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Motivational Speaker and Author Hector Suco is the host of The Life Teacher Podcast. This podcast, as the name implies, is about Life Lessons taught through Hector's expertise on Happiness, Stress Management, Goals, and Relationships. Along with Hector will be an array of guests from other inspirational motivational speakers, authors, and leaders to bring a full array of experience to help listeners live a better life.

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Early on in my teaching journey, I came across a Def Jam Poetry video segment called "What Teachers Make" by Taylor Mali. He dramatized that teachers are not in it for the income, but for the outcome. I started following him on Facebook a couple of years back and in a moment of, "Why not?" I asked him if he would be a guest on my podcast. To my utter disbelief, he said yes! In addition to "What Teachers Make," we also discuss his two other video segments, "Like Lilly, Like Wilson" & "Like, You Know"

Nov 23

1 hr 6 min

In this episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, Hector welcomes J. Robert Parker, a certified hypnotherapist that helps people reach deep into their subconscious mind to bring deep-seated fears to light so they can face them once and for all. Topics include hypnotherapy on stage and entertainment, the ethics of hypnotherapy, and the far-reaching benefits to help people with addiction, anger issues, and much more. 

Nov 15

53 min 40 sec

In this episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, Hector welcomes J.R. Reed. J.R. was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome later in life. The prolonged wait to start diagnosing individuals with autism caused J.R. to experience bullying at a young age by not only his peers, but the educators that were entrusted for his education and well-being. After his diagnosis, J.R. set out to do a few things: To educate people on both sides of the spectrum by fostering meaningful conversations and to help those on the spectrum feel better about themselves and lead happier lives. J.R. and Hector have a meaningful conversation about what its like to live with autism and even go on a tangent to discuss Sheldon Cooper's character on The Big Bang Theory on the character's perceived Asperger's. 

Nov 9

37 min 51 sec

In this episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, Hector welcomes Rev. Jeremy Hall. Jeremy serves as the Associate Pastor at Towne View Baptist Church and Host/Producer of the Kingdom Ethics Podcast and the Virtually Church Podcast. He is currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry in Justice and Peacemaking at Mercer University. Topics in this episode include the denominations of Christianity, the thin line that separates Jesus of Nazareth & Christ the Messiah, God & the Big Bang Theory, God's gender, the chances of life occurring, The Holy Bible, and much more. 

Nov 1

1 hr 4 min

In this episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, Hector welcomes Julia Toothacre. Julia is a Career Strategist & Coach. With 10 years of experience in career development and coaching, Julia has helped hundreds of professionals find clarity in their career path and supported them in their career management, transition, and advancement. In the midst of an unprecedented number of people quitting their jobs in what is being called "The Great Resignation," Julia brings a wealth of knowledge on the topic. How can employers better hold onto their employees? How can workers find a new and better job? Find out in this episode. 

Oct 26

48 min 20 sec

In this episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, Hector welcomes Adeena Mignogna. Adeena is an engineer, with an educational background in physics, astronomy, and computer science. She is the author of "Crazy Foolish Robots," a humorous science fiction book. In this episode, we talk about the Nature of Science, the Big Bang Theory, Dark Matter and Dark Energy, the future of space travel, and where space flight is today. I want to thank Adeena for letting me geek out in this episode!

Oct 19

45 min 10 sec

In this episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, Hector welcomes Derek Negron. A self-described leader in life, career, and family, Derek explains that leadership starts from within, takes courage to build, and sustained practice to maintain. So, what are the steps to become a great leader? What is the mindset one needs to sustain leadership? Derek answers these questions with leadership examples from his own life experiences. Derek not only talks the talk, but walks the walk and truly leads by example. 

Oct 11

1 hr 4 min

In this episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, Hector welcomes Latha Jay. Hector came across Latha's viral TikTok video about how she successfully manifested the man of her dreams. She also manifested going viral on TikTok. How did she do it? Where does one start? Find out in this episode and learn how the Power of Manifestation can help you achieve your most deep desires and wants. 

Oct 4

38 min 27 sec

In this episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, Hector welcomes Cece Espeut. Cece was on at a New York subway living a life she did not like. A U.S. Army Recruiter approached her and convinced her to answer a few questions. Little did she know it was the ASVAB. After receiving a high score and coming from a family history of joining the Armed Forces, she joined that day and didn't look back. After her honorable discharge, Cece was arrested on conspiracy. Determined not to return to prison, she set out to speak and inform prisoners and parolees about the system. Cece took it one step further and was granted an opportunity to be a TEDx Speaker about the prison system. Follow her on her incredible journey in this episode. 

Sep 27

55 min 28 sec

In this episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, Hector is joined by Jacob Lethbridge. Jacob is a Motivational Speaker, Author and Content Creator dedicated to helping people live inspired lives. In 2016, Jacob’s son passed away and that experience changed his life forever. It was the turning point in his life that became the catalyst for him to help others live inspired lives through writing books, creating content, and speaking on stages all over the world. Jacob believes we can all live inspired lives by focusing on our strengths rather than our weaknesses, living with intention, and looking for the good in our daily lives.

Sep 21

1 hr 5 min

In what seems to be an appropriate follow up to the previous episode (017), educator Marlisse Hardamon shares her past experiences on The Life Teacher Podcast. With the help of her community, she was able to acknowledge her childhood adverse experiences, work through them, and has paid it forward in her life. When calling child services was frowned upon during her childhood, she has reversed course and has helped her students with the help that they need. Through prayer and the church, she received her purpose and now shares the Word of God with others as a minister. Go on this gripping journey to find out how one can move from trauma to triumph. 

Sep 14

56 min 42 sec

It is an absolute honor to have the opportunity to interview Marsha Bonner and John Quinones! For those who don't know, John Quinones is an ABC News correspondent and host of "What Would You Do?" A TV show with hidden cameras to capture how people react in real life situations. When the cameras roll, the real life drama plays out. Just like it did when Marsha Bonner entered Denny Moe's Barbershop in Harlem, NY. An actor portrayed her disapproval of an interracial couple much to Marsha's dismay.  Watch: In this podcast episode, we dig deep with John and Marsha to get their reactions to the video segment, minute by minute. Marsha explains her views as a diversity trainer and the fate it took to be at the barbershop at that time. John and Marsha talk about the aftermath and support after the episode aired. Lastly, John and Marsha share their message that we have to challenge our unconscious biases and rise up, together, one step at a time. 

Sep 8

1 hr 20 min

In this episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, Hector is joined by Brendalize Zanetti and Elizabeth Urgell. These two joined forces and realized one of their callings was to provide teachers and whoever is interested in the general public, a genuine way reflect on one's past experiences. Especially in childhood, when most adults would rather leave their experiences behind, it is this sentiment, according to Brendalize and Elizabeth, that may cause adverse effects in their lives today and especially for educators, to know and heed the warning signs that one of their students may be going through something they went through when they were younger. In this honest and stark conversations, educators may learn more about themselves as they try to continue providing the best education they can for their students. 

Aug 30

54 min 43 sec

The definition of a polymath is a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning. On this episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, Hector interviews a self-described polymath, Brian Taylor. Brian is always learning and creating. The list of skills that he has acquired is hilariously long. The ones that he is currently pursuing the most are photography, writing, audio design and production, and illustration. He has spent decades in other forms of knowledge as well. Being an athlete, chef, dancer, poet, etc. has all helped to shape who he is today. Through this collection of skills, he has mastered the art of learning. Find out how he does it in this episode!

Aug 23

48 min 27 sec

In this episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, Hector welcomes Richard Capriola. Richard is an addiction counselor that has 11 years of experience dealing with adolescent substance abuse. He has counseled with many parents and adolescents. He has figured out a way to actually get through to teenagers when it comes to their mental and physical health. What role should parents play in their teenagers lives when it comes to substance abuse? How early could a child experiment with harmful substances? Why do teenagers start abusing? All of these topics and more are discussed in this episode. 

Aug 17

39 min

In this bonus episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, I have a conversation with fellow educator, Johnny Burkowski, on the current condition of what it means to be a teacher in Miami Dade County. While first year teachers are paid considerably, veteran teachers have not been shown the same respect and worth. Why is this the case? What can be done to right this situation? All that and more in this in-depth conversation about where we are and where we are going. 

Aug 12

36 min 13 sec

In this episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, Hector welcomes Amber Rose Washington. Amber Rose Washington is an author, songwriter, musician, producer, public speaker, and an advocate for the transgender community. Amber is trans. She has been featured on FOX, NBC, CBS, NPR, and a host of other media in multiple countries. Amber has helped people around the world understand what it is like to be born incongruent or transgender. Amber works with diverse populations of society to dismantle the mythology and misinformation surrounding the trans community. She also mentors individuals, so they can learn to overcome adversities in their lives and flourish. She was able to answer all of my questions and I learned much from this ever-evolving world of new information. 

Aug 9

1 hr 52 min

In this episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, Hector welcomes Tim Kellis. After his first marriage failed, Tim sought out to look for answers. After careful examination, he believes he found the answer. He authored a book, has been on TV, and is trying to share his message to the world about what makes a marriage truly work. He shares his insights in this eye-opening episode on what it takes and what sacrifices need to be made in order to not only be in love, but overcome all obstacles for a successful marriage. 

Aug 2

1 hr

In this episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, Hector welcomes Andrew Cassidy. Andrew Cassidy has been in the social media world for more than a decade with plenty of marketing and communications experience. Topics discussed in this episode is the evolution of social media, social media addiction and self-awareness, parenting tips, misinformation, some of the biggest platforms and the issues facing these companies, current trends, potential future trends, and much more.   

Jul 26

1 hr 21 min

In this episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, Hector welcomes Berta Medina. Berta is an entrepreneur, author, pilot, parachuter. philantrophist, podcast host, has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and has sponsored 13 children in Africa (and counting). How has she accomplished all of this? By not being in the Comfort Zone. According to Berta, the Comfort Zone is a place where all dreams go to die, mediocrity thrives, and the graveyard of potential and hope. In this episode, find out if you are in the Comfort Zone and what to do to make sure your not in it. Find your why out of your Comfort Zone in this episode!

Jul 19

53 min 48 sec

In the special episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, Hector is joined by his wife, Lucia, to do a movie commentary based on the film, "The Truman Show" starring Jim Carrey and Ed Harris. Released in 1998, The Truman Show is based on a reality TV show concept in which Truman was adopted by a corporation and has been videotaped without his knowledge all of his life to the world. Close to turning 30, Truman starts to question the nature of his reality. Inside the film are hidden gems that viewers may have missed in their first viewing. Relive the experience of The Truman Show with a new set of eyes as all the details of the film are revealed in this movie commentary.  Technical Details: Start the podcast episode along with the film in unison to make sure the timestamps match. 

Jul 12

1 hr 44 min

In this episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, Hector interviews Dave Bricker. Dave is a storytelling expert. But why would anyone be interested in storytelling, you may ask. And through this podcast episode, you will go on a journey to learn that stories are what drives the human spirit, explains our his-story, and lays our path forward. What is your story? What is the human story? Figure it all out in this episode of conflict and transformation. 

Jul 5

1 hr

In this episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, Hector interviews Vince Bellito. Vince has taken his personal trauma and has undergone and incredible transformation in his life. In this episode, Vince takes us through his trauma and how he came out of it through inner work and healing. Vince shares how the audience can transform their lives and even takes the listeners through his guided inner work process. Get ready for an experience you will never forget. 

Jun 27

1 hr 46 min

This podcast episode is dedicated to Faith Marie Lucille Cruz. Keep smiling, because your mommy and daddy continue to make you proud everyday.  In this episode of the life teacher podcast, Hector welcomes Professional Speaker and Author Jesse Cruz. His passion is to empower men to heal from loss and motivate people to achieve their true potential through his coaching programs. Jesse empowers his clients to overcome adversity and develop success in their personal and professional lives. He is the  Author of "Live Your Dash" a book written to guide people to freedom by discovering their purpose. His latest best-selling book Losing Faith, Finding Hope is a guide to inspire hope and overcome loss through healing. 

Jun 21

1 hr 11 min

In this episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, Hector has the pleasure of interviewing Britney Marie Harris. Britney is a motivational speaker who found her courage after a few setbacks. Given the opportunity to explore a new country and to leave everything and everyone behind for a short time, she jumped on it. Upon her return, she would start her venture into public speaking while helping others with peak performance and presentation skills. With experience in leadership development, recruiting, and as a college professor, she is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and business leaders boost their confidence by building their presentation skills so they can continue to lead powerfully. 

Jun 14

39 min 37 sec

In this episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, I have the privilege of interviewing my past middle school classmate, Raiza Licea! Raiza majored in theater at FIU and made the life-changing decision to move to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career. Being from Miami, she quickly connected with other actors from Miami, including Jenny Lorenzo and the Chonga girls, Mimi Davila and Laura Di Lorenzo. Raiza landed a commercial gig with then-Miami Marlins superstar Giancarlo Stanton and is currently one of the four hosts of the Latinx comedy podcast, Spanish Aqui Presents. How did she get here? Find out how Raiza followed her dreams in her current pursuit of acting in this podcast episode. Enjoy!


Jun 7

1 hr

In this episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, Hector interviews Ria Sharpe. Ria Sharpe is the author of Mental Remedies For Positive Thinking. She shares how she became an author, she talks about her book, how to read the book, and the goodness it can bring to peoples lives. 

May 31

19 min 30 sec

In this episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, Hector Suco is interviewed by Ria Sharpe on staying happy during the pandemic. Topics discussed in this episode include writing therapy, self-talk, the five things needed to make sure one's life is in order, and much more. Hector provides the necessary strategies and tools for those that have struggled this past year with their mental health. Enjoy!

May 25

24 min

In this episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, Hector speaks with Monica Figueroa about entrepreneurship. Topics discussed in this episode include rejections, networking, quitting your 9 to 5, sacrifices, partnering with others, mastermind groups, and much more. Monica dives into her story and gives us many golden nuggets for aspiring entrepreneurs. You can follow her journey on Instagram at Monistar Media. Enjoy!

May 17

1 hr

In the Pilot episode of The Life Teacher Podcast, I introduce myself as Hector Suco, a Motivational Speaker and Author. I introduce my wife to ask me a few questions so that the audience can get to know me better.

Mar 27

10 min 45 sec