Vegan Curious

By Ashley & Sara: Vegan Curious

Fancy finding out more about plant-based food? Want to find out where you can get the best vegan cheese? How they make seitan? What's happening in vegan fashion? Look no further. Vegan Curious is the only plant-based podcast that's aimed at everyone, not just vegans. We may be plant-based but we're judgment free. This is a podcast for all you vegans, flexis, veggies, even the carnivores amongst you. News, reviews, interviews, and taste-tests! So, come on. Join us - Ashley and Sara - if you're Vegan Curious.

  1. 1.
    Series 3 ep 2 - Instagram influencer Farm Girl Goes Vegan interview, plus best vegan offerings for Valentine's Day
  2. 2.
    Series 3 ep 2 - Minor Figures interview, what's the future for Oatly, lab processed meat disected and the Veganuary backlash
  3. 3.
    Series 3 ep 1. A Veganuary like no other. Top tips and the best 15 new vegan products launched this month
  4. 4.
    Series 2 ep 8. More veganism in the lockdown. Plus interview with Stella Woodward the 'Vegan Coach'
  5. 5.
    Series 2 Ep 7 Veganism in the lockdown - interview with Matt Turner of the Vegan Society
  6. 6.
    Series 2 Ep 6 Veganism and the Coronavirus. Plus interview with Keely and Kirk from food company Plates
  7. 7.
    Series 2 Ep 5 The vegan backlash! Why people hate vegans and what type of vegan are you? Plus interview with Animal Rebellion's Harley McDonald Eckersall
  8. 8.
    Series 2, Ep 4: Greggs, KFC, Pret, Costa... New Veganuary goodies scoffed and reviewed. Plus interview with lawyer Peter Daly on the ruling about vegan rights

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