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In this episode Troy and Marianne discuss the do's and don'ts around nutrition and training, pre, during and post pregnancy.

Oct 21

33 min 23 sec

In this episode Vili shares his story of growing up in South Auckland then chasing his NRL  dream and how he overcomes setbacks through a grateful and strong mindset 

Jul 19

56 min 12 sec

In this episode Josh and Troy chat with Noah Sete about his NRL days, family life and what his driving force and experience of the  75 Hard Program was like. 

Jul 12

53 min 17 sec

In this Episode Troy dives into education for suicide prevention expert Ben Higgs of The Rise Foundation.

Jun 30

29 min 42 sec

In this episode meet Pauly, the director of Maroubra  Raine and Horne. A larger than life character who explains how and why he balances his family life, a successful real estate business and keeping fit.

May 20

37 min 42 sec

Meet the hard working smiling assassins Ange and Kayla.  They discuss their experiences as coaches, who inspires them and why they think Biscoff is better than peanut butter.


May 12

37 min 1 sec

In this episode meet the team behind the VTT programming. They discuss how and why they program the sessions the way they do, what they recommend footy players do pre and post match day and what the new classes at VTT look like.

Apr 30

54 min 10 sec

Meet 2 of Vale Tudo Training's  OG members Gedi & Nat who share their story about being  young mums, carers for family members with illnesses and share an insight of why they are mentally tough determined ladies who never make excuses when it comes to training. 

Mar 31

38 min 36 sec

The team chat with sports dietician Marianne about - Fuelling for performance  Calorie counting issues  Ketogenic dieting & intermittent fasting  Protein supplementation and other nutrition related topics

Mar 17

40 min 35 sec

Meet hosts Josh and Troy who discuss their history as friends, the top things you can do to get you health back on track, how to get shredded without losing muscle or strength & the best techniques on how to optimise your mindset.


Mar 10

38 min 26 sec

After years of procrastination, VTT has finally got off their ass and created the  GROUND ZERO Podcast show talking all things training, business, life and sport. • It was only fitting to have legendary New Jersey strength coach Joe DeFranco   as the first ever special guest touching on Altitude Training, women’s strength  and performance training, staying true to your brand and more. • As a strength coach he’s worked with athletes from every single one of the 32 NFL teams,  UFC fighters, WWE superstars & stack of successful Olympians, just to name a few. • Joe’s training techniques have been featured on ESPN, HBO, NFL Network, WWE Network  and in the NY Times best-selling book “The 4-Hour Body” written by Tim Ferris


Dec 2020

52 min 20 sec