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The 1st Half Podcast is dedicated to all aspects of the beautiful game.Follow our resident footy culture junkie and entrepreneur, Paul Desbaillets as he take a North American spin & approach on current news, culture, art, music & anything else that falls onto the pitch that connects us to the heart attack inducing world of Football (Soccer).Each week Paul will interview guests ranging from Chefs, Musicians, Artists, Athletes, Fanatics, Influencers and anyone else he can find willing to talk to him about the Football Ecosystem.Then Monday to Friday at 4pm, ‘STOPPAGE TIME’ LIVE happens were Paul gets to talk in real time about current events with guests from around the world.#soccer #the1sthalf #podcast

  1. 1.
    EP 58: Lilli Barrett-O'Keefe
  2. 2.
    EP 57: Skotch Davis
  3. 3.
    EP 56: Ebun Olaloye
  4. 4.
    EP 55: Jessica Dionne DiMonte
  5. 5.
    EP 54: Arton James
  6. 6.
    EP 53: Natxo Diego Torné
  7. 7.
    EP 52: Brandon Miller
  8. 8.
    EP 51: Alex Cervantes

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