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Loper and Randi's daughter uses a clipboard to keep their lives organized. A dad's Thanksgiving Day trick turned south when he let out a massive fart. Tommy Fury is out for the fight against Jake Paul. Evan Rachel Wood has more accusations about Marilyn Manson. A huge comedy festival is going down in California. Plus, Treadmill Trivia, Olympic boycott, Viagra prevents dementia, Medina Spirit, WWE trivia and more!

Dec 7

1 hr 47 min

A listener is upset because his wife wants to give all their Christmas money to another family. Loper caught Randi at what he thought was snooping for presents. We crowned our Blitz Calendar cover girl Friday night. The parents of the Michigan school shooter have been caught. Bob Dole died at the age of 98. Plus, tortured at Bed Bath and Beyond, UFC Fight Night, cream cheese shortage, WWE RAW, Mexico beach patrols and more!

Dec 6

1 hr 57 min

Last year's Blitz Calendar cover girl, Cynthia, joins us on the show this morning to talk about tonight's competition for the 2022 cover girl. Alec Baldwin's interview aired last night. We have a list of mistakes that people make at Christmas. We were stunned to find out the value of some of those old Beanie Babies, so listen up if you still have any. Plus, New Music friday, Christmas movies, Know It or Blow It, Legally Blonde jokes and more!

Dec 3

1 hr 51 min

The 'Home Alone' house in Chicago is available as an Air BnB. Alec Baldwin says he absolutely did not pull the trigger of the gun on his movie set. We play a game of 'Know It Or Blow It' for tickets to see Steel Panther. Tiger Woods' son might be the next great golfer. Plus, the Brady Bunch, Eddie Vedder, deep fakes, Army of Thieves, Spotify wrapped and more!

Dec 2

2 hr 2 min

What is the best gift to get someone who has everything already? We can tell you! A man is upset because his daughter-in-law has started filming the family all the time for her new videographer business. Little Knox Loper was at it again trying to get out of school this morning. People are having more sex than ever before. Plus, Egg Roulette, Dr. Oz, Michigan school shooting, Walmart settlements, free legal advice and more!

Dec 1

2 hr 1 min

One of the mini Lopers drove away in a car alone for the first time. Randi finally got her car unlocked. Marilyn Manson's new apartment was raided by the feds. Animals are being impacted by Coronavirus. We have a crazy story about a mom who went to visit her daughter's family and was treated horribly. Plus, treadmill Trivia, Tiger Woods, Travis Scott, Blitz Calendar Party, a Christmas game and more!

Nov 30

2 hr 3 min

Ohio State lost to Michigan and it really sucks! We asked for your best weekend wins and fails. A listener wants to know what he should tell his wife about his great Thanksgiving Day scam. A man sat on a woman at a gym because she was taking too long on the equipment he wanted to use. Plus, Cyber Monday deals, Jesse Smollett, Christmas gift approval, Thanksgiving leftovers, Virgil Abloh and more!

Nov 29

1 hr 51 min

Randi locked herself out of her car and got called a Cluster F by her own father. Why don't we eat more turkey eggs? Loper and Randi have a review of the new House Of Gucci movie. Plus, George Washington and his turkey, Egg Roulette, vaccine mandate effects, Britney Spears on TV, free legal advice and more!

Nov 24

2 hr 8 min

Loper discusses the danger from his trip to the storage unit. We have some great Thanksgiving food hacks. Hellbound is the new top show on Netflix. LeBron James has been suspended for the first time in his NBA career. Plus, Treadmill Trivia, cold hands, House of Gucci, Hounddog Pizza, Brown Friday and more!

Nov 23

2 hr 5 min

Loper and Randi talk about their weekend at the Dave Chappelle concert and the Struggle Jennings concert. A listener is a stripper and her older sister is threatening to boycott their family Thanksgiving this week if she doesn't confess to their parents. LeBron James got ejected from the Lakers' game for throwing a hellbow. Randi's mom is obsessed with The Voice. Plus, E-Sports, American Music Awards, San Francisco looting, console shortage, Hepatitis-A at Starbucks and more!

Nov 22

2 hr 8 min

If you didn't see the eclipse last night, you never will unless you live over 600 more years. Buckeye legend, Jeff Logan, is in studio to talk all things Ohio State football. An HOA is fining a homeowner $100 per day since they put their Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving even though the lights are not on. Plus, Lobster Karen, New Music Friday, Peng Shuai, European KitKat, new Kid Rock, the Rittenhouse trial and more!

Nov 19

2 hr 21 min

How has a past Thanksgiving been ruined for you? 74% of people said they would be just fine with having sides only and no turkey on Thanksgiving. Ex-NFL running back, Zac Stacy, caught on camera abusing girlfriend. A Philly fan was in a hit and run while on the air with a sports radio station. What is the worst part of Christmas? Plus, Flava Flav, Egg Roulette, Alec Baldwin, Gen X vs Gen Z, Peng Shuai and more!

Nov 18

2 hr 4 min

The singer of the band, Brass Against, urinated on a fan on stage. Britney Spears posted another crazy video twirling to Bush. Marilyn Manson had a "bad girl" room where he locked up girls. If you were going to drop a streaming service, which one would it be? Peewee Herman is getting into the radio business with his own show. Plus, Treadmill Trivia, new Ghostbusters movie, Reese's Pie, Michigan flu, VP Harris and more!

Nov 16

2 hr 1 min

Loper and Randi give up some details about the Friendsgiving event they went to over the weekend. Jake Paul reveals what the bet is on his fight with Tommy fury. Gucci is doing a collab with X-Box and the console will only cost you $10,000. Kids learn things a lot easier than adults do. Plus, Huge Mail Sack, Rittenhouse trial, people living in space, Britney is free, a Karen interruption and more!

Nov 15

1 hr 54 min

Buckeye legend, Jeff Logan, is in studio to talk about the Buckeyes and their big game with Purdue tomorrow. A large number of kids between the ages of 4 and 7 think bacon comes from plants. 3D printing is at a new level and you can print just about anything from guns to human organs to food. Plus, need a side dish, Shaq and the Green Mile, New Music Friday, DJ Khaled's new wings, Free Britney Day and more!

Nov 12

2 hr 5 min

Loper wanted to drown a man at the golf course for telling Loper that he needed to hurry it up. A listener says his wife wants to let their 15 year old daughter sleep at her boyfriend's house and he isn't having it. We revisit when Loper got his body waxed. Sex on the beach is a bad idea for many reasons. Plus, R. Kelly's cellmate, Paul Rudd, Veteran's Day, Michigan Attorney General, school days, Paul Bunyon, no shave November and more!

Nov 11

1 hr 59 min

Be prepared for serious food shortages for your Thanksgiving dinner. There is a brothel where you can go and have sex in return for getting vaccinated. It's official, the second season of Squid Games is coming. Bands share their stories of how miserable it can be on tour. Plus, Egg Roulette, the Conservative Beaver, a stolen street sweeper, free legal advice and more!

Nov 10

1 hr 56 min

Carol Baskin is now part of a support group for people who have been cancelled or socially shamed. Jeff Bezos wants to kill Leonardo DiCaprio for flirting with his girlfriend. The new Ghostbusters trailer looks like a tease for bringing back the O.G.s. Former Buckeye, Damon Arnette, is the latest casualty of the Las Vegas Raiders. Plus, Treadmill Trivia, flying to London, Warren Buffet money, luxury yachts, Astro World and more!

Nov 9

2 hr 6 min

Loper and Randi went to see Dave Matthews and a classic hippie chick tried to scam their seats from them. A listener wants to know what to do about her boyfriend's gross sense of humor. We cover the terrible tragedy that left 8 people dead as the Astro World concert festival. Aaron Rodgers took ivermectin for Covid-19 thanks to his friend, Joe Rogan. Plus, stolen bounce house killing, JayZ defends Chappelle, new Dexter, Kat Williams Trump on Baldwin and more!

Nov 8

2 hr 10 min

OSU legend, Jeff Logan, joined us in studio to talk about your Ohio State Buckeyes. Ohio is suing the Biden administration over their vaccination mandates. Oklahoma prisoners are suing because they were tortured with the song "Baby Shark". Plus, Randi keeps getting hurt, New Music Friday, Would you rather?, a Cancun assassination and more!

Nov 5

2 hr 9 min

If you could go to outer space, which 3 famous people would you take with you? Breakups are harder on men than they are on women. J. Loper escaped from the Franklin County Jail, but he has been caught. People are sick and tired of being shamed just because they suddenly sneeze in public. Plus, Helium Theater, new phones, sex with celeb look-a-likes, Slipknot's bonfire and more!

Nov 4

2 hr

Former Columbus meteorologist, Mike Davis, wants out of prison early. A Texas woman pointed a shotgun at a 7 year old for trying to trick or treat at her house. Loper can't get enough of the new Limp Bizkit song. Facebook is removing it's facial recognition feature. Plus, Egg Roulette, Britney Spears, the World Series, free legal advice and more!

Nov 3

2 hr 7 min

As we switch over from Halloween to Christmas, when is it too soon to put up lights how long can you leave them up? What is one thing you would need to have to make the perfect date? Little Knox Loper enjoys taking a luxury bath, complete with TV, servants, toys, etc. We explore what it takes to run a day care center in your own home. Plus, Treadmill Trivia, election day, Warren Buffett, Tiger King 2, Ricky Schroeder and more!

Nov 2

2 hr 5 min

Loper had quite the weekend seeing Zach Bryan with his daughter and then going to the Buckeyes game. The McRib is back at McD's but is the personal pan pizza still a thing and who has the best wings? A listener wants to know if she was insulted by her friend about her new home purchase. Plus, Let's Go Brandon, no vaping at Buckeye games, painting doors, Jen Psaki, Alec Baldwin, the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and more!

Nov 1

2 hr 7 min

It's that time again, Loper puts on the pumpkin head of death and becomes Randi's target. Buckeye legend, Jeff Logan, stops by the show to talk all things Ohio State Football. Some jerks keep throwing rocks at cars at Parsons Ave. and 104 on the south side. Plus, New Music Friday, Facebook is now Meta, living with ghosts, Andrew Cuomo and more!

Oct 29

2 hr 1 min

Dak Shepherd says he absolutely will not try to protect the virginity of his daughters. Loper's friend has fallen back in love with his ex from 10 years ago, but she still has a boyfriend. Floyd Mayweather will not take a picture with any guy who has painted nails. The Cleveland Indians are suppose to be the Cleveland Guardians next season, but a Cleveland roller derby team already uses Guardians. Plus, Helium Theater, a new Elvis movie, an awesome DNA link, Trump at the World Series and more!

Oct 28

2 hr 4 min

Over half of people believe in ghosts and many believe in werewolves and vampires, too. Led Zeppelin's music is now available for your TikTok videos. What is the best alcohol to drink with Halloween candy? Loper got crushed at golf by a couple major league baseball players. Plus, Twenty One Pilots shows this week, Egg Roulette, Alec Baldwin, Jeremy Piven, free legal advice and more!

Oct 27

2 hr 5 min

Why is it that normal places you are very familiar with, become scarier in the dark? Like Randi, her sister is on a tennis team and, like Randi's team, her sister's team has plenty of drama. Loper gives us a review of the new documentary, "Four Hours at the Capitol". Paranormal investigator, Neal Parks, calls in to talk about haunted Ohio. Plus, Treadmill Trivia, Dave Chappelle, the World Series, Winter Olympics, rain forever and more!

Oct 26

2 hr 2 min

A listener says her friend's sexy Halloween costume looks terrible and wants to know if she should tell her. There is an alcohol shortage coming just in time for the holidays. Companies are starting to backtrack on requiring workers to be vaccinated. Logan Paul and Mike Tyson are reportedly going to fight in February. Plus, an atmospheric river, football and baseball, child vaccine, Alec Baldwin and more!

Oct 25

1 hr 56 min

Buckeye legend, Jeff Logan, is in studio to talk all things Ohio State Football. Alec Baldwin accidentally killed someone on the set of his new movie. A new movie about Ozzy Osbourne is coming out. Plus, Loper's TikTok, killer celebrities, New Music Friday, Blue Collar Holler and more!

Oct 22

1 hr 54 min

Loper has begun his new career making videos on TikTok. People are trying to cancel Dave Chappelle and the fans are not having it. Black Sabbath and DC Shoes are doing a new collab together. A vienna museum has had to move their nude art to Only Fans because they cannot show it on Twitter or Facebook. Plus, Helium Theater, Brian Laundrie news, the most haunted hotels, Britney's new home and more!

Oct 21

1 hr 56 min

We have found some drama on Next Door over a Halloween display. We had the longest game ever of Wake N Bake Trivia. Shopping at the mall is definitely not what it used to be. Taxi drivers in New York City are going on a hunger strike. Plus, Egg Roulette, the Victoria's Secret podcast, Tinder's new Plus One, Facebook's universe and more!

Oct 20

2 hr 2 min

Little Makenzie Loper interrupts the show due to a problem with her gym shoes. While Kelly was enjoying a hike at Mohican State Park Sunday, another poor woman was killed by a falling tree branch. Hi level people are losing their jobs because they refuse to get vaccinated. Kanye west has legally changed his name. Plus, Treadmill Trivia, Phish concert death, Loper's golf day, Philadelphia subway tragedy and more!

Oct 19

1 hr 52 min

A listener believes her home is haunted and an incubus has been getting cozy with her in bed at night. Hooters girls are upset at the new shorts they have been asked to wear. Vince Neil fell of the stage during a concert and broke his ribs. All hell broke loose at the Tennessee-Mississippi game. Plus, KISS cancelled again, Travis Barker engaged to Courtney Kardashian, weekend wins, Brian Laundrie and more!

Oct 18

2 hr

Loper was golfing when he overheard one girl complaining that another girl was copy catting everything about her. Randi talks about a college roommate who was eerily obsessed with her. We play Match Game for tickets to go see KISS. Half of people would go to outer space if it was a free trip. Plus, New Music Friday, Bill Clinton hospitalized, old kids shows, the George Foreman grill and more!

Oct 15

2 hr 1 min

Dr. Sanjay Gupta was on the Joe Rogan podcast to discuss Rogan taking ivermectin to treat Covid-19. We have some very familiar sounds that you have heard, but that you probably did not know were trademarked. William Shatner cried his eyes out after going to the edge of space with Jeff Bezos. Make sure you get your Thanksgiving turkey early this year because there is a shortage. Plus, Helium Theater, social media danger, crotch rot, television strike, celebrity art and more!

Oct 14

1 hr 54 min

A guy had a complete meltdown on an airline flight due to their mask mandate. The mini Lopers have come up with some slick methods for staying awake past their bedtime. There are people who are offended by Covid related Halloween costumes. Squid Game has taken over the world....at least the Netflix world. Plus, Egg Roulette, the best ribs, Tom Cruise's enlarged face, free legal advice and more!

Oct 13

2 hr 7 min

A listener had his wrapped burger fall on the floor at a fast food restaurant and wants to know if he deserved a new burger. Wes Scantlin from Puddle Of Mudd called in ahead of their show on October 30th. Superman is now bi-sexual. A couple has a ridiculous list of demands when they order carryout from a restaurant. Plus, Treadmill Trivia, Kiss tickets, Halloween concerts, Polaris shooting, Magic Erasers on teeth and more!

Oct 12

2 hr 1 min

Loper had a brush with death on 315 over the weekend. Randy was under attack by wolf spiders. Las Vegas is the place to go for concerts. A listener wants advice because her husband does not like her hanging out with her longtime male best friend. Five field goals were missed in the Bengals-Packers game. Plus, Fury vs Wilder, Kim Kardashian on SNL, cargo ships, Cher vs Madonna, Kiss In Dayton, a new HBO dating show and more!

Oct 11

1 hr 48 min

Buckeye legend, Jeff Logan, joins the show to talk about things Ohio State Football. We have the most popular Halloween costumes for kids and adults this year. We want to know your playlist for Halloween movies. Woody Harrelson punched a guy and he deserved it. Plus, New Music Friday, dinosaur shrimp, Pepsi Blue Collar Holler, top cookies, America playing guitar and more!

Oct 8

1 hr 56 min

We got a taste of Dave Chappelle's new Netflix special. A drunk couple suffered major damage on a water slide...what is your crazy drunk story? Celebrities sure love getting in the marijuana business and we made a game out of it. When can you say you are from a certain state? Plus, Egg Roulette, Charlie Sheen and child support, Gwenyth Paltrow product, favorite season, free legal advice and more!

Oct 6

1 hr 43 min

What is the craziest thing you ever saw happen at a funeral? Urban Meyer apologized to everybody yesterday. Dog The Bounty Hunter is getting a bunch of new TV offers. Loper's friend is worried because his wife transformed herself and is super hot now. Plus, Britney's security, Treadmill Trivia, Facebook drama, offshore bank accounts, Squid Game and more!

Oct 5

1 hr 42 min

Video has gone viral of a young girl grinding on Urban Meyer at a local bar. Covid Update: Get a fan for Thanksgiving and have better sex. Are you quitting your job or wanting to? You are not alone. How much time do you and your significant other spend in the same room everyday? Plus, Jon Jones, Starset, Powerball jackpot, new horror movies, the Passion of Dracula and more!

Oct 4

1 hr 54 min

Buckeye legend, Jeff Logan, is back in studio talking all things Ohio State Football. Loper shared his night at the Dirty Heads/Sublime with Rome concert. A new Covid symptom popped up in Japan called Restless Anal Syndrome. Plus, New Music Friday, Crater of Diamonds state park, Carnage, Brian Laundrie and more!

Oct 1

2 hr 5 min

Randi got used at Jimmy John's so that someone could get a picture with her friend. Britney Spears has finally been freed from her father's rule. Loper made a gift recommendation for a guy, but the guy messed up the advice. We play Match Game for tickets to see Tool in concert. Plus, Helium Theater, smuggling gold paste, Brian Laundrie, Squid Game, Dollar Stores and more!

Sep 30

1 hr 46 min

UFC star, Jon Jones, was arrested in Las Vegas for being a complete and total scumbag. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are very open about their very open marriage. This Christmas, people are giving more experiences as gifts. A man with a bat colony died of rabies. Plus, Britney vs Spears, Squid Game, Powerball jackpot, free legal advice, movie killers and more!

Sep 29

1 hr 56 min

Loper had a dead battery this morning that almost ruined the show. UFC Fighters, Matt Brown and AJ Dobson, join us in the studio. R. Kelly was found guilty and will spend a long time in prison. Randi tells the tale of Loper and the special milkshake in Jamaica. Demi Lovato claims to have had a close encounter in Joshua Tree. Plus, Brian Laundrie, John Hinckley, Netflix, Treadmill Trivia and more!

Sep 28

2 hr 11 min

Machine Gun Kelly was booed off stage at Louder Than Life over the weekend. Loper's army worms are all dead finally, but now he has a problem with crows. We play Dirty Minds for tickets to Carnage. Virginity is getting a makeover thanks to wokeness. Plus, drunk Nicolas Cage, Tiger King 2, the best pizza, Britney Spears update, social media effects, Huge Mail Sack and more!

Sep 27

2 hr 2 min

Loper and Randi recap the Guns N Roses concert from Thursday night. Buckeye legend, Jeff Logan, joins us in studio to talk all things Ohio State Football. WWE Raw champion, Big E, calls in to the show. Plus, New Music Friday, Tiger King 2, fast food service, Gabby Petito, booster shots and more!

Sep 24

1 hr 42 min

Randi went to war with an app for Covid tests, but she finally won. Vans and Nike are both coming out with shoes that have Halloween movie themes. We take a look at the setlist for tonight's Guns N Roses concert. Plus, Gabby Petito update, Huge Mail Sack, winter Olympics, Chevelle and more!

Sep 23

1 hr 49 min