The Young Start Up

By The Zab Twins

The Young Start Up is a podcast hosted by 23 year old twin entrepreneurs, Arek and Brian Zabierek. The Twins are well know in the e-commerce industry where they started their entrepreneurship journey. They are now on a mission to educate and provide information to young aspiring entrepreneurs through different media channels. Their goal with The Young Start-Up is to interview individuals who started in business at a young age, with the intention of providing information to those young individuals who don't know where to start or don't have the information to start.

  1. 1.
    26. W/ Paul Hilse, From His Family Losing EVERYTHING, to Building a Million Dollar YouTube Empire
  2. 2.
    25. W/ Zahné Theron, From Building Her Dream Business, To Finding a Love for Social Media
  3. 3.
    24. W/ Zan Shaikh, Changing Your Mindset from a Entrepreneur, to a CEO, then an Investor
  4. 4.
    23. W/ Chelsea Cohen, Amazon Inventory Management MUST Knows in 2021 and Going into Q4
  5. 5.
    22. W/ Sean Smith, Amazon PPC Q&A for PPC Mastery
  6. 6.
    21. W/ Damien Law, The Journey of Building an Impactful Food Start-Up
  7. 7.
    20. W/ Taylor Del Giudice, Starting a Problem Solving Tech Company for Young Athletes
  8. 8.
    19. W/ Celine Dior, Growing a D2C Brand With the Power of Social Media
  1. 9.
    18. W/ Dan Mcgill, What a $600k Amazon Exit Looked Like
  2. 10.
    17. W/ Kyle Kirshner - Scaling a 7 Figure Amazon Brand Through Different Channels
  3. 11.
    16. How To Manifest Your Dream Life w/ Armin Shafee
  4. 12.
    15. With Jeremy Hoffman, How to Create Balance as an Entrepreneur
  5. 13.
    14. With Dane Mcbeth, Capitalizing on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing Market in 2021
  6. 14.
    13. With Mandeep Kaur, on How to Take a Regular Product, Repurpose It, Test It, and Scale it
  7. 15.
    12. With Hannah Geuenich, Create a Brand for Yourself as an Social Media Influencer in 2021
  8. 16.
    11. With Bryan Clayton, Turning a Side Hustle into a Multiple Million Dollar Business, Bootstrapped
  9. 17.
    10. With Andy Isom, How Andy Went From Failing to Running an Amazon Business He is Passionate About
  10. 18.
    9. With Ranier Gadduang on How to Prepare Your Amazon Business for a Sale
  11. 19.
    8. With Rhythum Singh, How to Identify a Need in the Market, and Passionately Build A Business
  12. 20.
    7. With Keyen Lage, From Making it To the NFL, to Living Fully Aligned
  13. 21.
    6. With Mike Sieben, Everything You Need to Know About Building an Amazon Wholesale Business
  14. 22.
    5. With Andri Sadlak, Amazon in 2021 and How you Can Plan for an Exit
  15. 23.
    4. With Daniel Francis, How to Take Your Life Experience and Turn it into an Impactful Business
  16. 24.
    3. With David Zaleski, How his Personal Experience in E-commerce has Changed Over the Past 10 Years
  17. 25.
    2. With Austin Towne on the Real Estate market, Buying in Your 20's, and Real Estate as a Career
  18. 26.
    1. With the Zab Twins on the Gap They Saw While Growing Up, and Why They Started The Young Start Up

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