The Imperfect Pursuit

Sarah Luthy

Tired of being stuck in a circle of never-ending perfectionism? The Imperfect Pursuit Podcast is your prescription for taking imperfect action and showing up with grace, authenticity and intentionality in life and business.

Welcome to the Imperfect Pursuit podcast, where we discuss how to imperfectly pursue a life and business you LOVE. Host Sarah Luthy brings you tangible business advice, inspiration and strategies around marketing, money and mindset so that you can pursue your biggest goals.

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So, I turned 25! I have felt really excited about sharing an episode all about some important life, faith and of course business lessons I've learnt over the years (most of them are business-related). This is one of my favourite episodes. I get pretty real. I share some CRAZY (and important) mindset shifts and lessons in life/faith/business I've had to learn (and am continuing to learn) and I'm sharing them with YOU so that you can learn from my experience, and feel inspired and encouraged. Follow me on Instagram: Join my VIP list: Apply to work 1:1 with me: 

Oct 18

31 min 1 sec

It was such a privilege to interview Laylee Emadi, creator of the Creative Educator Academy. If you are considering stepping into the role of creative educator either now or in the future, you are going to LOVE this conversation. We talk all about how to know if you are 'ready' to become an educator, what you can do if you are wanting to 'dip your toes' in the education space, the different formats of education (spoiler: 1:1 coaching is not the only option!) and so much more. Shownotes: Enrol in The Creative Educator Academy (doors close 8th Oct 2021): Follow me on IG: Work with me:

Oct 5

42 min 13 sec

In this episode, multi-award winning, pro makeup artist and online makeup educator, Emily Osberger, shares how showing up feeling confident and put-together means showing up for our business so we say yes to more opportunities and can accomplish more of our needle-moving goals. Emily also shares some tangible tips on how to achieve this. Follow me on IG! Work with me: Follow Emily on IG: Shownotes:

Sep 27

51 min 2 sec

It goes without saying that we are in a really interesting time in the world... And the wedding industry has been *really* impacted by the virus due to lockdowns and government restrictions, and all-round facing postponements, refund requests, anxious couples, cancellations, changes of bookings... I know it's hard, because I also run a business in the wedding industry! In this episode I discuss how you can thrive in this season - and not just survive. Times are tough and you can feel whatever you need to feel - but I also believe as business owners we have the choice - and the responsibility - to decide how we show up to create the life and business we desire. Work with me: Freebie - Top Tools for Wedding Business Owners: Follow me on IG:

Sep 15

19 min 7 sec

I thought I'd record a special episode sharing about some lessons I've learned in the last 12 months. Even if Podcasting isn't a part of your business, I hope you find some value, inspiration and joy out of hearing me share about the joys and challenges that I've experienced in hosting a Podcast. If you're anything like me and maybe just a little nosy, these kinds of episodes can be really fun to listen to. :) I'm also spilling the tea on a GIVEAWAY that is running between 1st September - 8th September 2021 AEST.

Sep 1

22 min 55 sec

When it comes to streamlining your business so you can do less and live more, there are certainly strategic and tactical things you can do like bringing in support, setting up great systems, creating a great schedule and employing some time management tools. But those things will only take you so far because the *real secret* to creating time and space for what matters most actually happens by learning how to do less - and that requires you to change how you operate in your business. In this episode I interview small business mentor and coach, Ashley Gartland, as she shares how business owners and online entrepreneurs can simplify and streamline their business so they can scale sustainably and build a business that makes the life they desire possible. Shownotes: Instagram: Join my Email List:

Aug 24

36 min 27 sec

I'm reflecting on Q2 2021 and you're invited to listen in! I share some wins, what didn't work, lessons learned and what's next! Instagram: Website: Purposeful Profit Group Coaching Program:  

Jul 28

21 min 55 sec

In this episode, Hannah and I tapped on the six pillars that are essential in building a purposeful and profitable business (which we’ll have an in-depth discussion in the 12-week coaching program). Hannah is a genuine friend of mine, a queen of productivity, strategic systems, schedules and scaling. Our strengths look totally different, but our philosophy and approach to life and business is so similar - which is why we’ve decided to join forces to offer a group coaching program for service-providers to help increase profits and minimise the scattered to-do lists. Learn more about the Purposeful Profit program by visiting

Jul 19

1 hr 10 min

Understanding the difference between shiny object syndrome and pivoting, the importance of investing in knowledge to scale your business and more! In this episode, personal blogger-turned-brand consultant, Khala Simmons, shares her journey as she tries to build and grow her brand consulting business, and shares how to recognize the shiny object syndrome and to start working through it.    IG: Website: Episode Shownotes:

Jul 6

41 min 49 sec

I sit down with team building expert, Paula Maidens, and we talk about the art of successful delegating. We discuss some really interesting and important topics like how to hire, should you hire friends or family, how to delegate effectively, when to know it's time to hire and so much more. Whether you have a team, are considering hiring or see your business one day heading down the pathway of having a team, this episode is going to be so helpful for you! Listen in now!   Instagram: Website:

Jun 29

53 min

Riz is the founder of Foundd Legal and is a lawyer with 16 years of experience. Riz started Foundd as a way to make all of that boring, scary, overwhelming legal stuff both accessible and affordable to entrepreneurs, creatives and designers, so they can have the best shot possible of creating a legal, lucrative brand and business they can share with the world! In this episode, Riz and I chat about all things legal as a creative. We chat through mistakes that creative entrepreneurs make and steps that you can take to get legally legit. She shares advice that will be helpful, specifically to wedding pros, about retainers and contracts. We talk about trademarking intellectual property and the differences between copyright and trademark. Riz touches on terms & conditions, privacy policies and so much more. You’re going to want a pen and paper for this episode… promise! Instagram: Website: Shownotes:

Jun 14

1 hr 2 min

There are different seasons in business. While slow seasons can feel really discouraging when the client work is down, it is the perfect opportunity to do other tasks to continue to move the needle forward. In this episode, I share 5 ideas of things you can be doing in your business when business is slow and you have some extra time on your hands. Shownotes: Instagram: Freebie:

May 24

20 min 30 sec

In this episode, Avery Forrest and I chat about how she grew her photography business, how she pivoted from families to weddings, and how she experienced significant growth and the goals she set for her business. Avery shares some inspiring advice for photographers specifically, and shares how she allows her faith to flow into her business every day. Instagram: Join the VIP email list: 10 Ways to Get More Leads:

Apr 28

49 min 34 sec

This episode is a bit more of a personal one! I'm reflecting on my own Quarter 1 of 2021 - what's been happening, what didn't work, and what's next for me! I also share some tips to help you reflect on Q1 and help you to prepare for Q2.   Instagram: Website: Freebie - 10 Ways to Get More Leads:

Apr 16

34 min 31 sec

Marketing 101! I had the honour of talking to marketing expert, Kara Duncan, about social media, blogging, Pinterest and so much more. She shares some amazing tips on creating a marketing strategy for your business including insight on how many marketing avenues you should be focusing on, how to know when it’s time to outsource and what forms of marketing are predicted to be key for 2021. Shownotes: Instagram:

Mar 17

45 min 29 sec

The comparison trap is real. Whether you're 10 minutes or 10 years into business, comparison can seep in, chew away at your heart and stop you from taking action. This episode is going to speak some truth into your life and business, and teach some strategies to help you overcome this never-ending game of comparison so that you can imperfectly pursue your purpose. Shownotes: Instagram: Join the VIP list:

Mar 1

20 min 44 sec

I interview brand designer, Polly Arnold, from Wild Sand Studios. We chat all about brand strategy and what branding really means. HINT: It’s more than just a pretty logo. I also discuss Polly's team setup and how Polly built her business so quickly by creating connections with other creatives. Whether you are DIYing your brand or thinking about investing in professional branding, you'll love this episode. Shownotes: Instagram:

Feb 15

57 min 23 sec

Instagram stories are such a powerful way to connect with your audience. But in order to connect with your audience, you've got to make sure your stories are ENGAGING. In this episode I share 5 tips to create more engaging Instagram stories that your audience (and the 'Instagram Gods') will love.   Shownotes: Follow on Instagram: Freebie - 10 Ways to Get More Leads:

Feb 1

14 min 11 sec

Today on the Imperfect Pursuit, we have event planner extraordinaire, podcaster and community leader Sarah Hoger. I chat with Sarah about the lessons she has learned in her 6 years of business and she is sharing some really empowering advice that is sure to inspire. We also have a really great conversation around having faith and trusting God with our businesses. Additionally, Sarah shares some phenomenal advice for women who are feeling a little stuck or considering a pivot in their business.  Sarah Hoger is the founder of Arise Here - a podcast and community of Jesus-loving female entrepreneurs. Sarah is all about “doing the dang thing” and wants you to be too. We have such a great conversation today and I hope it inspires you to stop holding yourself back just START on those big dreams of yours. Shownotes:

Jan 20

49 min 38 sec

People all over social media have been sharing their 'word of the year' for the last few weeks. Even though we are almost half way through January, if you haven't yet set your word of the year, it's not too late!  In this episode of The Imperfect Pursuit I share more about what having a Word of he Year really means, some tips to help you choose a word and open up about the word I personally chose - and why. It's a good one - tune in now!

Jan 11

18 min 27 sec

Pricing is often very underestimated in the world of entrepreneurship. Contrary to popular belief, pricing is way more than just coming up with a random number and slapping it on your product or service and calling it a day.  Courtney Deagon is a pricing expert who is here to share some important tips for setting your rates. You’ll love our honest conversation around pricing and the power it holds for your business.

Jan 6

47 min 31 sec

In this episode I am opening up my heart and sharing my personal reflections of 2020. I share a general recap of the year, what worked, what didn't work, what goals I did or didn't meet and what I hope to take into 2021. This episode's shownotes: Freebie - how to get more leads: Work with me: Instagram:

Dec 2020

45 min 55 sec

The start of a new year always seems to bring a freshness to life and business; an opportunity to evaluate different aspects of life and create a vision for the new year. The trap I see so many entrepreneurs fall into, is that their goals are more like fluffy wishes - resolutions, if you will - rather than intentional plans. I believe goals are so much more than wishes. In this episode I share all about HOW you can set goals for the new year, plus a few tips to ensure your goals are strategic.

Dec 2020

22 min 20 sec

Our stories are powerful. As creatives, it's easy to hide behind our art, our photography, our flowers, our offer. What if I told you that as creatives storytelling is one of our strongest superpowers when creating our marketing strategy. This is the conversation that marketing and mindset coach, Solandrah, and I had. We talk about mindset, authentic marketing, storytelling and so much more. It's a great interview! Tune in now!

Dec 2020

46 min 20 sec

As a creative, I know it feels easier to turn a blind eye to the numbers. I mean, it's WAY more fun to focus on the pretty, creative parts of business. If you ignore the data, you are only going to 'leave money on the table', work yourself to exhausted and likely end up resenting the business you created. There are 5 specific metrics that I believe you should be tracking on a consistent, ongoing basis - and I share ALL about them in this episode!

Nov 2020

16 min 20 sec

Productivity is something that is glorified in the world of entrepreneurs. But what does productivity really mean? I had the privilege of interviewing productivity strategist, Hannah Murphy, and we had an amazing conversation all about how to create a productive schedule, using systems and structure even when you're a creative at heart, business strategy and so much more. Hannah Murphy is a productivity strategist, and helps entrepreneurs create a profit-focused schedule that eliminates unnecessary task switching, long nights and never-ending to do lists.  We have a candid conversation all about what productivity means, how to create a schedule you love, how to create systems when you're not a naturally structured person, business strategy and so much more.   Listen in now!

Oct 2020

50 min 29 sec

Software, apps, programs - oh my! 2020 has been a BIG year. I have made some significant changes in my business that have changed the game for me with client management, productivity, organisation and so much more. I'm spilling the tea on my top 6 apps for creative entrepreneurs. All of these programs I have only started implementing this year, and I can honestly say they have transformed my business.

Oct 2020

29 min 18 sec

All too often as entrepreneurs, we focus too much on the strategy and not enough on the mindset work. I had the privilege of interviewing Cassie from Reux Design Co where we delved into some key mindset shifts Cassie needed to have to get 'unstuck' and ultimately go from $0 months to $8k months.

Sep 2020

43 min 22 sec

Perfectionism. It's the voice that says "this isn't good enough" or "I'm not ready". I believe in the power of overcoming perfectionism. Once we can recognise that perfectionism is different to striving to be our best, we can make intentional decisions to say 'no' to the grip that perfectionism can have over our lives and our businesses and take imperfect action. In this Podcast, I talk about perfectionism and how to overcome it. Tune in now!

Sep 2020

18 min 17 sec

In this Podcast episode, I take a walk down memory lane and share my personal journey into entrepreneurship. I open up about how I rejected the teaching career that I - and everyone around me - believed I had to follow, and instead decided to turn my little flower hobby into my career and create a successful wedding floral design business. Toward the end of the episode, I also share 5 quick tips to help you take imperfect action TODAY in your business.

Aug 2020

39 min 12 sec

Welcome to The Imperfect Pursuit podcast, where we discuss how to imperfectly pursue a life and business you LOVE. Host Sarah Luthy brings you the real stories of entrepreneurship, heart-led and honest conversations, and tangible business advice to help you take imperfection action in your business. We'll discuss strategies around marketing, money and mindset so that you can take steps forward in your pursuit of joy, purpose and success - whatever that looks like for you.

Aug 2020

1 min 36 sec