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Weekly interviews with Support Operations Leaders with Sid Bhambani of Summatti.

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Feb 2020

30 min 1 sec

Jim Isreal of Otto Motors joins us to talk about how he leads his team with the "why", interactive reports and why customer experience is king.

Feb 2020

38 min 1 sec

Brian Martynowicz of Login VSI joins us to talk about his customer service metrics, what he does when customers are not happy and how he transitioned through from helpdesk all the way to managing support and service.

Jan 2020

20 min 55 sec

Eric Broulette of Flywheel joins us to talk about cutting chat response time by 97%, the two core metrics that Eric tracks for customer satisfaction and what is in store for Flywheel support in 2020.

Dec 2019

22 min 45 sec

Gary McGrath of Paddle joins us to talk about how to save support reps time, how he manages two different support teams with different volumes and knowing the context that the customer is coming from.

Dec 2019

21 min 28 sec

Vlad Danilov of ManyChat joins us to talk about how he manages support rep load, how they use Slack as a major part of their communication and why a Messenger SaaS business are not actually trying to concentrate support in Facebook Messenger :).

Dec 2019

22 min 35 sec

Stacy Justino of Wistia joins us to talk about the best way to find support tech, how Stacy (and Wistia!) aims to make business more human and how Wistia's support algorithm that auto searches for potential churn risk.

Dec 2019

18 min 55 sec

Eitan Pick of Lumen joins us to talk about what keeps Eitan up at night (HINT: it's everything!), why Eitan now thinks holistically, not individually about KPI's and B2B Vs B2C CSAT response rates.

Dec 2019

26 min 24 sec

Brittany Naylor of Evernote joins us to talk about the best way to find support tech, what Brittany learnt from technical support at Apple and Evernote's support algorithm that auto searches for potential churn risk.

Nov 2019

37 min 15 sec

Ryan Steinberg of Intercom joins us to talk about why people don't care about your gift cards, how support agents could game their CSAT scores and analysing negative CSAT scores by service or product issues.


Nov 2019

35 min 35 sec

Nicholas Martin of Harry's, Inc. joins us to talk about how Harry's came about, how they reach out to customers before they need support and solving issues three months in advance.

Nov 2019

28 min 7 sec

Peter Muir of Dejero joins us to talk about his time in support at Blackberry, Dejero's support tech stack and the intersection between Dev Ops and Support.

Nov 2019

27 min 4 sec

Theo Panaritis of Workable joins us to talk about building internal relationships, why technology doesn't matter and how his marketing experience helps in support.

Nov 2019

25 min 56 sec

Rob Holcombe of Canopy Tax joins us to talk about empowering agents, their NPS survey completion rates and shortening time to resolution.

Oct 2019

32 min 29 sec

Sushila Sahay of Lightbend joins us to talk scaling customer experience, Lightbend's support tech stack and when to introduce a customer success manager into the sales process.

Oct 2019

27 min 47 sec

Chris Escobar of Planet Fitness joins us to talk about managing executive stakeholders, company culture and AI's role in support.

Oct 2019

30 min 35 sec

Craig Stoss of Artic Wolf Networks joins us to talk pro-active support, where support is heading in the next 10 years and how he measures NPS.

Oct 2019

25 min 19 sec

Rashmi (Summatti cofounder and COO) sits down with Sid (Summatti cofounder and CEO) to understand more about him, Summatti and this podcast.

Sep 2019

14 min 25 sec