November 3rd

Daiyan Khan, Rahil Ahmed

The political podcast no one asked for...

Join two brown kids from NYC navigate the confusing world of American and international politics in "November 3rd"

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In this episode, we invite two guest speakers to give their two cents on the new conflict that has arisen between Israel and Palestine 

May 24

1 hr 13 min

In this episode we cover the growing tensions between Ukraine and Russia, the ramifications of these aggressions and how the situation may develop. Police reform and accountability, and the current COVID situation 

May 2

29 min 29 sec

In today's installment we discuss the confirmation of Amy Coney Barret, the presidential polls, the French Boycott, and the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Please leave suggestions in the comments!Introduction music Credits:Hard Trap Beat "Hyped v2" (Prod. PQNO)-  J O H N

Nov 2020

18 min 32 sec