WTF... What, the Future?!

By Tom Meyers

WTF… What, the Future?! is a podcast created in anticipation of TEDxVilvoorde and is dedicated to futures thinking in personal development to help you get a better grip on your desired future and find actionable solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges. Your WTF?! host Tom Meyers AKA TomTom the health navigator, is an osteopath, body-centred stress coach, speaker and author of Futurize Yourself. But 20 years ago his life was a very different story and nearly ended when he faced the umpteenth failure. But a new futures oriented mindset saved him from what he thought was inevitable. Today his purpose is to share his insights and help you integrate futures thinking to futurize yourself in body, mind and spirit. In the WTF?! podcast, Tom will explore together with the speakers of TEDxVilvoorde and guests from different walks of life what futures thinking is and how you can incorporate it into your present decisions to evolve on purpose and steer your future to a more favourable one for yourself and others.

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