Walk With God

By Walt & Brenda McCord

As Christians, at some point of our lives, we heard Jesus’ call to follow Him. We responded and began to follow. As we followed Him, a special intimacy began to develop. Whenever we walk with God, we enter His realm. The deepest mysteries of life, creation, and His kingdom are clearly revealed to us. Day by day, we journey along the very same path the saints before us walked. God’s Word is our sure guide. We can enjoy the closest relationship with God as we search the scriptures with other believers, plumbing the depths of His knowledge. “Walk With God” is the new national podcast led by Walt & Brenda McCord, experienced Christian family counselors and educators. This online study series is offered FREE by “The Awakening," and comes to you from “The Himmelreich Memorial Library" in historic downtown Lewisburg, PA.” Please join us, as we “Walk With God.” www.TheAwakeningWorldwide.com

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