a dragon type 00:01:38 - Quest-o-Nomicon Kickstarter closes 00:02:28 - Unearthed Arcana: Travelers of the Multiverse 00:11:45 - Mixing up racial traits and bonuses 00:22:49 - Fizban's Treasury of Dragons 00:40:09 - Variant roleplaying tools for TTRPGs 00:57:09 - Should D&D use the metric system?

Oct 13

1 hr 3 min

Episode #03 takes a Netherdeep Dive into the new Critical Role book, "Call of the Netherdeep", with James spilling some secrets from the depths. We uncover the evolving magic item's from Fizban's Treasury and evolve it into a conversation about arcane artefacts in general. Then we get spooky, brainstorming experiences for Halloween and horror themed RPG's. Are vampires the most philosophical monsters, or was man the real monster all along? Topics: 00:00:20 - Scariest D&D Monsters 00:03:20 - Talking CALL OF THE NETHERDEEP 00:16:08 - Shawn's doing an Extra Life live-play 00:25:25 - Awarding Magic Items 00:38:23 - Halloween themed games

Oct 20

1 hr 1 min

Episode #04 features Logan from Runesmith taking us on tavern crawl through "The Seeker's Guide to Twisted Taverns", and we hotly debate the function of passive perception over a brew. As the night goes on we get philosophical about the alignment chart and the nature of morality, before diving into myths and morality tales. No birds were harmed in the making of this podcast. Topics: 00:02:01 - "You all meet in a Tavern" adventures 00:11:09 - The Seeker's Guide To Twisted Taverns 00:21:10 - Passive Perception debate 00:31:47 - The Alignment Chart 00:47:43 - The Bird saga 00:48:43 - More Alignment Chat

Oct 27

1 hr 9 min

In Episode #05 we take a break from the news cycle to ask each other what we love most about playing tabletop roleplaying games like D&D 5e? How do you get started if you've never played before? Do complex game mechanics tell a better story than simple ones? Ben has strong feelings about whether you should turn your passion for TTRPGs into your job while Dael sees into the future and talks briefly about candy. Topics: 02:37 - Why Play TTRPGs? 23:24 - Evolution of D&D through the Editions 36:35 - Crunchy game mechanics vs simple mechanics? 40:43 - Is 5th Edition the ultimate malleable RPG? 45:49 - How to get started playing TTRPGs?

Nov 3

58 min 47 sec

James reveals all about Fables: Citadel of the Unseen Sun! This first ever Grim Hollow adventure module releases in instalments, starting in January 2022. The crew also discuss how digital tools such as Pathfinder Nexus and D&D Beyond have evolved alongside TTRPGs, and where they might be going. What is the scent of delusion? Are hit points meat? Topics: 00:00 - Intro 02:48 - Fables - What? When? How? 16:52 - Fables - Character Levels 25:28 - Citadel of the Unseen Sun - Adventure design 31:56 - Digital tools used in TTRPGs 50:16 - Games Workshop scented candles 55:14 - Conceptualizing hit points and damage Fables: Citadel of the Unseen Sun  Sign up now to get each instalment at $9.99 as they release.

Nov 10

1 hr 5 min

Shawn and James break down their approaches to designing monsters for 5th Edition D&D, Dael explains building in a "Death Star Exhaust Port" to her monsters, and Ben is surprised by how virtuous everyone's player-characters are. We delve into the merits of running "An Evil Campaign" *cue lightning* and how each of us would approach such a dastardly game. Topics: 00:00 - Intro 02:50 - 5e Monster Design 18:10 - Monster's with "Death Star Exhaust Ports" 25:48 - Monsters Inspired by real world critters 29:43 - Monster Hunts and Investigations 37:19 - Running an Evil Campaign 53:30 - D&D Inspiration from Video Games

Nov 17

1 hr 2 min

Ben and Dael get recklessly empathetic for their new D&D characters while Shawn onboards new players by limiting their options. James get critical about the result of rolling a natural 20... or a natural 1. Topics: 00:00 - Intro 02:31 - Character creation 23:38 - Using pre-generated characters 29:24 - Onboarding new players & Session 0's 37:00 - Having 'Reckless Empathy' for your character 40:59 - Scoring a Natural 20 and a Natural 1 46:40 - Designing rules for rolling criticals

Nov 24

1 hr

The Dungeon Dude's drop by to take us on a tour of their dark fantasy adventure module, the Dungeons of Drakkenheim! Monty contaminates the world of Drakkenheim with new spells and magic items, Kelly has regrets about the monsters he's created, Ben mutates into Colbert momentarily, and Dael wants us to follow the rabbit of happiness! Topics: 00:00 - Intro 01:17 - What fictitious world would you escape into? 04:47 - Dungeons of Drakkenheim 13:53 - Contamination and Mutation mechanics 26:14 - Factions of Drakkenheim 37:29 - How to start World Building

Dec 1

51 min 12 sec