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We all go through them, and I have been in probably the longest one of my photographic career.  In this episode I talk about what has finally brought me out of my creative rut, in hopes that it helps some of you battle through the same less than inspired times we all sometimes face. Here is one of the images from the trip I was happy with.

May 17

13 min 58 sec

Do we grow as photographers when we travel... or when we shoot close to home?  In this episode we talk about setting goals for our photography in 2021 Enter your submissions to the 2020 Storm Photo awards here! You can find Nick on instagram here

Feb 4

13 min 26 sec

Today we are talking with the incredible Marc Adamus, one of the pioneers of Modern Landscape photography and the epic photograph.  In this discussion we are a little all over the board talking about everything from extreme weather, creative drive and the evils of social media. You can follow Marc on Instagram here Here is Marc's website with tutorials and workshops You can follow Nick on Instagram here

Sep 2020

1 hr 2 min

Crazy times call for drastic measures.  Who knew that over-landing and traveling during a global pandemic would have so much in common.  In this episode I talk about traveling during these crazy times and tips for staying safe. You can find the F4 roadtrip here - Nick on Instagram - @nickpagephotography Nick's Website -

Jun 2020

13 min 57 sec

Today we are talking with the amazing Scottish photographer Alister Benn.  Alister is known for his excellent ebooks and education, teaching workshops, and most recently his excellent Youtube channel which can be found here. Go here to find him on Instagram Go here to find his website Go here to check out his youtube channel 

May 2020

46 min 36 sec

In this episode we answer listener questions that came in from the Landscape Photography Podcast Facebook group. If your interested in Nick's Tutorials you can use the offer code THISTOOSHALLPASS at If your interested in the Out of Chicago Live event.. you can check that out at

Mar 2020

32 min 2 sec

Traveling with photography gear can be super stressful... so in this episode I share some of the things I have learned traveling as much as I have, and talk about what I take with me, and how to get your gear on the plane Follow the F4 adventure at Follow Nick on Instagram at Find tutorials and workshops at

Mar 2020

21 min 6 sec

Recorded live at the Out of Oregon photography conference, I sit down with Ian Plant, Sean Bagshaw, Michael Shainblum and Gavin Hardcastle and take questions from the audience as well as the live youtube chatroom. Ian's website Sean's website Michael's website Gavin's website

Oct 2019

47 min 56 sec

This week I am joined by one of my very favorite landscape photographers, David Thompson.  Make sure you check out David's work on his website.  you can follow David on Instagram @davidthompson you can follow Nick on Instagram @nickpagephotography you can find Nick's website at

Sep 2019

46 min 50 sec

In this episode I answer your questions that came in on the facebook group.  also this episode is available in video more, follow this link to watch this episode Nicks Website Nick's Youtube channel Nick on instagram  

Aug 2019

30 min 12 sec

This week I sit down with the Godfather of photography Rick Sammon and talk about, among other things, his new book which can be found here, as well as shooting seascapes, and what its like chasing the dream of self employment. Rick's website Rick's Podcast Rick's Book Nick's Website Nicks youtube channel

Apr 2019

44 min 16 sec

In this episode i talk about various techniques in post processing and in the field to maximize the sharpness of our photos. Nick's website Nick's Instagram

Apr 2019

20 min 32 sec

This week I sit down with Mike Olbinski, amazing photographer and Timelapser from Arizona.  We talk about the logistics, and safety techniques when photographing super cells and lightning. Mikes website Mikes youtube channel Nick's Youtube Channel Nick's Website

Mar 2019

46 min 57 sec

This week we talk about backing up your photos and media while on the road.  Here are links to some of the gear mentioned in this episode. The facebook group Samsung Hard drive My Laptop Portable Wacom Tablet My main Wacom Tablet Gnarbox

Feb 2019

16 min 58 sec

This week I had Robert Park from Nevada Art Printers, and Mark Metternich on to talk about fine art print making.  Both Robert and Mark teach print making workshops and have lot to teach on the subject of fine art print making. you can find their workshops here you can find Lumichrome prints here you can find Nick's Iceland workshop here

Feb 2019

50 min 9 sec

This week I sat down over a few pints with Thomas Heaton, Gavin Hardcastle, and Adam Gibbs in a pub in the Canadian Rockies.  This is a fun, meandering conversation between friends. Gavin's Youtube - Thomas Heaton's Youtube - Adam Gibbs Youtube -

Jan 2019

54 min 2 sec

In this week's episode I talk about my current Cold Weather Winter Gear and tips for photographing Aurora Borealis. Link to gear mentioned in this episode: Vallerret Photography Gloves Salomon Boots Cabela's Guidewear Coat NRS waterproof socks REI down jacket Berghaus Men's Waterproof Overpants Merino Wool Base bottoms Merino Wool base layer top Super stylish hat

Dec 2018

19 min 14 sec

Erin Babnik has lost her home and all of her possessions in the California "Camp Fire".  You can donate to the Go Fund Me campaign set up in her name Here Link to the Erin Babnik Go Fund Me ---->  

Nov 2018

2 min 2 sec

This week we are talking about Color Theory with Blake Rudis from F64 academy.  In this conversation we talk about the importance color grading has on the mood and feeling of an image, we also giggle and laugh pretty much non stop (sorry about that).  Either way i think there are some great nuggets in this episode. Blake Rudis can be found at both and .

Nov 2018

38 min 59 sec

In this episode of the podcast, I talk with Ryan Smith from Ryan Smith fine art, and Capture Icons, about the ins and outs of selling fine art prints. You can watch this episode here You can find Ryan's websites at

Oct 2018

25 min 22 sec

This episode was recorded live at the Out of Moab conference with myself, Erin Babnik, Ian Norman & Josh Cripps.  We covered several subjects before taking questions from the audience. Erin's Website Ian's Website Josh's Website Nick's Website Next year's Conference can be found here.

Oct 2018

54 min 31 sec

Now more than ever, post processing is a very important part of the photography workflow.  In this episode Nick talks about some of his most important tips for post processing.

Sep 2018

21 min 37 sec

I have been working behind the scenes to move the show to a new feed.  Please let me know moving forward if you have any download problems with the show!  

Sep 2018

1 min 15 sec

Photographing big surf isn’t easy, and we talk about that in this episode with photographer Rachael Talibart. Join Nick one on of his workshops HERE Rachael’s Website Rachael’s Twitter Rachael’s Instagram Nick’s Instagram

Aug 2018

35 min 8 sec