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Jenny SuShe is known in the food and entertainment industry as a successful entrepreneur, TV personality, Playboy model, and celebrity interviewer. In season one of

The Jenny SuShe Show she interviewed dozens of athletes and celebrities including Fia Johansson (Persian Medium), Brock O'Hurn (actor), Gabi Garcia (MMA Champion), Dr. Miami, Robert Ri'chard (actor), and Paul Teutul Sr. (star of American Chopper).

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Ojani reveals how he emigrated to America with friends at the young age of 15 on a raft from Cuba. Talks about his marriage with super star Jennifer Lopez and also shares his is thoughts about upcoming Celebrity Boxing match with reality star Joe Gudice.

Feb 8

31 min 6 sec

Just for fun.  Dating advice from Filipino mom Mareng.

Dec 2020

1 min 16 sec

Qveen Herby is internationally loved for her unique sound and talents which combine bouncing between vocals and rapping double digit syllables per second.  With her unique sound and appealing visuals on social media she is the Queen of designer hip hop with R&B vibes. Growing up in Nebraska she participated in a multitude of talent shows at the local strip mall, had a job at Dairy Queen and she worked as a wedding singer.

Dec 2020

32 min 44 sec

WARNING ADULT CONTENT. WARNING this is a brutally violent murder also murder of an animal and drug use. THIS IS NOT FOR CHILDREN. 1st Murder and Mukbang episode.  About PRO MMA fighter Jarod Wyatt and how he brutally murdered his friend and sparring partner Taylor Powell.   WARNING this is a brutally violent murder also murder of an animal. This is not for children. 


Nov 2020

22 min 3 sec

He has interviewed the biggest celebrities in Hollywood and has been in the industry for over 13yrs. Domenick tells me who his celebrity crush is and which celebrity he believes has the most influence. The Jenny SuShe Show. Check out The Domenick Nati Show.

Aug 2020

42 min 46 sec

Zoom chat interview with reality star and founder of the iconic Orange County Choppers Paul Tuetel Sr. and his better half Joannie K. They killed the couples challenge!  Paul Sr. also shared how they met by him accidentally almost killing her??? Love at 1st site! Check out Discovery Channel for American Chopper Reboot season 1,2.    Jenny SuShe Media Network

Aug 2020

34 min 12 sec

Interview with women's PRO boxer Heather “ The Heat” Hardy before her upcoming fight with Amanda Serrano.  It was being dubbed the WOMENS BOXING SUPER FIGHT.  Streamed live on DAZN, Madison Square Garden. In the Hulu theatre.

Jul 2020

24 min 12 sec

R Kelly ex-girlfriend Faith Rodgers shares her hopes for the future after everything from suing R Kelly to participating in the Netflix docu series Surviving R Kelly.

Jun 2020

24 min 5 sec

World-renowned Fashion Activist Ivan Bitton of Ivan Bitton Style House in Hollywood chats with Celebrity Sushi Chef Jenny SuShe about his experience styling the biggest stars in entertainment.

Nov 2019

24 min 42 sec

Brazilian Butt Lifts!! 🔥🔥 I had the opportunity to do a phone interview w/ Reality Star Dr. Miami MD, President of the World Association of Gluteal Surgeons (WAGS). Mortality rates w/ Brazilian Butt lifts are high bc of unskilled Surgeons. WAGS purpose is to educate the public and surgeons on better techniques and procedures.

Sep 2019

20 min 9 sec

Sushi Chef Jenny SuShe sits down with former WBA: World Boxing Association Super Bantamweight Champion and Current Contender Rico Ramos to discuss his upcoming bout vs Jessie Magdaleno which is being held at @The Hangar at the OC Fair and broadcast on ESPN this Saturday, March 23rd 2019. via The fight represents a chance for both men to begin a quest for a belt in a second weight class.

Sep 2019

8 min 59 sec