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The latest episode of the CI.N podcast welcomes Mark Nicholson, CEO of Vivacity Labs, the company using Artificial Intelligence to improve traffic insights to make cities smarter, safer and more sustainable. Established in 2016, Vivacity Labs’ uses AI technology to gather detailed and anonymous data 24/7 on transport modes, traffic flow and travel patterns in real-time, supporting strategic decisions to help optimise the transport network and improve urban infrastructure. Vivacity Labs' sensors have been deployed in over 40 towns and cities across the UK, including Manchester, Cambridge and Sunderland. During the episode, Mark discusses Vivacity Labs' plans for the future, interesting data gathered, and the importance of working with cities and local authorities to gather better data about what's happening on the road networks and then to optimise those road networks using that data.

May 13

22 min 32 sec

DASH Rides is an exciting UK start-up with the aim of making e-Bikes affordable and accessible to everyone- all for less than the cost of a sandwich a day. DASH Rides works with businesses across the UK through the Cycle to Work Scheme to ensure that businesses are provided with the tools they need to be encourage sustainable and active travel as well as making a transformative impact on employee health and wellbeing. In this episode Milroy discusses the subscription e-Bike company’s founding, specifically the how and why, and how they are the first e-Bike subscription company to be compatible with the cycle to work scheme. Additionally, Milroy discusses the brands long term goal- for its riders to be paid to ride an e-Bike and how they are looking at ways to do make this happen in the future.

Feb 25

22 min 40 sec

In the latest episode of the CI.N Podcast, we are joined by the Founder of eBikeLabs, Maël Bosson. Founded in 2015, eBikeLabs aims to accelerate the adoption of shared e-bikes in cities through its mission to help mobility operators to deploy large e-bike fleets into cities all around the world.  In this episode, Bosson discusses the need to accelerate electric bike adoption on a large scale and improve the infrastructure of major cities to allow for the shift between cars to sustainable modes of transports in the form of e-Bikes. Bosson discusses his history with e-Bikes and how he came to realise that the best way to build a sustainable e-Bike was to focus on the vehicle control unit (VCU) and e-Bike control cloud services that transform affordable electric bikes into enjoyable, theft proof, and low maintenance fleet vehicles.

Nov 2020

20 min 56 sec

The latest episode of the CI.N Podcast draws on the veteran knowledge of two of the bike industry's best known mechanic trainers, Graeme Freestone King of Velotech Cycling and Sean Lally of Cycle Systems Academy. Freestone King and Lally discuss the mechanic shortage that the industry seems to be experiencing at the moment, alongside the growth in upstarts of mobile mechanics who have been soaking up some of the coronavirus-related spike in workshop demand, after attending courses with Cycle Systems and Velotech. The pair also offer their thoughts on whether they think the current demand for workshops can sustain, and what could help sustain this over the long term, including whether the industry will see more B2C brands linking up with mechanics, or if new infrastructure being laid down could steady the demand.

Jul 2020

33 min 52 sec

The latest episode of the CyclingIndustry.News Podcast has arrived, featuring an in-depth chat with CEO and co-founder of bike share firm Beryl, Philip Ellis. Naturally, the interview covers Beryl's expansion into the bike share market, but also extends into the challenges the sector faces in terms of increasing the number of urban cyclists and getting more people on bikes, as well as discussing the different operational and safety challenges faced by bike share firms.

Jul 2020

36 min 22 sec

The latest episode of the CI.N Podcast welcomes Jon Heasman, Product Manager at Vittoria, to get the latest updates from the tyre brand and a look at what to expect this year. During the podcast, which was recorded at the beginning of the year at CoreBike, Heasman gives an overview of how Vittoria fared in 2019 and provides insight into the sectors the brand is targeting this year. He also explains the science behind the tyre brand's new 4C Extruder, made of four compounds of rubber and which is exclusive to Vittoria, and Graphene 2.0 which has built on the original to find new ways to integrate graphene within each rubber compound.

Jun 2020

8 min 27 sec

The latest episode of the CyclingIndustry.News Podcast welcomes Biomechanical Researcher Niels Boon of Shimano's During the podcast, which was recorded earlier in the year at Madison's iceBike* show, Boon gives an overview of how the system works, providing insight into the system's different modules and stages. Boon outlines how bikefitters can carry out static measurements, quick fitting, saddle selection, 3D motion capture, and pedal analysis through the system, and how these can inform customers' buying decisions.

Jun 2020

14 min 27 sec

The latest episode of the CyclingIndustry.News Podcast has arrived, welcoming 11-time world champion and six-time Olympic champion Sir Chris Hoy as this week's guest. As Elite Sports Consultant, Hoy has a long-standing relationship with nutrition brand Science in Sport (SiS) and works closely with the brand to refine its products. During the podcast, Hoy provides insight into the conception behind SiS, why he decided to partner with it and lend his name as a brand ambassador, as well as talking through some of the established products in the range.

Jun 2020

11 min 47 sec

The latest episode of the CIN Podcast features an in-depth chat with Kryptonite's Daryl Slater and John Maisey on how Kryptonite has established itself as a leader in the cycle security market since its foundation in 1972, and how the brand is continually adapting and improving its technology to solve its customers' security challenges.

May 2020

22 min 23 sec

In this episode, CIN has a wide-ranging chat with Matt Hart, the brains behind the Torq Fitness brand. Naturally the conversation tackles cycle nutrition, but it also extends into education and advice in the sector. Hart also talks about ethics in the cycling industry and how nutrition brands can do their bit for sustainability as well as the shortcomings of current packaging options and more.

Apr 2020

23 min 4 sec

On this week's episode of the CyclingIndustry.News Podcast, we're joined by SRAM's James Leader, the brand's Territory Account Manager for the UK, Ireland, the Benelux and the Nordics. Leader discusses the current 'tough' climate of the bike market in the UK, and highlights a number of ways the different territories he manages can learn from each other to boost cycling numbers.

Mar 2020

11 min 52 sec

Niner Bikes' Phillip Lucas talks through the brand's affinity with the 29" wheel, the renewed 2020 gravel line, and how Niner is making a resurgence after a strategic bankruptcy in the US.

Feb 2020

14 min 22 sec

This week's guest on the CI.N Podcast is Jay Romasco, International Sales Director of sports eyewear brand Tifosi. Romasco explains the history behind the brand, the impact Tifosi is having on dealers worldwide, and the direction he sees trade shows heading in the future.

Feb 2020

23 min 41 sec

Sales trainer Colin Rees shares how he has helped bike shops with customer interaction, store layout and getting recruitment right, discussing the skills he has brought to businesses in the bike trade over the years.

Nov 2019

25 min 3 sec

In this episode of the CI.N Podcast we talk retail merchandising with Colby Young of ODI. Young's experience has seen his customers get hands on with magnetic release of its grips in store; it's a strategy that sells, he says.

Oct 2019

9 min 51 sec

During the recent Eurobike show, the CI.N team caught up with SRAM's Alex Rafferty to discuss the latest news and innovations from the component manufacturer, notably the SRAM AXS and RockShox Reverb update launched in February.

Sep 2019

20 min 36 sec

We're thin on the ground for Brexit positives this week as our No Deal Series interview gets underway, but Madison's Chris Brattle might just have found one; sales of car racks are getting a lift as staycations become more popular. Tune in to find out why that's a positive for the UK bike retailer.

Aug 2019

19 min 43 sec

This jam-packed edition of the podcast is all about advocating for the industrial case for cycling, in a bid to convince the government that more investment is needed in the cycling sector. We were invited along to a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group (APPCG) in the Houses of Parliament to hear how the APPCG and Bicycle Association are working with government to raise the case for more cycling investment. We spoke to APPCG Co-Chair and MP, Ruth Bradbury, about her view on how government and industry can work together to affect change. We also caught up with Brompton’s Will Butler-Adams who was speaking in the meeting, and listened to his views on the topic. A few miles east saw TfL’s Best Cargo Bike competition get underway in the Queen Elizabeth Park, where we managed to pick Walking & Cycling Commissioner Will Norman’s brain about building a case for cycling that government will listen to. And finally, across the park at Plexel for OVO Energy’s cycling participation initiative launch, we caught up with British Cycling Policy Adviser and former Olympian, Chris Boardman MBE, about his views on what more can be done to advocate for cycling, and by whom.

Jul 2019

38 min 6 sec

It's been a pretty busy time for Tern recently, and considering the roll out of the brand's Bikes for Business programme, click and collect initiative and now a new product launch, it's a wonder the team could conjure up a few spare minutes to appear on the latest episode of the CIN Podcast. While at the Taipei Cycle Show, we caught up with Hon and Davis to hear all about what the urban transportation brand has been up to over the last year, discuss the huge potential of the urban mobility market for the bike industry, and why they believe local bike shops are integral to the sector's growth. Focused solely on the trade, we’re inviting industry players, special guests (and just about anyone with an opinion) to talk about all the goings-on in the bike business. Fancy getting in touch with a topic you want discussed, or have something to say yourself? Then contact a member of the CIN team: Jon Harker (Editor) Hayley Everett (Staff Writer) Logan van de Poel Treacy (Sales & Social Media)

May 2019

23 min 7 sec

Broadcasting from Taipei Cycle Show 2019, we sat down with industry legend Bonnie Tu, Chief financial officer at Giant Bicycles, the founder of Liv Cycling and now chairperson for Giant Global Group, to chat about women's cycling, click & collect, and what's coming up in the pipeline for the world's second largest bicycle manufacturer. Have something to say, or a topic you would like discussed? Then get in touch with the CIN team.

Apr 2019

17 min 59 sec

Welcome to the 2nd episode of the CIN Podcast, where we discuss the ins and outs of Madison's new IBD e-commerce platform, Freewheel, with CEO Dominic Langan, followed by appearances from Park Tool's Eric Hawkins and Mark Peterman of Air Fom. Have something to say, or a topic you would like discussed? Then get in touch with the CIN team.

Mar 2019

30 min 12 sec

Here at CI.N, we have officially launched our very own trade-focused podcast! For our first episode we wanted to keep things light and easy-going, having a general chat with brands and distributors about what they've got in the works for 2019. Attending COREbike last month, we had lots of great conversations with people, including; Tim Fry from MRP, Silas Hesterberg of Deity Components, Windwave's Dan Jones and Clement Bonneau from Moustache Bikes. Focused solely on the trade, we will be inviting industry players, special guests (and just about anyone with an opinion) to talk about all the goings-on in the bike business. Fancy getting in touch with a topic you want discussed, or have something to say yourself? Then contact a member of the CI.N team.

Feb 2019

29 min 15 sec