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In our latest r.e.think energy podcast, we discuss the crucial importance of community engagement in the development of renewable energy projects in Europe. Frank Oomen, Head of Large Scale Solar Projects at Dutch solar developer GroenLeven, and Markus Wanckel, Project Developer at BayWa r.e., discuss the need to ensure the energy transition is inclusive and how national renewable targets will not be met unless communities are engaged with proactively on the ground. 

Jul 5

36 min 13 sec

In this podcast, we discuss the opportunities and challenges for wind energy with our Global Director of Wind Projects, Katy Hogg. As we emerge from the current health crisis we look ahead in the wind energy and renewables sector and also cover some of the more frequently asked questions about wind power, as well as discuss what is around the corner for emerging markets and evolving technologies such as floating offshore wind.

Jun 17

33 min 48 sec

In his position as editor of one of the industry's leading media titles, Jonathan has a unique perspective on the arrival of subsidy-free solar seen through the many stories PV Magazine has covered on this topic. He shares his views and some fascinating insights with us."

Jun 16

37 min 24 sec

Discover how digitalization is transforming the renewable energy sector and what benefits and challenges arise from this transition. Virgil Cazacu, Head of Digital Transformation Services at BayWa r.e. and Etienne Lecompte, CEO of PowerHub share their thoughts on innovations including new grid models and more efficient services, and systems. 

Jun 15

39 min 15 sec

Rasmus Nedergaard, Managing Director of Act Renewable, and Liam Salter, CEO of RESET Carbon, join us in our latest r.e.think energy podcast series to discuss the integration of supply chains for multinational corporations in their sustainability transition. Where to begin, what to consider, benefits and much more. Join us as we dive into this crucial topic!

Jun 15

32 min 19 sec

AB InBev beers, including Budweiser, the world’s most valuable beer brand, will soon be brewed with renewable electricity throughout Europe. We had the chance to speak with Sustainability Lead, Jacqueline Hochreiter, where we discuss this remarkable transition, their sustainability strategy, and the role AB InBev plays in influencing other corporations in the gastronomy industry to commit to 100% renewables.

Jun 15

33 min 9 sec

Australia's leading brewer has committed to sourcing 100 per cent of its electricity from renewables as part of an ambitious sustainability agenda. Listen to our podcast for some great insights into how they will achieve this, how barriers are being overcome and how the Australian sourcing market is growing.

Aug 2020

13 min 6 sec

We spoke with Dr Benedikt Ortmann, Global Director of Solar Projects BayWa r.e. on the latest hot topic in renewable energy: Floating Solar. In this podcast, we discuss the massive expansion, benefits, potential drawbacks and much more. Join us as we explore this innovative topic.  

Jun 2020

23 min 32 sec

With incredible speeds of up to 140 km/h, team Sonnenwagen journeyed through the Australian outback powered purely by solar energy! In this podcast, we spoke to Nadia Homann, engineering student and member of Team Sonnenwagen, about the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, how the race went for the team and her thoughts towards women in engineering. Listen to the podcast right here.  

Jun 2020

23 min 51 sec