Lifecycle of a Business


From the birth of an idea, to an untimely death, and back again—running a business is not for the faint of heart. Hosted by Bianca Giaever, Lifecycle of a Business details the stages through the eyes of people who lived them.

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How do businesses grow and change? Bianca Giaever explores the ups and downs of small businesses in the most unique places.

Oct 2019

1 min 41 sec

What is the best route to take when trying to get a business off the ground? Abe Susman, an employee of a pet cemetery, has some big ideas to do just that.

Oct 2019

15 min 42 sec

Linda Chamberlain founded the largest cryonics organization in America in the 1970’s. In this episode, we learn about how she took an idea that seemed crazy, and made it into a successful business.

Oct 2019

17 min 4 sec

One day, Steph Mantis dipped a slice of pizza in resin for an art project. Then, thanks to the internet’s pizza obsession, her life changed forever.

Oct 2019

12 min 34 sec

Their business was putting stress on Jess Mah and her co-founder’s relationship—so instead of hiring a consultant, they went to couples therapy. And it was there that Jess found the strength to go it alone.

Oct 2019

9 min 43 sec

For many decades, if you lived in Monson, Maine you either worked for Moosehead Furniture or you knew someone who did. But like many small towns in America, they came to face the day when their main industry disappeared.

Oct 2019

14 min 40 sec

You know how cats lead nine lives? Same goes for Mark Mitchell. In this episode, this business jack of all trades delivers some life wisdom on how to reinvent your career when things don’t go according to plan.

Oct 2019

13 min 13 sec