The Other F Words

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What are the key indicators of a successful marking campaign? CEO of CVP Group Jeremiah Su talks to prolific media industry practitioners and dives deep into their favourite campaigns, and whether the final outcome was fresh, or a failure.

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Megan Yulga from Circles.Life reveals how the brand tackled one of the most risky and successful UGC led campaigns they've ever done. She opens up about the passion, grit and structure that goes behind the scenes of leading the telco's marketing team. What do you think are the key factors that contributed to this successful comeback?

Sep 17

19 min 16 sec

Mick Spiers from UMO Mobility reveals how their brand transitioned from being a reserved B2G brand to a relatable, humanised B2C identity that their audience loves. This huge change in their business triggered a newfound focus on empathy and simplicity.

Sep 3

25 min 12 sec

Neal Moore from Moore's Lore Media explains the journey to creating Visa's successful travel campaign for Asian women. He talks about transforming meaningful, collaborative research to sensitive, tactful messages that can transcend international barriers. Do you think that a creator's heartfelt intention is important for content creation?

Aug 20

41 min 8 sec

Anton Reyniers from Google talks about the strategy behind Pornhub's 'Not My Toys' campaign. He shares the importance of leveraging human insights to develop strategically crafted stories that connects brands to people. Do you think Pornhub managed to execute this tastefully?

Aug 6

37 min 52 sec

In this episode of The Other 'F' Words, Jeremiah sits with Dion from Superpixel where he shares about his works for Gardens By the Bay where they had stunning hologram installations to teach people about sustainability, nature and ecosystems.

Nov 2020

22 min 42 sec

Felicia from Bytesize Productions talks about producing, shooting, editing. and creating an entire video from scratch, by herself, in 1 week's time! Talk about female empowerment, this is the embodiment of power! Felicia goes through her process, and what you need to know and what it takes when shooting an entire beauty video all alone.

Sep 2020

19 min 5 sec

Terng Shing from SYNC PR and David, an author, talk about their experience in doing PR for a book launch, whether vanity metrics really work, and talk about the effects of vitamin C in marketing?!

Sep 2020

41 min 23 sec

The mother industrialist, Kenneth, helps to educate, empower, inform and inspire mothers to become mompreneurs and enable them to not be shackled to the stigma of being a mom.

Sep 2020

27 min 21 sec

Lee shares her thoughts and complications on shooting an interview with one continuous roll without any cuts, and the state of the industry now with crew and budgets.

Sep 2020

7 min 16 sec

JJ, a media analyst from Vayner Media, talks about the importance of amplification and whether the quality of content will affect outputs and overall fulfillment of objectives.

May 2020

29 min 15 sec

Andrew from Origins Of Motion talks about the power of video, and how emotions can be used to further a message and a cause. He also shares his tips and tricks on how to make an interviewee feel comfortable in front of camera to allow the conversation to be more organic

Apr 2020

15 min 10 sec