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Dr. Laurie Marbas brings you the most inspiring stories of individuals conquering chronic disease, overcoming incredible obstacles, and the experts to help you find health. Changing health by changing the food we eat.

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In this episode, I'm honored to interview Chef Fernando Peralta. We discuss his journey to becoming plant-based, how to make great mash potatoes, and much more! Chef Fernando's Cookbook:

Nov 23

56 min 35 sec

Kim Campbell works at PlantPure to create and share delicious whole-food, plant-based recipes for dishes that most people would consider comfort foods, but without all the oils and excess salts and sugars. With her husband Nelson, she raised three children on a planted-based diet and has had experience working with many people new to a plant-based diet. Kim's goal is to provide familiar flavors and textures that appeal to as many people as possible, including families and kids. To connect with Kim: Instagram:

Nov 15

48 min 51 sec

In this episode, I'm honored to interview my good friend Matt Buckner. Matt transformed his health through a whole food plant-based diet and lost 100 pounds. During the interview, we discussed ways to transition to a plant-based diet, improve your fitness, and much more! To connect with Matt: Instagram: @themattb22

Oct 19

1 hr 11 min

In this podcast episode, I was honored to interview Dr. Karen Becker & Rodney Habib. Dr. Becker has spent her career as a small animal clinician, empowering animal guardians to make intentional lifestyle decisions to enhance the wellbeing of their animals. Dr. Becker also writes and lectures extensively and serves as a wellness consultant for a variety of health-oriented organizations. She is the first veterinarian to give a TEDx talk on species-appropriate nutrition, which has been a lifelong passion of hers. Rodney established the non-profit organization Paws for Change Foundation to further education and research in the area of animal nutrition and lifestyle as it relates to longevity and healthspan. Rodney’s first TEDx talk on pet health stands as the highest viewed TED talk in history pertaining to dogs. He was recently honored by the Canadian government as having one of the most influential platforms in Canada. To order their book: To connect with Dr. Becker & Rodney: Dr. Becker's Instagram: Rodney's Instagram:

Oct 12

55 min 2 sec

Dreena Burton is the OG vegan cookbook author, publishing her first title in 2001. She began her plant-kind life over 25 years ago, and has raised three daughters from birth on a plant-based diet. When you open one of Dreena’s books, you will find recipes that you can trust. Recipes that are well-tested, very wholesome, and delicious. Dreena also shares her passion and care in her recipes. Every one of Dreena’s recipes includes notes to help guide the home cook, to become more familiar with plant-based foods and techniques, and to make substitutions. Dreena’s recipes have been featured with groups including PCRM, Forks Over Knives, Blue Zones, The Food Network, and The Food Revolution Network. To Connect with Dreena: Website: Instagram:

Oct 4

1 hr

Lisa A. Smith is a serial entrepreneur, health and wellness subject matter expert, nutritionist and professional speaker. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a masters in business administration. She is certified in plant based nutrition and the executive director of the Plant Based Nutrition Support Group. In addition to being the author of The Plant Based Foodie, she’s also the founder of The Black Health Academy and creator of the signature plant based coaching program, P.H.A.R.M. TO TABLE, and the plant based nutrition and coaching certification, The Other 23. Lisa began her own weight loss journey in 2012 at 190lbs. She fell in love with fitness, nutrition and self-development, lost over 60lbs and gained a bottomless amount of confidence. It wasn't until she gained confidence in her physical health that she was able to gain confidence in her career. With her new found confidence she launched her first company, Professionally Fit, in July of 2015. At Professionally Fit, Lisa and her team helped clients bridge the gap between their health and their career by helping them to identify the areas of opportunity in their health and well-being which will translate to growth and productivity in their companies. After launching Professionally Fit Lisa quickly realized there was a segment of the population for whom health and wellness coaching was not accessible. She launched The Black Health Academy in October of 2017. The Black Health Academy pairs an E-learning platform with boots on the ground community initiatives and education experiences to ensure participants are empowered with the knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully state their case for fair and honest healthcare, chronic disease prevention and mental health. She is a speaker, coach, founder and community leader who epitomizes what it means to be Professionally Fit! About The Black Health Academy The Black Health Academy is an e-learning platform which offers on demand videos, master classes and coaching focused on chronic disease prevention and reversal for people of color. The ACADEMY is on a mission to eradicate chronic diseases disproportionately impacting the black community by providing education, community events and signature programming to its members on a monthly basis.

Sep 28

1 hr 3 min

Greg McKeown’s Key Accomplishments Include… Greg McKeown has dedicated his career to discovering why some people and teams break through to the next level—and others don’t. The definitive treatment of this issue is addressed in McKeown’s New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. As well as frequently being the #1 Time Management book on Amazon, this book challenges core assumptions about achievement to get to the essence of what really drives success. McKeown is the CEO of McKeown Inc. Clients include Adobe, Apple, Google, Facebook, Pixar,, Symantec, Twitter, VMware and Yahoo!. His writing has appeared or been covered by The New York Times, Fast Company, Fortune, HuffPost, Politico, and Inc. Magazine. He is among the most popular bloggers for the Harvard Business Review and LinkedIn’s Influencers group: averaging a million views a month. McKeown has been interviewed on numerous television and radio shows including NPR, NBC, FOX, and as a regular guest on The Steve Harvey Show. Entrepreneur voted his interview at Stanford University the #1 Must-See Video on Business, Creativity and Success. Essentialism was voted by Goodread as the #1 Leadership and Success Book to Read in a Lifetime. McKeown is an accomplished public speaker. He has spoken to hundreds of audiences around the world including in Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, England, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan and Singapore. Highlights include speaking at SXSW, interviewing Al Gore at the Annual Conference of the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland and receiving a personal invitation from Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway, to speak to his Annual Innovation Conference. McKeown challenges conventional wisdom in a unique and engaging style from the first moment to the last instant. As the event organizer at Greater Public said after McKeown addressed their 1,000-person conference, “I have been part of this event for 16 years and McKeown is the best speaker we have ever had!” McKeown is an active Social Innovator. Serving as a Board Member for Washington D.C. policy group Resolve and as a mentor with 2 Seeds, a non-profit incubator for agricultural projects in Africa. He has also been a speaker at non-profit groups including The Kauffman Fellows, Net Impact and Stanford University: he recently gave back to Stanford University by co-creating a popular class called, Designing Life, Essentially. He serves as a Young Global Leader for the World Economic Forum. He recently moderated a session at the “Summer Davos” in China called, “Unpacking Social Innovation Models for Maximum Impact”, served as a panelist at the “Sharpening Your Creative Edge” working session at the Forum. Prior to this, McKeown collaborated in the research and writing of Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter and worked for Heidrick & Struggles’ Global Leadership Practice assessing senior executives. Originally from London, England, McKeown now lives in Calabasas, California with his wife, Anna, and their four children. He did his graduate work at Stanford University. To connect with Greg:

Sep 14

46 min 52 sec

In 2006 Clint Paddison was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and within two years could barely walk with pain crippling 80% of his body. After surgery and medications failed him, Clint went back to his science roots which in 2000 saw him gain 1st Class honours, The Macquarie Foundation Science Prize, Australian Institute of Physics prize (NSW Branch) and Semi-Finalist for Young Australian of the Year. With bulldog determination, persistence and scientific experimentation Clint turned his health around and now leads a life drug free and pain free. With the drugs behind him, he's now a proud father of daughters Angelina and Arielle and loving husband to gorgeous Melissa. After recovering from RA, Clint has told his story on US television, given a TEDx talk, written for 'Arthritis Matters' magazine, featured in 'Body, Mind and Soul' magazine and appeared as a keynote speaker at most of the biggest natural heath conferences in Australia. Clint is author of the bestselling Program ‘The Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis’ which has sold in 60 countries and has dramatically improved the lives of thousands of people with inflammatory arthritic conditions. To connect with Clint:

Sep 7

1 hr 14 min

“Coaching a village to health start with proper nutrition: A whole plant based diet”Elisabeth Fontaine MD, is double board certified in OB/GYN and Lifestyle Medicine and a Fellow of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Her pre medical background was in Obesity Management and Exercise Physiology. While practicing as an OB/GYN and seeing her patients growing more unhealthy she implemented a program focused on lifestyle modification with amazing results. Dr. Fontaine joined the American College of Lifestyle Medicine in 2013 which allowed her to discover the significant impact of Whole Plant Food Based (WPFD) diet on overall health. She directed several Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) learning modules. A program designed to prevent/reverse and treat chronic disease with an emphasis on WPFD to improve lifestyle and sustain this healthy behavior. Dr. Fontaine started a Lifestyle Medicine Clinic and became the Medical Director of Lifestyle Medicine at a community hospital and a founding member of RiseVT, a community collaborative embracing healthy lifestyles. She is passionate and driven to help people achieve lifestyle changes for improving the health of the collective community. She has an extensive background in women’s health and the impact of lifestyle in the transition through menopause. She is also the CEO of Let’s Lead, a nurse executive – physician dyad coaching emerging leaders and practitioners to their career and life best grounded in wellbeing. To set an appointment with Dr. Fontaine:

Sep 4

39 min 5 sec

Bruce L. Moon, Ph.D., ATR-BC, HLM is Professor Emeritus of art therapy at Mount Mary University. Now retired, Dr. Moon is the past chair of the department and director of the graduate art therapy program, and co-founder of the doctor of art therapy program. He is the author of Existential Art Therapy: The Canvas Mirror; Essentials of Art Therapy Education and Practice; Art and Soul: Reflections on an Artistic Psychology; Introduction to Art Therapy: Faith in the Product; The Dynamics of Art as Therapy with Adolescents, Working with Images: The Art of Art Therapists; Word Pictures: The Poetry and Art of Art Therapy; Ethical Issues in Art Therapy; The Role of Metaphor in Art Therapy; Art-Based Group Therapy: Theory and Practice; and with Dr. Chris Belkofer, Artist, Therapist and Teacher: Selected Papers was published last spring. He has presented papers, workshops, and performance art events throughout the United States, Canada, and Asia. Dr. Moon is an active painter, singer-songwriter, film maker and performance artist. He has recorded a number of music CDs and performs regularly at small concert venues. Dr. Moon was the 2007 recipient of the Honorary Life Member Award (HLM) of the American Art Therapy Association and the 2009 recipient of the Buckeye Art Therapy Association HLM. These are the highest honors granted by the AATA and BATA, and the only awards that are voted on by the entire professional memberships. To connect with Dr. Moon: Youtube:

Aug 31

57 min 36 sec

In today's interview, I'm honored to interview Brittany Jaroudi. Growing up, Brittany was always fearful that her parents would die. She had to witness her mother go through cancer three different times, and her father had a massive heart attack that led to triple bypass surgery and, eventually, stents and a defibrillator. Her dad now has diabetes and congestive heart failure. Brittany followed the same lifestyle as her parents through her childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood, eating a standard American diet. They ate take-out and lots of meat, dairy, and oil. Her struggles with weight began when she was only 8 years old, and by the time she was in her mid-20s, her eating habits had really caught up with her. She was 185 pounds! Her doctor diagnosed her with high blood pressure (150/90) and put her on two different blood pressure medications. Brittany had high cholesterol (total cholesterol: 242). Her anxiety was through the roof, with a resting heart rate in the 90s. Brittany's hs-CRP (high-sensitivity C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammation and cardiovascular disease risk) was extremely high, and she had chest pains. She thought, “This can’t be my life at 25 years old.” Brittany began researching ways to get herself out of the health crisis. She found the Forks Over Knives documentary, and it all clicked. She saw what the future would be if she stayed on her current path: heart disease, autoimmune disease, diabetes, and maybe even cancer. After watching the documentary, Brittany immediately went plant-based. She got rid of all the dairy, meat, and processed foods she had in her house. Since that day three years ago, she has lost 60 pounds; she no longer has high cholesterol (150 total); Brittany has high blood pressure (110/70); her resting heart rate is 60, and her hs-CRP is in the normal range! To connect with Brittany: Website: Youtube:

Aug 17

47 min 52 sec

In today's episode, I'm honored to interview Jayson Stirrup, the director of Casa Hogar, which is a children's home in Mexico. They were the inspiration for the movie Blue Miracle. We discuss Casa Hogar's mission, how it was founded, and much more during the interview! To help support Casa Hogar, visit:

Aug 9

30 min 18 sec

In this episode, I'm honored to interview Dr. Apple Bodemer, who is a plant-based Dermatologist. During the interview, we discuss her journey to a plant-based diet, how to improve your skin's health, and much more! Dr. Bodemer has always been fascinated by how different health systems and cultures deal with health and illness. As a dermatology resident, she traveled to India, Nepal, and China to learn more about health care in these regions. In each country, Dr. Bodemer had opportunities to visit traditional hospitals and pharmacies and westernized facilities. The ways traditional and modern approaches to health were combined in these countries fascinated her, and she became more curious about other ways of healing. After Dr. Bodemer finished her Dermatology residency at the University of Wisconsin, she completed a fellowship in Integrative Medicine through the University of Arizona. Since then, her clinical practice has focused on combining general dermatology care with the philosophies and tools of integrative medicine. In 2015, when the American Board of Integrative Medicine (ABOIM) was approved, Dr. Bodemer took the certifying exam and now serves as a member of the ABOIM. She currently sees patients in an academic setting and can work with dermatology residents and integrative medicine fellows. To Connect with Dr. Bodemer: Website: Instagram:@appleskinhealth1

Aug 2

57 min 23 sec

Shaleen Shah is a serial entrepreneur, technologist, philanthropist, and co-founder of Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary. He is currently the CTO of Ajeva and is a Strategic Advisor to the fast-growing startup Paralect. During the interview, we discuss his journey to becoming vegan, the future of food, how he built an animal sanctuary, and much more. To connect with Shaleen: Website:

Jul 27

42 min 30 sec

Niki Davis, MD is a “rocket scientist” turned physician. She is board certified in both family medicine and lifestyle medicine. At age 13, she started removing animal products from her diet because she didn’t feel it was healthy. Once in college, she obtained bachelor's and master's degrees in mechanical engineering and worked on the space shuttle program for several years. However, instead of rockets on her mind, she was constantly thinking about health and nutrition - helping her own family members improve their health and their lives by switching to a plant-based lifestyle. She eventually found her way back to her passion after leaving her engineering career to apply for medical school. She graduated from the University of Utah School of Medicine in 2017 and completed a Family Medicine residency program in 2020. While in residency, in addition to serving as Wellness Chief, she helped form Plant-Based Montana, an advocacy group with the mission to educate healthcare providers and the general public about the benefits of a plant-based diet. She has had the pleasure of speaking at plant-based events around the country and has been lucky enough to train with phenomenal mentors such as Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Michael Klaper, Dr. Anthony Lim, and Dr. Alan Goldhamer, among others. She is a regular guest on Chef AJ’s YouTube channel show and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) Podcast. She has a certificate in plant-based nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies through eCornell and is certified in The Starch Solution. She feels extremely grateful to be doing what she loves every day - helping people live their best lives. In addition to being available for TeleHealth appointments, Dr. Davis will also be running plant-based wellness retreats in locations around the world, once safe to do so. To set an appointment with Dr. Davis: To connect with Dr. Davis: Website: Instagram: @nikidavismd

Jul 19

1 hr 3 min

Dr. Colin Zhu, aka TheChefDoc, specializes in culinary medicine, lifestyle medicine, and thrive medicine. Dr. Colin Zhu is a primary care physician who is Board-Certified in family practice and lifestyle medicine. Passionate about the intersection of medicine, food, and nutrition, Dr. Zhu trained as a chef and a health coach at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition following completion of his medical degree. To share his unique blend of medical knowledge with a wider audience, Dr. Zhu launched TheChefDoc website, an online wellness and lifestyle education platform which has been featured in several publications. Colin is also the author of "Thrive Medicine: How To Cultivate Your Desires and Elevate Your Life.“ Also is the current podcast host of Thrive Bites. To set an appointment with Dr. Zhu: To connect with Dr. Zhu: Website: Instagram:@thechefdoc

Jul 12

41 min 44 sec

Simon Hill is a Physiotherapist and Nutritionist who is passionate about making nutritional information simple and accessible to make informed decisions about the food they feed themselves and their families. In 2008, Simon completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and immediately began working as a Sports Physiotherapist in Melbourne both at a leading private practice and with professional AFL & VFL footballers. Over the years, however, Simon became increasingly curious about the role nutrition played in nourishing the body and preventing disease. Using his research skills developed during his honors degree, Simon dove deep into the available literature on nutrition & disease. He soon became fascinated by the vast evidence out there that proved that simple lifestyle changes could help people prevent and sometimes even reverse many of the leading chronic diseases that plague the western world today. Concerned with the fact that this information was not reaching people but was instead getting lost amidst the myriad of marketing ploys pushed by industries who were more interested in profits than the health and general well-being of the public, Simon shifted gears in his career undertaking a Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate and a post-graduate degree in Nutrition. During this time, he set up He began hosting world-renowned doctors and public figures, such as Neurologist's Dean & Ayesha Sherzai, MD, Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, MD, Dr. David Katz, MD, Environmental Researcher Nicholas Carter, Climate Scientist Dr. Jonathon Foley, and Ultra-Athlete Rich Roll on the Plant Proof podcast. To connect with Simon: Website: Instagram: @plant_proof

Jul 5

57 min 42 sec

I am honored to interview Dominick Thompson, a social entrepreneur, vegan athlete, and vegan activist, in today’s episode. During the interview, we go into his story of becoming vegan from his jail cell and his journey to influence countless people to become plant-based themselves. In addition, we also go into ways for you to change bad habits, his story of building his different businesses, and much more. To connect with Dominick: Instagram: @domzthompson Website:

Jun 28

1 hr 5 min

Danielle Dinkelman is a mother of four, author, plant-based nutrition educator, and a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach. Danielle is passionate about helping women turn their health around so they can fully show up for themselves, their families, and their communities. During the interview, we discuss transitioning a family to a plant-based diet, how to improve your self-talk, and much more! To connect with Danielle: Website:

Jun 21

59 min 9 sec

I'm honored to have back on the podcast Nelson Campbell and first-time guest Dr. Daryl Hershberger. We go in-depth about Nelson & Dr. Hershberger's new program PlantPure Rx a physician-guided journey to learn about and experience the health benefits of a plant-based diet. PlantPure Nation and Plant Based Telehealth have teamed up to make it available to you; follow the link if you interested in learning more about PlantPure RX: In addition, we discuss Dr. Hershberger's plant-based journey, ways to transition to a whole-food plant-based diet, and much more! To connect with PlantPure Nation: Website: Instagram: @plantpurenation

Jun 14

45 min 21 sec

Tyler Mayoras is the co-founder and CEO of Cool Beans. Cool Beans is a cutting-edge food company that provides healthy plant-based wraps that are incredibly easy to make. In addition, we discuss Tyler's plant-based journey, how he got involved with Cool Beans, trends in the food industry, and much more! To learn more about Cool Beans: Website: Instagram: @luvcoolbeans

Jun 7

49 min

Gwyn Whittaker is a successful serial entrepreneur and is the owner of the plant-based restaurant GreenFare. During the interview, we discuss how Gwyn became plant-based and her journey into starting GreenFare. In addition, we discuss food industry trends, tips for eating healthy, and much more! To connect with GreenFare: Website: Instagram:

Jun 1

36 min 17 sec

In this episode, I’ve had the honor of interviewing Chef, serial entrepreneur, and CEO of UpMeals Drew Munro. Drew’s company UpMeals is disrupting the vending machine industry by providing healthy fresh meals in vending machines. They provide delicious plant-based options and work to develop personalized meals for customers through their cutting-edge technology. One of the core values of UpMeals is a commitment to zero food waste. To take action on this value, they partner with local food charities to donate any meal that their customers don’t eat. To connect with UpMeals: Website: Instagram: @upmeals

May 24

41 min 6 sec

Jeanne Schumacher, M.A., Ed.D. Jeanna earned her doctorate in science and education and has taught chemistry, biology, and environmental science for over 30 years. She is a firm believer in “walking the walk” and is committed to inspiring people to change their health destiny through a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle as well as reducing the toxins in their life. Schumacher has followed a plant-based diet since 2009 and has become a motivational speaker and educator. Her transition to a healthier lifestyle began with a trip to the emergency room with a 105-degree fever, deadly high blood pressure, and an unknown infection. Luckily, the physician who attended her was not only trained in medicine but also nutrition. This doctor started Schumacher on a journey that would change her life and her health destiny as well. Too connect with Jeanne: Website: Youtube: Jeanne Schumacher - Simply Plant Based

May 18

57 min 57 sec

Michael Moss is the author of Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist formerly with the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, a keynote speaker, and a guest on shows like CBS This Morning, CNN The Lead, ATC and the Daily Show. His work has ranged widely from exposing the corporate interests in nursing homes to the Pentagon's failures in providing soldiers with armor and now focuses on the food industry in the context of health, safety, nutrition, politics, marketing, and the power of individuals to gain control of what and how they eat. More on Michael here. His next book, Hooked: Food, Free Will, and How the Food Giants Exploit Our Addictions, is being published by Random House on March 2, 2021. To connect with Michael: Website: Facebook: Michael Moss Twitter: @MichaelMossC

May 10

1 hr 4 min

In today's podcast, I had the honor of talking to Gianna Simone. She is an actress, producer, author, and model. We discuss how Gianna overcame a rough childhood through her belief in God, hard work, and never giving up. She goes into depth about what has enabled her to overcome the odds of growing up in an abusive household and being a kid in the foster care system. We also discuss the importance of always keeping a positive mindset and how to live your purpose regardless of your current circumstances. A few movies that Gianna has been in are Star Trek Into Darkness, Mother’s Day, & Unbroken: Path to Redemption. She is also the co-author of the plant-based cook Plant Love, which I highly recommend to anyone looking for great whole-food plant-based recipes. To connect with Gianna: Instagram: @gsimone Youtube: Gianna Simone Website: Podcast: Cookbook:

May 1

1 hr 6 min

In this interview, I had the honor of speaking to Dr. Kim Scheuer M.D. about her journey to plant-based medicine. Kim Scheuer, MD, began her career as a traditional Family Practice physician. Despite eating healthier than most Americans and thinking she was fit, she struggled with weight issues until 47. While searching for a way to decrease her family history of cancer risk, Kim read The China Study. What she learned started a long and “fruitful” journey of discovering how to use a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet and Lifestyle Medicine to prevent, treat, and reverse chronic disease’s root causes. For the first time in her career, she could genuinely help herself and her patients heal rather than merely treat the symptoms of illnesses. One of her favorite parts of her new way of practicing medicine is to de-prescribe medications and help her patients become “younger every year” by adopting healthier lifestyle choices. On her journey, Dr. Scheuer has transitioned from the traditional medical group she ran and worked in for twenty years in Aspen, Colorado, to her lifestyle medicine practice DOKS Lifestyle Medicine: With her partner Derek Olsen, RN, who has also benefited from Lifestyle Medicine and a Whole Food Plant-Based diet, she has facilitated several Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) courses. CHIP has improved her participants’ health and lives and many thousands of people worldwide over more than 30 years. Kim now lives and benefits from the lifestyle she recommends for her patients. Dr. Kim Scheuer is board certified in both Family Practice and Lifestyle Medicine. She also has a Master’s in Education as she feels that to be a good physician, one should be an educator first. She is conversant in Spanish and American Sign Language, which she uses to bring her knowledge to multiple communities. To work with Dr. Scheuer one on one:

Apr 26

37 min 57 sec

In this episode, I’ve had the honor of interviewing former collegiate pole-vaulter and current Ph.D. candidate at Baylor University, Katie Adair. Katie first tried a plant-based diet to help her recover from athletic injuries from pole-vaulting, and eventually, she was able to increase her athletic performance significantly through it. Also, Katie goes in-depth with how to more easily reach your fitness goals through a whole food plant-based diet. Katie has created an entire course in collaboration with HHR on utilizing a plant-based diet to increase your fitness. Click the following link to check out Katie’s class: To connect with Katie: Instagram: @katieadair93 Youtube: Katie Adair

Apr 22

47 min 4 sec

Dr. Yami is a board-certified pediatrician, certified lifestyle medicine physician, certified health and wellness coach, author and speaker. As a passionate promoter of healthy lifestyles, “Dr. Yami” champions the power of plant-based diets for the prevention of chronic disease. Dr. Yami is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and a diplomate of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. She also holds a certificate in plant-based nutrition and is a certified Food for Life Instructor. In 2013, Dr. Yami founded to educate families about the importance of making healthy food choices and show them how easy it can be – even with today’s busy schedules. In her podcast, Veggie Doctor Radio, she explores diet and nutrition, healthy habit formation, behavior change and motivation. New episodes are released weekly, featuring leading experts in plant-based nutrition and healthy living. Dr. Yami’s pediatric micropractice, Nourish Wellness, is located in Yakima, Washington, where she lives with her husband and two sons. To connect with Dr. Yami: Website: Instagram: @thedoctoryami Youtube: Veggie Doctor TV

Apr 19

36 min 14 sec

Doug Evans is an entrepreneur and author of “The Sprout Book” which will teach you everything sprouting-related. In this interview, we go deep into Doug’s book and his journey of finding sprouting. Doug’s book is intended to serve as a transformative plan to empower readers to embark on a plant-based way of eating that’s both low-cost and accessible. Beyond the 40 recipes included in the book, “The Sprout Book” also includes informative interviews with leaders in functional medicine and nutrition. To connect with Doug: Instagram @dougevans

Apr 12

42 min 36 sec

In this episode, I interview Gabriel Miller, a speaker, chef, organic gardener, and author of the best-selling cookbook, The Plant-Based Diet for Beginners. Gabriel was a starting football player at the University of Nebraska until he suffered a career-ending back injury. At the time, he was also pursuing a degree in livestock production, but he began to do his research on diet and health after his injury. Unable to maintain his previously active lifestyle, Gabriel started searching for ways to lose weight and become healthy through his diet. In the process, Gabriel found that what he was learning in his classes contradicted what he was learning about health and contradicted his own beliefs about animal welfare and preserving the environment. Still, Gabriel chose to finish his degree while also pursuing his research into sustainable and ethical agricultural practices that promote health. Now 100 pounds lighter than his playing weight, Gabriel runs his blog, Plant-Based Gabriel, which is focused on helping individuals and families transition to a plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle. Besides producing helpful recipes and videos, Gabriel also loves working on his vegan and organic vegetable farm. To connect with Gabriel: Instagram | @plantbasedgabriel Youtube | Plant Based Gabriel Facebook | @ThePlantBasedGabriel

Apr 5

1 hr

One of the best parts of a plant-based diet is that there are so many different ways to create delicious vegan meals. Shane Martin is one of the most knowledgeable people that I know when it comes to plant-based cooking. Shane creates delicious easy to make plant-based recipes and shares them on his website During the interview, we cover Shane’s story of how he became a plant-based, his journey into vegan cuisine, his favorite plant-based recipes, and much more. To connect with Shane: Instagram: @shaneandsimplecooking Pinterest: @shaneandsimplecooking Facebook: Shane & Simple

Mar 29

1 hr 20 min

In this episode, I interviewed husband and wife neurologists Dr. Dean Sherzai and Dr. Ayesha Sherzai. We discuss how they utilize a plant-based lifestyle to help prevent many diseases in their patients, different ways for you to be able to stick with healthy habits, and much more! Dr. Dean Sherzai is co-director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Program at Loma Linda University. Dean trained in Neurology at Georgetown University School of Medicine, and completed fellowships in neurodegenerative diseases and dementia at the National Institutes of Health and UC San Diego. He also holds a PhD in Healthcare Leadership with a focus on community health from Andrews University. Dr. Ayesha Sherzai is a neurologist and co-director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Program at Loma Linda University, where she leads the Lifestyle Program for the Prevention of Neurological Diseases. She completed a dual training in Preventative Medicine and Neurology at Loma Linda University, and a fellowship in Vascular Neurology and Epidemiology at Columbia University. She is also a trained plant-based culinary artist. They have also just released their new book “The 30 Day Alzheimer’s Solution” you can check it out at To be apart of the healthy minds initiative visit To connect with Dr. Dean & Dr. Ayesha: Instagram @sherzaimd Facebook @sherzaimd Twitter @sherzaimd

Mar 27

55 min 3 sec

I’m honored to have Dr. Jud back again on the podcast. Today’s podcast episode is jam packed with tips on how to better deal with anxiety and much more. This is an episode you do not want to miss! Where to find Dr. Jud: Instagram @dr.jud Youtube DrJud Twitter @judbrewer www.

Mar 22

44 min 6 sec

Dr. Eugenia Gianos is the director of Women s Heart Health at Lenox Hill Hospital and director of Cardiovascular Prevention for Northwell Health. As a clinical cardiologist with expertise in preventive cardiology, lipidology, imaging, and women s heart disease, she sees patients with various cardiovascular diseases. She has a specific interest in those with a genetic predisposition or heart disease at a young age, lipid disorders, complex coronary disease, and uncontrolled risk factors for heart disease. After earning an undergraduate degree in psychiatry from Barnard College at Columbia, Dr. Gianos earned her medical degree from New York Medical College. She completed her internship and residency in internal medicine and her fellowship in cardiology at Northwell s Long Island Jewish Medical Center. Dr. Gianos holds board certification in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease, echocardiography, and nuclear cardiology and she is certified in lipidology through the National Lipid Association. We cover a range of different topics relating to heart health and in particular, how women can lower their risks of heart disease. If you or someone you know has suffered from heart disease, this is the episode for you. You can find Dr. Gianos on: Instagram @dochearthealth Twitter @EugeniaGianos

Mar 19

36 min 18 sec

According to the Centers for Disease Control, heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States, with over 600,000 Americans dying every year. Dr. Kim William, M.D. knows better than anyone the importance of utilizing a plant-based diet to combat heart disease. As the former president of the American College of Cardiology, he is a leading figure in the movement to fight cardiovascular disease with a plant-based diet. He has board certifications in internal medicine, cardiovascular diseases, nuclear medicine, nuclear cardiology, and cardiovascular computed tomography. He has served on the Pritzker School of Medicine faculty, the Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan, and since 2013 at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, where he is the head of the cardiology department. Williams has served as president of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology, chairman of the Coalition of Cardiovascular Organizations, and chairman of the Association of Black Cardiologists' board, among other positions. In the interview, Dr. Kim Williams explains the science of cholesterol, the latest breakthrough in heart disease research, and much more!

Mar 17

37 min 34 sec

Nicole Harkin, MD, FACC, is board-certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Echocardiography, Nuclear Cardiology, and Clinical Lipidology. In this episode, Dr. Harkin details how cholesterol affects your cardiovascular health and different ways to improve it. We also go into Dr. Harkin’s journey into the plant-based movement. You can find Dr. Harkin at: Instagram: @nicoleharkinmd Facebook: Whole Heart Cardiology

Mar 15

49 min 9 sec

In this podcast, I’m honored to share with you the incredible story of Nickie Cruz who I first met 4 years ago as a patient. Nickie was able to transform her health through a whole food plant-based diet and lose almost 300 pounds. This is not an episode that you will not want to miss! You can find Nickie on Instagram @heynickieyouresofine

Mar 8

1 hr 6 min

Dr. Jud is the Director of Research and Innovation at the Mindfulness Center and associate professor in psychiatry at the School of Medicine at Brown University, as well as a research affiliate at MIT. Before that, he held research and teaching positions at Yale University and the University of Massachusetts’ Center for Mindfulness. As an addiction psychiatrist and internationally known expert in mindfulness training for treating addictions, Dr. Jud has developed and tested novel mindfulness programs for habit change, including both in-person and app-based treatments for smoking, emotional eating, and anxiety (Eat Right Now, Unwinding Anxiety and Craving to Quit). Based on the success of these programs in the lab, he co-founded MindSciences, Inc. to create app-based digital therapeutic versions of these programs for a wider audience, working with individuals, corporations, and hospital systems to put effective, evidence-based behavior change guidance in the hands of people struggling with unwanted behaviors and “everyday addictions.” Where to find Dr. Jud: Instagram @dr.jud Youtube DrJud Twitter @judbrewer www.

Mar 3

41 min 34 sec

Robert Cheeke grew up on a farm in Corvallis, Oregon, where he adopted a vegan lifestyle in 1995 at the age of 15. Today he is a best-selling author of the book Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness - The Complete Guide to Building Your Body on a Plant-Based Diet. As a two-time natural bodybuilding champion, Robert is considered one of VegNews Magazine's Most Influential Vegan Athletes. He tours all over North America, giving talks about his story of transformation from a skinny farm kid to a champion vegan bodybuilder. Robert works full-time running Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness, which includes writing books, touring, and maintaining the popular website, He is a regular contributor to Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine, a freelance writer, entrepreneur, and multi-sport athlete. For more information about Robert please visit

Feb 23

1 hr 29 min

Learn more about Plant Based TeleHealth: Healthy Human Revolution Podcast #214: Dr. Pierce is a board certified family medicine physician. He is passionate about using a whole food, plant-based diet and other lifestyle medicine modalities to help people get healthier, get off of medications, and live longer, fuller lives. His goal is to meet his patients where they are, and work with them at their pace to improve their health, one day at a time. Since beginning his journey in plant-based medicine, he has been repeatedly amazed to learn how a very healthy diet and lifestyle habits can help prevent, treat, and even sometimes reverse illnesses such as overweight and obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, fatty liver disease, chronic kidney disease, autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis and colitis, as well as depression, early dementia, and some cancers. In addition to seeing patients with the above mentioned chronic conditions, he also has a special interest in using the power of lifestyle to help support a healthy pregnancy. Dr. Pierce was born and raised in South Texas. He went to the University of Texas – Pan American for undergraduate studies and then Baylor College of Medicine for medical school. He learned how to be a family doctor through his training at the Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency in northern California, and later completed a fellowship in global health leadership at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center and Massachusetts General Hospital. He has worked teaching residents and caring for patients in outpatient clinics, hospital wards, and emergency rooms in northern California, as well as working extensively around the globe, including El Salvador, Honduras, Peru, the Philippines, Lesotho, Malawi, South Sudan, and Kenya. In addition to his work in lifestyle medicine, he continues to practice and teach high risk and surgical obstetrics, mentor outstanding family residents in global health, and to teach point-of-care ultrasound through the Global Ultrasound Institute

Feb 14

57 min 7 sec

More plant-based resources at HEALTHY HUMAN REVOLUTION PODCAST - EPISODE #213 Korin Sutton is a vegan bodybuilder, health coach, and former marine that has helped thousands transform their lives. On this episode of the Healthy Human Revolution Podcast Korin tells us his journey to becoming vegan and his top tips for transforming your health. Hope you enjoyed the interview, Find Korin at FIND KORIN SUTTON: INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: LISTEN TO THE PODCAST Spotify: SoundCloud: * * * * * CONNECT WITH HEALTHY HUMAN REVOLUTION ✩ Website - SOCIALS ✩ Instagram - ✩ Facebook - ✩ Youtube - WHAT IS HEALTHY HUMAN REVOLUTION? Healthy Human Revolution is dedicated to building a community that supports each other's health journeys. We believe that through a whole food plant-based diet one can optimize their health. By consuming nutrient-dense foods your body is able to heal many of the chronic diseases that plague us today. We provide the resources that teach you how to live a happy and healthy life. 👇 Try our 7-Day Healthy Human Transformation Course BELOW #healthyhumanrevolution

Jan 25

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More plant-based resources at HEALTHY HUMAN REVOLUTION PODCAST - EPISODE 212 SAME Café's token video: SAME Café's mission video: SAME Café is a non-profit restaurant with a mission to provide delicious and nutritious meals to everyone no matter their socioeconomic status. They do this by accepting not only money but also work and produce as a means to pay for a meal. As the longest run non-profit restaurant Brad Reubendale is the Executive Director of SAME Café. He had previously lost his job and was experiencing homelessness and food insecurity firsthand. While homeless he came to SAME Café for nourishing meals during his time of struggle. Brad managed to restructure his career path and now works for the restaurant that supported him at his lowest. SAME Café: INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: LISTEN TO THE PODCAST Spotify: SoundCloud: * * * * * CONNECT WITH HEALTHY HUMAN REVOLUTION ✩ Website - SOCIALS ✩ Instagram - ✩ Facebook - ✩ Youtube - WHAT IS HEALTHY HUMAN REVOLUTION? Healthy Human Revolution is dedicated to building a community that supports each other's health journeys. We believe that through a whole food plant-based diet one can optimize their health. By consuming nutrient-dense foods your body is able to heal many of the chronic diseases that plague us today. We provide the resources that teach you how to live a happy and healthy life. 👇 Try our 7-Day Healthy Human Transformation Course BELOW #healthyhumanrevolution

Jan 19

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More plant-based resources at HEALTHY HUMAN REVOLUTION PODCAST - EPISODE 211 Monica Aggarwal, MD, is an associate professor of medicine in the University of Florida Division of Cardiovascular Medicine. Serving as the Director of Integrative Cardiology and Prevention at the University of Florida, Dr. Aggarwal focuses on promoting food as the foundation of healing and for its medicinal value. She is also the Director of Medical Education for Cardiology, where she directs education for medical residents and cardiology fellows, with a focus on prevention, nutrition, and lifestyle. In the hospital, she has multiple initiatives including developing a 100% plant-based menu for cardiac and vascular patients. Dr. Aggarwal has an amazing plant-based journey that ultimately led her to write Body on Fire (Link Below) where she discusses inflammation of the body, chronic illness, and the solutions to these issues. We hope you enjoyed listening! Body on Fire: FIND DR. MONICA AGGARWAL👇 Website: Instagram: Facebook: WATCH THE PODCAST 👇 * * * * * CONNECT WITH HEALTHY HUMAN REVOLUTION ✩ Website - SOCIALS ✩ Instagram - ✩ Facebook - ✩ Youtube - WHAT IS HEALTHY HUMAN REVOLUTION? Healthy Human Revolution is dedicated to building a community that supports each other's health journeys. We believe that through a whole food plant-based diet one can optimize their health. By consuming nutrient-dense foods your body is able to heal many of the chronic diseases that plague us today. We provide the resources that teach you how to live a happy and healthy life. 👇 Try our 7-Day Healthy Human Transformation Course BELOW

Jan 11

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More plant-based resources at HEALTHY HUMAN REVOLUTION PODCAST - EPISODE 210 Kate Galli is a plant-powered health coach that focuses on optimizing her clients' lifestyle to reach their fitness goals! She believes that having a fit strong body is the ultimate freedom and is helping people have their own freedom every day! Check out her website at FIND KATE GALLI👇 Website: Instagram: Facebook: LISTEN TO THE PODCAST Spotify: SoundCloud: * * * * * CONNECT WITH HEALTHY HUMAN REVOLUTION ✩ Website - SOCIALS ✩ Instagram - ✩ Facebook - ✩ Youtube - WHAT IS HEALTHY HUMAN REVOLUTION? Healthy Human Revolution is dedicated to building a community that supports each other's health journeys. We believe that through a whole food plant-based diet one can optimize their health. By consuming nutrient-dense foods your body is able to heal many of the chronic diseases that plague us today. We provide the resources that teach you how to live a happy and healthy life. 👇 Try our 7-Day Healthy Human Transformation Course BELOW

Jan 5

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More plant-based resources at FIND BJ Fogg, PhD 👇 Website: Instagram: Facebook: BJ Fogg is a behavior scientist and author of "Persuasive Technology" and the New York Times Bestseller "Tiny Habits." At Stanford University he ran a research lab for over 20 years in addition to teaching his behavior models and methods. He has a keen interest in human behavior, specifically health habits. "Tiny Habits" has helped many change their lives for the better! We hope you enjoy the podcast and remember big change is only one tiny habit away! HEALTHY HUMAN REVOLUTION PODCAST - EPISODE 209 LISTEN TO THE PODCAST Spotify: SoundCloud: * * * * * CONNECT WITH HEALTHY HUMAN REVOLUTION ✩ Website - SOCIALS ✩ Instagram - ✩ Facebook - ✩ Youtube - WHAT IS HEALTHY HUMAN REVOLUTION? Healthy Human Revolution is dedicated to building a community that supports each other's health journeys. We believe that through a whole food plant-based diet one can optimize their health. By consuming nutrient-dense foods your body is able to heal many of the chronic diseases that plague us today. We provide the resources that teach you how to live a happy and healthy life. 👇 Try our 7-Day Healthy Human Transformation Course BELOW

Dec 2020

58 min 14 sec

More plant-based resources at Matteo Franceschetti, co-founder and CEO of Eight Sleep, comes from an athletic background. Growing up he was a competitive ski racer, tennis player, and even a race car driver before becoming a securities lawyer. After building and exiting a couple renewable energy companies he reconnected with his love for athletics and performance with the birth of Eight Sleep. Eight Sleep specializes in creating an optimal sleeping environment by modulating mattress temperature to work with your body temperature. Learn more at HEALTHY HUMAN REVOLUTION PODCAST - EPISODE 208 Follow Matteo: Instagram: LinkedIn: Follow Eight Sleep: Instagram: Facebook:

Dec 2020

44 min 25 sec

More Plant-based resources at Donnie Campbell is a plant-based ultra runner and running coach. In August, Donnie ran all of Scotland's 282 Munros in just 31 days setting a new world record while doing it. Listen in to find out his training philosophy and how he gets through long days on his feet. HEALTHY HUMAN REVOLUTION PODCAST - EPISODE 207

Dec 2020

48 min 54 sec

More Plant-based resources at Find Christin's Book 👉 Christin Bummer thought she was living as healthy as she could, but her blood pressure kept rising. She happened upon the book "The China Study" and switched her diet overnight. In just one month Christin reversed her hypertension and hasn't looked back since! HEALTHY HUMAN REVOLUTION PODCAST - EPISODE 206 LISTEN TO THE PODCAST Spotify: SoundCloud: CHRISTIN BUMMER INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: * * * * * CONNECT WITH HEALTHY HUMAN REVOLUTION ✩ Website - SOCIALS ✩ Instagram - ✩ Facebook - ✩ Youtube - WHAT IS HEALTHY HUMAN REVOLUTION? Healthy Human Revolution is dedicated to building a community that supports each other's health journeys. We believe that through a whole food plant-based diet one can optimize their health. By consuming nutrient-dense foods your body is able to heal many of the chronic diseases that plague us today. We provide the resources that teach you how to live a happy and healthy life.

Nov 2020

1 hr 2 min

More Plant-based resources at TV personality, fitness expert, and Jack LaLanne's wife, Elaine LaLanne, tells us her health journey and gives us tips on how to live a long healthy life. Find more on Elaine LaLanne at HEALTHY HUMAN REVOLUTION PODCAST - EPISODE 204

Nov 2020

1 hr 2 min