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We often see marriages under attack during the Christmas season. Spiritual warfare increases as the enemy attempts to tear couples and families apart with strife, stress, discouragement, and rubbing salt in old wounds. Mike equips you for the battles ahead in this segment.

Nov 29

25 min 39 sec

Why is it that: The church is supposed to be a house of prayer, yet we don’t pray on Sunday? Most Christians are isolated? The church is corrupt with sexual sin? Many are falling away from the church, especially our youth? Although we’re commanded to Read More

Nov 22

25 min 53 sec

After serving for 16 years as a worship leader at an Oregon megachurch, Demian Norvell got saved. Then he got fired. Are our churches getting salvation wrong? The flow of people leaving the church isn’t a good sign. Mike gets into this and what we Read More

Nov 17

25 min 36 sec

Sandy England shares from her heart about the process of healing. Topics discussed include the importance of a wife to define how her husband has hurt her, the way through, which includes coping with triggers and spiritual warfare, releasing the pain that we’ve allowed to Read More

Nov 8

26 min

Mike Brollier is a counseling pastor at Rocky Mountain Calvary, a church of over 5000 based in Colorado Springs. Mike shares that: * EVERY marriage that comes to them for help has porn involved. * Some wives have such a hard time coping with their Read More

Nov 3

25 min 42 sec

Mike Genung calls in from London to Sandy England, who guest hosts the show, to discuss how his trip the UK and Europe is going. Mike shares about the experience of giving the Sunday morning message in a church in North Wales, and more.

Oct 25

26 min 1 sec

In this second of 2 shows, Sandy England, facilitator of the wives ministry at Blazing Grace, interviews Mike Genung. Sandy asks questions on recovery for wives whose husbands are ensnared to porn addiction, and what those who struggle with porn go through. Having a vibrant Read More

Oct 9

25 min 59 sec

Sandy England, facilitator of the wives ministry at Blazing Grace, interviews Mike Genung. Sandy asks questions on recovery for wives whose husbands are ensnared to porn addiction, and what those who struggle with porn go through. Having realistic expectations is also discussed.  

Oct 4

25 min 58 sec

Gene and Bo return to discuss the new Blazing Grace men’s group they’ve set up in Chandler, Arizona, for men who want freedom from porn and sex addiction. The men share more of their stories, struggles, the spiritual battles they’ve faced as they’ve got the Read More

Sep 27

25 min 55 sec

Mike shares his story of struggling with mental health issues such as deep depression and anxiety, how doctors and medications compounded the problems, and the intense spiritual battles that accompanied that time 14 years ago. This is for those who are in a dark place Read More

Sep 22

25 min 54 sec

Kerry McAvoy was married for 31 years before losing her first husband to cancer. She remarried, and discovered her second husband was a Christian porn addict who was also committing adultery. Kerry shares her story, her healing journey, and the urgent need, as she puts Read More

Sep 13

25 min 52 sec

Robin Williams, who facilitated the Blazing Grace Wives Group for 5 years until 2016, shares her journey, the power of prayer, stories of changed lives through prayer, and the need for every believer and church to become a people and house of prayer.

Sep 7

25 min 44 sec

Gene and Bo join Mike to share their stories of recovery from sex and porn addiction, discuss how “Turn and Connect” has helped them (from the Road to Grace), and why it’s critical to be connected with other believers for ongoing recovery and freedom. Gene Read More

Aug 30

25 min 49 sec

This year we’ve seen an ongoing flow of pastors being fired from churches for various reasons (including sexual immorality), the arrogance of church and para-church leaders exposed, and an ongoing onslaught of destroyed lives, Mike discusses recent events and the bizarre disconnect in churches that Read More

Aug 23

25 min 51 sec

Mike and Greg Reid get into the desperate need to reach our youth today. Greg Reid is the director of Youthfire Ministries in TX; Greg shares what he sees happening with our youth today – which includes watching 80% of young Christians walk away from Read More

Aug 16

25 min 51 sec

Sandy England, facilitator of the wives groups at Blazing Grace, shares what the women who come to the groups are going through, gives insight into the power of prayer as seen in the Blazing Grace prayer groups, and provides answers for hurting wives.

Aug 9

25 min 1 sec

Surveys show that two thirds of Christian men are viewing porn, in addition to 30% of women. Sexual sin, including adultery, promiscuity, and sexting, are widespread in the church, yet many churches avoid the topic. In this segment we look at the effective action steps Read More

Aug 2

25 min 35 sec

History shows that spiritual awakenings are sparked when God’s people spend sustained time in fervent prayer. Are we willing to pay the price in prayer? Or has the American church become too sophisticated to turn their church meetings into prayer meetings? A look at the Read More

Jul 27

25 min 39 sec

Joe Goll returns in this second show. He shares his perspective on the American church as compared to his experiences in the mission field. Joe tells us why “Christianity is too easy in the US,” gets into our lack of prayer, and provides other insights.

Jul 23

25 min 30 sec

Joe Goll is a former missionary to Central America. He offers a unique perspective on Christianity after having served in the jungles of that region. In this first of two shows, Joe shares how he came to Christ and eventually ended up in Central America.

Jul 12

25 min 44 sec

In this second of 2 episodes, Chris Landers shares her side of the story of her and her husband’s Gene’s road to recovery from porn addiction. Chris shares how trying to find help in the church didn’t go well at first, how her husband’s porn Read More

Jul 6

25 min 57 sec

Gene and Chris Landers share the story of their recovery from Gene’s sexual addiction as a couple. In this first of two segments, Gene shares his journey to finding Christ and recovery from porn addiction.

Jul 1

25 min 54 sec

Greg Reid, a minister and former private investigator, has taught over 250 criminal justice classes on occult crimes and crimes against children. He is a survivor of ritual and sexual abuse and has written over 12 books. In this show Greg and Mike discuss “the Read More

Jun 21

25 min 15 sec

Jesus prepared for ministry by 40 days alone… in the desert. No people, smartphones, churches, or creature comforts. Later during His earthly ministry years Jesus would often slip away to isolated places to spend extended time alone with His Father. This episode looks at the Read More

Jun 18

25 min 30 sec

Hebrews 12:28-29 tell us to worship the Lord “with reverence and awe, for our God is a consuming fire.”  Would you say that the church you attend worships with “reverence and awe”? Is the fear of the Lord as present as the celebration of His Read More

Jun 7

25 min 46 sec

Every week Christians in trusted leadership positions, including pastors, are exposed and even arrested for sexual sin. The outside world is watching and sees the sin that many churches try to hide, or avoid. Mike comments on recent news articles and shows why we must Read More

Jun 1

25 min 33 sec

Sandy England joins Hollie and Jessica, 2 wives whose lives were impacted by porn addiction in their marriages, to discuss porn in the church, yoga pants, and more.

May 24

25 min 55 sec

Hollie and Jessica, 2 wives with children, share how their husband’s porn addiction affected them, and their journey to healing.

May 17

25 min 58 sec

Greg Reid is a minister and former private investigator who has trained in over 250 criminal justice classes on occult crimes and crimes against children. He is a survivor of ritual and sexual abuse with a powerful story of how Jesus sets captives free. In Read More

May 10

25 min 43 sec

Greg Reid is a minister and former private investigator who has trained in over 250 criminal justice classes on occult crimes and crimes against children. He is also a survivor of ritual and sexual abuse in his youth with a powerful story of how God Read More

May 3

25 min 42 sec

Phil Poeschl, the director of Safer Surfing in Vienna, Austria, calls in and shares his story. Safer Surfing is a ministry partner with Blazing Grace that publishes Mike’s books in German.

Apr 27

25 min 57 sec

Most of the people who come to us for help are married, in an age range from their forties to their sixties. By then the damage has been done and their marriage is in pieces. By God’s grace we see a lot of healing, but Read More

Apr 19

25 min 40 sec

How do we receive the love, grace, and forgiveness of a God we can’t see? When a man or woman has been trapped in shame, sin, or the lies of the enemy, receiving the love of God can seem like a mystery, even hopeless if Read More

Apr 12

25 min 29 sec

Unfortunately many Christians are told “Stop it!” is the answer when they go for help for freedom from sin. Telling someone “Stop it!” ignores the battles with the flesh and the enemy, fails to equip the sexually broken on how to be an overcomer, and Read More

Apr 6

25 min 22 sec

Laura Graber returns, and discusses the healing process for a wife affected by her husband’s sex or porn addiction, along with other issues. At one point Mike asks Laura, “Do you feel that wives are left out when it comes to porn addiction in the Read More

Mar 29

25 min 39 sec

How fear can trigger lust and what to do about it, how true humility is woven into the recovery process (not false humility which focuses on the self), and our need for rest of soul is discussed, along with more on Christians and porn in Read More

Mar 22

25 min 50 sec

Laura Graber shares her journey to healing from the pain caused by her husband’s sexual sin. Her story shows how “just porn” is devastating to a marriage, how she came to the edge of a crisis of faith… and found hope. Along the way Laura Read More

Mar 15

26 min 1 sec

As our world free-falls into a moral abyss, what are the answers we’re hearing from Christian leadership on how we should approach the times we’re in? Much of what’s being said misses the mark. In 1938 Vance Havner wrote of the lack of a sense Read More

Mar 9

24 min 17 sec

Mike and Dan have an open discussion about the church in Italy and the US. Topics discussed include why churches avoid the subjects of sex and porn addiction, how Dan’s church in Italy spends time in prayer during their weekend services and the community they Read More

Mar 1

25 min 53 sec

Dan Wiens, the manager of Blazing Grace’s office in Europe, shares the story of his journey to healing and freedom from porn and sex addiction. Dan lives near Modena, Italy, and called in from his home there.

Feb 23

25 min 54 sec

Mike Genung continues discussing Action Steps to Freedom, Blazing Grace’s 8 week course to freedom from porn and sex addiction. God’s standards for sexual purity, the need to create an action plan, and more are looked at.

Feb 15

25 min 52 sec

Action Steps to Freedom is our 8 week course that equips men to overcome porn and sex addiction. In this first of 2 shows, Mike discusses: 1. How the Action Steps program work, including how each man is paired up with a support and prayer Read More

Feb 8

25 min 46 sec

Mike and Julie have an open conversation about sex and the church, including a part in Julie’s story where the recovery group in a church asked her husband to enter in the back door.

Feb 1

26 min 1 sec

Julie T shares her journey to healing from a marriage that was torn by her husband’s sexual sin.

Jan 25

25 min 59 sec

While Covid has been the loudest story, the story behind the story has gotten worse: The civil war is raging. Porn and sexual sin are a massive problem, in and outside of the church. “Positive and encouraging” has luke-warmed the church. Most churches are prayerless, Read More

Jan 18

25 min 24 sec

What happens when men don’t take action, with examples given from Adam’s non-response in the garden, quotes from “A Woman in Berlin,” and other stories. If you’re in bondage to sexual or any other kind of sin, there is no magic bullet that will set Read More

Jan 11

25 min 23 sec

The Rogue Christian takes a different path than the one status quo Christianity offers. Mike Genung provides the 7 characteristics of the Rogue Christian, beginning with our life-long  approach to kindling a passionate love-relationship with God.

Jan 4

25 min 40 sec

In spite of how difficult 2020 was, God used the trials and challenges to bring healing and  blessings. Listen in for more.

Jan 4

25 min 1 sec

Sandy England, director of the wives ministry for Blazing Grace, shares the keys to healing and recovery for wives who need to heal from their husband’s porn and sex addiction, and provides information on the The Wife’s Heart Groups.

Dec 2020

26 min

Sandy England, director of Blazing Grace’s Wives Ministry, shares the compelling story of her journey to healing from a marriage that had been damaged by her husband’s sex addiction. When their marriage was on the verge of divorce, God came through and restored them.

Dec 2020

25 min 58 sec