Enduring Hope with Christina and Scott MacIntyre

Scott MacIntyre Ministries / A.C.T. Intl

Blind American Idol alum Scott MacIntyre and his wife Christina know that hope is found in the hardest of times. No matter what you’re facing, the right perspective can change your life. Say goodbye to fear and discouragement, and find faith in the promises of God!

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How many times in your life are you guaranteed to win? When it comes to a relationship with Jesus, you can't lose.

Oct 26

5 min 32 sec

Faith opens our eyes to a greater spiritual reality. Seek first the kingdom of God, and He will illuminate your path.

Oct 19

4 min 45 sec

The best gifts always come from the one who knows you best. Open your heart to what God has for you.

Oct 12

5 min 28 sec

God is bigger than our fears. Look beyond creation and find security in the words of the creator.

Oct 5

5 min 35 sec

With all the doors presented to us each day, it's easy to get distracted. But there is one door which will never disappoint and will satisfy our deepest desires.

Sep 28

4 min 50 sec

Waiting is not easy, but God promises great things to those who wait upon Him. Be encouraged by those who waited on the Lord and were rewarded for their patience.

Sep 21

5 min 37 sec

Shortcomings in our lives are never too much for God. His grace is sufficient, and He can work in you and through you just as you are.

Sep 14

5 min 5 sec

How do you see yourself? And how does God see you? Look up and let God's perspective transform your own.

Sep 7

4 min 52 sec

It's tempting to rely on safety nets even when we know they are prone to fail. But God's love never fails, and we can rest securely in the arms of Jesus.

Aug 31

5 min

God has a plan for you and a place where you ultimately belong.  You might feel overwhelmed by suffering right now, but one day these hardships will be a distant memory.

Jun 12

4 min 31 sec