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Twenty-something-year-old working and living in the Film industry driven by a worrying Coffee Addiction, I watch, review and breath Films.

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With a new competitive service, Netflix was in danger of falling apart with the release of Disney Plus. [Season: 1, Episode: 01] Support this podcast

Apr 29

18 min

I am joined by co-host Kyle Harrison, one of the biggest Star Wars fans I'm good friends with, join us Rambling about Star Wars, our past and attempting to be philosophical. We apologise for some bad audio quality; both our Internet connections were terrible. [Season: 1, Episode: BONUS] Support this podcast

May 3

92 min

Torture porn is a name given to a genre of films that exploits violence and torture of the film characters for satisfaction of the antagonist, but can it also be used as stereotypical porn? In this episode I use Adam Rehmeier's 2012 The Bunny Game as an example of similar films that are boarding pornographic material. [Season: 1, Episode: 02] Support this podcast

May 13

28 min

The Grond meme originating from a group called "we pretended to be orcs" raided the LoTR Shireposting and other fan meme groups on social media [Season: 1, BONUS EPISODE!] Support this podcast

Jun 18

30 min

My apologies for the 37 day delay on this episode.. life is pretty hectic for me [Season: 1, Episode: 3] Support this podcast

Jun 18

14 min

I apologise for taking so long with this, I've been busy with work life as the film and TV industry in the UK is slowly opening their doors after the COVID-19 pandemic. follow my podast on instagram & Twitter: @JayFinPodcast and on Facebook.com/JayFinPodcast. Follow my personal/work social media @JayFinlaysonDP. Support this podcast

Aug 14

15 min

During this episode I have a chat with fellow film maker Adam Lippe about his recent work entitled: “Wait, Wait Don’t Kill Me!” His inspiration as a film maker and the challenges he faced. you can steam the film at The Colonial Theatre, more information on how to stream and the film at www.waitwaitdontkillme.com. If you like this episode more interviews and general chats with fellow makers may be coming soon, if you'd like to support the podcast you can follow the podcast on social media by searching @JayFinPodcast, if you'd like to follow my personal social media it's @JayFinlaysonDP. More information on my podcast and my life as a film maker over at www.JayFinlayson.net I'd like to thank Adam Lippe for being paitence with me and for this amazing interview. Support this podcast

Aug 22

92 min

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