PowerUp Your Presence

By Corporate Class

Join hosts Diane Craig and Sandra Corelli, president and vice president of Corporate Class Inc., to help you with the multi-faceted topics of leadership and presence. Diane and Sandra have coached and consulted with business professionals and leaders at all levels, across all industries, all over the world. Listen to an engaging mix of stories, tips, insights and conversations with trailblazers who speak candidly about their journey to leadership. Meet today’s influential leaders and achievers as they discuss the changing face of modern leadership. Discover why presence is pivotal to address the challenges of a constantly evolving business world. Learn about the complex fusion of passion, resilience and discipline it takes to become a leader. Get to the bottom of what it means to be authentic; How a leader’s social skills can make a positive impact beyond the bottom line; Why empathy, body language and presentation skills are now benchmarks of leadership. By going behind the scenes, PowerUp Your Presence Podcast provides a wide perspective of leaders’ real-life experiences, presented through a lens to expand your view and help you reflect on your own approach, actions and behaviour.

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