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Welcome to the Weird Internet Podcast, where hosts Jorrel, Chris, and Jandro explore the quirks of various internet communities. Have you had the urge to dump your life savings into GME? This is the right place for you. Do you enjoy dabbing on haters in your custom winter fox fur suit? Please take a seat - we've been expecting you. Ever found yourself getting hot and sweaty while thinking about becoming a human table? You're not alone. I'm a sturdy antique mahogany with 5 legs. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our steaming hot takes about a different internet community each week.

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Real heroes don't wear capes. They wear colanders. In season 2, episode 6 of the Weird Internet Podcast, Jandro, Jorrel, and Chris dive headfirst into Pastafarianism and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti monster! How do Pastafarians reason about the world around them? Why do Pastafarians worship pirates? Are you forced to walk the plank if you wanna join the church? How can we be more like the noble Octopus in our everyday lives? Tune in to this episode as the gang tackles these questions and more!


Nov 17

59 min 38 sec

In this episode, Jorrel and Jandro journey into the scary stories of Creepypastas. They explained the origin of creepypastas and read the stories of the most popular Creepypastas. The story of the Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, Lavender Town Syndrome and, Rusian Sleep Experiment. Join them this week to find out what truly scares us and how to survive the most terrifying and bone-chilling stories of the internet!   Subscribe to our Youtube channel:


Oct 29

57 min 44 sec

Jorrel, Chris and Jandro journey into the wizarding world of Harry Potter. On the surface, this may seem pretty mainstream, but they do manage to talk about some of the weirder sides to the Potter community. They read some fan fiction, talk a little furry, and play a game that tests their knowledge of the popular book series.   Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:


Oct 12

50 min 29 sec

The guys uncover the fascination with real life murder and the ones who commit it. Why do people love talking about people who died so much? Are there really groups of vigilante crime solvers made up of people who met over the internet? Why do so many serial killer names sound like WWE wrestlers? Are Jandro, Jorrel, and Chris members of this weird online community of people obsessed with all things true crime? Stay tuned to hear their answers to these questions and more. Episode Highlights: What is true crime? Timeline of popularity What Chris enjoys about the genre Psychology of True Crime Vigilante Crime Solvers Serial Killer OR Wrestling Star? Columbia is good a serial killing


Sep 28

51 min 52 sec

In this episode, Jandro, Jorrel, and Chris go virtual. The Internet Explorers tackle the world of virtual Youtube, also known as VTube. Jorrel will take you through how you can become a VTuber, Chris creates a virtual persona called Fish-topher, and Jandro contemplates the future impact this community will have on the world. How much does it cost to become a VTuber and what ethical questions should we be asking about this crazy new platform? Hear the guys get into the similarities with Japanese Idols, the fictional characters they’d like to watch via Vtube, and what would happen if Disney tapped into this widely popular market. Is this the most mainstream topic yet? Listen here to find out.   Subscribe to our Youtube channel now! - 


Sep 14

1 hr

Welcome back to the Weird Internet Podcast! In this season two opener, the Internet Explorers jump into their desired realities. Jandro, Chris, and Jorrel attempt to shift from their current reality to new desired realities with genies, uncomfortable kissing scenarios, and anime through the practice of reality shifting. This community is all about leaving your old life behind and sending your consciousness to a different reality, one where anything is possible…or just a basic reality like going Hogwarts. Listen in as they talk about the wizarding world, unlimited boba, and pillaging other people’s desired realities!


Aug 31

1 hr 5 min

In this episode of Weird Internet Interviews, Jandro and Jorrel interview an expert Funko Pop trader, buyer, seller, Jon. During the interview, the two internet explorers learn a whole bunch about valuations, what makes Funko Pops special (brand loyalty??), and how to navigate this collectibles subculture. It's Freddy Funko's world, we're just living in it. 


May 13

1 hr

Welcome to the season finale of the Weird Internet Podcast Season 1! In this episode, your resident internet explorers dive into the intricacies and philosophies of the Funko Fanatics community. As with all of our communities, we go in thinking that Funko Pops are one thing, but come out scratching our oddly shaped heads for another reason. Come join Jorrel, Jandro, and Chris as the navigate Funko Pops and cap of the season with a reflection! 


May 11

59 min

In this episode of the Weird Internet Podcast, the resident internet explorers dive into a community that has touched the hearts of millions around the world, Pornhub. A lot of people who frequent the site are not aware that the site provides some of the most interesting data that reveals a lot about the human condition. This data can be found a few layers deep in a place called Pornhub Insights. Join the internet explorers as they talk about and share some of the most interesting revelations from one of the most visited sites in the world.  


May 4

1 hr 26 min

In this special episode of the Weird Internet Interviews, the internet explorers get to understand the wonderful perspective of a My Little Pony enthusiast. Special guest of host Jorrel, Allan is a former Brony/MLP enthusiast/fan. Jandro and Jorrel learn a lot more about why the show is so special to the not-intended demographic, and a little bit more information to what the show is actually about. Join them as Allan does a great job pulling away the curtains. 


Apr 30

44 min 8 sec

The lucky number 13. The resident internet explorers get to explore the community that inspired this podcast. The community that has inspired millions to find the wonders of magic, sorcery, unicorns, and friendship. And no, we're not talking about the Harry Potter Fandom. The internet explorers in this episode do a deep swan dive into the lovely Bronies community. Jandro, Chris, and Jorrel get to engage in fun discourse about the wonders of Equestria and the titular ponies of the series. Join them as they themselves teeter the lines between brony and homie. 


Apr 27

1 hr 3 min

In this special episode of the Weird Internet Interviews, the internet explorers get schooled on the realities of Astrology in the 21st century. Special guest of host Chris, Amanda, a 20-something resident internet astrologist extraordinaire gives dating advice, weird experiences, and overall spicy takes on the wonders of Astrology. Come join them as they find out being a Scorpio, a Leo, and a Sagittarius may or may not doom them forever alone. 


Apr 22

37 min 23 sec

In this episode of the Weird Internet Podcast, the resident internet explorers go into the tingly world of ASMR. A community? An artform? A tool to get tinglys? Who knows? Chris, Jandro, and Jorrel discuss ASMR to further understand how the internet meme became more powerful than the platforms that hosted it, and fully transcended into mainstream discussion. Join them as they try to further explain this phenomena, and along the way find themselves feeling the tingles. 


Apr 20

1 hr 3 min

In this episode of the Weird Internet Interviews, Jandro and Jorrel talk to a woke spiritualist, Sandy, about the wonders of numerology, chakras, spiritual energies, and crystals. After the internet explorers' awakening from researching Horoscopes and Astrology, they sought out other wonderous powers that could perhaps give additional meaning to life. Come join them as they invite a spiritual hobbyist to talk about how and why she finds meaning in these practices. 


Apr 15

1 hr 2 min

In this episode of the Weird Internet Podcast, the internet explorers dive in to the wonders and mysteries of the stars. And no, not Astronomy, they're talking about Astrology. Everywhere you go on the internet, you're forced to contend and interact with internet folk that have decided to judge and determine your life by way of the planets and moon alignment. Horoscopes have become the go to decision makers for millions of women, and also men, out there. Come join Chris, Jandro, and Jorrel as they uncover and breakdown the complexities of this viral phenomena. 


Apr 13

1 hr 11 min

In this episode of the Weird Internet Interview, Jorrel and Jandro interview an avid consumer of pimple popping content, Judy. The internet explorers are not common consumer of such explosive content, and thus solicited help from this enthusiastic viewer to get a deeper understanding of why, what, and how such popping content gained traction with people like her. 


Apr 8

42 min 5 sec

Do you find eruptions or explosions cool? If you answered "yes" to that question, you're in luck. In this episode of the Weird Internet Podcast, the internet explorers find themselves facing different kinds of expulsions and geysers of the sort. Join them as they explore the intricacies of the r/Popping community and the fans that engage in the Dr. Pimple Popper content. Let's just say that things are a whole lot more poppin in this community than the others the explorers have seen so far.    If you want to follow along on some of the videos referenced in this podcast:  And before you dive in *TRIGGER WARNING* some are graphic to watch.    


Apr 6

1 hr 5 min

Welcome to the first Weird Internet Interview, in this episode the resident internet explorers are interviewing a former DisneyLand cast member and frequent participant of the Disney Fandom. During the Disney Super Fans episode, Jandro and Jorrel came to an understanding of the support that Disney provides for their various fan communities, but in this interview, they realize that there is more than meets the eye. Join them as they get an inside look into the fandom, and what it means to be a true Disney Stan. 


Apr 1

38 min 38 sec

Disney Superfans are likely the most socially acceptable forms of fans in the United States. On this week of the Weird Internet Podcast, our internet explorers explore and discuss the enormous cult-like following that Disney has developed, enhanced, and supported over their nearly fully century of operation. Their presence is much larger than any other community that Jorrel, Jandro, and Chris have ever explored, so they've focused their efforts on a place close to home and also the place that started it all, DisneyLand.    Music: Aerosol Of My Love by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:


Mar 30

52 min 41 sec

In this week's episode of the Weird Internet Podcast, the internet explorers do a deep dive into a community which is quite possibly one of their favorite communities to date, Going into the community, Jandro, Chris, and Jorrel expected to see some of the typical traits of the internet, but were pleasantly surprised with what they discovered!  Join them as they encounter weirdness that isn't as conventional as they thought!    Music: Late Night Radio by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:


Mar 23

48 min 12 sec

In this week's episode of the Weird Internet Podcast, the Internet Explorers have to reach very deep inside themselves to understand this surprisingly active and wholesome community, Fetlife. The community with 10,000,000 users is dedicated to the education and information on all things fetishes, kinks, and other sexual adjacent topics. Come join your internet explorers as they do their best to understand the community and in the process understand themselves.  

Mar 16

47 min 55 sec

In this episode of the Weird Internet Podcast, the Resident Internet Explorers are forced to come to terms with the fact that stans are a phenomena not contained solely on twitter. Since time eternal (since 2000), stans have been around praising and idolizing people to an obsessive and toxic extent. There is no limit to their reach and there is no limit to their ability to send fancams on topics completely unrelated to them. Join them as they dive into this community and try to understand what Kpop Stans are trying to accomplish by flooding someone's newsfeed with fan made videos of their favorite idols dancing.  

Mar 15

46 min

As an internet explorer, you see many things in the internet ecosystem. You see trolls, you see memes, and more often than not, you'll encounter a wandering Elon Musk Stan, desperately searching to convert and evangelize an unprepared soul. Why do these stans try so hard to be right? What do they get from engaging in this worship? Who stands to benefit from all this? All these questions hopefully answer soon. Come listen in this episode to the internet explorers as they try to break down and once again, attempt, to understand how Elon Musk and what Elon Musk.  

Mar 9

54 min 10 sec

In late January 2021, the world had eyes on the GameStop ticket $GME. An unprecedented event was occurring that would forever change the way that people understood market forces and the powerful unstoppable force that is internet memes. At the center of this chaotic situation, a subreddit by the name of r/wallstreetbets only had one thing to say to all those watching and cowering in fear of its infinite meme potential: "We like the stock."  

Mar 2

53 min 18 sec

The furries community has been in existence since the dawn of the internet. Tracing its roots back to Kimba the White Lion, this community has only flourished and become stronger over the years. Listen as the internet explorers attempt to break down this community and try to understand why this phenomena has only become more and more popular over the past 5 decades.  

Feb 23

1 hr 20 min

Tech and VC twitter is one of those communities that appear on trending every so often because they can't seem to get enough of themselves. Jandro, Jorrel, and Chris find themselves wondering if somehow this is just the LinkedIn culture reemerging with all the Gen Z and Millennial glory that has been hiding in the bushes all these years. Join them as they breakdown and philosophize this peculiar phenomena.  

Feb 16

1 hr 20 min

Come join us as we discuss the #VanLife phenomena which has made a resurgence during the Covid-19 pandemic. Starting in 2011, the #VanLife began as a simple lifestyle hashtag, which was aimed to showcase an aesthetic wanderlust and nomadic destiny trekking across the vast expanse: being one with the road and nature... That's definitely something else.  

Feb 9

44 min 10 sec