Eanes-Westlake Speaker Series Podcast

Eanes-Westlake Speaker Series

This is the podcast versions of the WHS Healthy Chaps Speaker Series: http://healthychaps.weebly.com/speaker-series.html

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Understanding Grief and Depression in the Absence of Death with Dr. Lucy Underwood

Jan 14

44 min 3 sec

Navigating Life Transitions with Resilience with Peter Craig

Jan 14

56 min 13 sec

Self Care and Self Compassion with Jere' Webber

May 2020

55 min

Managing Stress and Anxiety during Quarantine with Ashleigh Edelstein

May 2020

42 min 39 sec

Internet Safety for Children and Families with Nina Soffer

Apr 2020

48 min 36 sec

Resiliency: Learning More from Getting Back Up than Getting it Right the First Time with Matt Halverson with Matt Halverson

Mar 2020

43 min 4 sec

Not Your Parent's Marijuana: Raising Our Kids in An Informed Way with Jobe Weinstein

Feb 2020

55 min 46 sec

Be Smart: A Conversation about Kids and Guns with Marissa Goff and Heather Kennedy

Feb 2020

20 min 30 sec

I Had No Clue They Were Depressed: When Depression is Hidden with Maren Williams and Marie Grey

Feb 2020

28 min 45 sec

Donut Worry, Be Happy: Nutrition and Diet for Your Life with Adee Levenstein

Feb 2020

58 min 5 sec

No More Threats & Bribes with  Claire Flynn, M.Ed. and Jennie Flynn Buckley, M.A.T

Feb 2020

1 hr 5 min

Raising Emotionally Healthy Boys: The Effect of Trauma, Violence, and Society on Cis-Males (and What We Can Do About It)! with Colin Moss and Jason Coel.

Dec 2019

27 min 52 sec

Starting the Mental Health Conversation with Your Teen with Marcia Oakes Kristen Bell Explains There is No Shame in Feeling Anxiety and Depression Brene Brown on Empathy NAMI Central Texas

Nov 2019

45 min 25 sec

Empowering Your Daughter with Barb Steinberg

Oct 2019

39 min 33 sec

Connection: The Greatest Skill You Can Teach Your Child with Sol Wooten

Oct 2019

26 min 55 sec

Best Practices for Defeating Digital Distractions with Lisa Johnson

Oct 2019

37 min 54 sec

Life Purpose: A Key to Wellbeing, Academic Success and College Admissions with Anjali Maazel

Sep 2019

49 min 39 sec

The Successful Student: Organized, Accountable, and Self-Aware with Becky Fliss

Sep 2019

47 min 10 sec

Becoming a College Parent: What to Expect During the First Year of College with Katy Oliveria

May 2019

38 min 56 sec

How Teaching Your Teen Self-Compassion Beats Self-Esteem Every Time with Ashleigh Edelstein

May 2019

48 min 50 sec

The Science to Overcoming Performance Anxiety with Afshan Khan M.D. 

May 2019

27 min 53 sec

Parenting a Perfectionist Child: How to Know When they Are Pushing Themselves Too Far with Edward Dreslinski

Feb 2019

41 min 2 sec

Positive Discipline: Parenting Your Teen with Confidence with Julie Smith

Feb 2019

12 min 18 sec

The Gifts of Diversity with Dr. Carolyn Helsel

Dec 2018

11 min 47 sec

Catching the Signs: Suicide and Self-Harm Awareness with Chris Quaglino

Dec 2018

54 min 49 sec

Deciphering Girls' Friendships with Barb Steinberg

Dec 2018

37 min 42 sec

Anxiety: When Does it Become a Problem & How to Support with Austin Anxiety and OCD Specialists

Nov 2018

57 min

Everyday Mindfulness for a Peaceful (stress-less) Presence with Stacy Thrash

Oct 2018

1 hr 5 min

Managing Your Digital Life with Lisa Johnson. Strategies for Note-taking, Digital Organization, Calendars, and Time Management.

Oct 2018

38 min 4 sec

The very first episode of this podcast!!

Oct 2018

38 min 54 sec