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Are you wondering how to jumpstart your life? Join Host, Cynthia Brian on radio’s favorite power hour: Starstyle-BE THE STAR YOU ARE!. Empowerment Architect, Actor, Speaker, Gardening Guide, and New York Times best selling Author, Cynthia Brian gabs with the gurus, authors, and success-perts who will captivate, inspire, and motivate you to be your greatest unique self. A Miracle Moment helps you live, love, laugh, and learn to make a difference. Business Bytes offers success strategies for home-work balance.
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Are you feeling grateful? December marks the season of gratitude and giving. Autumn boasts cooler weather and nature’s spectacular showcase of colorful leaves on shrubs and trees as we ramp up for holiday festivities. We show our appreciation for living. Have you bought a designer bag at a discount price only to find out that it was a fake? How can you reduce your chances of buying counterfeit products? There are red flags to be aware of and you’ll find out how to be a more savvy consumer and avoid the scams. Did you now that diseases can be diagnosed by smell? Trained dogs and doctors can sniff out several maladies. Your bodily scent gives off copious information not only about your health but about you as a person. THANK YOU FOR BEING VALUED LISTENERS! TWITTER LINKED-IN

Dec 1

54 min 41 sec

For 10 days Cynthia Brian was “rolling on the rivers” of the Tennessee, Ohio, Cumberland, and Mississippi exploring the sites and learning about the history of the Civil War. Cynthia explored small towns in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama and will talk about her experience aboard the flagship American Queen Steamship as she paddlewheel on the rivers. How do you keep focused on the task at hand? In today’s techno world it is difficult to center our attention on a single task. We’ll discuss strategies to achieve optimum focus and that also include a big amount fo nature therapy. How quickly the days fly by! The holidays are upon us and are we ready? You get a few favorite tips on how to be prepared in advance so that you can enjoy the holidays this year with your friends, family, and loved ones. Make sure that you are donating to a charity this season. You’ll help others and feel good about your generosity. Many thanks to our incredible audio engineer Josh who is leaving this week. Josh, you've been terrific!

Nov 17

56 min 25 sec

Vaccinations are rising and there are new treatments for the Covid 19 virus. Airlines are now mandating vaccinations or recent testing for passengers, restaurants are requiring vaccinations for indoor dining, and many companies have jumped on that bandwagon. Can we begin to be more positive about ending the pandemic? Almost everyone has heard of the “butterfly effect”.  Originally based on weather and climate predictions, it has become a metaphor for the effects of chaos theory­­­­­­­–the concept that small events can have huge widespread consequences.  Did you know the 99.9% of Monarchs have disappeared from the West Coast? Find out what we can do to save the butterflies. People are spending more time outdoors. With innovations in technology, materials, and creativity, outside spaces can be as beautiful and comfortable as indoor spaces. discover ways to lounge, gather, and dine in style on your patio, balcony, or porch.

Nov 10

57 min 13 sec

Cynthia Brian wrote the book, Be the Star You Are!® Millennials to Boomers, Celebrating Gifts of Positive Voices in a Changing Digital World. But how far apart is the thinking between these generations. Discover some interesting insights. Buy the book at The hot topic of conversation this week, especially for kids, is what is their special costume for Halloween. Gardeners are more concerned with the wicked phantoms that prowl in hallowed ground. It’s Halloween, and we have the ghosts, ghouls, goblins, and creatures that go crazy in the night! Are you are person who wants to make a change in your life and in the world, but you don’t know where to start? Cynthia Brian will guide you to find your purpose and your mission by aligning yourself with a nonprofit that speaks to your activism. At Be the Star You Are!® 501 c3, as Executive Director, Cynthia’s goal is to help her volunteers become the leaders they were born to be. The internet helps you help the world by using your skills remotely. No matter what your interest, there is a charity that wants you as a volunteer.

Oct 27

57 min 13 sec

It is cybersecurity month and it’s good to get a refresher on how to keep yourself safe from online, phone, and mail scams. Take the steps necessary today to protect ourself and your pocketbook. Humans have been complaining about the weather since the dawn of mankind. It’s only in the pst century that predicting the wether has become a science. Discover the history of the National Weather Service and find out what the forecast is for tomorrow. Empathy! It is in short supply these days. To show you care about a person or employee, we need to lead with empathy, care about others, value and respect their opinions and thoughts. You never know what someone else is struggling with. Listen and learn.

Oct 20

56 min 32 sec

Digging, for most of us, means hands (or shovels) in the dirt, planting something, cultivating, or harvesting. Teresa Watkins, garden designer, radio host, author, and instructor, has spent hours and hours on a different kind of digging and all of her effort has unearthed quite a harvest. Teresa’s latest book, A Gardener’s Compendium Volume 3, Gardening with The Senses: Gardening in a Twitter World in 140 Characters or More will be discussed with Cynthia Brian as well as her other tomes. The earth trembled. The fires raged. The stock market crashed. October has notoriously become a month when disasters great and small occur. No matter what transpires, life goes on and nature always prevails. The next two months are busy ones in the garden as we prepare our beds for a winter’s sleep. If you haven’t traveled for awhile, you may need a refresher course on the best methods to pack. And if you are keeping your relationship fresh, you’ll find a few ideas for a loving date night.

Oct 13

54 min 46 sec

A food allergy triggers an immune system response that can affect several organs. Reactions can be mild to deadly. It’s important to know if you have an allergy or just an intolerance to specific foods, especially when you dine out. After 20 minutes in isolation, are you hungry for a hug? Touch is a powerful feeling and every human needs it to thrive. Find out what you can do to get that loving feeling. How far can the government go in mandating vaccines? Throughout the years, anti-vexers have taken to the streets demanding their rights as their children were dying of diseases that could have been avoided by inoculations. Even Benjamin Franklin had regrets. Find out more.

Oct 6

55 min 42 sec

Are you a multi-talker? Do you feel that you are accomplishing your goals? The brain is wired to do one thing at one time. We are living distracted lives. Do you want to do one thing well or two or more things poorly? We all love saving money, getting deals, and discovering treasures for free. But there are some items that no matter how free or inexpensive we don’t want to bring into our homes. What are they? Find out today! Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian states, “my favorite way of birthing new vegetation is through propagation. Many of the specimens in my garden have been slips, cuttings, seeds, divisions, roots, bulbs, or pinches from my mom’s, sibling’s, or friend’s gardens. “A garden is to share and there is nothing more satisfying than growing floras derived from a beloved garden. Cynthia will tell you how to do this.

Sep 29

56 min 27 sec

What is your emergency plan if a disaster occurs? Is your “Go Bag” packed and ready/ Where will you go? Who will you contact? What things do you need to do to prepare in advance in case the worst happens? As you start going back to enjoy a restaurant experience, there are some new rules of participation. You’ll get the low-down on how to act, communicate, be a great guest, and enjoy a great meal. Are you in a toxic relationship? Do you feel physically, emotionally, or sexually abused? Healthy relationships produce positive feelings and enhance everything we do. Each person have to determine what bothers us and how we will respond.

Sep 22

56 min 28 sec

How has the isolation of the pandemic affected human relationships? Do we feel more connected to strangers than our loved ones? Are intimate relationships strained? Did you feel closer to fictional characters more than real ones? Who were your pandemic partners? Planet Earth is on a catastrophic collision course. The effects of climate change are pervasive and with greenhouse gases rising, irreversible damage is imminent. Floods, hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, and droughts are causing life-threatening conditions. What can we do to combat this disaster-in-the-making? Fall is a week away and that means harvest time for many fruits. Bulbs need to be planted, prepared, and planted in late fall. What do you need to know about buying, forcing, harvesting, and planting.

Sep 15

55 min 35 sec

Be the Star You Are!® 501 c 3 charity launched on 9/9/1999 with just a few volunteers with a dream to empower women, families, and youth by providing positive media messages, increased literacy, and tools for living. No one realized that 22 years later, BTSYA would be a recognized as a top non profit for arts, culture, and empowerment, especially for teens. Founder and Executive Director will celebrate the anniversary with an overview of the amazing history of this grassroots organization. Donate today at On Tuesday morning, 9./11/2001, the worst terrorist attack was directed at the United States. 2977 people were killed, 19 hijackers committed murder and suicide, and more than 6,000 others were injured. There were four coordinated terrorist attacks by the Wahhabi Islamist terrorist group al-Qaeda against the United States. We remember and honor all those who died and all those who helped with the aftermath. What if you could’ve every day as if you are on vacation? Perhaps you can if you change your mindset and attitude. We still will have to go to work, clean the house, pay bills, and take care of our families, but if we decide this is joyful and fun, maybe we can live every day more relaxed. Want to experiment?

Sep 8

56 min 8 sec

Humans are social beings and we like getting together. With warm weather predicted for the next two months, gathering in our gardens for a picnic, barbecue, or just a chat will be a safer method of communing. Fete the final days of summer with a casual gathering or formal gala. A setting in nature sets the tone for a festive, friendly, and safe celebration for the benefit of everyone. Get vaccinated! Are you addicted to video games? What about social media, your phone, emails, or texts? Are your feeling depressed or anxious when you can’t use your devices? You may be digitally overdosing. Our brains can get hooked on dopamine, the neurotransmitter of pleasure. If you are getting ready to go off to college for the first time, you probably will be settling into a dormitory, most likely with a complete stranger. So how do you decorate to please both of your tastes? You’ll get some easy tips to make the room cosy reflecting your individuality.

Sep 1

55 min 32 sec

Did you adopt a pet during this pandemic? Have you been spending 24/7 with your new furry family friend because you’ve been working from home? What are you going to do when you have to go back to the office? Many pet owners want to bring their animals to the office. Peter Russell’s Letting Go of Nothing, is a practical and empowering approach to the age-old quest to let go of the thoughts and feelings that block happiness, impede change, and hinder self-acceptance. Cynthia Brian interviews Peter to find out how we can bring p eace of mind, fresh perspectives, and wisdom in action to our daily lives. The kids are back in class and the hope is that teachers, faculty, administrators, students, and volunteers will be safe as they navigate the next school year. A few tips for getting back in the classroom with Covid-19 guidelines and masks.

Aug 25

54 min 11 sec

The U.S. had more than 36.5 million confirmed Covid-19 cases and 625,000 deaths. Only about 50.3% of the population have been fully vaccinated. Vaccine resisters offer many rationales for why they do not have to be vaccinated. but what is more important than your health and safety? The enemy is the virus. It can’t mutate if it can’t replicate. Get vaccinated Flying used to be pleasurable. It was even called the “friendly skies”. Air rage is on the uptick. What can we do to fly in safety and with sanity?A good start might be using manners. When we try to make time for everything, we end up with more things to make time for. Our to-do lists never seem to get to the bottom and we feel frustrated. Embrace your limitations and do what is possible, not what you think is the maximum.

Aug 18

50 min 27 sec

Cynthia Brian has only three rules in life: Smile, Have Fun, and Be Wild and Wacky. When you read any of her books in her Be the Star You Are!® series, you’ll find yourself living those three rules. When we smile, we light up not only our own world, but the lives of others, When we smile, we can’t be frowning and our days are more fun. When we smile, we can express our joy, take measured risks, thus embracing our wild and wacky natures. Find out more… Being in lockdown throughout the year has given us the blessed realization that having access to nature is critical to our well-being. Now with the Delta variant, we may want to retreat to a cave. By re-discovering under-utilized garden areas, we will find fresh air and safety in nature. Our outdoor rooms will become our sacred space. There is a symphony playing daily in the garden. Open your door or window to hear the melodic concert of nature. Musicians include the thousands of bees buzzing, hummingbirds bustling, birds singing, frogs croaking, water trickling, owls hooting, and crickets chirping. What’s your favorite orchestra?

Aug 11

54 min 49 sec

Besides the financial burden of re-landscaping, maintaining a garden during a drought is essential not only for the aesthetics and beauty a garden provides but for keeping your home cooler and contributing to a fire safety zone. If you let your plants and trees die, your parched landscape could become a fire hazard. Water is essential to life. Water matters. Our health, safety, and homes are being affected by the extreme weather conditions making everyday more challenging. 2020 was the Earth’s second hottest year in over 140 years. How will climate change affect your health, money, and where you want to live. In-person learning starts for many schools around the country this week. What do parents and students need to know to ease the transition from home to school? Are masks mandatory? What will be the new normal?

Aug 4

54 min 32 sec

In the heat of summer, can you keep your garden flowers blooming? By planting specific perennials grown to thrive in heat, you can have a beautiful landscape all summer long. Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian shares her personal favorites. How do you stay cool in hot weather? Everyone loves outdoor activities but the summer season brings heat-related illness as well as fatalities. Heat stress is preventable. Have fun in the sun while staying cool and hydrated. Listen at Voice America Network, the Empowerment Channel: Picnics, barbecues, patio parties! All fun summer gatherings that could lead to food poisoning if preparation is taken into account. Food safety is especially important during the hot summer months as food poisoning sends thousands of people to the hospital annually.

Jul 28

56 min 7 sec

With the drought in California, many homeowners are experiencing an invasion of uninvited insects and varmints hungry to eat what’s left of our crops while some are dining on us as main courses. Learn what are the beneficials and the predators. Do you have “junk” in your attic, basement, closets, or garage that could actually be money-making collectibles? Many things that we may think are worthless could bring in thousands. We’ll look at what’s hot for collectors. Since the pandemic hit, people have been pulling up stakes in their home state and moving to areas they believe will be more affordable, safer, or more conducive to their dream lifestyle. In 2021, 23 million people are expected to move to take advantage from the new work opportunities from home. But what are the hidden costs of moving and what should you look for?

Jul 21

55 min 8 sec

During the unrest of 1789, on July 14 a mob approached the Bastille to demand the arms and ammunition stored there, and, when the forces guarding the structure resisted, the attackers captured the prison and released the seven prisoners held there. The taking of the Bastille signaled the beginning of the French Revolution. Vive la France! Honeybees reflect the health of the environment. Our agriculture depends on the pollination of honeybees. If bees continue to die, consumers can expect increased food prices and more scarcity. As gardeners, we can do our part to provide habitat and food for all pollinators and beneficial insects, including bees. Summer time and the living is easy! It is never vacation time in a garden and the hot dry weather demands more alertness for intruding pests. Plants are thirsty just like us and need plenty of hydration. And the bugs have arrived! Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian to the summer rescue.

Jul 14

56 min 37 sec

It’s overwhelming to ponder the climate disasters that the world is experiencing including hotter temperatures, rising sea levels, wildfires, tornadoes, flooding, hurricanes, and more. Our individual behaviors can make a difference if we adjust our habits to help. If you are feeling stressed and anxious, try belly breathing. Taking a deep breath relaxes us as it stimulates the vagus nerve which influences numerous vital organs. Breathe in, breathe out. Take it slow! If you sit ten or more hours per day, your body will be eight years older biologically than someone who gets at least forty minutes of exercise a day. Want to know the best food for energy? Cynthia Brian will give you a boost.

Jul 7

54 min 6 sec

Pandemic fatigue has most people looking forward to taking a trip. People have been saving money to travel and are ready to go. The scammers are also ready to take your money. Find out how to play by the rules, stay safe, and get the vacation you’ve been waiting for. Dr. Rochelle Calvert offers a unique and effective approach to healing trauma that uses nature- and body-based mindfulness practices to promote peace and wholeness with her new book, Healing with Nature. Proving that it is not merely time that heals but what one does during that time, Healing with Nature pioneers a path not just to recovery but lifelong resilience. Were you born with rose-colored glasses? The belief that the future will be better than the past is known as the optimism bias. Kids and adults see the glass as half full. A growing body of scientific evidence indicates that optimism may be hardwired by evolution into the human brain.

Jun 30

55 min 3 sec

To battle food insecurity, grow your own groceries. Global food waste is equal to 1/3 of all available food. Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian explains how you can save money, waste not, and eat healthy by planting the crops you enjoy. If you are trying to discern if your forgetfulness is normal or something more serious, you may need to see your physician for a cognitive screening. If you need something more, you’ll be directed to a specialist. Multiple tests may be necessary for a conclusion. If you want to build literacy skills in a child, give her a book. The first few months and years of life are critical opportunities to build connections in the brain that will last a lifetime. Reading is about the interaction between the reader and the child. The purpose of reading is to have conversations. Be the Star You Are!® is a literacy, arts, and culture charity that encourages reading from day one.

Jun 23

55 min 56 sec

In continuation of Cynthia Brian’s series on preparing for a wildfire, in this episode she’ll discuss preparing your home to reduce a fire and keep you safe from fire resistive construction, vegetation management, to emergency responder access. Did you know that the origin of Father’s Day occurred because of Mother’s Day? Fathers are critical to a child’s well-being. How do you honor your daddy? It’s Father’s Day on June 20 so it’s time to celebrate the wonderful fathers who light up the world. If you have children, you can’t help but think about what they will be like as adults. When they get to be adults, how do you nurture the relationship? Make sure to praise and listen to your adult children. They still want approval and appreciation just as we all do.

Jun 16

55 min 39 sec

When planning a new garden or adding plants to an existing landscape, it is essential to be reminded that no plant is fire-proof. Everything can and will burn if the temperature is hot enough. Also, even if a plant tag indicates that it is fire-resistant, it must be properly maintained, pruned, irrigated, spaced, and positioned in the correct locations to thrive. Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian tells us what to plant for fire retardation. States are opening back up. What is the new normal going to be like? How can you plan for the future with the pandemic still lingering? Exercise caution, get vaccinated, and enjoy the summer. You have been asked to be the executor of an estate. Do you know what the obligations and responsibilities are? It can be daunting, overwhelming, and a lot of work. Make sure you have the tools to do your fiduciary best.

Jun 9

57 min 47 sec

Although everyone has pandemic fatigue, being informed about Covid 19, the effects, and the latest news is critical. In this program, we will talk about what you need to know about kids getting the vaccine, how to protect yourself from Covid cybercrime, the after effects of having the disease on our brains and organs, and, for those who want to continue working from home, how to approach your employer with the question. The economy is opening up yet we still have to be cautious so as not to start another surge. If you haven’t been vaccinated, sign up as soon as possible and get your shot. You will feel so much more secure and safe and you’ll be protecting others as well. Until then, wear your mask and keep your distance.

Jun 2

55 min 44 sec

We can do our part to protect our property as best as possible through firescaping, a landscape design that reduces house and property vulnerability to wildfire. While enhancing the beauty of the property and creating a defensible space, we surround the house with plants that are less likely to ignite. Fires respect no boundaries and fires don’t honor property lines. With enough heat, almost everything burns. If you are looking to travel within the United States this year, look no further than our beautiful National Parks. You will need to plan now and make reservations. Cynthia Brian will give you the info you need. How can we create an oasis of calm in our backyards? Soothing decor, whispering grasses, rustling bamboo, and natural materials will offer the tranquility we crave during this pandemic. Find out how you can easily create a sanctuary of peace and quiet.

May 26

55 min 10 sec

Natural disasters know no boundaries. One never knows if a fire, earthquake, flood, mudslide, or other calamity is on the horizon. It’s imperative to be prepared for all emergencies. Cynthia Brian will tell you what to put in an emergency Go Bag for your home and vehicle. If you are a new parent, you may be reflecting on the lessons you learned as a kid. What are instructions that are musts for every child to grow into a responsible, self-sufficient adult? We’ll share our thoughts! Foxtail season is here and these grass plants are dangerous to your pets. The bushy spike at the top of the grass comes off easily and the sharp point can migrate into your animal’s skin.Surgical removal is sometimes necessary. Discover ways to prevent foxtails from hurting your pets.

May 19

53 min 40 sec

With the stay-at-home orders this past year and the isolation, most people are looking forward to getting together with their friends and families. If you’ve been vaccinated, the CDC indicates that small outdoor gatherings are relatively safe. Is your garden ready for a small party? Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian, offers a few flower fun hacks that will spruce up your space for very little money. When life gets us down, laughter can lift us up. The Humor Project provides a humor vaccines to ward off the things that bug us, like Covid. Visit to refill your humor prescription with new doses of humor every day. If you’ve been vaccinated, you were given an official vaccination card that provides your date of vaccination and the type. Should you laminate your card for safe-keeping or is it better to just take a photo and then store your card? Find out! Although food waste is a global issue, according to the USDA, the United States wastes about 40% of its supply annually. With food shortages around the world, can you do your part to cut back?

May 12

55 min 37 sec

Filled with amazing stories, step-by-step exercises, and thought-provoking discussions, Lynn McKenzie’s book, Bark, Neigh, Meow shows how animal companions help you transform your life and fulfill your purpose. You'll find greater passion, elevate your spirit, deepen your connection to the unseen realm, and much more. This heartwarming collection of Lynn's personal and client stories, reveals the power of animals to become your partners, teachers, guides, healers, and catalysts. Spring is the time to savor the beauty surrounding you. If you’ve ever been to Giverny in France, you will know that Monet was not exaggerating about his garden being his most beautiful work of art. He was inspired by nature and you can be too. Be an artist and create your masterpiece in your garden. The perfume of the jasmine permeates the morning air, the lilac scents the afternoon sunshine, while the wisteria and mock orange infuse the evening with glorious aromas. It’s going to be a beautiful Mother’s Day If you love to read, take inspiration from some of your favorite books, especially those for children, to create a garden based on a story. From The Tale of Peter Rabbit to a Harry Potter Garden, Cynthia Brian along with The National Garden Bureau offer ideas to increase literacy and make reading and gardening fun.

May 5

56 min 44 sec

When you want to be healthy and maintain a weight that works for you, drinking green tea and even dark chocolate can help. Learn seven simple tricks that will keep you happy, healthy, trim, and slim. What is quality seed and how can you be sure you are buying seeds that will germinate? Reputable seed companies want life-long customers so they provide seeds for success. Are you ready to leave your comfort zone after more than a year in hibernation? We’ll find ways to reduce stress, walk more, and make smarter purchases.

Apr 28

56 min 52 sec

Earth Day is April 22 and there is so much that we can do to combat climate change. Cynthia Brian provides simple tips that you can implement today to save our planet. More urban households are raising chickens for the fresh eggs. It’s the time of year when baby chicks are available. Cynthia Brian has raised chickens since the age of 8 and was a California champion at exhibitions. She’ll give you some basic tips on how to buy, house, and manage chickens. You’ll love it! Can you imagine how wonderful our relationships would be if we allowed ourselves to bark, wiggle, and wag with people as our pets do when they see us? The Gift of Affection from the book, Be the Star You Are! 99 Gifts for Living, Loving, Laughing, and Learning to Make a Difference available at

Apr 21

56 min 16 sec

Spring is the most colorful season of the year with a cornucopia of bulbs, flowers, shrubs, and trees in bloom. It is also the time when Mother Nature shares the ornaments that most gardeners loathe…weeds! As many people work from home personal computers have become essential communication tools. What are the choices for today’s models? What do you look for when getting a new computer? Get the computer you need without the bells and whistles you don’t. Poor ergonomics can cause havoc on your health. As you work from home during the pandemic, do you have the right set-up to work efficiently? Are you taking regular breaks? We’ll look at what you can do to improve your home work station.

Apr 14

55 min 1 sec

Do you love yourself? Most of us are skilled at loving our families, friends, and pets but neglect loving ourselves for who we are. Change emotional self-talk, listen to your gut, and celebrate the beautiful person you are. As more of the world gets vaccinated, people are itching to hit the road and experience other locales. Is it safe? Can you travel internationally? We’ll investigate the latest on the Covid-19 vaccine and travel restrictions. Have you ever received a text from the DMV or your bank and wondered if they are for real or scams? Unless you’ve given permission for companies to text you, the texts you receive may be scammers with bogus offerings attempting to steal your identity or your bank account.

Apr 7

55 min 49 sec

The 27th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards will be simulcast on TNT and TBS on Sunday, april 4, 2021 at 9:00 pm ET/6:00pm PT. What are your picks for the best performances, TV shows, movies, and stunts for 2020? Cynthia Brian, nominating committee member and SAG voter, will offer her thoughts on the festivities and give an insider's view of the nominating process. Do you feel your kids are spending too many hours on their phones or laptops? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that screen time be limited. But what is best for your family, especially during a pandemic. Guidelines for figuring it out in this episode of StarStyle® Blossoming fruit trees, poppies adorning hillsides, and daffodils illuminating walking paths… the sirens of the start of spring have sprung. As seedlings pop through the soft soil and new green growth emerges on hedges, trees, and vines, uninvited wildlife visitors tend to hop, fly, scamper, and trot into our landscapes. Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail, followed by the families of Bambi, Tom Turkey, and Squiggly Squirrel. A buffet feast awaits their arrival in our rose beds, perennial gardens, and vegetable patches.

Mar 31

56 min 27 sec

Producer, writer and director in the Hollywood television industry, Kac Young, will talk about awards season. Most recently she was Vice President of Television Production and Development for Universal Studios Hollywood and has also served on the boards of The Director's Guild of America and Women in Film. She’ll also discuss her book, Essential Oils for Beginners. Essential oils are powerful essences from plants, trees, shrubs, fruits, seeds, nuts, and bark. Used correctly they can be your best friends. Used incorrectly or undiluted they can bring you harm and discomfort. Food Waste is a global issue. Cutting back on waste will help the environment, savie resources, and energy. What are ways that you can stop the pollution by eliminating food waste. Find out! According to Cynthia Brian, happiness is an inside job. She’ll read and discuss The Gift of Happiness from her award winning book, Be the Star You Are!® 99 Gifts for Living, Loving, Laughing, and Learning to Make a Difference. The true story takes place when she was a child who, after a very cold and wet winter, decided to find sunshine by running away from the farm with her young sisters in tow.

Mar 24

56 min 7 sec

Are you wearing green today? If not, get ready to be pinched! Although St. Patrick’s Day originally had a blue theme, even the Emerald Isle has adopted the color green to celebrate their national saint. Learn about the history and traditions. Erin go bragh! Shamrocks, spring, and sweet peas! It’s almost spring and gardening is on all of our minds. We’ll dig into the moist soil to discuss what’s new and exciting for this season. Leprechauns and fairies may be lurking in their mini houses. It’s a magical time of year in nature. If you’ve had your first Covid-19 vaccine of Modern or Pfizer, it is imperative to have the second one for maximum protection of 95%. There are few things you need to know about getting your vaccine.

Mar 17

55 min 55 sec

Soap opera star by day, harried, single mom by night, Calliope Hart’s life is a delicate balancing act. When the network cancels her show, Callie’s world crumbles and she must decide whether it is more important to fight to save the show or take a risk and start over from scratch. Cynthia Brian interviews author, Sarahlyn Bruck, about her newest novel, Daytime Drama. When you interview for a job, do you always tell the truth? Researchers and career coaches indicate that most people tell white lies from slight exaggerations to full-blown fabrications. Where are you on the spectrum? We’ll take a test! If you want to be more creative, you need to eliminate stress. If you want to prevent weight gain, give yourself a reality check. Use the measures provided by cynthia Brian to get in shape mentally, physically, and emotionally to increase your creativity and esteem.

Mar 10

56 min 6 sec

Her Highness is a female-first cannabis and CBD lifestyle brand based in New York designed for the modern cannabis consumer. Stylishly made by women for women, Cynthia Brian interviews co-founders Laura Eisman and Allison Krongard. Her Highness donates funds that directly support women incarcerated for non-violent cannabis crimes. With less than three weeks to go before the vernal equinox, this is an auspicious time to contemplate how we want to orient our window views for the future. Challenges abound for the Biden administration. Diminishing economic opportunities, continuing racial injustice, the deathly pandemic, and political polarity. What can we learn from former President Franklin Roosevelt’s leadership and how can we move forward gracefully and peacefully. As humans we brush our teeth twice a day. But do we brush our pet’s teeth? Veterinarians are now recommending preventative oral care for animals with tooth brushing at home at least four times weekly.

Mar 3

56 min 56 sec

Love, Dad: How My Father Died  ..Then Told Me He Didn’t details Mike Anthony's true story as he pulls himself out of despair, and alongside his family, finds true connection and communication with his dad once again. So compelling is his story that Netflix chose to feature it in three episodes of their series Surviving Death. Life at Hamilton by Mike Anthony, details true stories of the interactions between himself, the bar manager at Hamilton on Broadway, and the patrons who were witnessing history while seeing this record breaking, life changing show. Mike’s stories let us in on love, loss and finding your own story amongst the sometimes blinding lights and sometimes darkest hours of life. The book pulls back the curtain to the blockbuster show Hamilton. As we leave the sign of Aquarius and enter the horoscope of Pisces, let’s pray that the lyrics from the Age of Aquarius ring true throughout 2021. Let the sun shine, let the sun shine in! And, please let it rain this month

Feb 24

56 min 54 sec

Over 450, 000 and climbing is the number of fatalities from Covid-19 here in the United States, with thousands of deaths happening in senior living facilities. Aging at home could be a better answer to living with covid in retirement. Relationships are challenging any day but when two people retire the relationship can become more complicated. Sometimes it takes ten or more years in retirement before couples feel satisfied. So how can we transition from a working life as a couple to a couple that has lots of time together? We may need to relearn wants and needs. It is unclear how the corona virus attacks the brain. There are things we can do to keep our brains healthy. Learn tips to beat the challenges and build brain resilience. Embrace healthy lifestyles, wear a mask, continue social distancing, and get a vaccine when it is available. We can beat covid if we all assume responsibility for our wellness.

Feb 17

53 min 58 sec

During Covid-19, people are afraid to visit a physician for preventative care. The good news is that patients can take care of their health at home with virtual consultations, home monitoring, and testing devices. Find out what you can do to stay healthy and stay home. February is a month of pruning, planning and perusing in your garden. Take a walk around your garden and make notes of where you need more wit and whimsy. Know where the sun rises, moves, and sets throughout your landscape. Do you need to add or extend irrigation? Do you have a favorite color palette, or do you prefer a cacophony of color authentically unique to you? The vaccine has been shipped and provided to the highest risk category. When can you get vaccinated and what precautions should be taken before and after a shot. Find out how to stay safe as we navigate this pandemic.

Feb 10

54 min 9 sec

A breast cancer diagnosis at forty-nine forces Christine Shields Corrigan, a wife, mom, and meticulous list-maker, to confront her deepest fears of illness, death, and loss of control as she struggles to face cancer again. Her adult experience mirrors her teen bout with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, with one exception—she no longer has parents keeping her in the dark. Christine will talk about her book, Again: Surviving Cancer Twice with Love and Lists. In a time when the entire world is in upheaval, anxiety is high, suffering is everywhere, it is more important that ever to take care of one’s mind, body, and spirit. Find out ways to be mindful and manage stress. Are a perfectionist? Do you oversee a team or are you a solopreneur? Striving to be perfect can be a barrier to your success and your happiness. We’ll bust the myths and offer truths so you can reach your potential.

Feb 3

56 min 33 sec

It’s Awards Season with the SAG Awards, Golden Globes, Oscars, and more. Cynthia Brian shares her favorites of 2020 for both TV, documentaries, and film. Go backstage on Broadway, behind the scenes on TV, and inside the complicated psyche of performer Melanie Chartoff. “Odd Woman Out” exposes the nature of identity in the life of a performing artist, snapshotting the hopeful search for a self Chartoff could love — and someone for her to love, too. A conversation about womanhood, love, and the entertainment industry! With so many circumstances out of our control this past year, it’s hard to put a positive spin on today and our future. But each small step we take towards optimism lifts our spirits and eases our stress.

Jan 27

56 min 23 sec

Every January, people make resolutions to lose weight, earn more money, sleep more hours, travel to distant lands, and spend more time with loved ones. By the beginning of April, most of those great intentions have been long forgotten in the fast paced existence we call life. Although statistics indicate that it only takes 30 days to drop an old habit or learn a new one, most of us just don’t stick with our plans long enough to reap any benefits. January, the month of winter sleep, offers gardeners the opportunity to dream, to plan, and to imagine. There is not much work to be done in our yards, but we can still begin to chart the days ahead so that we’ll be able to share the bounty from our efforts. Be renewed by nature. Who can’t use more inner peace in the new year? Learn to be calmer and more present with a few mindfulness tips that at free and at your disposal from meditating to moon gazing!

Jan 20

54 min 20 sec

You can survive a recession. Several tips to get past challenges and reinvent yourself or your company in this episode. Getting the right amount of sleep is critical to optimum health. If you want to boost your immune system, sleeping eight hours a night is key. Before you get a vaccine, prioritize sleep as you’ll gain heightened immunity according to researchers. A variety of animals have been traveling on airlines for a long time as “emotional support animals”, however, passengers have abused the privilege bringing on board comfort peacocks, comfort snakes, comfort turkeys, comfort spiders, and more. Rules have changed to ensure the safety of the traveling public.

Jan 13

54 min 56 sec

In the Age of Quarantine, the Old West Makes a Comeback with John Layne’s Second Novel, Red River Reunion. From the author of Gunslingers: A Story of the Old West, Red River Reunion is a classic Western Fiction novel set in 1877 that traces the lives of U.S. Deputy Marshal Luxton Danner and Texas Ranger Wes Payne during their latest Texas adventures, where they risk everything to defend the meek, uphold frontier law, and satisfy their pursuit of doing what no other men can. The garden industry says it is in the middle of a “Great Rest!” according to the Garden Media 2021 Trends Report. There have been sad endings and joyous beginnings. How will gardens help us be more resilient in 2021? Everyone still wants all the services, but now they must be outdoors. 2021 will be the year of renewal by nature. A vaccine alone will not be enough to rapidly extinguish the pernicious pandemic of Covid-19. Most likely it will take at least another year for the layers of defense to provide a barrier.

Jan 6

56 min 4 sec

Everyone is thrilled that 2020 is at an end. Now we look to the future of 2021 with hope and faith. We have to come together, reconnect, and rebuild our country. Purple is the color for 2021. As an Empowerment Architect, Cynthia Brian’s aim is to encourage, inspire, inform, and motivate. Her “heart book”, Be the Star You Are! 99 Gifts for Living, Loving, Laughing, and Learning to Make a Difference offers readers a wealth of true stories, uplifting quotes, and simple exercises to help you be the star of your own performance In today’s StarStyle episode, Cynthia reads chapters on Leadership, Lifelines, Listening, Love, Magic, and Miracles to help you end 2020 with hope and start 2021 with a fresh, positive perspective. Buy copies of this book and others at

Dec 2020

56 min 3 sec

Australian author and founder of Serenidad Consulting, Nola Hennessy brings harmony into Christmas festivities as she visits with Cynthia Brian on StarStyle®. Nola will discuss how developing resilience for life relies on both good and bad experiences, and how best to build a new year that is founded on the lessons learned in 2020. Nola sees peace through an educator’s lens, strongly and consistently advocating for ‘prevention’ strategies and proactive education to resolve the world’s global conflicts and increasing levels of violence and discord. Her multi-award winning book “Post-Traumatic Stress – Not a Life Sentence” includes a special Chapter on “Resilience for Life” in which Nola writes “maintaining the goal of inner peace…………..and (giving yourself) positive affirmations………..will help create your self-fulfilling prophecy “. Cynthia Brian shares The Gift of Harmony from her book, Be the Star You Are!® 99 Gifts about an extraordinary experience with fur seals in the Galapagos.

Dec 2020

56 min 1 sec

Since Be the Star You Are! 99 Gifts for Living, Loving, Laughing, and Learning to Make a Difference debuted, readers have been asking author Cynthia Brian to read the chapters to a world of listeners. In today’s StarStyle® episode, Cynthia reads the introduction to the gifts as well as several chapters that begin with the letter “A”. Included will be Abundance, Acceptance, Action, Adventure, Affection, and Affirmation You’ll be empowered by the chapters to be your best self. As an Empowerment Architect, Cynthia Brian’s aim is to encourage, inspire, inform, and motivate. Become the star of your own performance. Buy copies of this book and others at

Dec 2020

57 min 59 sec

As winter approaches, we want to get our outdoor spaces and home ready for the cold and wet. Cynthia Brian offers tips on winterization. Don’t forget to test smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, clean out gutters, replace furnace filters, stack the firewood, and have plenty of hot chocolate fixings ready for those nights in front of a blazing fireplace! From dives of danger to flights of fright, author of Sleeping Around…Challenging My Comfort Zone, Mary L. Peachin, is no shrinking violet. “I like to live each day to the fullest” says the self-proclaimed adrenalin junkie. Mary will discuss her global adventures including encounters with saltwater crocs, bears, and sharks. Get your heart pumping. Watching the wide-eyed wonder of children during the holidays is an additional dividend of the magical season of Christmas. This is a great time to spark children’s enthusiasm for gardening. The rewards go far beyond reaping a harvest of fruits, flowers, and vegetables. Kids love to get dirty

Dec 2020

54 min 52 sec