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We discuss questions from the #DIALEDFAM in regards to strength training, nutrition, and all things bike riding(guest appearances on occasion). Each episode also includes an inspiring quote and a business/personal update from Coach Derek.

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In this episode of Dialed Health, I am joined by the 2021 Unbound XL Gravel winner, Taylor Lideen. Although this is a huge accomplish for Taylor, this is actually not what we dive into in this episode. So, what do we chat about? Mental health. Taylor personally struggles with anxiety and depression on and off the bike, and together we chat about the mental obstacles he’s had to overcome, as well as the mindset shifts and tools he uses to successfully keep pushing forward. Later in the episode, we do ease up the conversation with some lighthearted talk about his nutrition stops on his 350 mile races at gas stations and some strategy tips you’ll find helpful for building up your gut microbiome. But, all in all, the main takeaway from this episode is really going to impact your mental health and well-being both on and off the bike. After our awesome conversation with Taylor, we jump into member questions: Is it worth it to use Whoop and other HRV monitors to increase strength and how to juggle family, life, work, self care, with riding? What we discuss: 5:00 - Being “stoic” vs. experiencing the highs and lows on the bike 10:00 - Dealing with anxiety on/off the bike 20:00 - Dealing with depression from a young age 29:00 - Training your gut to fuel your performance 40:00 - Overcoming mental battles 50:00 - Avoiding burnout on the bike 53:00 - Getting metabolically flexible for endurance rides 57:00 - Listener question: What are your thoughts on Whoop straps? 1:08:00 - Listener question: How to juggle family, life, work, self care, with riding? 1:20:00 - Announcements Find more from Taylor: @tlideen Get tips from me daily: @dialedhealth Start your training plan:

Nov 29

1 hr 34 min

Welcome to this week's episode of Weekly Thoughts with Derek (aka..WTWD)! This week, I start off by sharing a quote by James Clear: “Your results are a lagging measure of your habits that proceeded them.” I chat about the meaning behind this quote, as well as the mindset shifts we need to make around our habits in order to reach our goals. I also chat about how I've acknowledged that I'm putting my time and attention into the wrong places recently and how I'm making an active shift to change that. I hope my rant on this topic will motivate you to audit where you're putting your time and attention and question if that's where it is meant to be right now. 

Nov 19

17 min 46 sec

The number one mistake people make when working towards their riding goals is failing to recover properly. Believe it or not, proper recover is just as important as crushing your training sessions. That's why in this episode of Dailed Health, I share the practical strategies I personally utilize for optimizing my recovery that you can easily implement into your training program. I want to put a large emphasis on the "practical" because it's easy to find a recovery modality on google, but it's not as easy to actually apply it in your life. The strategies I discuss are all practical, low-cost, and highly effective. At the end of the episode, I also answer Dialed Health member questions the most effective rep range for hypertrophy, as well as how to recover mentally from a hard crash. Plus, we share some exciting news about our latest edition to dialed health that you don't want to miss!  What we discuss: 3:00 - Why you need to prioritize sleep 12:00 - Why you shouldn’t overlook your hydration 16:00 - Prioritizing proper nutrition 22:00 - Utilizing foam rolling 25:00 - Are massages worth it? 30:00 - Utilizing compression and elevation 35:00 - Utilizing hot and cold exposure 47:00 - The most under-utilized recovery modality 50:00 - Listener questions (Optimal reps/sets for hypertrophy and how to recover mentally from a hard crash) 1:05 - Important Dialed Health announcement! Get Dialed Health content daily by following me on the 'gram: @dialedhealth Get access to effective training programs for cyclists:

Nov 18

1 hr 21 min

Welcome to WTWD...aka Weekly Thoughts with Derek. This is the first edition of WTWD being a stand-alone episode and I couldn't be more excited. You can now expect to find this bonus episode in your podcast cue (be sure to subscribe!) each Friday morning. In this episode, I share my experience checking out the Lion's Den crit race, something I had never experienced before – completely different from a mountain bike race! Plus, I also discuss a recent crash I had on my bike on a road group ride and the lessons it taught me about showing up on my bike. What I discuss: 00:45: Weekly Quote 3:00 - My weekend at the Lion’s Den crit ace 11:00 - My crash on a group ride 15:00 - Being mindful of your attitude and how you’re showing up on your bike Want Dialed Health content daily? Follow me on the 'gram: @dialedhealth. Get access to my strength training programs to become stronger on your bike ASAP:

Nov 12

19 min 20 sec

Do you prioritize muscle activation? This is something I chat about a lot with Dialed Health members, but something I don’t think enough of us take advantage of. That’s why I brought Ryan Faer onto the podcast to help us understand why we need more muscle activation if we want to build strength as cyclists. Ryan is currently the Arizona performance coordinator for the Cleveland Indians and has a degree in applied physiology and Kinesiology from the University of Florida. Now, those are big resume builders, but what's even more important is that he's a cyclist and also uses Trainer Road. The combination of the above is what really had me thinking, this the perfect person to chat to about sports science in regards to building strength for cyclists. Together, we dive deep into using muscle activation and isometrics to build strength, the science behind how muscle activation works inside your body, the importance of progress overload, and how to incorporate it all into your training program. What we discuss: 5:15 - What is muscle activation? 12:00 - Misconceptions and common errors of strength training 24:00 - The three different types of muscle activation 30:00 - How to apply overcoming isometrics to your training routine 38:00 - Listener’s questions: Effects of cannabis on riding? Get more Dialed Health content from me daily by following me on the 'gram: @dialedhealth Get access to my training plans:

Nov 10

1 hr 4 min

In this episode of Dialed Health, I’m joined by Chaz Halbert, a Dialed Health member, a pervious Dialed Health Podcast guest, and most importantly, a close friend of mine. He’s been on the show before to discuss balancing family, bikes, and business, although in this episode, he is here to chat about his experience at XC Marathon Nationals. To give you a sneak peek, the course was slow, rough, and demanded a lot more out of your body than just watts coming out of your legs. Chaz said it was a total body test and has never experience that level of physicality before on the bike. That's why we dive into how utilizing strength training in preparation was a game changer for him handling the gnarly terrain of east coast course brought to the race.  What we discuss: 2:00 - Recap of the XC Marathon National course 7:00 - The impact of strength training 11:00 - Why strength training won’t make you bulkier/heavier 20:00 - Strength training lessening your fatigue on bigger rides 28:00 - Recap of Chaz’s performance at XC Marathon Nationals 32:00 - Chaz’s experience riding gravel 38:00 - Rapid fire questions with Chaz 49:00 - Announcements 54:00 - Member questions answered! 1:15:00 - Derek's thoughts: Do you want a second podcast episode a week?!

Nov 3

1 hr 22 min

Looking to lose weight and feel leaner on your bike? I have the solution! We’ve had 18 Dialed Health members this year lose 10 pounds in a 30-day period (+ many more people who were extremely close!). This is a huge accomplishment and that's why in today's episode I want to chat about the protocol they followed. Plus, I squash the myth that you can’t perform while in a deficit, I address outside factors that can make and break your diet, and give you my best tips on overcoming those most common hurdles. By the end of this episode, you'll feel confident in implementing this same protocol to lose 10 days in one month! What we discussed… 3:00 - Shout out to Dialed Health members who lost over 10 pounds in 30 days 4:00 - The dialed health protocol for weight loss 6:30 - Nutrition planning 11:00 - Committing to food tracking 15:30 - Reducing alcohol 24:30 - Overcoming nutrition hurdles 31:00 - Budgeting your macros 34:00 - Eating satisfying meals 36:30 - Getting motivated 42:00 - Rapid Fire Questions 53:00 - Announcements

Oct 27

1 hr 5 min

Friends don't let friends show up without a workout plan, am I right? That's why in this episode of the Dialed Health podcast, I give you a deep dive into exactly how you should and shouldn't be structuring your workouts. We chat in depth about each stage of a workout – whether you're doing a 60-minute session, or even a more time-crunch 20 to 30 minute session. I also give you examples of movements, as well as explain the differences between flexibility and mobility, and the timing and overall structure of each workout. Plus, I emphasize the importance of stretching throughout your entire workout (something I know most of you aren't doing!). What we discuss:  2:00 - The importance of having a plan 3:00 - Structure of a 60-minute plan 7:25 - What a proper warm-up looks like 14:00 - Mobility/Dynamic movement 16:00 - Working sets 21:00 - Creating your different circuits 27:00 - Pre-fatiguing and isolating muscles 29:00 - Ending your workout 31:30- Outline of a 30-minute plan 39:00 - Rapid fire questions 50:00 - Derek’s thoughts 1:00 - Announcements Get your personalized workout plan here: Be sure to follow me on IG for daily training tips: @DialedHealth.

Oct 20

1 hr 13 min

Due to popular demand, I'm recapping my full vasectomy experience in this episode of Dialed Health. And guess what? I hold nothing back. If you're guy who is feeling hesitant about the operation and want some insight into the entire experience as a cyclist, this episode is for you. Not only did I give a recap of my actual experience of the operation, but I give you the play-by-by plan of my recovery. Plus, at the end of the episode, I give you my DHVERTCHALLENGE recap.  What we discuss: 10:10 - Derek’s account of the actually the operation experience/ 15:00 - Recovery (Training schedule the following week & a breakdown of how each day felt) 25:00 - Common concerns/questions 31:00 - Rapid Fire 36:00 - Derek’s Thoughts 43:00 - DHVERTCHALLENGE recap Find more from daily on Instagram: @dialedhealth

Oct 13

48 min 15 sec

In this episode of Dialed Health, I'm joined by Amber, the Project Manger of She actually interviews me on my personal training and goals, and what's been more beneficial for me. I share all the details on how I stay consistent with training while also balancing it with my family and personal life, as well as what has made the biggest impact on my strength gains this year (and also what hasn't helped). Plus, Amber asks me how i know when I'm over-training (something I know many of you do!) and what are some common red flags for when you're on your way to burnout. Most importantly, at the end of this episode, I give you all the details on my vasectomy and how I'm navigating through it! What we discuss: 8:00 - Scheduling your workouts around your life to remain consistent 16:00 - Having the support you need to remain consistent 24:00 - Balancing riding solo with riding with your partner 27:00 - What makes the biggest impact on strength gains 32:00 - What’s been beneficial vs. what hasn’t been for reaching my strength goal 38:30 - Red flags for when you’re over-training and on your way to burn out 46:00 - Using the trainer to build grit 50:00 - Listening to music while training 53:30 - Rapid Fire Questions 1:02:00 - Derek’s Thoughts: Details on my vasectomy Get more Dialed Health from me daily on Instagram: @dialedhealth Get training plans from me and take your riding to the next level:

Oct 6

1 hr 23 min

I've been wanting to have this discussion with my good friend Chaz Halbert for a while.  He's one of our fastest local endurance racers and recently started a business the same year his first child was born.  Like many of you know, balancing family, business, and bike racing can feel impossible, so I wanted someone I look up to in each of these areas to give us some insight into how he has been handling it.   It's DHVERTCHALLENGE Week!  Sign up here We're Partnering with Moxiemedia to help produce, edit, and pull content from the podcast! Weekly Thoughts: My ride in Monterey and one of the wildest conversations I've ever overheard in public.

Sep 22

1 hr 9 min

There are so many contradictions in the nutrition needed to fuel your riding/workouts and the food you want to eat while you're off the bike.  This episode clearly tells you what those differences are and how to navigate them so you can control your health and performance simultaneously. I also lay give you a good idea on my current "food philosophy." The Weekly Thoughts include my first XC ride on the new Specialized Epic, Family dynamics during vacay, and more!

Sep 15

1 hr 16 min

We breakdown my Everest ride on a Stumpjumper Trail Bike.  It was 125 Miles and 29,000+ Feet on a 100% Dirt loop that descended a Black Diamond DH Trail every lap.  I give you insight into my nutrition, logistics, and tactics that made this ride possible.  We move in chronological order of the day and then finish with Rapid Fire Questions that I received from IG.  This was the coolest thing I have ever done on my bike and I hope it inspires you to do something similar! My Trail Bike Everest Strava Ride With Power Numbers  #DHVERTCHALLENGE Powered By Garmin

Sep 8

1 hr 25 min

Coach Derek is 3 Days out from Everesting on his MTB.  This episode takes you behind the scenes of the final week of preparation in a fun and casual format.  Get the details about the ride profile, aid zone, nutrition plan, training taper, and more! The goal of this ride is to create all the content needed to inspire you for the #DHVERTCHALLENGE Powered By Garmin. Announcement: The 30 Day Beginner Bodyweight Program is now LIVE on

Sep 1

54 min 57 sec

This episode will take you inside The Leadville 100 from a racer's perspective, including an in depth look at the last 6 weeks of preparation before the event.  Our guest Jimmy Smith finished 20th at this years Leadville 100, only a few months after a 4th place at one of America's most competitive Enduro Races.  He has incredible bike skills in literally every discipline and prioritizing strength training as a Dialed Fam Member.  This episode was informative, inspiring, and a reminder of why enjoying the process is so important. Follow Jimmy on Instagram @its_jimmy *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED #DHVERTCHALLENGE

Aug 25

1 hr 12 min

Jonathan and I (Coach Derek) decide on a trail for my #DHVERTCHALLENGE Everest attempt.  There are an insane amount of variables to consider and thanks to Jonathan, we refer to a spreadsheet that includes our top trail picks with all the stats (elevation/distance per lap, FTP reduction due to average trail elevation, technical difficulty, temperature, and other factors like trail traffic, and rider support accessibility). Follow Jonathan on IG Check out for on-the bike pedaling programs and a supportive/educational community. Weekly Thoughts: All things website improvements.  Things are getting more intuitive and user friendly at thanks to new features like the program selection questionnaire, view program feature, and much more.  If you use the website or are curious about what's happening behind the scenes, this will give you a transparent view! Greg Hickman Youtube Dialed Fam member with great business content.

Aug 18

1 hr 37 min

What are the common habits that all fitness freaks who live their lifestyle "effortlessly" contain?  I give you my top 5 along with a deep dive into each and recommendations to overcome barriers that could be stopping you from implementing them.  These are based off of my time spent training in gyms alongside bodybuilders and time spent riding and racing with world tour pros and world champion gravity racers. We also discuss tweaks I've made to my training schedule to prep for the Everesting Ride #DHVERTCHALLENGE Lastly, I breakdown my ride on the Specialized Epic Evo and compare it to my Specialized Stumpjumper.

Aug 11

1 hr

We discuss Strength Training for cyclists with Abe Maynard owns TheSkiSystem.  This conversation also sheds light on what we deal with as online coaches to market our product.  Abe is full of wisdom and ensured that you'll leave this podcast inspired. Follow @theskisystem on IG Weekly Thoughts: 3rd Place Pro at Mammoth Bar Enduro.  How I did it with minimal time riding gravity.  Also, what I'm training for next... #DHVERTCHALLENGE  Dialed Health is Strength Training For Cyclists.  Start with the 7 Day Free Trail today!

Aug 4

1 hr 18 min

With over a decade of racing under his belt, Cody is one of the most knowledgable and experienced riders I have ever talked to.  Most likely because he also owns and operates a bike shop... For that reason we cover a wide variety of topics in cycling including The Belgian Waffle Ride, the state of cycling (all disciplines), trail bike suspension, and NICA. Weekly Thoughts: We cover how I adapted my training while having a horrible stomach bug over the last week. Follow Cody on Instagram Subscribe to his Youtube Channel

Jul 28

49 min 5 sec

We review Alex Wild's power date and ride profile for the Tahoe Trail 100 that happened last weekend.  Then, I interview him and ask all the specific questions that I have in regards to his bike set up, nutrition, pacing plan, and more.  We also learn how he tapers his strength training on race weeks. Follow Alex on Instagram to ask him questions every Monday via his IG Story or shoot him a DM! The #DHVERTCHALLENGE has been updated to an Online event only!  Here are the event details. The Prize is a Garmin Edge 830 Sensor Bundle! DHVERTCHALLENGE ride groups are starting to pop up.  Check out this 10K ride day from Dialed Fam Member Julian in Denver Colorado on September 24th!  You can connect with him on IG here: @jsk_bikes Lastly, we discuss the attendance at the Belgian Waffle Ride Gravel Race.  Absolutely bananas!

Jul 21

58 min 34 sec

Top 5 Podcast Episodes (starting with the most popular) 67: THE PERFECT CYCLING DIET 63: How Strength Training Improves Cycling(explained simply) 56: Porn, Appetite Suppressants, Indoor Cycling, & Vegan Protein 75: 5 Best Strength Workouts For Cyclists 66: FERNWEE on Bikepacking, Gravel Riding, Filmmaking, and More Become a part of the #dialedfam today by using the strength programs made specifically for cyclists at

Jul 14

6 min 20 sec

There are two main reasons why I’m drinking all this water and the explanation turns into a proper judgemental rant!  However, we follow it up with some facts about how much water we need, how it affects our optimal performance, and I give you practical tips to getting in more water during your day. SIGN UP for the #DHVERTCHALLENGE The Effects of Hydration on Athletic Performance TrainerRoad Article on Hydration

Jul 7

56 min 43 sec

Become a part of the #dialedfam today by using the strength programs made specifically for cyclists at Episode 79: I break down all the details behind the Double Century Ride I did over the weekend with a total of 212 Miles, 15.5K Vert, and 12+ Hours of moving time.  Then we jump to an interview with Dialed Fam Member David Harris who just Everested in England at 54 years old! Quote: "Don't buy upgrades, ride up grades." -Eddy Merckx  My Double Century Strava Details: David Harris' Everlasting Strava Details: Kram Nutrition: Perfect PB&J #DHVERTCHALLENGE:

Jun 30

1 hr 15 min

Learn the anatomy, function, and performance behind your “abs” along with all the aesthetic tips to obtain your goals. Sign Up For the #DHVERTCHALLENGE Here Coach Katie's GoFundMe Here Strength & Mobility Programs For Cyclists Here

Jun 23

1 hr 17 min

The 6 steps to a complete Warm Up for your most effective workout.  Including Cool Down protocols. Coach Katie's Go Fund Me We Got To Hang Out Podcast - Ep: 99 Derek Teel From Dialed Health @wegottohangout on IG

Jun 16

56 min 39 sec

Breaking down the important points to having your best performance come race time.  We talk specifics in training for an event and then race day bike choice, nutrition, warm up, pacing, and mindset. Even if you race another discipline, you'll be able to use these lessons & principles. Donate Here to help pay for Coach Katie's life flight, trauma center, rehab, and other future bills. Ed Mylett Podcast with Chris Norton "Mindset That Conquered Paralysis"

Jun 9

1 hr

I give you my top 5 favorite exercises for cyclists, along with variations, volume, and other specifics. We dive into why I changed pedal stroke after doing 400 Watt Seated intervals. There are also 2 quotes in the beginning of the episode that will explain why I’m cutting back on Alcohol.

Jun 2

1 hr 9 min

Marcus had an insane transformation which I knew would be inspiring, but I didn’t expect to literally be clapping throughout this conversation. We dove into his Top Tips For Success Blog Post on where he provides specific nuggets of practical tips to reaching your performance/aesthetic goals, but also drops some SERIOUSLY MOTIVATING thoughts along the way. The passion progresses throughout the interview! So stoked to bring this to the Dialed Fam.

May 26

1 hr 19 min

-Nick Bare Motivational Video from episode intro quote -Getting Caught in a snowstorm on the road bike with Trainer Road's(and Dialed Fam Member) Jonathan Lee.  Here is the route. Listen to the episode to hear how we made it though and what I learned from riding with Jonathan. -Turning 30. Where my head is at for the next decade broken down into 3 phrases: Stay the Course, Delayed Gratification, & Dad Savage -Discussing the meaning of my tattoos.  Requested by @lazyathlete Here's his tattoo I mentioned “3 disciplines with 0 discipline” -What I'm doing for my 30th.

May 19

1 hr 9 min

I break down a full day of tracked meals to tell you not only the EXACT foods I ate, but also their macro breakdown. This was a rest day and although I planned to tell you what I would do differently on a ride day, I’m going to save that for another episode.

May 12

57 min 15 sec

Use this “torque” technique in your hips and shoulders to be more effective and safe during your strength workouts. Then we dive into an update that starts with a hectic story of me being “late” for a group ride. Also, some great behind the scenes looks into whats happening at Dialed Health!

May 5

41 min 56 sec

We talk with the Coach of the Olympic Lifting Program Katie Alton to get a idea of her training/riding history and why this program was developed.  Answer to the question about speed wobbles Cycling Tips - Speed Wobbles I also dive into the anxiety I felt when signing up for a race.  It honestly blindsided me and for that reason, I thought you might relate.

Apr 28

1 hr 22 min

Going deeper into a recent Instagram Q/A that makes me simply state whether something is overrated or underrated. Fun topics related to all things health/fitness/cycling.

Apr 21

57 min 40 sec

Quote: As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give permission for others to do the same. Race Taper: Before 2 Weeks out: Last building efforts on the bike or in the gym. 1 Week out: Normal, but no redline efforts Week of: 1 Strength session early in the week(no later than Wednesday) at 70% perceived effort. Recovery ride or rest day between strength session and event.  Depends on your practice/race schedule.  Before you start racing, do 2-3 10 second sprints along with your normal warm up,  The goal is not high wattage, just high speed cadence w/ some resistance to activate your type 2 fibers. After Recovery Day/Yoga or light ride.  Mobility + Foam Rolling is mandatory. Possibly followed by a full day off, but you should be back in the swing of things by Wednesday/Thursday. Carb Loading/Protein Intake Rant Article on Glucose Storage(Carb Loading) Update: Includes my Son's surgery, my new Tarmac SL7, Deep insight into the ongoing struggle of my new schedule. BTS: The construction noise that almost stopped me from being able to record.

Apr 14

1 hr 15 min

We start by answering 3 member questions and then dive into THE PERFECT CYCLING DIET. From the numbers, to food quality, and even hydration.

Apr 7

1 hr 39 min

Fernwee on Youtube Fernwee on Instagram After a couple years of going back and forth online, I finally had the opportunity to connect with Dialed Fam Member Martijn(Fernwee) over a Zoom Call.  We discussed the topics below and since I follow his content so closely, we go off on a few tangents... Why do you strength train? Gravel Riding + Bikepacking(tips to make it more fun/successful)  Preparing for Badlands(just your personal training direction) Content Creation while on rides. Favorite ride trip you have been on so far? Rapid Fire Question Round: Sweet or Salty, Favorite Tattoo, How tatted are you going to get, Morning Ride or Night Ride, Favorite Ride Food, Instant or brewed coffee while bikepacking, Favorite Coffee, Riding temps, a little too hot or too cold? After the Interview, I give you a life and business update(including yesterday's century ride and setting some limits to my alcohol this week).

Mar 31

1 hr 14 min

Check out the other Podcasts that I(Coach Derek) have been featured on in this last week! The Successful Athletes Podcast: B1ker Bar Podcast: The Sonya Looney Show(available 03/18):

Mar 17

3 min 36 sec

Amazing chat with Dr. Tim Woo who is a physical therapist specifically working with cyclists. Currently training the Williams brothers, we discuss the differences between top pro’s strength training and the average weekend cyclists.

Mar 10

58 min 14 sec

🏋🏼How strength training improves your cycling: 🔋THE OBVIOUS: You get stronger by building bigger muscle fibers AND/OR neural adaptations(how the brain communicates with the muscles). 🔋LESS COMPENSATION: Certain muscles begin to “turn off” after time in the saddle(mostly ones on the backside of your body). Keeping those muscles activated helps your primary muscles not become overused. 🔋INJURY PREVENTION: Balanced strength training gives you a more stable body to tolerate impact and twisting. These “tweaks” happen while you’re on the bike or hitting the ground🙈I probably don’t have to explain why less injury is beneficial to your program... 🔋COMFORT: Better alignment and activated muscles means more comfort while riding. Most of use know how back, neck, or knee pain can eliminate your ability to put down power. 🔋PUT IT ALL TOGETHER: Now you’re muscles are firing properly across your body(power transfer) without the pain, instability, or “turned off” muscles holding your back. THIS IS EFFICIENCY’ -Conquering a soda habit: -How to ride with someone at a different skill/fitness level. -The mental side to race performance(personal experience)

Mar 3

53 min 57 sec

Rapid fire answers to a wide range of topics: Strength, Riding, Nutrition, Injuries, Personal, Ect...

Feb 24

1 hr 5 min

-Motivational Quotes that got my mind right this week -Travis Harnish's insane Dialed Health Shred Results -Vertical Pulling Exercises -Voodoo Floss -Shon G. MTB Testimonial  -Life/Business Update

Feb 17

51 min 32 sec

We take a dive into the process of both Male and Female winners of the #DIALEDHEALTHSHRED. I also give some insight into my thoughts of all the entries. We discuss a strategy for someone with little time for workouts and then move into a “motivational rant” about using guilt as fuel for change. We end the episode with a life update and a very transparent look into my scheduling challenges since the twins have arrived.

Feb 10

51 min 4 sec

This episode starts with an awesome DM from World Cup DH Racer Kate Weatherly that really showed me the impact this show is having! We then discuss strategies to help you continue the #DIALEDHEALTHSHRED or help you move to maintenance mode. We dissect the difference between peak training and optimal training, confirm of hip mobility is needed for whips and table tops, how to relieve stress that your training volume is putting on your family, and also nutrition periodization!

Feb 3

47 min 34 sec

This episode is recorded just 3 days after my twins Cruz and Remi were born! I talk about my Dry January breaking point, the latest book I’m reading “The Endurance Diet” and why I needed to add more fat to my diet💩 I also give you a brief business update on this tequila filled RANT of an episode.

Jan 27

48 min 6 sec

Diving into these topics with a heavy emphasis on my personal/professional experience. You’ll learn the positives and negatives with massage guns and foam rollers. There is a 6 week strategy for carb loading for an event, fat loss strategies during the shred, and why I stopped dirt jumping. We’ll wrap it up with a biz/family update.

Jan 20

1 hr 2 min

You no click bait here, we’re going to have a conversation about porn and how it relates to mental health at the end of the episode.  However, we'll start with discussing strategies for week 2 of the #DIALEDHEALTHSHRED which flows perfectly into tips for appetite suppressant.  Then we'll discuss vegan protein options and indoor cycling options. Use code DIALEDFAM30 to save 30% off. Use code DIALEDFAM to save 15% off of your first month. Vegan Protein Option Getting Started with indoor cycling on a budget - Trainerroad Human Sex Trafficking Podcast How the porn industry connects to sex trafficking 

Jan 13

57 min 25 sec

It’s the first week of the 2021 Dialed Health Shred(30 day fat loss challenge for cyclists)! Our first topic is aimed specifically to help people anticipate what they’re about to experience in the Fat Loss Process. We then talk about marginal gains and the related compound effect. Next we answer a specific programming question in regards to periodization(do you match your strength workouts with your on-the-bike workouts. Lastly, I give roadies (or new mountain bikers) a few resources to learn more about mountain biking and the. We wrap it all up with a business update!

Jan 6

54 min 3 sec

We start this episode with a live testimonial from Ryan Condrashoff. He’s an Ex-World Cup Downhill Racer that has used Dialed Health Workouts to cure his back pain. We then get into a play by play of navigating holiday party foods and drinks before discussing how to manage negative self talk during workouts. I then talk about what it took for me to “get my swagger back” after being forced to close my in person training business earlier this year. We close with some exciting announcements about the new No Equipment Flow Program and Forum on the website!

Dec 2020

57 min 12 sec

We start with a quick testimonial that was sent to me via DM’s before we discuss all things Alcohol(calories, metabolism, and energy effects). Then we talk about using Indo Boards for training, recovering heavy legs, strength testing, and why you should rethink YOLO.

Dec 2020

49 min 5 sec

The topics today had me genuinely excited to record! I give you specific examples of late night snack options for damage control. We discuss riding clipped in up technical climbs, whether or not you can increase your FTP & compound lifts at the same time, riding shirtless, and then dive into the details of the 30 day fat loss challenge #DIALEDHEALTHSHRED

Dec 2020

53 min 31 sec