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Felicia Romero

If you are tired of yo yo dieting, starting and stopping your fitness goals, and obsessing over the scale then this podcast is for you. Welcome to the “Diet Dropout” podcast where I will bring you real people who will tell you real stories about how they have broken through their plateaus and how you can do the same.

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In the episode I chat with Christina Kelly! She helps professionals ditch the overwhelming days with a personalized morning routine to help with productivity.  I loved our conversation: 1. The science behind a morning routine 2. How to get back on track when there are obstacles 3. Overcoming habits and a negative mindset Thank you so much @iamchristinakelly for coming on and sharing all of your knowledge on this topic!    RESOURCES:  Click here to follow on IG  - @iamchristinakelly Her Youtube channel - Click here   Thank you ! Make sure to rate and review! I would really appreciate it! 

Sep 23

36 min

So excited for you to hear this episode on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). I chat with Virginia Lauzon (@virginialauzoncoaching) all about how to use this type of programming to heal our habits that do not serve us, specifically binge eating. This conversation we tackle perspective, habits, mindset, Neuroplasticity .  I loved this episode and hope you do too!    RESOURCES: Make sure to give Virginia a follow - Click here for her IG @virginialauzoncoaching Website - Click here

Sep 16

37 min

In this episode I chat with Payal the Affirmation Addict! @affirmationaddict  We talk about:  ✅ The power of affirmations ✅ How to build your own affirmations  ✅ How to surrender and accept ✅ Her app Affirm It and how it can help you  I hope you like this episode! I absolutely loved our conversation!  Please make sure to rate and review on apple podcasts 🙏🏼 RESOURCES: Instagram - @affirmationaddict Website :

Sep 8

43 min

In this episode I chat with Courtney Taylor (@themoderndaypsychic). Wow I loved this episode!  We break down: 1. Her journey and background 2. How she helps transforms her clients through mediumship , energy and crystal work. 3. She breaks down crystal therapy and how to use crystals in our own life. How we can use crystals to help with manifesting, health, career, anxiety etc.. 4. Courtney also talks about Chakras and breaks down each chakra.  I absolutely loved this episode and hope you do too!  Remember to rate and review if you enjoyed this episode!  RESOURCES: @themoderndaypsychic on IG

Sep 3

46 min

In this episode I chat with Dr. Elizabeth Fedrick, owner of Evolve Counseling & Behavioral Health Services.  She is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Arizona. In this episode we talk about: - The different modalities of therapy she specialized in including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and EMDR. - She explains how we can use CBT to heal our inner core beliefs/self limiting beliefs about ourselves.   This episode was so informative! I hope you like it too!  RESOURCES: Website: Instagram: @evolvecounselingaz    Thank you! 

Aug 24

42 min

Episode 78 I chat with Menstrual health educator Berrion Berry.  Some topics that are talked about in this episode are: Managing PMS , mood and symptoms How to use your cycle to be more productive  Supplements that can help with period pajn and PMS Things that can affect your period  This episode was awesome and I hope you like it too!  If you enjoyed this episode please leave a review and let me know what you thought!  Email me-

Aug 18

39 min

In this episode I give my top tips to improve your health right NOW, and it is a lot simpler than you think.  Doing a giveaway this month - leave a review ( make sure to leave your IG handle on review) and you enter for a chance to win a $50 gift card to Amazon.    Thank you!  Email me with questions at -

Aug 10

26 min

In this episode I chat with Dr. Taz Bhatia MD. She is a board certified integrative medicine physician and wellness expert who gained national recognition as a best selling author of the books “What Doctors Eat” and the 21 day Belly Fix and “Super Woman RX”.  We chat about:  ✅ Kids + healthy immune systems + preparing to go back to school  ✅ Her thoughts on Vitamin D and Vitamin C and why they are important during this time - COVID and overall why these vitamins are important.     ✅ Gut health and inflammation    This is a great episode and hope you enjoy it too!    RESOURCES: Follow Dr. Taz here -- Click here @drtazmd   Thank you   

Jul 29

31 min

In this episode I chat with Dee and Kurt Mangum also known as CoupleyFit.  We talk about :  ✅ Converstion about equality and what they are doing in the community  ✅ What they recommend for people who are mentally and physically fatigued right now with everything going on in the world.  ✅ Understanding the history of physical health for African americans and the history of systemic racism and how it impacted black and minority people.    Hope you enjoy this episode! If you enjoyed would love for you to rate and review !!    RESOURCES:  Follow CoupleyFit on IG - @coupleyfitt

Jul 23

49 min

Episode 74 is a solo episode where I break down the common food narratives and rules we live by and what perpetuates the yo yo dieting mentality.  I give examples of the food narratives I identify with as well as debunking common food rule myths.    Hope you enjoyed this episode! Please rate and review :)    INTERESTED IN THE DIET DROPOUT PROGRAM:  click HERE

Jul 17

36 min

In this episode I chat with Ashlie Price, a Life Coach that helps you rediscover your identity by overcoming blocks and limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck.  ✅We dig into how to heal from your past ✅ Self care isnt selfish  ✅ Trusting your intuition  I loved our convo and hope you do too!    RESOURCES:  FOLLOW Ashlie on IG @ashlieprice1111 or CLICK HERE   Interested in the Diet Dropout Course? Click link below!  WAITING LIST

Jul 8

45 min

In this episode I chat with long time friend James Patrick. He has been in a photographer in the fitness industry for many years and has shot over 500 covers. He is also a biz coach that helps fitness entrepreneur to grow their income, impact and visibility online.  We chat about: - Pivoting your business - 1st step in creating an online business And so much more!!!   RESOURCES:  Follow James on IG  @jpatrickphoto   If you enjoyed this episode be sure to leave a review! 

Jul 2

46 min

I absolutely loved chatting with Kira West on this episode.  Kira is a blogger and digital content creator that shares wellness via travel , fitness and food.  We talk about and dig into issues like: 1. Making wellness inclusive and her thoughts on travel and making wellness a right for all( especially people of color) and not just a privilege for some. 2. Self care and why it is important right now , especially for the Black community. 3. Staying motivated and not just with wellness but also staying motivated with creating real change on racism everywere. 4. We also talk about travel on all the places she she has been . Her thoughts on the pandemic and how it has changed her life this year.  This episode was SO good and I hope you like it too!  RESOURCES:  FOLLOW Kira (@bykwest)  - Click here to follow on IG LIST OF Black owned hotels - Click here   If enjoyed this episode please rate and review! Thank you

Jun 24

42 min

Hi! In this episode I chat with Narcissist Recovery Coach Marissa Mize.  We broke down what:  - A narcissist relationship looks like. - Healing from this type of relationship and how exercise can be used as a way to numb out from this type of relationship - Ways to take back your power She is also including a gift to all of my listeners!  Click below for her free printable journal    Thanks everyone! 

Jun 15

46 min

In this episode I chat with Tracy O' Malley (@tracy_omalley), Enneagram Expert and podcast host "Becoming Bulletproof". I absolutely loved my conversation with her.  We really dissect all of the enneagram types on a deeper level. I also share my enneagram test results .  This was such an open and candid conversation and shared some very vulnerable stories.  RESOURCES:  Follow Tracy - Click here to follow on IG Enneagram test I recommend: ( paid ) ( free ) 

Jun 8

60 min

In this episode I chat with Eating Disorder Specialist, Jennifer Rollin MSW, LCSW-C.  We chat about  1. Her background and why she became an Eating Disorder Specialist. 2. The different type of disorders and the type of therapies Jennifer uses on her patients.  3. The repercussions of a restrictive mindset and why diet culture sets us up for a cycle of always trying/wanting to lose weight?  4. First steps to self acceptance ?  5. Devils Advocate-- Her thoughts on those people that truly need to lose weight or restrict certain foods for health reasons? I loved having this conversation with her and I hope you do too!  RESOURCES:  FOLLOW JENNIFER- CLICK HERE @jennifer_rollin    Please rate and leave a review if you enjoyed this episode! xo :)   

May 18

42 min

This episode is all about energy healing and raising your vibration with Taylor Stone.  Taylor Stone is an alchemist and healer and has the Vibe Higher Podcast- she is all about leading you to your multidimensionality and bridging spirituality and science to raise your frequence.  I loved this open and honest conversation with Taylor and her thoughts on healing yourself through energy work.  We talk about :  1. Karma 2. Souls purpose 3. Reiki and other modalities 4. Mindfulness 5. Abundance mindset and law of attraction  I really enjoyed this episode and I hope you do too!  RESOURCES: Follow Taylor on IG - CLICK HERE @iamtaylorstone

May 11

45 min

In this episode I talk about my thoughts towards the messaging behind "Quarantine 15" and why I am triggered by it.  I break down 10 Fat/Weird diet fads and the diets I have attempted over the years.  This episode is just an honest and open discussion about the current pandemic, diet fads, social media marketing and the little things.  Hope you enjoy this episode!  Make sure you are following the @dietdropoutpodcast on IG and email me with any questions.

May 6

40 min

In this episode I chat with International Feng Shui consultant, Author and Chinese Metaphysics Teacher Jen Stone. (@fengshuibyjen)  I absolutely loved this episode with her. Key points in the episode: - What Feng Shui is. - How to harmonize your home - The 5 elements  - She also digs into this year (2020) and what is currently going on in the world.  Hope you like this episode! I loved talking to Jen and I hope you like it too!  RESOURCES: Click here to connect with her IG- @fengshuibyjen If you liked this episode please rate and review! xo  Email me with questions:

Apr 21

44 min

In this episode I chat with the creator of Nutriscribe, Will Armijo. He has been in the fitness industry for many years and so thankful I had a chance to get him on the podcast.  We have a candid conversation about what is happening in the world today and how to adapt with the changing times.... We also go in depth with: - Keeping immune system healthy and it starts in the gut - Creating and sustaining habits  - Nutrition - His new venture Nutriscribe - Entrepreneurship  RESOURCES: CLICK HERE TO CONNECT WITH WILL on IG Hope you enjoy this episode! If you did please rate and leave a review! xo     

Apr 13

47 min

Hi guys,  In this episode I chat with Dr. Megan Rigby, DNP-GI, Online Coach and new mommy!  In this episode we chat about : - Her journey with IVF - Her birth story and motherhood - Staying positive during this time I hope you enjoy this episode! I always love talking to her!  RESOURCES: Follow Megan -- CLICK HERE @macro_mini   If you enjoyed this episode please rate and review ! Thank YOU.    Felicia

Apr 8

32 min

Episode 62 out now! In this episode I talk with Self defense expert, survivor and Online self defense coach Tiffany Armstrong.  We talk about: Her story and why she is so passionate about women protecting themselves Simple strategies to help women feel safe How to outsmart an attacker Self defense tools that women can learn now This is such an important episode and i hope you enjoy it too!  RESOURCES:  Follow Tiffany - CLICK HERE Thank you so much for listening! xo   

Mar 30

54 min

In this episode I have an awesome chat with The Wheatless Kitchen, Candace Bell. She provides simple, real food recipes that are gluten free.  Having been diagnosed with celiac disease she has been proactive about living a gluten free life.  We talk about: - simple strategies to slowly incorporate gluten free into your life. - why and who should consider gluten free - some simple food staples that are gluten free  This conversation was so informative and I hope you enjoy it too!  RESOURCES: Check out the Wheatless Kitchen IG- Click here @thewheatlesskitchen Check out here website - JOIN her email list- CLICK HERE IF you enjoyed this episode please leave a review :)  Email me with questions-

Mar 23

52 min

In this episode I chat with Dr. Jolene Brighten. She is in an enforced quarantine in Puerto Rico for 14 days and I thought it was the perfect time to talk with her about what she is going through , how she prepared and helpful stress reduction suggestions.  WE talk about : - How to prepare for a quarantine  - Thoughts on this virus  - Stress reduction ideas and helping immune system I loved our open candid conversation about what is going on in the world today and hoping providing a positive outlet for you to stay informed.  FOLLOW DR JOLENE BRIGHTEN - CLICK HERE @drjolenebrighten Check out her website-   If you enjoyed this episode please rate and review! Would really appreciate all your help and support. xo 

Mar 20

51 min

In episode 59 I have the most amazing conversation with Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) Julie Espinoza. She is co-owner/founder of Psychotherapy Innovations located in Phx, AZ.  Our conversation was an in depth chat about trauma , grief and I personally shared some personal stories of my own experiences.  We talk about :  1. Trauma 2. EMDR 3. Couples and relationships 4. Helping someone who is suffering with mental health I LOVED our conversation and I hope you do too!  RESOURCES: Follow Julie Espinoza- Click Here To Follow on IG @therapywithjulie on IG  If you have any questions email me - and please rate and leave a review :) 

Mar 9

54 min

Hi guys- this episode is all about grounding. Grounding yourself to get back to yourself when you are dealing with stress and overwhelm. Also , being around a lot of technology can cause negative ions in our body to decrease so grounding can help.    So take off your shoes , take a walk outside and listen to this episode. :)  Special thanks to our sponsors: Sweet Defeat Sweet Defeat is a clinically proven lozenge made from only five plant-based, natural ingredients: gymnema, zinc, sorbitol, mint, and spirulina extract. These ingredients work together in a lozenge that is proven to reduce desire for sugar by 30% and reduce consumption of sugar by over 50%. Not only are the ingredients super high in quality (the gymnema plant has been used for centuries in Eastern medicine!), Sweet Defeat is also tested to pharmaceutical grade standards, which means you can trust that the products are pure. Their IG- CLICK HERE Email me with questions :

Mar 2

21 min

In this episode I chat with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) Dietician Tallene and her husband PCOS trainer Sirak.  We break down the symptoms of PCOS, what it is and how to manage it.  Tallene and Sirak break down how gluten and dairy and affect those with PCOS and how to manage it.  WE dive into hormones, fertility , weight loss and management.  I loved this conversation and hope you do too!  RESOURCES:  FOLLOW THEM: PCOS WEIGHTLOSS IG CHECK OUT THEIR MEMBERSHIP SITE:   Thank you for listening! 

Feb 24

26 min

In this episode I share why we decided to elope vs marry in our backyard. I get real and candid about why this was best for us. I also touch upon mental health again and why it is important to support those suffering .  Thank you so much for listening! If you enjoyed this episode pls leave a review and subscribe.    Follow the Diet Dropout Podcast- Click here to FOLLOW Email me:

Feb 18

22 min

In this episode I chat with Nathalia Melo. Bikini Olympia champion in 2012, shes been featured in dozens of publications nationally and internationally. She is a mom of 2 , wife and runs a super successful online training business.  I loved my conversation with her from her time as Bikini Olympia competition to her transitioning into motherhood.  We dove into postpartum and the difference between post partum and postpartum depression, having 2 babies under the age of 4, mom guilt and tips to getting back to you after having a baby.  I loved our conversation and hope you do too!  RESOURCES:  Follow Nathalia- CLICK HERE- Nathalia IG INTERESTED in her programs - use code DROPOUT if wanting to work with her and her 4 weeks to Fit Transformation.

Feb 10

46 min

In this episode I chat about the Shakira and JLo Superbowl halftime show. There has been a lot of backlash saying that it "objectifies" women.... I share my opinion and thoughts on this subject.    Question? Email me-

Feb 4

20 min

In this episode I have the most amazing conversation with the Hormone Whisperer Dr. Jillian Smithers. Dr. Smithers is a Naturopathic doctor that practices in North Scottsdale.  We dissected the menstrual cycle and the different phases of the menstrual cycle. We also touched up thyroid , the types of blood tests you should be getting when you are checking thyroid and what to do when your labs come back normal but you know something is off.  Dr. Smithers also touched upon gut and liver and how important it is to keep you gut and liver clean and ways to do that.  This was such an awesome conversion and I hope you loved it too!    FOLLOW DR JILLIAN: The Hormone Doctor IG JOIN HER WAITLIST FOR HER NEW COURSE: CLICK HERE TO GET ON THE LIST   Thank you so much and if you enjoyed this episode please rate and review this episode .  Email me with questions -

Jan 27

64 min

In this bonus episode I chat with my friend Dani Medin. Candid and vulnerable conversion about career, relationships, marriage and health .  We also dove into her business and why she started "Bad To The Blonde" and her love for fashion. I loved our conversation and I hope you do too!    FOLLOW DANI : Dani IG Thank you so much for listening and if you enjoyed this episode please make sure to subscribe and leave a review. 

Jan 24

56 min

In this episode I chat with Maria Kang. Founder of No Excuse Mom and Creator of the Belly Ball. She's also a mom of 3 boys and owner of elderly care homes. Maria has been featured on Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, The Today Show and CNN to name a few.  In our episode we chat about motherhood and fitness. How she manages her fitness with 3 young boys and creating a No Excuse Plan to make fitness a priority .  She has helps hundreds and hundreds of ladies all around the world with her amazing community.  We also touch upon her breast implant explant and how to have conversations with your family about being healthy.  Loved our convo and I hope you do too!  Email me with questions -   FOLLOW MARIA : MARIA IG

Jan 20

27 min

In this episode I chat about my own personal stories with mental health. Also, how change can affect our mental health and some tools to help you.  Questions or comments - email me at

Jan 13

20 min

Happy New Year everyone! This is the first episode back for 2020. I am so excited to chat with my friend Bernice Tomasso. In this episode we touch on some powerful topics.  - The Inner Child and the work she is doing with past trauma  - Her ideologies on nutrition and we ask some really important questions surrounding fitness+health - Carb cycling, timing your nutrition, the food pyramid and so much more  - Relationships and attracting your ideal partner  This episode is so powerful and so grateful she was vulnerable.  FOLLOW BERNICE - Bernice IG Thank you so much for listening and if you enjoyed this episode please subscribe and leave a review.    Email me with questions:

Jan 6

46 min

In this episode I chat with Maggie Berghoff, Health Consultant, Biz Mentor and Nurse Practitioner trained in Functional Medicine.  We chat about how to create a healthy environment to thrive and breakdown some common household products to swap out. She educates us on what Functional medicine is and why it is important.  Maggie also talks about infertility and motherhood and how she juggles being a mom and a successful entrepreneur.  This episode was super informative and shed light on autoimmune! Be sure to listen and leave a review if you enjoyed the episode.  Email me if you have any questions-

Dec 2019

34 min

In this episode I give practical tips to help you shift your brain and habits to sustainable and long lasting . Stop the all in or all out mentality that is holding you back from your goals.    Email me with questions:

Dec 2019

20 min

Wow. This episode is fire! I chatted with former Miss AZ USA and full time model based out of New York Jordan Wessel. She opens up about her journey with fitness competitions as well as the pageant life. Jordan talks about how her body and mind was affected by extreme dieting as well as what she went through went she was hyper-focused on body image.   She also opens up about being a full time model based out of New York and the harsh treatment that happens behind the scenes.  Jordan also is transparent about mental health and how she was able to heal physically and mentally through self awareness, therapy and gratitude each and every day.  So excited for her and the launching of her new female empowerment movement launching in early 2020.  RESOURCES: FOLLOW JORDAN - Jordan IG CLICK HERE   Thank you so much for listening! Email me with any questions at

Nov 2019

43 min

In this episode I talk about what happens after you hit your goal, or after you have stepped on stage. I also chat about what happened to me post competition and how to not rebound or continue on some bad habits after hitting a goal.    Whether you are a competitor or if you have ever dieted , hit a goal then gained it all back then this episode is for you.  Any questions please email -

Nov 2019

30 min

In this episode I chat with Master Life Coach Chanee Momoko. We discuss how our negative self belief and past trauma can affect us and possibly cause excessive dieting.  We talk about how to dissect our negative self beliefs and how to begin the healing process.  Chanee also discusses how to find balance with ourselves after competitions.    This is a powerful episode that I know you will enjoy!  Make sure to leave a 5 star rating and please review this episode ! Thank you  RESOURCES:  CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW CHANEE   Email me with any questions:

Nov 2019

43 min

In this episode I talk with Lindsey Mathews, online trainer and mom of 3. We have an amazing conversation about body image , food and the repercussions of competing.  She goes through her journey and the process of accepting her body now, post competing and learning to have patience and time with her body.  We also talk about our healing/health experiences and how we find balance after competing.    This episode is amazing and I hope your like it too!  RESOURCES:  FOLLOW Lindsey on IG- CLICK HERE GET her new cookbook here- CLICK HERE   EMAIL ME- questions or comments? email -

Nov 2019

48 min

Hi guys ,  In this BONUS episode I talk all about my experience with exposure therapy and how I used it to heal my binge eating tendencies!    Hope you enjoy this episode!  RESOURCES: email me-   SPONSORS: Daily Harvest - use FELICIA for $25 off your first order DAILY HARVEST WEBSITE

Oct 2019

24 min

Happy Monday! In this episode I talk about consistency and the sacrifice you will have to make to look a certain way.  This is a short but sweet episode! Hope you all have an awesome day!    If interested in working with me : CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO   EMAIL ME:

Oct 2019

15 min

Wow! I loved this episode. I had a chance to talk with IFBB Shonte Turner. Shonte is a USAF, IFBB pro and creator of the SwapTrap and Yo Trap.  In this episode we talk about her time in the USAF, how she met het hubby, her current mindset with health and fitness. I loved talking with Shonte and her thoughts on goals, diet , body dysmorphia and wanting to get to a place where she can find balance and contentment.  She also talks about her company and the products she has created and patented called TurnFit. Her products include Yoga Mats, waist trimmers and headbands.  I absolutely loved this interview and how open and transparent Shonte was. Hope you like it too!  RESOURCES: Shonte IG -- click here to follow her Website - Click here Thank you to our sponsors:  DEXABODY click link to set an appt: Get TESTED What is a DEXA scan? DEXA (Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry) is research-grade technology which provides the most accurate and precise measurement of body fat, lean mass, and bone density. It is considered the GOLD standard of Body Composition Analysis Testing and is used worldwide by elite athletes and teams like the Green Bay Packers, the British Triathlon team, and is used at the US Olympic training center in Colorado Springs. The scan is fast, highly accurate, and requires no special clothing. It takes about 10 minutes and exposes you to less radiation than a 1-hour flight.   What will I learn? The Dexa Body Composition Analysis Scan will provide you with a comprehensive 10-page report provides you with a detailed understanding of your body composition. It includes: Total body fat percentage Total lean percentage Bone Density Muscle Symmetry Regional composition (i.e. How much fat, lean, and bone in arms, legs, trunk, etc) Images of bone, lean, and fat tissue Estimated Resting Metabolic Rate for Nutrition Planning  

Oct 2019

63 min

Such a powerful episode with Doug Bopst. Doug is a former felon turned Fitness Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Author of 3 books.  In this episode we talk about his journey from addiction, to jail and his road to recovery. We break down addiction and how it has affected him and his life.  Doug also is super transparent about his time in jail and his recovery.    This episode is so powerful and honest as we both talk about our own habits and mental health and how we can all change through personal development and healing.  Thank you for listening.  RESOURCES:  Follow Doug on IG- CLICK HERE Pick up his latest book- The Heart of Recovery- CLICK HERE   Email me with any questions or segment ideas:

Oct 2019

53 min

Episode 39 I chat with Holistic Aesthetician Cecilia Berkley. This powerful episode touches all subjects from holistic rejuvenation, superfoods, being a woman in business, creating your own product and so much more.  Cecilia talks about her journey and her road to where she is now. She has spent years creating, researching her own product, Corazon, which is a line of vitamins and superfoods for the face.  Cecilia also talks about how she healed herself and how love and being loved has transformed her life.  This episode is so so powerful.    RESOURCES: FOLLOW CECILIA: CLICK HERE   What she is LOVING:  FOOD: Raspberries  READING: Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo   If you liked this episode please leave a rate and review!  Email me at

Oct 2019

62 min

In this episode I chat with Sohee Lee (SoheeFit on IG) as we have an amazing conversation about her beliefs and research on will power vs behavioral changes.  Sohee is a Women's Health Magazine advisor , Founder of the EltMethod (Eat, Lift, Thrive) , published author and has an array of certifications and degrees.  We talk about diet culture and mentality and the repercussions of an extreme mindset.  Sohee talks about all of the research she has done and published study she did specifically about disordered eating. She focused on body image flexibility and how the way we view ourselves affect our mental health.    This was such an awesome episode and I hope you like it too!    Follow Sohee - CLICK here for SOHEE'S IG Sohee's website - CLICK HERE   RESOURCES:  She is loving: FOOD: All carbs hahaha READING: Her book -- Sold on Amazon LISTENING: Post Malone- she is going to concert soon :)    Email me if you have suggestions or questions:

Oct 2019

54 min

In this episode I chat with Strength Coach, Injury Expert and 3X American Ninja Warrior Angela Gargano.  This episode is packed with a ton of inspiration on overcoming obstacles and pursuing your dreams.  Angela talks about how she began her fitness journey from where she grew up, to opening up her gym , to taking risks and selling everything to move to New York to follow her dreams.  She gives some great advice on overcoming obstacles and in her case a knee injury that forced her to have surgery and reevaluate where she was in life.  Angela also opens up about her experience with American Ninja warrior and that whole experience with reality tv.  This is such a powerful episode !  RESOURCES: FOLLOW ANGELA - CLICK HERE   FOR QUESTIONS OR PODCAST SUGGESTIONS EMAIL ME :

Oct 2019

52 min

Hi all!  In this episode I talk about how to stop having a weight problem.... is to stop making weight your problem.  I give tips on how to be healthy overall and to stop focusing on weight. I also talk about why most people gain the weight back.  I give some insight on my story and the day I stopped focusing on my weight and started to work on my inner self as well as my mental health.    Thank you so much and if you liked this episode please leave a rate and review.  Email me with questions-

Sep 2019

24 min

In this episode I talk about "showing up" and what that means to me. I talk about the different seasons in life and how we can show up for those different seasons.  I give some personal stories of how I handle certain situations in relationships , specifically with Keith and how my past relationships has affected ours.    Hope you enjoy this BONUS episode and if you enjoyed it please leave a rate and review.    If you have any questions please email me -

Sep 2019

20 min

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