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Ashley Bruce

Living Created is a lifestyle podcast for Christian girls to encourage and equip girls to live the extraordinary lives God Created them for. Let’s discover what we were created for together.

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I am taking a few weeks as a break to seek the Lord about the vision and future of Created Mag. Until then I need to know what kind of content you are wanting! Would more posts and resources about money be helpful, more on studying the Bible, growing with God, relationships, everyday things? Click Contact Me down below and send me a message! Tell me what you want to hear about: Contact me Created Mag: Insta  

Oct 2019

1 min 42 sec

Are you asking God what to do next? Are you looking for clear map laid out for your life? Are you trying to discover His will for your life? Listen to this.

Oct 2019

6 min 36 sec

Is God not giving you a clear answer about what to do? Let's talk about how I knew God was calling me to be a missionary in Ukraine.

Oct 2019

16 min 31 sec

Is your budget just not cutting it? Do you need to figure out how to save more money and cut costs? Here are 5 tricks to saving money starting with your purpose, diving into cooking and even the softwares I use to save money on autopilot.

Sep 2019

15 min

I’ve been in a season of trying to discover my God given gifts, abilities and passions and I realize other girls are to. In this episode I am going to share 10 surprising ways you can discover your passions. Some are mental blocks you need to push through and some are challenges but I promise you will walk away with a fresh perspective and motivation to go try something new! Let’s dive in!

Sep 2019

16 min 23 sec

You may be asking “is this the right job for me? Is this the right man for me? Is this the right school for me?” We have to make many life changing decisions in our early 20’s and this is the guide for you! Whether you say yes or no too quickly or you are an over thinker like me, Here are the 6 steps I’ve discovered help make a wise and peaceful decision when the pressure is on.

Sep 2019

13 min 33 sec

In this episode I share about how different forms of rejection and life challenges opened my eyes to who God created me to be and how confidence started to come naturally. Here I share a few secrets of how you can gain confidence in yourself and in the season of life you are in.

Sep 2019

19 min 1 sec

If you are asking “Where do I start reading the Bible?” this podcast is for you. There are so many ways we get to this question like maybe we are seeking direction from God, or we want to grow closer to Him, or we have questions about who He is. Well, I love sharing my passion for Scripture with others and this is a simple guide to get you started reading the Bible.

Sep 2019

23 min

Have you been asking "what's God's will for my life?" In this episode I share my thoughts on this book and one question to ask yourself to find more clarity!

Aug 2019

12 min 49 sec

If you are interested in blogging, discovering your passions and gifts or hearing my story, listen on! In today’s episode, I am going to share my own story of starting a blog embarrassingly called the passionate when I was 16. I’ve learned a lot since then and I just want to share so maybe you can get inspired and try something that will guide you into your next stage in life.

Aug 2019

17 min 35 sec

If you aren’t sure what God is asking you to do today, this episode is for you. You aren’t alone and today we are going to talk about different ways God has been telling me to be faithful and to encourage you to be faithful too. Let’s get started!

Aug 2019

14 min 21 sec

If you, like me, sometimes feel anxious or pressure for something here are my three tips I’ve learned that help fight anxiety for a Christian!

Aug 2019

12 min 14 sec

If you want to hear God speak to you but aren’t sure what to do, listen in. If you don’t know how to understand the Bible this episode is for you. I am going to share the one secret I’ve learned about studying God’s word and actually understanding it. Let’s get started!

Jul 2019

14 min 29 sec

Are you ready to tackle your budget but not sure where to start? Do you want to feel free from your finances so you can handle your debt, plan for the future and even go on vacation? This episode is for you! We are going to address tons of commonly asked Budgeting questions, give you a step by step guide to begin budgeting and tips and tricks to stick with it! Let’s get started!

Jul 2019

21 min 24 sec

Do you feel like reading your Bible is just another thing you have to do everyday? Are you thinking about how you haven’t prayed in a while and you have no desire to do it? Sometimes we can fall into a routine of contentment where we are just living our lives not really growing in our relationships with God. Here are 5 ways to get out of this zone of thinking and to start desiring God.

Jul 2019

15 min 40 sec

This episode is for the single girls who needs a place to put their desires into something healthy. Included is my story, how to write and pray for your future husband and tips for the waiting!

Jul 2019

17 min 26 sec

Have you ever felt like you were missing something in your life? Like you are settling not living your best life? In this episode we dive into 6 signs you aren't living the life God created you for and how to fix them!

Jul 2019

18 min 37 sec

The first episode of Living Created dives into the story of how this podcast got started and the three steps to living the lives God created us for.

Jun 2019

14 min 37 sec