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In this (currently a bit sporadic) podcast, Kiyan and Dylan bring their “expertise” in film and television into the world of movie trilogies. Each episode centers around a trilogy that the duo watched in one sitting, and features behind the scenes information, a brief summary of key plot points, and a discussion on how the movies worked as a trilogy.

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Here it is, our crowning achievement, obviously. I honestly didn’t think these movies could be that bad. Hoo boy was I surprised then when we actually watched these bad boys. And when I say bad boys I mean bad. Tom Hanks, the absolute opposite of whatever the hell Dan The Man Brown had in mindContinue reading →

Aug 25

1 hr 1 min

I love it when we do animated trilogies, don’t you? I hope you like us referring to the director by his first name and first name only for the entirety of this 1 hour 15 minute podcast episode. No, he’s not a personal friend of ours, we just don’t want to keep having to pronounceContinue reading →

Aug 11

1 hr 13 min

For some reason I never started this draft beforehand. Normally I start a draft for each of these episodes to store all my sources in. And for some reason I just… didn’t for this trilogy. I’m not really sure why. I know I had a bunch of links. I know I put them somewhere. MaybeContinue reading →


Jul 28

1 hr 18 min

Yes, we did watch these great masterpieces of cinema history. So this episode is late because guess what? I went into my little folder, with all of this season recorded, and edited “Episode 4.3”. Seems correct, right? Turns out I had misnumbered the episodes, and so I actually edited episode 4 of this season, thatContinue reading →

Jul 21

1 hr 21 min

“Kill me now” – Me, apparently 6 months ago. Honestly, in hindsight, I have absolutely no reasonable clue as to why we covered this trilogy. Literally none at all. But at some point we decided, hey, let’s sit down and watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua and that’s gonna be a good time. So we did, weContinue reading →

Jun 30

58 min 45 sec

Don’t you get it? He’s MAD! We start off season 4 of Triple Play off with a quite extensive discussion about the merits of Australian Cinema. We also completely change the format. That’s right, we’ve regenerated. Everything is different, and nothing is the same. Can you believe it? I can believe it. For this newContinue reading →

Jun 16

1 hr 24 min

If we could have made this episode a tone poem we would have. The audio quality in this episode is a little worse than normal because it was recorded quite early in quarantine (nearly a year before release) before we had figured out how to properly record these things via skype. Because of that Kiyan’sContinue reading →

Jan 20

58 min 44 sec

Dead or alive you’re coming with us. So this time we decided to watch an action movie that turns out to have actually quite complex societal implications. We also watched two other pieces of crap, so it wasn’t really just the one movie. But we did watch that movie. Did you know Paul Verhoeven respondedContinue reading →

Jan 6

1 hr 9 min

No not that kind of xXx. I used to be an extreme sportsman. Did you know that? Yeah it’s true, I used to do extreme podcast editing. One time we were releasing an episode of Trust Your Doctor but I Was busy skydiving, so while skydiving I took my laptop and edited while skydiving. SetContinue reading →

Dec 2020

1 hr 33 min

Remember how All-Star became a meme? So did Life is a Highway. When I saw the first movie in theatres I was in 4th grade. I know that I’m sort of in way giving away how old I ma, but hey. And then I actually saw the second one in theatres too. The third CarsContinue reading →

Dec 2020

1 hr 6 min

Taken’s first moment of relevance since 2008. Ok so here’s where the schedule for this season gets really crazy because for some reason we had to find the least logical way to record these episodes. Yeah. But you know, given the current status of the world, I would actually really like someone to just… takeContinue reading →

Nov 2020

53 min 31 sec

It’s Ca-POLE-ah and not COP-a-la. We recorded this in January of 2020 which means basically all of the cultural references are outdated. Also just listen to how optimistic we sound! This was also, fun fact, one of the very last episode we recorded both in person and in the old office we used to recordContinue reading →

Nov 2020

1 hr 2 min

Both Kiyan and I are upstanding citizens, I swear. Sergio Leone returns to Triple Play with a vengeance!  With this, both Kiyan and I can officially say we’ve seen every Leone movie except for that one that no one really knows. So really we’re basically Leone experts now. I’d suggest we just shut the podcastContinue reading →

Apr 2020

1 hr 11 min

Take a trip down YouTube memory lane. This week we decided to give Lucas Cruikshank some money. I’m sure he’s really hurting in this time, probably nearly broke, probably has no idea what to do with his life. And now he’s stuck at home, not much to do. Oh god is Fred gonna come back?Continue reading →

Apr 2020

46 min 51 sec

Surrealism is making a come back. I know we joke a lot in this episode as well as this description about this franchise being surrealist and also a masterpiece, but go back and watch it. Seriously, go back and watch it through the lens of them being a compilation of surrealist movie experiments and suddenlyContinue reading →

Mar 2020

40 min 18 sec

You won’t even remember this episode when it’s done. I tried to dress up like the men in black once. Unfortunately I didn’t have a tailored suit so it looked pretty shitty, you know, but at least I tried. I’m not actually sure if this story is even true anymore because I’m pretty sure IContinue reading →

Mar 2020

43 min 52 sec

So this week we’re dressed up in America shorts while recording. You’ll just have to trust me on the America shorts, I swear to god we were wearing them when we recorded. Rocky IV is basically the closest America has come to having legitimate propaganda, or at least until Fox News started. Is that jokeContinue reading →

Feb 2020

1 hr 6 min

The biggest trilogy ever attempted for this podcast… for a long time. This was a serious slog. Now the real question is am I talking about the editing or the watching of these movies? I could be talking about both, it’s really late at night and I’ve been up for nearly 15 hours at thisContinue reading →

Feb 2020

59 min 45 sec

This week we have something new for you. This is Episode 0 of our new podcast, Inevitable. Because, as we all know, we’re basically suckers for attention and so as soon as someone mentioned we should watch even more sci-fi everyone has to have known that this would be inevitable. Inevitable will be available onContinue reading →

Oct 2019

5 min 39 sec

This seems somewhat fitting actually. If you’ve made it this far, you’re one of like 6 people who have. Somehow I’m pretty sure Triple Play has only roughly 6 subscribers. It’s actually probably 5, since one of those subscribers is me, since I test that the episodes release correctly on my own phone. So yeahContinue reading →

Jun 2019

24 min 28 sec

Number 10 will shock you! One day, when we have a big following, we can get clips of our podcast animated like all the big podcasts do. Then we can pay someone to animate clips from three consecutive episodes, which then would mean we would have our own animated trilogy. And then we could watchContinue reading →

May 2019

1 hr 18 min

The age old conundrum. Coming soon to your television screens: Trust Your Doctor: Animated Adventures. We’ve hired an obscure animation studio from Trenzalore, who specialize in 3-D hand drawn animation. We’ve reimagined ourselves as high school students just setting out on a podcasting adventure, which is weird, because that’s actually what happened. So it’s notContinue reading →

Apr 2019

29 min 14 sec

Well this is the biggest plot twist of our lifetime. Last time we got stuck in a cave we were forced to start a podcast, and that’s how we got Zenith. Frankly we all know how that turned out. Pretty well actually. All the best things are made in caves at gunpoint. It’s Iron Man,Continue reading →

Mar 2019

1 hr 6 min

And introducing, the one, the only, TROOOLLLLLLL 2! Unsurprisingly there was very little expanded universe, well, “stuff” to do for the Troll “trilogy.” Perhaps that’s because Troll isn’t even really a trilogy, and not only that these movies flopped so badly when they came out pretty much every studio within a million years didn’t wantContinue reading →

Feb 2019

29 min 51 sec

Not overwhelmed. Not underwhelmed. Just whelmed. We made an extremely poor decision on what to watch this week. Extremely poor. The Holy Grail knight might tell us that we had chosen “poorly.” I’m actually running out of things to say to describe just how bad of an idea this was to even attempt at all,Continue reading →

Jan 2019

49 min 57 sec

I’ve got a delivery here for Mr. Schreiber? Well this is a little unfortunate. This movie was pretty lackluster at best, and outright bad at worst. Which is a shame because you’d think the “real life Rocky” would have a much much better movie. Something on the order of, oh I don’t know. Rocky. It’sContinue reading →

Dec 2018

49 min 38 sec

I would not appreciate being called a Paulie apologist, frankly. This week we watch one of the biggest underdogs in history. Much like how our podcasts happen to be the biggest underdogs in movie podcasting history. Which is great, because now we know exactly what we need to do to become the biggest podcast inContinue reading →

Nov 2018

1 hr

By which I mean, the Predator franchise killer is this movie. I think it’s about time to give up on the Predator franchise. If The Predator shows the direction of the franchise, then we should really just. Pack it in. I’m not really exaggerating here. Go and watch it if you don’t believe me. NoContinue reading →

Oct 2018

56 min 25 sec

Pew pew check out these guns. In space no one can… wait. No sorry wrong 80’s action/horror franchise. What’s the slogan for the Predator movies? Honestly don’t even know. Get to the chopper? If it bleeds we can kill it? Wow these suck. It’s Predator, released in 1987, 1990 and 2010. How does that makeContinue reading →

Sep 2018

1 hr 15 min

Honestly surprised Hollywood hasn’t made a gritty Pooh reboot. This week we purge our bad feelings about podcasting. We just kind of vomit it all out into the recording and then boom it kind of just happens. You know. We purged, so all our episodes should be good for the next year now I think.Continue reading →

Aug 2018

57 min 52 sec

Well, yes. In a sense of the word it is cheese. Triple Play is  back, one week later, but better late than never really in my opinion. And we’re watching basically the greatest movies we have ever watched for this podcast, it’s The Purge. What would you do during the Purge? I’d pirate The PurgeContinue reading →

Jul 2018

53 min 49 sec

This podcast has really taken a dive if you know what I mean. This week we kind of mildly tortured ourself with the original Ocean’s 11. Like, the one that was released in 1960. Not the new one, the good one, the Steven Soderbergh one. We watched the old one, the Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin/Sammy DavisContinue reading →

Jun 2018

32 min 43 sec

Well, at least I can read the movie and watch the book. This month we watched something that’s been on my list for a long time. They’re pretty different from anything we’ve watched before actually, these are the first proper “heist” movies that we’ve watched for this podcast. We’ve run through quite a gamut ofContinue reading →

May 2018

56 min 49 sec

Well, here I go adopting communism again. It’s been panned by fans and newcomers alike, it’s Triple Play! No, wait. It’s Indiana Jones. That’s right, I’m sorry. Who can really tell the difference with that reaction though? It’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, written by David Koepp and released on MayContinue reading →

Apr 2018

33 min

Kind of like bring your kids to work day: bring your kids to cult day! This is a classic 80’s trilogy, and if you’re wondering why we did it now, well Steven Spielberg has that movie coming out. You know, Ready Player One. And that was the only thing we could come up with inContinue reading →

Mar 2018

59 min 13 sec

Beep boop activate scare mode beep boop. This month we covered the only thing that we really could for this movie trilogy. I’m being serious right now, there’s surprisingly, absolutely nothing else we could do for Insidious unless we watched something else that James Wan or Leigh Whannell has done. It’s Insidious: The Last Key,Continue reading →

Feb 2018

36 min 35 sec

This is the greatest conclusion we’ve ever come to. I think this is the first horror trilogy we’ve done. Well actually I don’t think, I know, I’m just thinking because, man we’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel for finding tenuous connections to movies coming out in the months these episodes come out. It’sContinue reading →

Jan 2018

45 min 59 sec

Being stabbed hurts, from what I’ve heard. This month we watched Star Wars: Clone Wars, where the clones like actually attack, you know? They should have called this Attack of the Clones, and renamed Episode II, I don’t know, “The Clones Exist.” Clone Wars was aired between November 7, 2003 and March 25, 2005. SubscribeContinue reading →

Dec 2017

30 min 41 sec

If he’s the key I don’t want to see what the lock looks like. This month we tortured ourselves with the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy. Unless you’re Kiyan, then you discovered a newfound appreciation for actual trash. This is George Lucas’ magnum opus. Or as close to it as he’s ever going to get. TheContinue reading →

Nov 2017

51 min 14 sec

Stone, the womb from which man was born. I think. Time to round out the original Alien quadrilogy with everybody’s favorite Alien movie, Alien Arrival. The 2016 one. Just kidding, I don’t think we’d survive that ordeal. It’s Alien: Resurrection written by Joss Whedon, directed by Jean–Pierre Jeunet and released on November 26, 1997. SubscribeContinue reading →

Oct 2017

56 min 11 sec

Don’t know how I did that, considering we set aside like 9 hours to watch these. This month we delve into a science fiction classic. No not Star Wars. No not Back to the Future. No not… ok you get the point. It’s Alien, Ridley Scott’s seminal sci-fi horror classic. We also watched Aliens andContinue reading →

Sep 2017

1 hr 5 min

You know, just those damn trolls living under internet bridges. Amazingly there’s barely anything expanded universe for Aladdin. In fact we had to go and dive into completely other properties just to find something to squeak out a 20 ish minute episode. It’s Hercules and the Arabian Night, written by Bill Motz and Bob Roth and airedContinue reading →

Aug 2017

23 min 27 sec

Aladdin made zero dollars because zero people saw it. This month Kiyan and Dylan made the decision on what trilogy to watch solely based on how long it was. In hindsight, probably not the best idea. On the other hand, we almost ended up with Lord of the Rings one time, and that’s the completeContinue reading →

Jul 2017

1 hr

Gott ist tot. Gott bleibt tot. Und wir haben ihn mit einem Themenpark ersetzt. This month we actually did the impossible. We actually made a half an hour episode talking about a ~12 ish minute long amusement park ride. Have you ever seen another podcast attempt such a thing?  Yessir, it’s the Pirates of the CaribbeanContinue reading →

Jun 2017

27 min 57 sec

Johnny Depp’s word is law. It is the only law. This month Kiyan and Dylan have returned to watch yet another movie trilogy. As they do every other month. But this month they’ve got a bit of a supernatural bent, because it’s Pirates of the Caribbean. Featuring an extensive discussion about the Pirates ride, whichContinue reading →

May 2017

1 hr 8 min

Do you even know what pyrotechnics are? This month you can tell we were kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel. The problem is not that there’s no X-Men stuff to cover, it’s that theres too much. And too much of it is too complex for us to put together an episode in aContinue reading →

Apr 2017

29 min 13 sec

We don’t eat while recording. Surprise. This month we return to watch another trilogy that we actually watched in December (I think. I can’t even remember anymore.) It’s X-Men: First Class, Days of Future Past, and Apocalypse. Logan is currently sitting at what 95% on Rotten Tomatoes? Which is a pretty far cry from Apocalypse,Continue reading →

Mar 2017

52 min 4 sec

According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a human should be able to fly. This month we venture into the amazing world of 2D-3D fusion animation. I don’t think we’ve even watched something in 2D for this show yet? Well whether or not we have before, we have now, it’s SecretsContinue reading →

Feb 2017

28 min 19 sec

Anyone notice that kaboom rhymes with doom? This month we return with not only the newest movies we’ve watch so far (for two months anyway) but also our first animated trilogy! And it was pretty good apparently. It’s Kung Fu Panda 1,2 and 3. Will there be a fourth? The world may never know. SubscribeContinue reading →

Jan 2017

47 min 13 sec

Oh man sorry I betrayed you. Yes, this time we talk about one of Kiyan’s favourite books. The book that is far superior to the second and third movies, and superior to most of the first movie too. Wow. It’s The NeverEnding Story written by Michael Ende. Subscribe on iTunes! Subscribe on Google Play! CheckContinue reading →

Dec 2016

30 min 38 sec