Humanitou: Conversations of Humanness + Creativity

By Adam Williams

Humanitou dives into what it means to be human, creative and authentic. Creator and host Adam Williams guides conversations of humanness and creativity with an inclusive and diverse series of artists, thinkers, leaders and spiritual practitioners. He also shares his own practices, questions and resources for the creative and spiritual life.

  1. 1.
    110: Ruben Rojas, muralist and co-founder of Beautify Earth, on living through love, losing it all and what really matters
  2. 2.
    109: Steven Pressfield, best-selling author of The War of Art, on creative Resistance, fear/love & tuning into the cosmic radio station
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    New Trailer: Humanitou Podcast
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    108: Adam Williams, on the season wrap-up, Humanitou updates and Lewis Hyde's 'The Gift'
  5. 5.
    107: Chip Thomas, doctor, public artist & activist, on documentary photography, 'soul wounds' of the Navajo Nation, Quaker values, and surviving a widow-maker
  6. 6.
    106: Ber-Henda Williams, founder of The Power of Girlhood, on leadership and poetry, curiosity, FOMO and Sheila E.
  7. 7.
    105: Amanda E.K., writer and filmmaker, on purity culture and rapture anxiety, religious trauma syndrome and coming into her own as an atheist queer polyamorous nonbinary woman
  8. 8.
    104: Adam Williams, on his fear of 'love', the nuances of karma, and healing our dis-ease and disconnections
  1. 9.
    103: Lucas LaRochelle, designer and founder of Queering the Map, on the magic of archiving queer experience, and anonymity, love and truth, data privacy and A.I.
  2. 10.
    102: Lewis Lee, community facilitator and mentor, on using technology and creativity to make change in the 53206, staying out of prison and cultivating a legacy of good
  3. 11.
    101: Adam Williams, on building a path of purpose one step at a time, applying the Zen philosophy of chopping wood and carrying water
  4. 12.
    100: Ber-Henda Williams, empathic coach and bilingual poet, on empathy, systemic racism, cultural behaviors, collective grief, curiosity and reaffirming connections of humanity
  5. 13.
    99: Virgil Ortiz, artist, on the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 and the reason he lives, on having a drink with Boy George and talking taboo topics
  6. 14.
    98: Brother Luck, celebrity chef, on Top Chef and James Beard, mental health, #nolucksgiven and making bold decisions when the chips are down
  7. 15.
    97: Adam Williams, on humanness and creativity, and what Humanitou really is about
  8. 16.
    96: Lisa Congdon, illustrator & author, on failure, impostor syndrome, LGBTQ rights, meditation, breast cancer and being a change-agent
  9. 17.
    95: Elliana Grace, circus performer, on being a human cannonball, life aboard the Ringling Bros. train, growing up in a circus family, and having a famous (non-circus) grandfather
  10. 18.
    94: Adam Williams, Creator of Humanitou, on Creative Resistance & Impostor Syndrome
  11. 19.
    93: Sara Meghdari, interdisciplinary artist, on life in Iran and the U.S., politics, racism, stereotypes, and the importance of curiosity and self-education
  12. 20.
    92: Lucas Krump, Evryman CEO & co-founder, on community, wellness and serving others
  13. 21.
    91: Inaiah Lujan, prolific creator, dispels the myth of being a 'Jack of all trades, master of none'
  14. 22.
    90: Laura Elizabeth Pohl, humanitarian storyteller, on starting over and advocating through photography and film
  15. 23.
    89: Kate Perdoni, musician and journalist, on self-validation, following one's calling, exploring curiosity and a definition of God
  16. 24.
    88: Dáreece Walker, visual artist, on fear and vulnerability in making art, and his series "Police Cross Lines" and "Black Fathers Matter"
  17. 25.
    87: Jessica Patterson, writer and teacher, on the spiritual practice of yoga, identity, language, and hope in a time of despair
  18. 26.
    86: Joe Johnson, singer-songwriter and storyteller, on truth in fiction, death, loss and isolation, and playing the famed Ryman Auditorium
  19. 27.
    85: Ayya Dhammadhira, Buddhist nun, on loss and impermanence, letting go and a quest for deeper knowing
  20. 28.
    84: Jamal Parker, writer + international slam poetry champ, on identity and race, mental health and faith
  21. 29.
    83: Cody Oldham, professional artist, on his precocious start in art, living with mountain lions, and his preference for wingtips and ties even while painting
  22. 30.
    82: Gregg Deal, multidisciplinary artist, on identity and stereotypes, resilience, impermanence and fatherhood
  23. 31.
    81: Becca Williams, on marriage, miscarriage and kids, yoga and tech consulting
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    Introducing Humanitou in Podcast Form

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