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Who are the people driving change in our communities? What can be learned from their experiences? The Drive is a podcast about personal stories on the road to leadership.

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Alana Mathews Arcurio is an attorney working on climate change policy for the State of California. She shares an experience from her time at a college prep school and how it forged her passion to give a voice to the unheard.

Mar 2020

19 min 51 sec

Basim Elkarra is the Executive Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations for Sacramento and the Central Valley. He grew up in the Bay Area and then moved to Sacramento, where he discovered locals have a wider range of views. The Muslim civil rights leader speaks on his experience with hate in politics and Islamophobia from the Gulf War, 9/11 and through 2020.

Mar 2020

26 min 57 sec

Jim Tabuchi left his successful career with Hewlett Packard at just 42 to pursue a different goal: to make more deposits into his “social bank account.” In his current role as volunteer CEO and Executive Director of the Sacramento Mandarins, he’s focused on helping youth gain life skills through musical performance. Tabuchi discusses his Japanese heritage, his first job at his parents’ department store in Stockton and making the jump from the corporate world to public service.

Feb 2020

19 min 43 sec

As the Mort and Marcy Friedman Director and CEO of the Crocker Art Museum, Lial Jones helps people find meaning for themselves through art. Jones has been a collector since her childhood, which was unstable at times. But it was her early exposure to museums that helped forge her path as a leader in the international arts world. Jones speaks on her work in museums and the relationship between art and society.

Feb 2020

20 min 39 sec

From her rebellious childhood ripping political signs out of front yards to her current role as Executive Director of the Sacramento Public Library Foundation, April Javist has never been afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Javist was raised in a Republican household during the Nixon era, an experience that fueled her politically curious nature. She moved from working in politics to now working to improve childhood literacy rates.

Feb 2020

24 min 25 sec

Reverend Kevin Ross has almost always had a sense of worthiness, his confidence shining from his days at Sunday school to his youth motivational speaking duo, the ‘Brothers of Thunder.’ But the Sacramento spiritual leader experienced a hard-learned lesson in love when a college break up sent him spiraling into depression. He tells Host Katie McCleary it was his community that helped redefine his self-image and his relationships.

Feb 2020

25 min 45 sec

This season on The Drive we hear from six people who are leading change in the Sacramento region.  Host Katie McCleary talks with several guests who are focused on improving the lives of children- through reading, art or music. Jim Tabuchi left his high-powered job at Hewlett Packard at age 42 to focus on something he longed to do: mentor youth through music. Today he’s the President and CEO of the Sacramento Mandarins. April Javist, Executive Director of the Sacramento Public Library Foundation, has always had a rebellious side. She has made it her mission to improve childhood literacy rates. Lial Jones had a tough childhood, but she found solace in biking to local art and history museums. Today she’s Director of the Crocker Art Museum.  Other guests on The Drive are focused on social justice. Basim Elkarra, the Executive Director of Sacramento’s Council on American Islamic Relations, has found ways to build bridges between cultures, even with some of the most unlikely people. Reverend Kevin Ross, Senior Minister of Unity of Sacramento, inspires his congregation to reach for their highest goals. He has been able to reach his own dreams by knowing his self-worth. Alana Dionne Mathews has advocated for victims as a district attorney for Sacramento County. Today she is a consultant for the State of California, working to ensure the public is involved in the political process.

Jan 2020

1 min 48 sec

The Drive podcast reveals the personal stories behind local changemakers. Host Katie McCleary talks with leaders in the greater Sacramento area about the moments that made them who they are and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Sep 2018

1 min 28 sec