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The Art of Creation is an interview series by Zora that dives into the minds of independent creatives, brand-builders and artists who are the pioneers and creators of culture. Hosts Dee Goens and Jacob Horne learn about these creator’s stories and hardships that have gone into their careers, and explore the ideas and insight that makes their wor

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In this episode of Art of Creation Dee and Jacob talk with Ryan Wood, founder and designer of AES-256.  We speak about Ryan's creative process, the origins of AES-256 and the craftsmanship that went the debut collection. We dive into how crypto and Zora unlock new forms of ownership in fashion, including ownership in the AES-256 brand itself. Designed by Ryan Wood, the AES-256 brand draws from his interest in technology as a medium of expression. Products feature refined form, fit, and materiality — establishing a utilitarian and purposefully deconstructed aesthetic. Manufacturing takes place in Japan to further reinforce exceptional attention to detail and process. The outcome is to create a modern translation on timeless design. View AES-256 on ZORA

Aug 14

45 min

We are officially kicking The Art of Creation podcast with hosts Dee Goens and Jacob Horne. It is an interview series that dives into the minds of independent creatives, brand-builders and artists who are the pioneers and creators of culture and learn about the stories and hardships that goes into their work, and they sharing their lessons along the way. Who better to kick it off with than our first creator on Zora—Grammy-award winning artist André Allen Anjos a.k.a. RAC. Recorded over Google Hangouts between Portland, Sydney and Atlanta we cover a lot of ground, discussing André’s career transition from a musician focusing on remixes to creating his own original work, his creative process generally, and the inspiration behind his latest album BOY and the business and operational side of being a professional artist. We also dive deep into the fascinating world and possibilities of community ownership that is enabled by crypto and Zora—what would it mean for his community to be his record label? Or for the community to own RAC? We end the episode with a discussion on his $TAPE drop, exploring how price discovery and markets meant he captured more value from the cassette tape and then talk about what’s next for RAC from here. Thank you for tuning into the Zora podcast. You can subscribe to our channel on Apple, Spotify or wherever else you get your podcasts.  Feel free to hit up Dee on Twitter,  @dg_goens, or via email at creators@ourzora.com, and we may answer your question on a future episode.

Jun 27

34 min

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