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The Official Saastr Podcast: SaaS | Founders | Investors

By SaaStr

The Official Saastr Podcast is the latest and greatest from the world of Saastr, interviewing the most prominent operators and investors to discover their tips, tactics and strategies to attain success in the fiercely competitive world of SaaS. On the side of the operators, we centre around getting from $0 to $100m ARR faster, what it takes to scale successfully and what are the core elements of hiring. As for the investors, we learn what metrics they hone in on when examining SaaS business, what type of metrics excites them and what they look for in SaaS founders.

  1. 1.
    SaaStr 188: Why The Best CEOs Are Inspirational Assholes, How To Optimise Decision-Making within Your Organisation & The Benefits of Being Old In SaaS with Fouad ElNaggar, Founder & CEO @ Sapho13 August 2018
  2. 2.
    SaaStr 187: Point Nine's Christoph Janz on Making Venture Capital More Human, WTF Really Is Product Market Fit & The Leading Indicators of Scaling and Repeatable Customer Acquisition Channels6 August 2018
  3. 3.
    SaaStr 186: From Greylock To $1.55Bn Acquisition, Adaptive Insights CEO, Tom Bogan on How The Best CEOs Hire and Retain Their Best Talent, How To Think About Gross Margin with Scale & The One Metric All SaaS Founders Must Ultimately Focus On30 July 2018
  4. 4.
    SaaStr 185: Moat CEO, Jonah Goodhart on How To Scale A Logo Machine In the Early Days & Why Brand and North Star Should Drive All Decision Making23 July 2018
  5. 5.
    SaaStr 184: Step by Step Guide To Scaling Your Sales Team, Why Founders Need To Spend More Time On Top of Funnel & Why Discounting Is A Great Tool with Sam Blond, Chief Sales Officer @ Brex16 July 2018
  6. 6.
    SaaStr 183: Intercom CEO, Eoghan McCabe on The Right Way To Structure Your Org Chart, The Secret To Scaling From SME To Enterprise Successfully & How To Create A Culture of Experimentation Without Fear9 July 2018
  7. 7.
    SaaStr 182: Marketo CEO, Steve Lucas on What Makes A Truly Great SaaS CEO Today, The Top Considerations You Must make Before Going To Enterprise & Why The Way We Sell Has To Fundamentally Change2 July 2018
  8. 8.
    SaaStr 181: How To Gain Enterprise Clients As A Startup, How To Approach Multi-Year and Prepaid Deals with Those Mega Companies & How To Balance Fast Growth Expectations with Profitability with Jerry Jao, Founder & CEO @ Retention Science25 June 2018
  1. 9.
    SaaStr 180: David Skok on Why You Should Not Focus On CAC/LTV In The Early Days, What Is The Right Way To Analyse Sales Rep Productivity & The Leading Indicators Early Stage VCs Use to Assess Product Market Fit18 June 2018
  2. 10.
    SaaStr 179: What It Means To Be An ARR First SaaS Company, The Most Commonly Misunderstood SaaS Metrics & Why Renewals Does Not Mean Happy Customers with Dave Kellogg, CEO @ Host Analytics11 June 2018
  3. 11.
    SaaStr 178: 10 Key Lessons From Scaling Marketo to IPO with Phil Fernandez, Former Marketo CEO & Venture Partner @ Shasta Ventures4 June 2018
  4. 12.
    SaaStr 177: Why Career Paths Are For B Players in Sales, How To "Rig The Recruiters" To Ensure The Best Talent Pipeline & Successfully Moving From Transactional To Enterprise with Bill Binch, CRO @ Pendo.io29 May 2018
  5. 13.
    SaaStr 176: What SaaS Startups Need To Raise A Series A Today, Why We Need A New Framework To Think About SaaS Multiples and How "The Rule of 40" Changes with Scale with Kristina Shen, Partner @ Bessemer Venture Partners21 May 2018
  6. 14.
    SaaStr 175: Lemkin's Lesson on How To Approach Long Sales Cycles, When Is The Right Time For A Founder To Take A Step Back From Selling & How To Deal With Being Cloned with Jason Lemkin, Founder @ SaaStr14 May 2018
  7. 15.
    SaaStr 174: How To Make It Big In The US As A Non-US SaaS Startup, How To Manage Distributed Teams Effectively At Scale & How East Coast, West Coast and European VCs Fundamentally Differ In Mentality with Timo Rein, Founder & CEO @ Pipedrive8 May 2018
  8. 16.
    SaaStr 173: Lemkin's Lesson on What To Look For In Your First Sales Reps, How to Approach Variable Compensation, The Right Way To Acquire Customers When Starting Paid Marketing and more with Jason Lemkin, Founder @ SaaStr30 April 2018
  9. 17.
    SaaStr 172: Why It Is Easier To Start In SMB and Work Your Way Up, How To Encourage A Risk Mindset Into Your Culture & How To Separate Ego From Decision-Making with Jon Lee, Founder & CEO @ ProsperWorks23 April 2018
  10. 18.
    SaaStr 171: How To Figure Out Your Pricing Strategy: The Diminishing Role of The Per Seat Model, Why Open Source Is The Only Way To Get In Front of Today's Developers & Why Capital Efficiency Is Always Key with Chetan Puttagunta, General Partner @ NEA16 April 2018
  11. 19.
    SaaStr 170: Intacct's Rob Reid on Scaling Intacct's Team & Culture To An $850m Exit, Why You Must Attack The Process Not The People & Why The Old School CEO Approach Is Upside Down and Backward9 April 2018
  12. 20.
    SaaStr 169: The Secret To Ensure High Conversion On Trials, How To Start and Scale A Remote Team Successfully & Lessons From Amazon and Netflix on A Culture of Achievement and Goal-setting with Kolton Andrus, Founder & CEO @ Gremlin2 April 2018
  13. 21.
    SaaStr 168: Why 70% of Startup's VPs of Sales Fail, How and When To Hire Your First VP of Sales & The One Question That You Must Always Ask VP of Sales Candidates with Ryan Williams, Founder @ SalesCollider26 March 2018
  14. 22.
    SaaStr 167: The Biggest Challenges In Scaling From $1-10m in ARR, How To Navigate Enterprise Sales Negotiations Successfully & Why You Must Reiterate Value At Every Touchpoint with PJ Bouten, Founder & CEO @ Showpad19 March 2018
  15. 23.
    SaaStr 166: Why SaaS Startups Do Not Have To Scale To Enterprise, Why Usage Is The Key Metric When Serving SMBs & How To Optimise The Partnership Model In SaaS with Clate Mask, Founder & CEO @ InfusionSoft12 March 2018
  16. 24.
    SaaStr 165: Step By Step Guide To Building Truly Diverse Teams, Why Data Professionals Must Be At The Core of Your Company & How To Move Upmarket Effectively with Harry Glaser, Founder & CEO @ Periscope Data5 March 2018
  17. 25.
    SaaStr 164: The Right Way To Sell To Enterprise Buyers, Why Sales Ops Will Be A C-Suite Role in the Next 10 Years and Whether Or Not To Engage With Pilots and Discounting with Mark Godley, President @ LeadGenius26 February 2018
  18. 26.
    SaaStr 163: Scaling Zapier to $35m in ARR with Just $1.3m in Funding &Why Most Founders Should Ignore Fundraising & How To Harness The Power of Completely Remote Teams with Wade Foster, Founder & CEO @ Zapier19 February 2018
  19. 27.
    SaaStr 162: How To Achieve True Virality in SaaS with $0 CAC, Why Customer Success Is The New Marketing & How To Optimise Remote and Contract Workers with Olof Mathé, Founder & CEO @ Mixmax12 February 2018
  20. 28.
    SaaStr 161: Brad Feld on Structuring Your SaaS Startup For Scalability, How The Role Of CEO Should Adjust To The Growth Of The Organisation & What Makes The Most Effective Board Members5 February 2018
  21. 29.
    SaaStr 160: Why People Over Index Culture Fit, How To Hire Through Market Cycles & How To Balance The Assessment of Output vs Input with Mark Mader, CEO @ Smartsheet29 January 2018
  22. 30.
    SaaStr 159: Why CAC/LTV Is Not The Guiding Metric In SaaS, How To Build An Inside Sales Team From Scratch & Why SMB Up Is The Right Way with Fred Shilmover, Founder & CEO @ InsightSquared22 January 2018
  23. 31.
    SaaStr 158: 3 Core Skills of The Best Performing SaaS CEOs & The Inflection Points In The Scaling of SaaS Teams & How To Mitigate Them with Mike McDerment, Founder & CEO @ Freshbooks15 January 2018
  24. 32.
    SaaStr 157: MuleSoft Founder, Ross Mason on How Unbundling to A SaaS Platform Alters Revenue, Org Structure and Product Roadmap, Why Moving To Silicon Valley Was Fundamental For Mulesoft &Why Startups Can No Longer Own The Entire Customer Lifecycle8 January 2018
  25. 33.
    SaaStr 156: Most Downloaded SaaStr of 2017: David Skok, General Partner @ Matrix Partners18 December 2017
  26. 34.
    SaaStr 155: Intercom Co-Founder, Des Traynor on Constructing The Right Brand Architecture, The Right Way To Integrate Customer Feedback Into Product Roadmap & Why There Is An Inverse Correlation Between Quality & Market Size11 December 2017
  27. 35.
    SaaStr 154: Why The Rule of 40 Is Wrong, Why Growth Does Matter More Than Profitability & Why Every First Hire In A Function Must Be A Swiss Army Knife with Greg Sands, Founder & Managing Partner @ Costanoa Ventures4 December 2017
  28. 36.
    SaaStr 153: How To Build and Scale Sales Teams As A Technical Founder, How To Scale The Sales Learning Curve & Why No One Actually Cares About Your Product with Spenser Skates, Founder & CEO @ Amplitude27 November 2017
  29. 37.
    SaaStr 152: Cloudera's Lars Nilsson on Why SDRs Are The Most Important Role In The Sales Function, How To Build An SDR Team From Nothing & How To Construct A Compensation Plan That Drives A Behaviour You Want Other Than Just Revenue20 November 2017
  30. 38.
    SaaStr 151: AppDynamics Founder, Jyoti Bansal on The Requirements To Proceed Through The Scaling Stages in SaaS To Build One Of The Fastest Growing Enterprise Companies And Achieve a $3.7Bn Exit13 November 2017
  31. 39.
    SaaStr 150: Why New Qualified Leads Divided By Win Rate Is The Metric in SaaS, Why It Is Harder To Go Enterprise Down Than SMB Up & How To Create Engines of Growth Within Your Organisation with Paul Albright, Former CRO @ Marketo6 November 2017
  32. 40.
    SaaStr 149: 2 Fundamental Challenges To Rapid Scaling in SaaS, The Importance of Short Qualification Periods & Why Departments Must Also Have North Stars with Jack Altman, Founder & CEO @ Lattice30 October 2017
  33. 41.
    SaaStr 148: Why Startups Die of Indigestion Not Starvation, Why Early Product Market Fit Can Be Misleading & Why Gross Margin Is So Crucial For SaaS Businesses From Day 1 with Rajeev Batra, Partner @ Mayfield23 October 2017
  34. 42.
    SaaStr 147: Why Payback Period Is The Critical Metric, Why There Is No "No Man's Land In SaaS Pricing" & When Is A Stretch VP, A Stretch Too Far with Shan Sinha, Founder & CEO @ Highfive16 October 2017
  35. 43.
    SaaStr 146: Why Management Upgrade Is The Most Important Thing A CEO Can Do, Why You Must Hire More Generalists with Scale & How To Hire People with 3-4 Years Runway with Chris Caren, CEO @ Turnitin9 October 2017
  36. 44.
    SaaStr 145: Mulesoft CEO, Greg Schott on The Challenges & Lessons of Scaling from 20 to 1,000 People & Where Most Companies Go Wrong In The Hiring Process2 October 2017
  37. 45.
    SaaStr 144: 7 Steps To Land $100K+ "Whale" Clients with Sequoia Backed, Andy Byrne, Founder & CEO @ Clari25 September 2017
  38. 46.
    SaaStr 143: DigitalOcean CEO, Ben Uretsky on Scaling To 1m Customers with No Sales Team, Key Learnings From Raising $123m & Why It Is Not Just About Culture Fit18 September 2017
  39. 47.
    SaaStr 142: Why CAC/LTV Is The Most Important Metric In SaaS, How To Analyse Churn Correctly & Why Bookings Are Inaccurate and Easy To Manipulate with Dave Kellogg, CEO @ Host Analytics11 September 2017
  40. 48.
    SaaStr 141: How To Scale & Segment Your Sales Team Efficiently, How To Move Upmarket With Speed & How To Raise Over $50m in an "Unsexy" Industry with Classy Founder, Scot Chisholm5 September 2017
  41. 49.
    SaaStr 140: Key Requirement To A Cash Flow Positive SaaS Business, How To Land Your First "Whale" & How To Incentivise Your Sales Team Aligned To The Company Mission with Mark Organ, Founder & CEO @ Influitive28 August 2017
  42. 50.
    SaaStr 139: Why Hiring Sales People Is Like Being Thirsty, Why You Have to Separate Between Customers and Money & Why Time Kills More Companies Than Dollars with Mike Dauber, General Partner @ Amplify Partners21 August 2017
  43. 51.
    SaaStr 138: The Rule of 40% For A Healthy SaaS Company, Why It Is Not All About Top Line Growth In Enterprise & Why Land & Expand Is Wrong with Vineet Jain, Founder & CEO @ Egnyte14 August 2017
  44. 52.
    SaaStr 137: How To Scale A Sales Org The Right Way, What Makes A Truly Effective SaaS Board & Why SaaS Leaders Need To Be Vulnerable with Max Yoder, Founder & CEO @ Lessonly7 August 2017
  45. 53.
    SaaStr 136: What Role Should The CEO Play With The Marketing Strategy, What Do CEOs Most Often Get Wrong About CMOs & What Makes The Optimal CEO-CMO Relationship with Stacey Epstein, CEO @ Zinc31 July 2017
  46. 54.
    SaaStr 135: Auren Hoffman on Why Raising Prices Is Not A Good Idea, How Fewer Employees Can Mean Fast Growth & Why The CEO Must Never Delegate HR24 July 2017
  47. 55.
    SaaStr 134: The Crucial Difference Between Mentorship & Advocacy, Why You Have To Practice Upward Empathy & How To Make The Successful Transition from Services Based Business to SaaS Based Business with TapInfluence CEO, Promise Phelon17 July 2017
  48. 56.
    SaaStr 133: 3 Fundamentals SaaS Founders Have To Nail To Get To $30m+ ARR & What First Time SaaS Founders Can Do To Increase Their Chances of Product Market Fit10 July 2017
  49. 57.
    SaaStr 132: Why The 1 Metric You Have To Know Is "Magic Number", Why Measuring The "Time To Money Is Crucial" & Why You Must Switch From Metrics to KPIs with Kurt Bilafer, CRO @ WePay3 July 2017
  50. 58.
    SaaStr 131: The Secret To Selling To SMBs & Creating A Sales Model That Scales with Jens Nylander, Founder & CEO @ Automile26 June 2017
  51. 59.
    SaaStr 130: Accel's Steve Loughlin on Founding RelateIQ & Lessons From Working with Marc Benioff, How Founders Can Determine Which Is The Right Market For Them & Evolutions in The Enterprise AI/ML Landscape19 June 2017
  52. 60.
    SaaStr 129: How To Quadruple MRR Growth With SDR Training, The Right Way To Scale Prospect Search & Why Startups Can Immediately Be In The Enterprise Market with May Habib, Founder & CEO @ Qordoba16 June 2017
  53. 61.
    SaaStr 128: Algolia's Nicolas Dessaigne on The Journey To $10m in ARR, Why You Must Separate The Work You Do From The Culture You Build & How To Successfully Create A Developer Community12 June 2017
  54. 62.
    SaaStr 127: Why $1-2m ARR Is Not The Hardest Phase Of A SaaS Startup, Why Your Developer Talent Pipeline Is Broken & How To Approach Regrettable and Non-Regrettable Churn with Ryan Carson, Founder & CEO @ Treehouse5 June 2017
  55. 63.
    SaaStr 126: Box's Chief Strategy Officer on How To Build High Performing Teams & Why You Must Only Monetise To 30% of Your Value29 May 2017
  56. 64.
    SaaStr 125: Why You Should Always Be Premium? Why You Have To Create An Outbound Sales Culture As Early As Possible & Why There Are Only 2 Real Ways To Hire with Laura Bilazarian, Founder & CEO @ Teamable26 May 2017
  57. 65.
    SaaStr 124: Upfront's Mark Suster on The One Thing That Kills Sales, Why You Have To Price High and Discount & Why Sales People Are Either Farmers or Hunters?22 May 2017
  58. 66.
    SaaStr 123: Top 10 VP of Sales Lessons In Scaling To $100m in ARR with DFJ, TalkDesk and Predictable Revenue's, Aaron Ross19 May 2017
  59. 67.
    SaaStr 122: How To Successfully Scale The 1-10 Customer Phase Of Any SaaS Business, The True Signs Of A Great Sales Person & How To Analyse NPS Effectively with Edith Harbaugh, Founder & CEO @ LaunchDarkly15 May 2017
  60. 68.
    SaaStr 121: Box's VP Marketing on Why ARR Pipeline Is Not Just The Responsibility of The Sales Team, Why Lead Nurturing Does Not Stop At Email & Why Lead Segmentation is Key To Success with Lauren Vaccarello12 May 2017
  61. 69.
    SaaStr 120: Sequoia Partner, Aaref Hilaly on How To Manage Up Your Board & Keep The Happy Even In Hard Times8 May 2017
  62. 70.
    SaaStr 119: The Sales Mistakes That Can Kill Your Startup & How To Avoid Them with Mark Roberge, Former CRO @ Hubspot & Michele Law, Former COO @ OpenDNS5 May 2017
  63. 71.
    SaaStr 118: Why Tension Has Shifted From Sales vs Marketing To Customer Success vs Product & Why You Have To Hire For Ahead Of Where You Are Now with Todd Olson, Founder & CEO @ Pendo.io1 May 2017
  64. 72.
    SaaStr 117: How, Why & When To Launch A Second SaaS Product & Is There A No Man's Land In SaaS ACV's with Amit Agarwal, Chief Product Officer @ Datadog28 April 2017
  65. 73.
    SaaStr 116: The Most Important Metric For Your Startup, When To Ship Your Second Product & How To Structure Your Sales Team For 7 Figure Deals24 April 2017
  66. 74.
    SaaStr 115: Why Not All Companies Should Invest in SEM? Why No Demand Channel Is An Island & How To Ensure For Dollar Efficiency with SEM with David Rodnitzky, Founder @ 3Q Digital and Loretta Jones, VP of Marketing @ Delighted21 April 2017
  67. 75.
    SaaStr 114: Redpoint's Tom Tunguz on The Rise of Machine Learning In Enterprise SaaS & How Existing SaaS Startups Can Incorporate ML Into Their Offering?17 April 2017
  68. 76.
    SaaStr 113: The Most Important Metrics To Assess The State Of A SaaS Startup, Why Customer Payback Period Is Crucial & The Right KPI To Measure Customer Success On with Dan Adika, Founder & CEO @ Walkme14 April 2017
  69. 77.
    SaaStr 112: Brad Feld on Structuring Your SaaS Startup For Scalability, How The Role Of CEO Should Adjust To The Growth Of The Organisation & What Makes The Most Effective Board Members10 April 2017
  70. 78.
    SaaStr 111: How To Build & Scale A Customer Success Team & Why You Must Hire Full Stack Engineers with Dan Burkhart, Founder & CEO @ Recurly7 April 2017
  71. 79.
    SaaStr 110: Why Payback Period Is The Single Most Important Metric, How To Optimise Sales Efficiency & 3 Fundamental Developments In SaaS with Scott Friend, Managing Director @ Bain Capital Ventures3 April 2017
  72. 80.
    SaaStr 109: Scaling SaaS Teams With Startup Hyper-Growth & When Is The Right Time To Hire A COO with Mat Ellis, Founder & CEO @ Cloudability31 March 2017
  73. 81.
    SaaStr 108: Growing To $500m In ARR & How To Hit 7 Figure Sales with Veeva Systems Founder, Peter Gassner27 March 2017
  74. 82.
    SaaStr 107: How Hiring Is Just Like Being A VC, Why You Have To Pay Up For Great Talent & Why Multi-Tasking Is Not Always Wrong with Daniel Ruch, Founder & CEO @ Rocketrip24 March 2017
  75. 83.
    SaaStr 106: Why Early Stage SaaS Metrics Do Not Matter, The 5 Things To Look For In Early Stage SaaS Companies & How To Negotiate A Term Sheet The Right Way with Alex Rosen, Managing Director @ IDG Ventures20 March 2017
  76. 84.
    SaaStr 105: Why Marketing Is Eating Sales, How To Make Data-Driven Marketing Decisions & Why Companies Need To Have A Strong Point of View About The World with Nadim Hossain, Founder & CEO @ BrightFunnel17 March 2017
  77. 85.
    SaaStr 104: Trello Founder, Michael Pryor on The 3 Key Elements That Make A Great CEO, The Fundamentals To Make A Pivot Successfully & The Secrets To Building The Most Efficient Workforce13 March 2017
  78. 86.
    SaaStr 103: Why You Must Sell Your Product Before It's Done Being Built, Why Product-Organisation Fit Is Key & Why The Best Sales Process Is The Customer Success Process with Matin Movassate, Founder & CEO @ Heap10 March 2017
  79. 87.
    SaaStr 102: Why You Should Not Pay Your Sales Team Commission, Why There Is Such Little Innovation In Go-To-Market Strategy & Why Adaptability Is Key Not Efficiency with Didier Elzinga, Founder & CEO @ Culture Amp6 March 2017
  80. 88.
    SaaStr 101: How To Scale From Early Adopter To Mass Market, Why Organisations Are Not A Good Way To Get Work Done & How To Perfect Upsell Mechanics with Fayez Mohamood, Founder & CEO @ Bluecore3 March 2017
  81. 89.
    SaaStr 100: Box's Aaron Levie on The 3 Stages of Company Scaling, Why Most Enterprise Software Is 'Dumb' & The Future For Enterprise Software with Artificial Intelligence27 February 2017
  82. 90.
    SaaStr 099: How To Hire & Assess The Best Demand Gen Candidates & Where To Put Focus In The Demand Gen Process with Luke Retterath, Head of Demand Generation @ Duo Security24 February 2017
  83. 91.
    SaaStr 097: Zendesk's Douglas Hanna on How To Build A Platform? How To Scale A Platform? How To Measure The Success Of A Platform?17 February 2017
  84. 92.
    SaaStr 096: How To Sell SaaS To Fortune 500s, What Drives Decision-Making In Large Corporates & Why Enterprise Is Middle Up Not Top Down with Jonathan Lehr, Co-Founder @ WorkBench14 February 2017
  85. 93.
    SaaStr 095: Trello's JD Peterson on Why Now Is The Best But Hardest Time To Be A Marketer, How To Unify The Sales & Marketing Team & How The Role Of Data Effects Marketers Today3 February 2017
  86. 94.
    SaaStr 094: The $100m Question All SaaS Founders Must Ask, Learnings From Working with Marc Benioff at Salesforce & Scaling Zuora To A $Bn Valuation with Tien Tzuo, Founder & CEO @ Zuora30 January 2017
  87. 95.
    SaaStr 093: Why You Cannot Be Excellent For Anyone If You Are Not Willing To Be Ok For Someone & How To Manage NPS Effectively With Scaling with Lexi Reese, Chief Customer Experience Officer @ Gusto27 January 2017
  88. 96.
    SaaStr 092: Raising $100m From Sequoia & Why Sustainable Growth Is Fundamental with Zoom's Eric Yuan23 January 2017
  89. 97.
    SaaStr 091: Jason Lemkin on Why Hire Fast Fire Fast is BS, Why He Never Invests In Quarterly MRR & Why The Key Is Successful Reinvention20 January 2017
  90. 98.
    SaaStr 090: SaaStr's Own Jason Lemkin on The Specific Characteristics Jason Looks For In Founders? What Levels Of ACV Suggest The Potential For A Unicorn? Why Founders Always Undersell & How You Should Hire Your First Sales Reps?16 January 2017
  91. 99.
    SaaStr 089: Buffer's Leo Widrich on The Top 10 Learnings in Growing to 10m ARR.13 January 2017
  92. 100.
    SaaStr 088: How To React When A Lead Goes Dark? How Sales Reps Can Be Polite Not Rude? Why Summary Emails Are Fundamental After All Client Interactions with John Barrows, Godfather of Sales9 January 2017

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