Bob Saget's Here For You

By Bob Saget & Studio71

BOB SAGET’S HERE FOR YOU is a podcast that is like no other— For one, this podcast has guests who are friends of Bob’s, or just really interesting people who many of you know and love. Secondly, this podcast is unique because it goes inside Bob Saget’s mind, and then quickly filters out through his mouth. Bob has a way of calming people he has conversations with as well as being entertaining and often informative. Bob talks with his guests with genuine empathy and humor, while reaching his unusually diverse audience that he talks to as a friend, Bob is the dad with great advice, the irreverent funny guy who’s always there when you need a laugh, and the free-associative Bob who goes off on crazy tangents then returns to the subject at hand, as serious or as comedic as it may be, to wrap up each episode in a way only Bob can do. Because he really does believe, “He’s here for you."  We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can:  For advertising opportunities please email    Privacy Policy:

  1. 1.
    Scott Bakula Shares Stories From Coming Up in the New York Theatre to Quantum Leaping to being a Star Trek Captain to NCIS’ing
  2. 2.
    Remembering Norm
  3. 3.
    Tom Bergeron Tells Us of His Legendary Broadcasting Career From "Hollywood Squares" to "America’s Funniest Videos" to "Dancing With the Stars" and Beyond
  4. 4.
    Scott Weinger Talks About Joining the Cast of Full House & How He Landed His Role in Disney’s Aladdin
  5. 5.
    Gilbert Gottfried Returns to Talk About His Dracula Impression, Touring in 2021, and Shares His Thoughts on Train Conductors
  6. 6.
    Daniel Sloss and Bob Discuss Dark Humor, Evolving as Comedians, and His Upcoming Tour ‘Hubris’
  7. 7.
    Ed Asner Recalls His Audition for 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' and Talks About His Experience Recording Pixar’s 'Up'
  8. 8.
    Ms. Pat and Bob Discuss Her New Sitcom 'The Ms. Pat Show' & How She Continues to Live Her Best Life With the Cards She Was Dealt
  1. 9.
    Susie Essman and Bob Reminisce About Stand-Up Comedy and Discuss Her Work on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”
  2. 10.
    Mike Young and Bob Share Stories From 10 Years of Touring Together & Discuss Mike's New Movie 'Stealing Jokes'
  3. 11.
    Alan Zweibel Talks About His 50 Year Long Comedy Writing Career: From Selling $7 Jokes To SNL & Many Feature Films
  4. 12.
    Jonathan Silverman Looks Back at ‘A Weekend at Bernie's', Many Nights Out With Bob, and Starting His Broadway Career at 18
  5. 13.
    Randy Rainbow Returns to Discuss His Upcoming Tour, His New Podcast With Sean Hayes, and Look Back at His Videos That Got Us Through Quarantine
  6. 14.
    Andrea Barber Explains the Journey of Her Life and Career: From Prune Commercials to 'Full House' & 'Fuller House', to Her Upcoming Role on Nickelodeon’s ‘That Girl Lay Lay’
  7. 15.
    Adam Duritz of Counting Crows Talks About Starting His Career in College, Dealing With the Ups and Downs of Fame, and Writing His New Album ‘Butter Miracle Suite One’
  8. 16.
    Michael Che Talks to Bob About His Show ‘That Damn Michael Che’ and How He Found His Voice on ‘SNL Weekend Update’
  9. 17.
    Eric Idle Talks to Bob About Monty Python, Spamalot, and Why He Always Looks on the Bright Side of Life
  10. 18.
    Louie Anderson and Bob Discuss the Therapeutic Nature of Comedy and How Louie Channeled His Mom for His Role in “Baskets”
  11. 19.
    Jodie Sweetin and Bob Talk About the Meaningful Moments That Happened Between the Lines of Full House and Fuller House
  12. 20.
    Joel McHale Returns to Talk With Bob About Everything From Drones that Deliver Steaks to Appearing On Every Show On Television
  13. 21.
    Chelsea Handler Talks to Bob About Her New Special, “Evolution,” Her New Podcast, “Dear Chelsea…” and the Importance of Self-Growth
  14. 22.
    Dr. Jon LaPook, CBS Chief Medical Correspondent, Talks to Bob About Covid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy and Sheds Some Light on Common Medical Misinformation
  15. 23.
    Mary Lynn Rajskub and Bob Talk About Her New Special, a Film They Just Shot Together, and How She Found Her Comedic Voice
  16. 24.
    Ben Folds and Bob Discuss How to Find the Best Work & Common Ground Through Music & Comedy
  17. 25.
    Candace Cameron Bure Talks Growing Up With Bob on Full House and Becoming “The Queen of Christmas"
  18. 26.
    Joe Mantegna Talks with Bob about 13 Years Starring in “Criminal Minds,” "Godfather III,” Voicing the Simpson’s Fat Tony, And Winning the Tony
  19. 27.
    Bob Newhart Looks back at His Career: Standup, The Bob Newhart Show, Catch 22, and When He Knew Elf Would Be a Hit
  20. 28.
    Loni Love and Bob Discuss the Beauty in Comedy and the Importance of Sharing Our Stories
  21. 29.
    Jamie Kennedy Reminisces Over Their Philly Roots, How He Broke Into Bob’s House, and Shot a Music Video With Him
  22. 30.
    Cedric the Entertainer and Bob Discuss: “The Neighborhood,” Going Back Onstage, and Their “Fallback" Careers
  23. 31.
    Brittany Furlan and Bob Get Candid About Mental Health, Losing Loved Ones, and Brittany’s Very Specific Fear of Spiders
  24. 32.
    Brian Regan and Bob Talk About Writing for Comedy, Being Willing to Fail, and Brian's New Special “On the Rocks”
  25. 33.
    Fortune Feimster and Bob Discuss Facing Disappointment, Shifting Your Dreams, and Why Honesty is So Funny
  26. 34.
    Gilbert Gottfried Talks to Bob About Doing Impressions, Blue Comedy, and His Unusual Problem With Birds
  27. 35.
    Jon Lovitz Tells Bob Stories From His Childhood, SNL, movies, and How He Develops His Hilarious Characters
  28. 36.
    Randy Rainbow and Bob Discuss the Cathartic and Healing Nature of Musical Comedy
  29. 37.
    Steve Leder and Bob Have a Discussion About The Beauty of What Remains When Dealing with Death
  30. 38.
    Bert Kreischer Leaves His Shirt On Almost the Whole Time, as He Shares Comedy War Stories
  31. 39.
    Josh Gad and Bob Discuss Chasing Your Dreams, Failure Before Success, and the Happiness Good Work Brings
  32. 40.
    John Stamos & Dave Coulier Call Bob While He’s Recording a Special New Year’s Eve Callers’ Episode
  33. 41.
    Kevin Nealon and Bob Talk About Comedian Survival Instincts and Look Forward to the Future of Stand Up
  34. 42.
    Johnny Rzeznik and Bob Talk About Great Music, the Good in This Year, and The Goo Goo Dolls Christmas Album
  35. 43.
    Jason Sudeikis and Bob Share the Ted Lasso Inspired Belief of Replacing Cynicism With Positivity
  36. 44.
    David Portnoy and Bob Diffuse Current Problems with Out of Context Jokes and Their Shared Love of Great Pizza
  37. 45.
    Michael Rosenbaum and Bob Discuss Redefining Their Purpose During Hard Times
  38. 46.
    Marc Maron and Bob Think You Gotta Be Insane to Want to Be a Comedian
  39. 47.
    Colin Quinn and Bob Talk About Trying to Be Funny Amidst America’s Great Divide
  40. 48.
    Paul Reiser Calls Bob From His Basement to Talk About Making Movies and Comedy
  41. 49.
    Alison Rosen and Bob Discuss Why We’re All So Exhausted
  42. 50.
    Phil Rosenthal and Bob Talk About His New Shows and Mistaking Friends for Food

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