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Urgentology gives voice to the people and personalities that have shaped the specialty of urgent care medicine, and will undoubtedly shape its future as well.

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Dr. Michael Weinstock has been working in emergency and urgent care medicine for many years, and is well-known for his series of "Bouncebacks" books, as a teacher and speaker, and as a host on Hippo Education's UC Rap Podcast.  Listen in as Joe and Mike talk about managing difficult cases, the role of urgent care medicine, and advice on how to achieve happiness in practice and in life.

Jan 29

19 min 17 sec

Michael Pond is one of the true pioneers of emergency medicine and urgent care.  Join me as we get a little emotional and talk about his veterinary days, the early years of urgent care, and what it's like to practice in "way upstate" rural  New York.

Mar 3

24 min 23 sec

From humble beginnings to tremendous success, Peter's story is not only a reflection of personal perseverance (and the value of a great partnership) but about the early days of urgent care and why so many physicians chose this professional path.  

Mar 16

26 min 24 sec

If you think your practice setting is unique, wait until you hear about Tracey's - and what she thinks about the elevation of urgent care medicine, the power of teaching, and how to find balance in your life.

May 21

21 min 31 sec

Kevin Reiter had a unique path into urgent care, starting as a PA, becoming an MD, with some exciting things along the way (no spoilers here) and leading to his current role(s) with Northwell GoHealth Urgent Care directing their urgent care residency program, among other things.  He also had a front row seat to the COVID experience in New York.  Join Joe Toscano in this episode as he gets the full story.

Jun 18

29 min 38 sec

Dr. Sheila Bloomquist has practiced urgent care across the globe and is also the newest Fellow (and first International Fellow) of the College of Urgent Care Medicine.  Listen in as Joe discovers her story and perspective on urgentology and life.

Jul 29

22 min 5 sec

Dr. Aaron Bright is another emergency medicine doc who's fallen in love with urgent care just like Joe Toscano.  He's the founder and CEO of Hippo Education, which is known as a wildly different kind of medical education - largely because of how great it is.  It's well-known in urgent care circles as the cream of the crop in urgent care provider onboarding.  Listen in as Aaron, Joe and Lou Ellen Horwitz why urgentology as a specialty is so critical and the role of physician leadership in its development.

Sep 1

26 min 59 sec

Dr. Janell Routh is the Medical Officer and Lead for the Acute Flaccid Myelitis and Domestic Poliovirus Team at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.   Her story and insights into how urgent care  should play its role in diagnosing AFM  are both equally compelling.  Plenty of pearls for all urgent care clinicians and additional resources are below.CDC info: https://www.cdc.gov/acute-flaccid-myelitis/hcp/clinicians-health-departments/evaluation.htmlDownloadable poster about examining kids for muscle weakness: https://www.cdc.gov/acute-flaccid-myelitis/downloads/examining-proximal-muscle-weakness-508.pdf Though patients with suspected AFM should be referred immediately to the ED, anyone with questions or particular information about cases can email the CDC at: AFMinfo@cdc.gov

Oct 15

30 min 35 sec